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President 2017年01月20日(金) 16時57分25秒 1071

画像ファイル名 148492784523.jpg - (408.05KB , 1200x950 , algeria_2[1].jpg )

I don't understand how this is evidence against manmade climate change when this could potentially display a change in the planet's climate or just be a rare occurrence. I thought manmade climate change was humans having a massive impact on the planet to where we're essentially terraforming it in undesirable ways?

This was the first time it snowed in the Sahara desert in over 37 years. This has happened before so it could not even be evidence for or against manmade climate change.


President 2017年02月08日(水) 10時13分36秒 1156

画像ファイル名 148654521541.webm - (1.84MB , 640x402 , live.webm )

>this one event happened, therefore climate change must be a hoax
This is what some people actually believe. Isolated individual events are of greater importance than statistics gathered from millions of data points worldwide.

Though typically it goes more like
>because it snowed by me one time last winter global warming must be a hoax

President 2017年02月09日(木) 04時43分48秒 1161

>greater importance than statistics gathered from millions of data points worldwide.

Then carefully 'massaged' to fit a climate change narrative.

President 2017年02月09日(木) 06時11分18秒 1163

>climate change narrative
The earth is getting hotter, rapidly. The increase in global temperature coordinates with the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses produced by burning fossil fuels. Many government and private organizations have researched and verified this independently.

Remember CFCs (aka Freon)? In the seventies we realized that we were responsible for major damage to the Ozone layer, having created a hole over Antarctica that nearly stretched to Australia. Even with only a five percent thinning of their ozone layer between the eighties and nineties, people's daily lives changed in Australia. It took thirty years to phase out all legal CFC production and the hole is finally starting to recover, but a black market persists and it could be a century before the damage is fully undone.

That hole, which we made, allows large amounts of UV radiation through, melting Antarctica and warming the oceans. CO2 keeps that heat in the lower atmosphere, accelerating the temperature rise on the ground and cooling the upper atmosphere--which causes the seasonal holes formed over the Arctic to increase in size each year, accelerating the process.

But you don't have to take my word for it, just go on disbelieving science and electing politicians with no foresight until the whole planet is uninhabitable. If we're lucky, neither of us will live long enough to see the result of your stupidity.

President 2017年02月09日(木) 08時27分45秒 1167

only if you're gay lol

President 2017年02月10日(金) 11時50分05秒 1170

So I guess comprehending scientific proof is for fags.

Idiocracy is here. Right here, right now.

President 2017年02月11日(土) 06時35分03秒 1172

>So I guess comprehending scientific propaganda is for fags.

fixed it for you

President 2017年02月11日(土) 13時16分47秒 1174

I'd tell you to kill yourself, but if you continue covering your eyes and ears and screaming while our incompetent leadership spreads disinformation to keep you comfortable and voting for them, you'll kill all of us.

President 2017年02月11日(土) 20時48分27秒 1175

Believing that climate change is a predominately manmade phenomena.

Your gullibility is amazing.

Believing that your glorious heroes will save us from their chicken little nightmare is pathetic.

President 2017年02月12日(日) 05時26分52秒 1178

make Antartica green again

President 2017年02月12日(日) 09時00分57秒 1180

the alien overlords won't like that idea

President 2017年02月13日(月) 16時24分56秒 1184

Believing that it isn't, despite decades of research proving that it is, because a few politcal and commercial strongmen with no scientific qualifications say so. Who's the gullible one?

>glorious heroes will save us
No, this I don't believe. I believe you will win and the planet will die. I think we deserve it for letting people like you participate in society.

President 2017年02月13日(月) 19時51分01秒 1185

It's not a wise bet to bet against the adaptability of humans. Our species has a way of stubbornly persisting in one way or another, whether you like it or not.

Worst case scenario: if one planet dies, we'll just go to another one.

President 2017年02月14日(火) 04時36分04秒 1188

>the adaptability of humans
You have a point but,
>Our species has a way of stubbornly persisting
...in our idiocy as well.

>if one planet dies, we'll just go to another one.
That probably is our only option. Unfortunately, that's going to take time, resources, and global cooperation. We're on the fast track to extinction already, we barely provide enough funding for space programs to exist, and we have conflicts ongoing all over the planet.

I don't think it's likely that we will make it in time, either to save or escape this world. We might mutate into something that can live in its barren wastes however.

President 2017年02月14日(火) 05時48分15秒 1189

OK. I'll bet on human adaptability and ingenuity vs the whiny malthusian nihilism of the idiotic climate alarmists.

But if you still feel a need to virtue signal, please go ahead.

