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horticulturist 17/06/02(Fri)23:47 No. 12

File 149644007966.jpg - (26.32KB , 500x654 , fff-ava-gardner.jpg )

What advice would you give to someone who hasn't yet really tried their hand at gardening but might want to give it a go? Common mistakes to avoid, oft overlooked details to remember, reliable resources to keep bookmarked or on the shelf, that kind of thing.

Zed 17/06/03(Sat)02:35 No. 13

Light and water are your friends. But also your enemies. Especially if you're starting indoors before the spring.
What do you want to grow?

horticulturist 17/06/04(Sun)07:12 No. 17

I hadn't picked anything particular to grow, but what sort of things are generally noob-friendly?

I was hoping to expand this into a general advice thread.

horticulturist 17/06/05(Mon)01:33 No. 18

Carrots are easy as fuck.

horticulturist 17/06/05(Mon)07:49 No. 19

Nothing grows faster than radishes.

Most things gardeners say are completely false. There are a lot of myths.

The easiest plants to grow are native plants. Every part of the world that had societies had enough edible plants to sustain said society. There are always many native food crops. They will be adapted to your climate and plagues. You won't have to do anything to maintain those plants; just find the appropriate place to plant them.

Don't plant what you want to grow, but what grows well in your area. Don't plant tomatoes or grapes where it is too hot. Don't plant peppers where it rains too much. Etc.

Never use commercial fertilizers or compost. The 'fertilizers' make your soil salty over time and will kill the soil. For a garden, just use your pee diluted with 90% water. Very effective.

horticulturist 17/06/05(Mon)08:22 No. 20

depending on how your yard. spend a couple days tracking the sun to find which parts of the yard get the most sun. build your beds around that and how well you can get water to it.

as >>13 said light and water are your frienemies.

also use rock dust to mix in with your soil/compost to help keep minerals in the soil for several growing seasons.

horticulturist 17/06/06(Tue)19:15 No. 22

Crop rotation and companion planting even on a small scale makes a big difference. You have to pay attention to your garden. You have to work with it every day.

horticulturist 17/06/07(Wed)01:48 No. 23

>The easiest plants to grow are native plants.
Not entirely true. The easiest plants to grow are invasive species. Of course most invasive species are as edible as kudzu or bamboo.

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