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Anonymous 17/06/26(Mon)06:24 No. 9372

File 149845104631.jpg - (108.40KB , 625x495 , fried chicken taco.jpg )

The front page of /b/ is filled with spam and bullshit. Its the most active board. A little help please?

Anonymous 17/06/26(Mon)15:45 No. 9373

>I have a complaint about a poster or a thread, who do I go to? There is a report button on the bottom of every board page. Simply check the box near the reply you wish report, scroll down to the report button on the bottom of each page, and follow the instructions. If you have a complaint, please visit our IRC channel and contact a staff member.

Alas, reporting is all we mere posters can do. For my part, I report posts on /b/ like it's Best Korea, though I don't expect much for it--after all, it is /b/. Other than the global rules, there are no rules, not even for the moderators.

Anonymous 17/06/26(Mon)23:01 No. 9375

Here's my biggest complaint and I think its completely valid. Things that are legitimately bot posts aren't being banned and deleted.
This thread is legitimately a bot post. All I wanted to point out is that the more innocent looking bot spam/ posts are being left alone.

And yes bots do get by the catchpa there's a few ways. Anyways, other than that mods are doing a good job. Just wanted to point out that the bot spam is here and you'll likely see more of it.

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)15:53 No. 9378

>spam is here and you'll likely see more of it
Welcome to the Internet.

By the way, don't be such a newfag cross-board reference like this:

Anonymous 17/06/28(Wed)07:07 No. 9381

Just because you don't like a post doesn't mean it was written by a bot.

Anonymous 17/08/13(Sun)03:22 No. 9452

It's subversion and the administration is too dumb to see they're being targeted, let alone do anything about it.

2/3 of the user base has left and they still have no idea why.

Anonymous 17/08/13(Sun)04:01 No. 9453

2/3 of the user base left, sure, but that happened over 7 years ago.

All they do now is come by every 2-3 years and bitch about how dead it is, but aren't quite bright enough to figure out the irony.

Anonymous 17/08/13(Sun)15:05 No. 9455

I mean, 2/3 of the remaining 1/3 left in 2013-2014.

Anonymous 17/08/17(Thu)05:24 No. 9460

So two thirds of two guys? How does that work? Does one of them spend 2/3rds of his time on other sites?

Anonymous 17/08/19(Sat)00:16 No. 9465

>545 unique posters

Anonymous 17/08/19(Sat)18:54 No. 9466

It's going to be two guys if reimu doesn't get off his fucking ass and do his fucking job for fucking once. It's a fucking disgrace. This isn't just bitching.
Snacks was a fucking faggot. Everybody fucking dealt with it because we had no choice. Shouldn't act like that. There are choices now.

Anonymous 17/08/24(Thu)04:22 No. 9472

>543 sock puppets

Anonymous 17/09/02(Sat)08:26 No. 9495

Take a look at it now. All zero content advertising,political, or porn threads. I mean it only takes a quick look to see it. Not sure what to even say beyond that.

Anonymous 17/09/07(Thu)03:01 No. 9510

make it into what you want it to be, shut the fuck up, or have yourself a good cry in /rnb/

Anonymous 17/09/07(Thu)04:07 No. 9511

why are you guys arguing on a dead board? I tried to get on IRC to see why this place is even still up, and the IRC was dead. Whoever is keeping this up is literally just wasting money now.

Anonymous 17/09/07(Thu)09:21 No. 9512

File 150476886363.jpg - (47.53KB , 484x323 , Southern Baptist Convention.jpg )

Could be worse. They could be arguing on Facebook.

/b/ wasn't been the most active board when OP posted or any time since. /tg/ was and continues to be the most active board.

Anonymous 17/09/08(Fri)02:02 No. 9514

How can it be dead, if we're arguing on it? Chinese riddle for you.

Anonymous 17/09/09(Sat)17:54 No. 9521

File 150497249584.jpg - (233.87KB , 640x480 , Why.jpg )

A lot of these replies sound very similar to one particular idiot who has been all over /b/ for a couple months now, about how anyone who posts less than an hour after another poster is an imaginary friend he likes to call David. And everyone else who posts there is David too.