President 2017年02月14日(火) 18時44分23秒 1191

Exept the way you bet is by electing leaders who stifle research into slowing, stopping, and reversing the damage to our planet, invest in further depletion of our fossil fuel supply and seek more deregulation of sources of environmental pollution. Your anti-intellectual campain will lead us to complete destruction. Let's hope your bet on adaptability pans out--and understand we are talking about the human race becoming an entirely new species to survive in the apocalyptic world your unwarrantedly steadfast beliefs won't let you do one thing to stop from coming. I'm not signalling virtues, I'm signalling the end of days--and holding you responsible.

President 2017年02月15日(水) 00時19分10秒 1194

The anti-intellectuals are the climate whining fools buying into the chicken little climate 'science' agenda.

President 2017年02月15日(水) 12時45分52秒 1195

Now you're just trollin'; that makes no sense.

President 2017年02月15日(水) 22時12分01秒 1197

画像ファイル名 148719312145.jpg - (10.38KB , 270x200 , images_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

The Earth fluctuates between Ice ages and Green ages and has done so as far back as unrecorded history.

Technically the earth is still in the ice age and it has only recently left it's glacial period within this ice age (the period where the majority of its surface is covered in ice), as the Earth’s mega-cycle advances it will enter another green age (or tropical-age as the Germans like to call it).

Humans are looking at the smaller cycles that have occurred during our history of civilisation because unfortunately we will not survive either extreme, it is only during this inter-glacial period that we can survive and it is hoped we can extend our lifespan by fighting off the green-age but we'll only get a few decades at best. Unfortunately, pic related.

President 2017年02月16日(木) 04時21分28秒 1198

Well, maybe a little light trolling. But there are plenty of luddites out there who are 'believers'.

It would be easier to adapt to a warmer age than a deeper ice age.

President 2017年02月16日(木) 06時56分02秒 1200

Since the Cryogenian ice age, the overall trend has been warming. The most likely cause of that ice age's end was CO2 released by volcanic eruption. Humanity is releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere than that annualy. Milankovitch's theory predicts what may happen to the earth's environment as a result of its astronomical mechanics, but does not accurately account for the length of cycles due to feedback from CO2 and other factors. In theory, we're on the trailing end of the Holocene, but that doesn't mean the coming warm cyle won't be much hotter than it naturally would have been or we haven't fucked the planet for the next 500,000 years.

What you refer to as a "green age" would be a period of explosive vegitation. This usually reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, increases the amount of O2, and brings the global temperature back down. That isn't goingto happen this time. This is going to be a "brown age" where entire continents become desert wasteland. Africa and Australia are nearly there.

The good news is none of us will live to see what long-term damage twentieth and twenty-first humanity have done to the earth. The bad news is that our entire race is unlikely to live that long either.

President 2017年02月17日(金) 01時20分41秒 1201

Another win for Team Nihilism.

President 2017年02月17日(金) 11時37分20秒 1202

画像ファイル名 148732784092.jpg - (36.09KB , 506x284 , Princess_Bride_That_Word.jpg )


President 2017年02月18日(土) 01時45分10秒 1204

all cats are gray in the dark

President 2017年02月19日(日) 12時23分33秒 1210

All cats are dead in my shed.

President 2017年02月19日(日) 15時02分25秒 1211

画像ファイル名 148751294530.jpg - (337.87KB , 1366x768 , schrodinger_cat_by_karbonkirby-d3zdkq6.jpg )

All cats are in an unknown quantum state until observed.

President 2017年02月20日(月) 04時25分21秒 1214

Well I'm going to assume the ones I buried are dead until proven otherwise, you're welcome to come round and check.

President 2017年02月21日(火) 17時03分02秒 1217

画像ファイル名 14876929822.jpg - (38.31KB , 512x512 , anti_globalisation_postcard-rfd5fd79b91654015a6d42.jpg )

Its a hoax..All the science has been corrupted by the Rockefeller family.
And they don't want competition...even if its the company THAT made them rich.


President 2017年02月22日(水) 00時59分20秒 1219

Oh, those wacky plutocrats!

President 2017年02月22日(水) 06時45分38秒 1221

Sure, one family has somehow perverted decades of research by many different groups in many different countires--including ongoing research by private, government, and non-government organizations all over the planet.

President 2017年02月22日(水) 13時58分18秒 1223

They did it with the banks.

President 2017年02月23日(木) 01時17分47秒 1224

"Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws."

President 2017年02月23日(木) 07時14分23秒 1230

Right, because the banks somehow complicit in the >>1224 Jewish conspiracy to overthrow world governments with environmentalism.

Thank you for reviving that "the Rockefellers are Jews" conspiracy; it's the icing on your crazy-cake.

