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Favorite gateway anime/manga? Anonymous-San 2013年03月12日(火) 03時56分38秒 33094 ID: 88cc87

画像ファイル名 136305699538.gif - (41.87KB , 267x199 , Then+why+bother+to+comment+if+you+don+t+care+Logic.gif )

What got you interested interested in the 2 genres per say in the first place? I liked Pokemon like every other kid, sure, but what really started it for me was when I discovered Fullmetal on Adult Swim. Seeing one episode of Fooly Cooly drove it home as I tried desperately to find the show (didn't remember the name).

Anonymous-San 2013年03月12日(火) 04時58分40秒 33095 ID: 2b5a89

One of the series that really got me back into anime was the magical girl genre, specifically Card Captor Sakura. The english dub version was horrible, so it was one of the first series I had to hunt down, as I was still on dial-up, and downloading just wasn't an option.

The dojin....well, that helped pique my interest too. I suppose you could say that thanks to Tomoyo, I developed an interest in Yuri (and /cake/) as well.

CandleJack 2013年03月12日(火) 23時45分57秒 33099 ID: 2f260d

I liked Dragonball Z as a kid and young teenager, but I really didn't think of it as an "anime"; neither did Speed Racer and Pokemon, which I watched sporadically, strike me as being un-american shows. I knew they came from Japan, but they were dubs so it felt like a normal cartoon. Everyone in the entire freaking school watched DBZ, but only the nerds watched other animes. So it really didn't count in that sense.

For me, the gateway anime was Naruto. It came to the US as the dub in late 2005, and I had no interest whatsoever. The previews showed this annoying brat who was supposed to be a ninja and said "believe it" way too much. WTF? By chance, I happened upon the first episode at a reshowing near midnight, and of course that changed my mind completely. I felt a connection with Naruto and his isolation and loneliness, something I had not really experienced with other characters in other shows. I watched it for several months, and then the big shift happened when I began to get IMPATIENT. I remember specifically: it was in the middle of the Rock Lee vs. Gaara fight at the Chuunin Exams, and I wanted to see the end of it. But the next episode wouldn't come until next week. But I wanted it NOW! So I went on youtube and was surprised to find someone had uploaded the entire freaking series so far (at the time in the midst of filler-hell, so the entire Part 1). I'd watched subbed stuff before so that was no problem. It was addicting, though. I was on break between college semesters with a speedy internet connection for the first time, and I'd watch about 10 episodes per day.

Around that time, I started to watch dubs of other animes showing at the time. Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion; and because the internet was a thing, subs of several more. It didn't wake me very long to figure out that I liked the subbed version better, so it's gotten to the point where I watch them all the time.

The gateway manga for me was HunterxHunter. The reason was very similar, actually. I started watching the anime (subbed of course, there was no dub yet) in late 2006 and early 2007. It did not take long for me to finish it, but then I was told by a friend that the story continued PAST the Greed Island Arc where the anime and series of OVAs had ended. So, one night, bored, I pulled up the manga and started going at it. I think I probably got all the way through the greater part of the Chimera Ant Arc up to the point where there was one of those cursed hiatuses, in only a few days.

I don't read very many mangas, though. I read it and the new chapters of Naruto; and while FullMetal Alchemist was still going I got into that, also, right around when the Brotherhood anime started. I was (I'm so predictable...) bored one day and decided to look at what the latest chapter was. It was where Pride had filled Al's armor with his shadows and was about to fight with Ed. I remember thinking: "Is- Is that freaking Selim?? WHAT?!" because of course up until then I only knew him as the useless little kid from the first anime who was strangled by Bradley. I just HAD to find out what happened next, then.

Anonymous-San 2013年03月13日(水) 11時02分31秒 33101 ID: d067b2

finding a hentai dump on 4chan one day in my late adolescence.

Anonymous-San 2013年03月13日(水) 18時50分29秒 33108 ID: 1caf17

I have sort of always been into it as a kid, but never really realized it until I was in my late teens.

As a kid, I had the Ghost in the Shell ps1 video game, which was awesome. Then later pokemon began to air on TV which like everybody else, I got addicted.

I eventually lost interest in pokemon and throughout my early teens I watched various dubbed shows that popped up on TV, cartoon network etc, including Shin-chan, GitS, Cromartie Highschool, and others.
It was sporadic at most, I never really follwed them.

In my late teens I was bored one day when I asked a friend of mine to recommend me a funny anime show. He recommended Azumanga Daioh, and after that I got hooked and have been watching shows every day since then.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 2013年03月14日(木) 13時19分19秒 33111 ID: f322df

Two summers ago when I was visiting my extended family in China I had a lot of spare time staying at my uncle's house. At that point in time I had only read Naruto and Bleach and thought they were God-tier stuff. Then during those days of doing jack shit I found OneManga and read the shit out of all the new manga series I discovered.

