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Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)06:14 No. 8532 [Reply]

File 142466844910.png - (309.65KB , 660x373 , unhappy.png )

as a graphic designer I find the font leading for the body type on this site very unpleasing to the eye so it would be nice if someone were to consider increasing it slightly.


Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)06:29 No. 8533

I should clarify that this issue is only noticeable in the opening post of any thread and the leading of the following posts within are fine.

ok see ya

Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)22:52 No. 8526 [Reply]

is /sm/ gone again, or is it just me?

Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)23:33 No. 8527

okay it's back now, thanks (I think)

Anonymous 13/08/13(Tue)03:42 No. 7500 [Reply]

File 137635817116.png - (573.89KB , 805x900 , 6ae19d43da034820c4e30441ecfe5a0d.png )

How fast is 7chan?

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Nattajerk 15/02/11(Wed)22:19 No. 8520

I come back to my statement of 8chan's dubious advertising campaign. 8chan embedded flashes, astroturfing their site on every board.
We have pornbots that are more subtle.

It just leads me to believe that anybody that could associate themselves with a site that advertises like a Russian botnet isn't really the kind of crew I want to associate myself with.

Anonymous 15/02/13(Fri)09:54 No. 8523

I just hate all the gamergate bullshit

Anonymous 15/02/17(Tue)21:33 No. 8525

Even worse is that 8chan's admin somehow thought that advertising onto Reddit's /r/4chan subreddit was a good idea at all. I'd go far enough to say that the subreddit's arguably worse, considering it's just reposted screenshots from /b/ or /v/, but filtered through the eyes of a 13 year old memespouter, too scared to go onto those boards.

Anonymous 15/02/08(Sun)08:09 No. 8512 [Reply]

Is it possible that a recent bans list could be made? It would be helpful to know examples of what people are banned for and for how long.

Nattajerk 15/02/11(Wed)22:10 No. 8519

It certainly is useful - for mods. however a list like that wouldn't be very positive, if you want to know why people are being banned come to irc or check the rules on the front page.

as far as how long? 3 days, or longer if its a repeat offense.

Anonymous 15/02/12(Thu)02:43 No. 8521

Theres always the modlog...

Anonymous 15/02/13(Fri)09:50 No. 8522

Thanks this is about what I was looking for.

Anonymous 15/02/04(Wed)09:18 No. 8508 [Reply]

File 14230379022.gif - (498.27KB , 500x383 , 1415466316557.gif )

Who is Sazpaimon and why is he Admin of 7Chan?

Asking this just because.

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Anonymous 15/02/08(Sun)14:22 No. 8515

This question will never be answered, will it.

I had a feeling that would be posted.

Anonymous 15/02/11(Wed)20:36 No. 8517


There's plenty of info about him on google and various sites he's been involved with. Other than that I don't know shit about him personally, what he looks like, or anything else.

Nattajerk 15/02/11(Wed)22:06 No. 8518

He's a mysterious man with mysterious motives;

unless you Google stalk him. then there's sonic involvement with an unusually detailed wiki article and a github/deviantart.

phael-your 15/02/02(Mon)05:36 No. 8504 [Reply]

File 142285176935.gif - (94.16KB , 553x435 , indicator-powersave.gif )


needs deletion; double posted.

forgot to post an image, reposted, went to delete the mistake:
Incorrect password.

My temporary, random password has changed?

Anonymous 15/02/02(Mon)05:49 No. 8505


Anonymous 15/02/02(Mon)16:34 No. 8506

Thank you!

Anonymous 14/12/10(Wed)02:46 No. 8446 [Reply]

File 141817599172.png - (838.44KB , 478x448 , 7chan_clovers_HD.png )

I was working on a projet relating to 7chan (I'm making a frame-based browser for a number of chans) and needed an HD version of the 7-leaf clover logo that you see in the favicon and stuff on the site.

Well, I couldn't find an HD version of the clover anywhere, so I decided to make my own. Tell me what you think.

:7: Anonymous 14/12/11(Thu)08:45 No. 8448

File 141828395860.png - (307B , 48x39 , _7_ (7chan).png )

Make it a vector .svg

Anonymous 14/12/11(Thu)08:47 No. 8449

File 141828406442.png - (34.65KB , 806x532 , _7chan_ _7_ - 25-II-2014.png )

ITT: 7 leaves

Anonymous 15/01/15(Thu)05:55 No. 8495


Anonymous 14/12/29(Mon)08:16 No. 8471 [Reply]

File 141983741079.png - (16.80KB , 544x263 , vola.png )

why is this site a banned url?

Nattack 14/12/29(Mon)10:37 No. 8472

I don't have an official reason for you, but I can tell you new filesharing sites are generally taken with extreme caution by the savvy. This place is no exception.

keep in mind, spammers will post links to their own bogus filesharing sites - often riddled with ads, trojans, phishing and so on. It's cumbersome to check them all, and so it's more convenient to put up a false positive.

Tripcoding I am Joe&!EubOOLVTJQ 14/11/22(Sat)01:20 No. 8421 [Reply]

Think I just tripcoded with an apostrophe?!

On /TG/ entered the post name as:
I am Joe's saged post
It posted as:
I am Joe&!EubOOLVTJQ

Done the same thing with this post to see if it works here to or if it's board specific. Is this an oversight/intentional/bug???

CraX 14/11/27(Thu)07:45 No. 8426

Oh shit nigga you done fucked up

Translation (hood > English): Yep, it really does break things

parley!!uyZwqvZ2Vl 14/12/15(Mon)08:06 No. 8452

probably has something to do with the HTML entity for "'" being

. blame PHP/the way Kusaba X was written.

Anonymous 14/12/17(Wed)21:57 No. 8455

You broke your post with that.

Anonymous 13/11/04(Mon)15:53 No. 7749 [Reply]

Why, when trying to view any board, do I sometimes get a huge list of bans from dozens of different IPs?

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/12/01(Mon)17:24 No. 8434

I'm not really into torrenting, and nobody trusts torrents especially JPEG ones because viruses and ISP bullshit. These should be for everybody. Plus, it'd probably generate some site traffic for s.

Anonymous 14/12/10(Wed)02:52 No. 8447

What the fuck could you possibly have 35,000 pictures of?

Anonymous 14/12/16(Tue)02:36 No. 8453

You could always append it to the "40000 amature pics" thread that's been stickied.

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