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/777/ - Trump
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Conspiracy theories: President 17/03/21(Tue)06:26 No. 1453

File 149007399554.jpg - (523.49KB , 1740x2601 , 3_142016_b3-patt-trump-fire-8201.jpg )

Trump was not supposed to win the election. Power was supposed to be transferred smoothly within the already ruling democratic power sphere, but core republicans allied with with russian intelligence to fuck up the election and rethrow the already rigged election/media circus. Trump was set up by the democrats as a guaranteed failure and through media influence and interior leaks and counter vote manipulation, Republicans won the public perception that they won. Trump will be used as a burner president and scapegoat for these current and coming policy changes, a new more palettable pence presidency will take over, and corporate america will continue to gut the other side of the financial divide. The US is inevitably turning into a profitable hellhole with an enslaved citizenship, and intensely rich ruling class, a la china.

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