Right around the time he stopped posting to /b/ this thread picked up. Coincidence?

Anonymous 17/09/21(Thu)16:55 No. 9569

>most active board
Not anymore by the look of it and what do ya know?
Looks like it's because of the exactsame reason.

Anonymous 17/09/22(Fri)06:16 No. 9574

File 150605379783.jpg - (82.54KB , 960x540 , Battletoads.jpg )

But /tg/ is still the most active board. Just look at https://7chan.org/ at just about any time.

Recent posts (unless you're going to hurrdurr and spam a bunch before looking) are almost always /tg/. You have to go over to recent photos to even have a chance of seeing something posted elsewhere.

/tg/ is slower now because some fucktard, probably you, started submitting links to content that was guaranteed to result in DCMA takedowns. Too bad even that couldn't keep them down. Yet another failure for you in a life full of failure.

Anonymous 17/09/26(Tue)02:23 No. 9592

1. I only say that because I saw a huge goodbye/exodus thread over request thread drama and legal nonsense.
2. I don't believe /b/ posts are included in that recent post feed.
3. Fuck you. I ain't no fuckin' snitch.

Anonymous 17/09/28(Thu)00:06 No. 9604

Nice to meet you aspie. Try being less aspie.

>I don't believe /b/ posts are included in that recent post feed.
You would be wrong. You can expand all the categories and all categories will be included in the recent posts. Hint: Try pressing F5.

Anonymous 17/09/28(Thu)10:03 No. 9605

1. It's DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act
2. Don't act like we're just now meeting
3. No, it's not in the fucking feed, you stupid fucking retarded asshole.
4. Take a screenshot of you seeing /b/ posts in that feed because you literally never know what the fuck you're talking about.
5. It's ctrl+f5 for hard refresh
6. I would donate 5k to 7chan just to see them ban you for life. Some people make the world a worse place just by being around and you are one of them.

Amethyst Anonymous 17/09/28(Thu)19:52 No. 9610

IRC is still up. However it died within the past 2 years.

Anonymous 17/09/29(Fri)18:26 No. 9616

>Don't act like we're just now meeting
Who do you think >>9604 is?

Anonymous 17/09/30(Sat)11:26 No. 9621

File 150676359178.gif - (2.41MB , 1041x800 , No TV Something Something.gif )

>It's DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Yes, manchild, that's why I said you should be less aspie. When you type over 200wpm some minor errors are going to creep in. Normal people don't get completely bent out of shape and have a coronary the instant they encounter a single transposed character.

>No, it's not in the fucking feed, you stupid fucking retarded asshole.
If you expand all the categories on the home page and then refresh all boards are included.

This is just the latest in a long list of examples of how I know you haven't been here for more than a few months. You're completely unfamiliar with the site.

>I would donate 5k to 7chan just to see them ban you for life.
Knowing the mods, they'd take your 5k... and then permaban you. (´・ω・`)

Some guy he tried to be friends with once only to get turned down. Too bad I'm not that guy and he has no clue who I am... and he's too dense to realize it. It's all a conspiracy.

He thinks anyone who doesn't like him is that guy. The problem is he's not exactly a likable person. And he's perpetually pissed off because he thinks the guy is following him around from site to site. So... Yeah.

Anonymous 17/09/30(Sat)15:49 No. 9625

He just won't take "straight" for an answer.

Anonymous 17/09/30(Sat)20:08 No. 9627

File 150679493247.gif - (4.81MB , 450x408 , thenerve.gif )

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, no screenshot?

Nice GIF

Anonymous 17/10/01(Sun)08:46 No. 9629

File 150684041474.png - (271.20KB , 1077x438 , You Are The Single Most Retarded Person On 7chan.png )

>no screenshot
You need a screenshot despite being given clear step by step instructions on how to do it?

There's no way you've lurked here for longer than six months.

Anonymous 17/10/06(Fri)12:36 No. 9644

File 150728617283.gif - (3.37MB , 450x286 , cmontgomeryburns.gif )

I was going to do something, but it didn't work.
So, yeah. You win. Good job.

Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)17:58 No. 9655

File 150756469920.webm - (7.58KB , 480x360 , Mental Illness.webm )

>I was going to do something, but it didn't work.
More evidence that you're a newcomer.

>You win.
I will only win after you start seeing your doctor again.

Anonymous 17/10/09(Mon)23:20 No. 9656

File 15075840186.gif - (2.61MB , 450x349 , dyingofoldage.gif )

Get some fuckin' content, ya fuckin' loser. Quit reposting the same stuff over and over again.
I don't think it's that "crazy" to ask you to not suck so much ass.

Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)02:45 No. 9662

File 150768271680.jpg - (261.21KB , 1536x1024 , IMG008.jpg )

>>9655 is trying to help you.
He still has hope for you.
He is obviously not David.

Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)09:48 No. 9663

>trying to help you.
To post unoriginal shit? No thanks.
>He is obviously not David.
Oh, good. Thought I'd have to tear Olivia's throat out for a minute there.

Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)14:37 No. 9664

Wow. Such empty threat. Much frightening; very scare.

Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)15:53 No. 9665

No fear of consequences until they arrive, then it's all "Prease, stahp. I was just joshin. NOOOOOOO! AAAAGHHHH!"

Makes it all the more satisfying.

Anonymous 17/10/12(Thu)07:54 No. 9667

File 150778763820.gif - (3.80MB , 500x282 , meanwhile-in-russia.gif )

Sorry I got you in trouble with your supervisors, but you have to admit stumbling into work at noon and then spending all your time on an unapproved site just wasn't going to cut it.

How does it feel to be unemployed? Hey, at least you're not in Greenland.

Anonymous 17/10/13(Fri)04:29 No. 9671

I won't be spoken to in that manner by a spic fucker either, David2.
Talk to me when you get a white girlfriend and content you didn't get off imgur.

Anonymous 17/10/13(Fri)11:54 No. 9673

File 150788847528.gif - (2.97MB , 400x300 , 142448454210.gif )

What rustled your racist jimmies?
>Talk to me when you get a white girlfriend
Talk to me you get a girlfriend.

Anonymous 17/10/13(Fri)15:45 No. 9674

>Talk to me you get a girlfriend
Oh, yeah? Your mom still 2 bucks an hour?

Anonymous 17/10/13(Fri)17:45 No. 9675


Anonymous 17/10/13(Fri)20:17 No. 9677

Whenever is fine for me. What time does she hit the street?

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)02:57 No. 9679

You didn't even notice the mistake.

You call yourself a troll? You should have been killing me over that. No? Carrying on with that 'yo mama' joke? You accuse me of having nothing to contribute, but how is that different from having nothing anyone wants to contribute?

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)03:47 No. 9681

File 15079456425.gif - (2.92MB , 450x357 , sheep.gif )

Surprise, surprise. A critique.
You can't judge anything, you unfunny loser.

>You didn't even notice the mistake.
I'm not explaining any more word play jokes to you that, of all people, you'd think you would understand.
Lol did you cheat your way through school? English was too hard for you?

>You call yourself a troll? 
I thought you were the troll.

>You should have been killing me over that.
Oh, don't worry. I'll kill you.

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)10:21 No. 9682

File 15079692629.webm - (88.13KB , 360x274 , Got You Now Fucker.webm )

>Oh, don't worry. I'll kill you.
People can't die from boredom, silly.

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)12:45 No. 9684

I might die from how cute that thing is.

>you'd think you would understand
I know. Speaking from experience, humour is the hardest thing to translate. If ever you can both get--and make--a joke in English, you might be mistaken for a native speaker!

Anonymous 17/10/15(Sun)00:55 No. 9690

David, stop talking to yourself.

Anonymous 17/10/18(Wed)02:24 No. 9702

David, stop telling yourself to stop talking to yourself.

Anonymous 17/11/08(Wed)07:15 No. 9789

File 151012171983.png - (251.81KB , 969x784 , no b to be found.png )

It never works because you haven't been here long enough to know how it works.

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