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President 17/01/20(Fri)16:57 No. 1071 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 148492784523.jpg - (408.05KB , 1200x950 , algeria_2[1].jpg )

I don't understand how this is evidence against manmade climate change when this could potentially display a change in the planet's climate or just be a rare occurrence. I thought manmade climate change was humans having a massive impact on the planet to where we're essentially terraforming it in undesirable ways?

This was the first time it snowed in the Sahara desert in over 37 years. This has happened before so it could not even be evidence for or against manmade climate change.


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President 17/03/11(Sat)22:25 No. 1388

>there are real conspiracies, but they always get found out; they're never very old nor very deep, and they usually have a goal that is rather petty.
That is just as dangerous a way of thinking.

President 17/03/12(Sun)03:32 No. 1389

Reality: The Most Dangerous Way To Live

President 17/03/16(Thu)05:06 No. 1393

File 148963717417.jpg - (971.67KB , 1100x3239 , wanted_poster.jpg )

President 17/02/05(Sun)06:30 No. 1146 [Reply]

File 148627261813.png - (305.84KB , 578x325 , butthurt-trump.png )

It is hereby ORDERED that:

1. Federal Defendants and all their respective officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and persons acting in concert or participation with them are hereby ENJOINED and RESTRAINED from:

(a) Enforcing Section 3(c) of the Executive Order;
(b) Enforcing Section 5(a) of the Executive Order;
(c) Enforcing Section 5(b) of the Executive Order or proceeding with any action that prioritizes the refugee claims of certain religious minorities;
(d) Enforcing Section 5(c) of the Executive Order;
(e) Enforcing Section 5(e) of the Executive Order to the extent Section 5(e) purports to prioritize refugee claims of certain religious minorities.

2. This TRO is granted on a nationwide basis and prohibits enforcement of Sections 3(c), 5(a), 5(b), 5(c), and 5(e) of the Executive Order (as described in the above paragraph) at all United States borders and ports of entry pending further orders from this court.

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President 17/02/11(Sat)06:37 No. 1173

Why did you forget the corrupt Kennedy or Clinton families?

President 17/03/10(Fri)22:52 No. 1366

This opinion is clear, and not forced at all:<==
Like anyone who's opinion statistically matters ever has real input. Liberal television, news, and articles are all garbage and the 2000 good liberals in each state that buy into it become garbage.

President 17/03/10(Fri)23:56 No. 1367

File 148918656278.png - (186.53KB , 800x494 , simple pupptry.png )

It's a good thing we can rely on the moral education and clear thinking imparted to our most virtuous and educated classes.

President 17/02/24(Fri)02:11 No. 1234 [Reply]

File 148789870980.jpg - (262.22KB , 960x960 , IMG_0645.jpg )

President 17/02/24(Fri)04:48 No. 1237

Where is the one with Captain America punching Hitlary?

President 17/03/10(Fri)22:46 No. 1365

Look attat fullbodied woman sheit. She was expelled from the amazon and has implants.

President 17/03/08(Wed)08:28 No. 1332 [Reply]

File 148895808173.png - (541.69KB , 475x600 , picard.png )

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President 17/03/10(Fri)02:08 No. 1351


I'd say some time just after Dr Cochran takes his first warp drive into space, dodges some Borg attacks, and the Vulcans land in post-apocalypse Montana.

President 17/03/10(Fri)06:59 No. 1352

OK, but I'd prefer a post-scarcity scenario without the Borg.

President 17/03/10(Fri)22:39 No. 1362

Stardate dickballs
Coordinates givesadamn

President 17/01/14(Sat)04:03 No. 1041 [Reply]

File 14843630229.jpg - (164.42KB , 800x1050 , Trump_imp.jpg )

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President 17/03/03(Fri)14:29 No. 1280

Any time you're ready to stop gloating, posturing making threats and talking about how awesome you are and get on with "making america great again" just let us know. America is waiting.

President 17/03/04(Sat)01:24 No. 1283

Any time you're ready to stop gloating, posturing and virtue signaling.

