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Will trump Kill himself? President 17/05/11(Thu)01:58 No. 1772

File 149446071412.jpg - (29.98KB , 400x271 , Full-metal-jacket.jpg )

I think trump will soon fall into an inconsolable depression. A depression that will prove to be terminal. I feel like his illusions of grandeur will collapse around him and he will use a rifle and kill himself in the Oval Office bathroom. Especially if impeachment charges are brought against him.

I am 85% - 90% sure trump will kill himself.

President 17/05/11(Thu)04:00 No. 1773

The first POTUS to become an hero? That would make for quite the martyr. Democrats had better hope that if it comes to that they can push Trump to go full Chris Benoit so he won't get those depression sympathy points.

President 17/05/11(Thu)04:34 No. 1774

As Melinia collapses on the floor of the Oval Office, sliding her tear soaked hand over the knob, she screams, "Donald, let's go back to New York and forget about all of this, we can get a TrumpSteak and some Shiraz " The secret service ready with tranquilizing gas canisters and tasers, "Mr. President this is a major dereliction of duty, you need to resume your post.
Milania opens the door to the wash room to find trump sitting on the commode, sliding the the rounds into the magazine with an almost waxy cadence, it was unreal. He looks over, directly into her eyes. "SIR, SIR, MISTER PRESIDENT", barks one of the secret service agents. "America is Great again" utters trump.......

President 17/05/11(Thu)04:37 No. 1775

trump pulls out a pocket knife, emblazoned with the Presidential seal, slides open the blade and jams it into his thigh, "So this is what is like to feel pain, for so long it has been my birthright to never suffer. i know now."

President 17/05/11(Thu)04:48 No. 1776

Milania watches in horror, speechless, only trembling as tears drip from her nose, like the trickle of blood from the wound in trumps leg. He pivots while sitting upon his throne. Handcuffed to his ankle is a briefcase. The Football. "ALPHA NINER SEVEN THREE, PAPA OSCAR ECHO; MINUET, MAN, THREE," trump bellows as if he was a redwood falling in slow motion. "SIR SIR, THOSE ARE LAUNCH CODES" From the wasitband of his boxers trump produces two cylindrical keys. He looks up from his slumped post, "one key for tower one, the other for tower two....."

President 17/05/11(Thu)09:05 No. 1778

In short: No.

He's too far gone into his dementia to have anything but the foggiest connection to our shared reality. He would dismiss any impeachment proceedings as fake news and try to fire someone in Congress over it.

Also, its Melania.

President 17/05/18(Thu)05:14 No. 1787

I don't know, he can't compute failure, it will short circuit his world view and throw him into a state of anomie. Him being on the business end of the "your fired" cannon.

I would pay a hefty sum, and likly become physically aroused, at the opportunity to witness Donald Trump take his own life.

To even have a brief conversation with him about the inevitable act would be bliss.

President 17/05/18(Thu)23:28 No. 1788

hope he does

President 17/05/27(Sat)15:15 No. 1803


Kushner will do it before trump does.

And OP, does the suicide have to be with a gun? trump could murder-suicide us all with the atomic stockpile.

Hell, one could argue that the nation is collectively committing murder suicide by selecting trump in the first place.

President 17/05/28(Sun)04:54 No. 1804

Kushner will pull a Snowden long before that.

President 17/05/28(Sun)06:18 No. 1805

Oh I can't wait for that. That would be way better. There's so much potential for this administration to incite the worst meltdown of United States government since the Civil War and he's the band-aid holding it together.

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