President 2017年02月23日(木) 07時52分23秒 1231

Because the bankers being Jewish makes it a "jew conspiracy"?

So no minority individual or family can do wrong because it's wrong to call them out for doing wrong?

How special.

President 2017年02月25日(土) 04時05分12秒 1250

>So no minority individual or family can do wrong because it's wrong to call them out for doing wrong?
A+ for maximum deviation from comprehension.

I don't think it's possible to hold a minority individual or family resposible for a tin-hat conspiracy as large as climate-change hoaxing. Besides, the Rockefellers are not Jewish--although a woman who married in to the family was, that does not make them religiously or ethnically jewish as they were not part of its patriarchy.

President 2017年02月25日(土) 05時23分53秒 1251

It's not like the Rockefellers or global governance types are alone in promoting the hoax. And there are plenty of gullible climate crisis believers in the ground level game.

President 2017年03月04日(土) 06時22分58秒 1305

画像ファイル名 148860497829.jpg - (47.31KB , 396x480 , GOPslushfund.jpg )

You are attempting to use logic to sway someone who holds an emotional investment in an illogical belief.

I bet he thinks the statement in this image is correct.

President 2017年03月05日(日) 00時13分44秒 1308



President 2017年03月05日(日) 12時08分24秒 1310

>You are attempting to use logic to sway someone who holds an emotional investment in an illogical belief.

I'm holding on to a naieve sentiment that one day, reason will triumph over madness.

President 2017年03月05日(日) 23時55分03秒 1312

You'll understand once you start listening to the court & your doctor and start taking your meds.

President 2017年03月06日(月) 02時22分11秒 1313

You'll understand once you start paying attention to history and reality.

President 2017年03月06日(月) 03時33分23秒 1314

>history & reality
The history and reality that only people who refuse to take their medication know about?

President 2017年03月06日(月) 04時37分39秒 1315

You appear to have a peculiar fetish about medication. Perhaps you should have that seen to.

President 2017年03月07日(火) 09時36分12秒 1319

You seem to have a particular fetish about conspiracy theories and how they're not a sign of mental illness. Perhaps you should consult a doctor about how to best treat your irrational fears.

President 2017年03月07日(火) 16時43分02秒 1321

It's not irrational if the conspiracy is real.

President 2017年03月08日(水) 05時03分56秒 1323

画像ファイル名 148894583648.jpg - (41.69KB , 870x455 , best-rob-schneider-movies-u2.jpg )

Confirmed doc is confirmed. Up your meds immediately..also a doc..

President 2017年03月08日(水) 05時04分41秒 1324

Pick one. You can't pick two.

President 2017年03月08日(水) 05時48分34秒 1328

not so sure i understand conspiracy..legal gimme 72, maybe more. i gotta a half gallon of rotgut, and need to xxxxxxxout conspiratcy theory, conspiracy to commit fuck i'm no lawyer..

President 2017年03月09日(木) 02時05分15秒 1343

>Pick one. You can't pick two.
You really don't know 20th century history, do you?

President 2017年03月10日(金) 10時07分55秒 1355

One thing's for certain, the "history" you claim to know is only available for sale at trade shows frequented by the lunatic fringe, and consists of the finest stapled 8.5x11 paper money can buy.

President 2017年03月10日(金) 22時32分42秒 1359

Alot of so what with links to NOAA

President 2017年03月11日(土) 00時08分11秒 1372

Watergate was a conspiracy. If you look at real history, you can find other examples.

President 2017年03月11日(土) 06時54分59秒 1381

This is a dangerous notion to give to conspiracy theorists; surely it will only encourage them to believe more strongly in their paranoid delusions. Of course there are real conspiracies, but they always get found out; they're never very old nor very deep, and they usually have a goal that is rather petty.

Real conspiracies are nothing like the fantasies of the theorists, though they do exist.

President 2017年03月11日(土) 07時36分19秒 1382

>will only encourage them to believe more strongly in their paranoid delusions
Everything encourages them to believe more strongly in their paranoid delusions.

Disagree with them? They believe them more strongly because you're a lizard person.

Agree with them? They believe them more strongly because you just confirmed you're not a lizard person.

Don't agree or disagree with them? They believe them more strongly because you're obviously a member of the illuminati.

President 2017年03月11日(土) 22時25分13秒 1388

>there are real conspiracies, but they always get found out; they're never very old nor very deep, and they usually have a goal that is rather petty.
That is just as dangerous a way of thinking.

President 2017年03月12日(日) 03時32分49秒 1389

Reality: The Most Dangerous Way To Live

President 2017年03月16日(木) 05時06分14秒 1393

画像ファイル名 148963717417.jpg - (971.67KB , 1100x3239 , wanted_poster.jpg )


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