America is waiting.

President 17/03/10(Fri)10:11 No. 1357

File 148913710899.jpg - (132.50KB , 960x960 , Critics Watch Porn Too.jpg )

>America is waiting
Not for much longer.

Also you're going to be part of the new slave race.

President 17/03/08(Wed)02:08 No. 1322 [Reply]

File 148893529015.jpg - (24.34KB , 382x325 , trumpdeathpanels.jpg )

Trumpcare has arrived
Time To Die !!

President 17/03/08(Wed)08:20 No. 1330

Things dont really bait and update the bait which fuckit , im cool with im a dolt

President 17/03/08(Wed)08:22 No. 1331

File 148895772484.jpg - (272.87KB , 1286x1940 , Lord-Rothschild-300-1286x1940.jpg )

can yas recap your assessment for battery? my brethren?

President 17/03/01(Wed)04:01 No. 1265 [Reply]

File 148833728232.png - (93.39KB , 550x549 , EveryKindOfTrumpVoter.png )

The actual Trump was lost on MH370, which is the reason it disappeared.

The current Trump the result of a secret Russian cloning program to create pliable replacements.


President 17/03/01(Wed)04:51 No. 1266

Hopefully, a Russian clone would work much better than the cheap Egyptian-Pakistani models they used for Hillary. How many of them did they burn through during the last year of her campaign?

Matt+Thomson 17/03/02(Thu)11:39 No. 1270

The funny part is I usually notice the exact opposite happen.

President 17/03/03(Fri)02:37 No. 1274

File 148850504522.jpg - (28.94KB , 550x400 , Unpossible.jpg )

>The funny part is I usually notice the exact opposite happen.
You fail English? Thats unpossible.

President 17/02/24(Fri)02:10 No. 1233 [Reply]

File 148789864839.jpg - (98.36KB , 904x529 , IMG_0733.jpg )

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President 17/02/25(Sat)05:26 No. 1252

File 148799677140.jpg - (139.50KB , 604x725 , ATT00024.jpg )

President 17/02/26(Sun)09:00 No. 1255

File 148809600091.png - (156.36KB , 550x721 , leaks-are-real-news-is-fake.png )

President 17/02/27(Mon)03:21 No. 1259

File 148816210611.jpg - (143.27KB , 1280x800 , Recount.jpg )

Trump is out for blood President 17/02/22(Wed)09:59 No. 1222 [Reply]

File 148775394869.png - (885.50KB , 964x978 , seltzermovie.png )

Fake news will die.

President 17/02/23(Thu)01:20 No. 1225

File 148780924032.jpg - (37.73KB , 620x413 , NotMyPresident.jpg )

Waiting for an investigation into PizzaGate.

President 17/02/23(Thu)02:05 No. 1226

File 14878119386.jpg - (102.12KB , 799x1200 , RefugeesWelcome.jpg )

Trump doesn't watch CNN because he's a 70 year old man.

Like many 70 year old men he mainlines FNC until he gets so wound up he can't sleep and blasts away on twitter about their topic du jour until, spent, he falls asleep in his recliner, drooling.

Trump has Fox Geezer Syndrome.

President 17/02/23(Thu)03:42 No. 1228

Could be worse - he could be mainlining Huffinton Post propaganda, or watching CNN Pravda.

why President 17/01/09(Mon)15:25 No. 1025 [Reply]

File 148397194273.jpg - (11.43KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )

why the fuck is it called /777/

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President 17/02/03(Fri)06:05 No. 1144


TLDR: because 777 was a GET The nicest person on /777/ who wont call you a newfag for not knowing stuf 17/02/17(Fri)18:57 No. 1203

Because on 4chan the post >>>>>>>7777777 said "Trump will win"

It was the most epic GET in the history of any 2chan based website (which this website is based on)

President 17/02/18(Sat)19:30 No. 1209

File 148744262243.jpg - (38.59KB , 402x318 , Sad.jpg )

Yeah, I'm sure that happened in 2011.



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