SAGE 2013年03月17日(日) 03時31分44秒 33119 ID: 8e0acd


Anonymous-San 2013年03月18日(月) 01時17分58秒 33122 ID: 9be2fc

画像ファイル名 136356587876.jpg - (6.87KB , 200x210 , tumblr_miydvsYGVi1rusauwo1_250.jpg )


I find you hard to understand.

Anonymous-San 2013年03月20日(水) 00時58分28秒 33137 ID: ca12bb

for manga, I was watching naruto and decided to drop it, heard it got better and the manga was ahead of the anime by loads so I went with it

for anime, I think it was about when I was 14 or something, and learned that batman the animated series, transformers, sailor moon, samurai pizza cats, dragon ball, ninja scroll, fist of the north star, and pokemon, night on the galactic railroad, tank police, akira, ghost in the shell, and inspector gadget were called anime, or were japanese animated

I also used to live in a neighbourhood with a lot of girls and no boys for a while, kerope and hello kitty were involved

speed racer, and power rangers helped too, and there was this *one* movie I remember like, the intro of and it has something to do with some silver/grey/greyishpurple haired person or something, and like a moonbase blowing up, but that's all I know about it

one of my earliest memories is actually the transformers movie intro, so that helped as a primer, and learning that most of the better console games of the time came from japan did too

Anonymous-San 2013年03月20日(水) 01時00分04秒 33138 ID: ca12bb

I guess I should mention that I up until I was like 12 I didn't even begin to really know what anime was, I was watching a lot of anime without knowing it for a long time, it was pretty standard stuff actually, oh, vision of escaflowne as well, that's the one that was bugging me, forgot about that one

Anonymous-San 2013年04月06日(土) 00時51分14秒 33201 ID: fcb4ac

Sailor Moon, short skirts and cool theme music.

Manga was; way back in the days before 2000s, there was a site that had I"S, DNA^2, and Love Hina. Loved those.

Then at college there was End of Evangelion and Grave of the Fireflies on the network. Spiraled down into obsessive watching for a couple years before realizing those were the pinnacle and most is complete crap.

Now just read the occasional manga; mostly stuff that is never ending like Berserk; which is also why I no longer start new stuff that isn't finished being written.

Anonymous-San 2013年04月08日(月) 07時09分24秒 33217 ID: e048c4

Somewhere around the time I was like 10 years old or so, my brother had come to visit our family (he was 10 years older than me), and he had brought his entire DBZ collection. I grew up a bit poor, so I didn't have cable television or the newest game systems or even a computer. So DBZ was entirely new to me, and the rest of my family generally disliked it (y'know, because he watched chinese cartoons at his age). I remember only seeing like an episode of Dragon Ball, and I think one of the Broly movies. I was pretty fascinated by it, and a few years later I ended up buying Dragon Ball at a garage sale I was at. After watching that, I bought the rest of the DBZ series as well (even GT, which I never finished because it was awful). After I finished DBZ, I figured I'd watch some of the other anime series out there considering they had as much fame as DBZ had. I went on to watching Fullmetal Alchemist via online streaming. After finishing that, I didn't watch anime for a few years. Then one day a few years ago, I was browsing the internet and decided to watch some anime again. And about a year after that I started reading manga.

So I guess, in a way, my older brother introducing me to Dragon Ball was what started me liking anime and watching it. And from me liking anime and watching it introduced me to manga.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月01日(水) 19時14分39秒 33331 ID: b36275

Neon Genesis on the foreign language channel. Ranma and Ghost in the Shell at the local library.

Gani 2013年05月02日(木) 03時30分32秒 33332 ID: 783e73

画像ファイル名 136745823182.png - (119.30KB , 218x285 , 1245445547.png )

naruto got me into anime even tho now i realise how bad it is

Anonymous-San 2013年05月03日(金) 03時51分34秒 33336 ID: cf1e2c

Dragon Ball Z and Toonami to start with. I later had a friend who was a massive weeaboo and ended up lending me his Evangelion DVDs. I started watching some Adult Swim shows, really got into FMA, GitS, Yuyu Hakusho, and Paranoia Agent.

Then I discovered the internet. Found there were way more anime than I ever knew existed. Started watching them on youtube. Saw Lucky Star, Rozen Maiden, Harhui, TTGL, most of the stuff everyone had seen. Then I started branching out into older shows: Gundam, Gunbuster, Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Now I watch older shows beside anything currently airing that interests me.

I got into manga back when the U.S. version of Shonen Jump launched. I kept a subscription for a couple years, back before I discovered piracy. I remember reading the Naruto manga there and liking it at first but thinking it got worse and worse after the Zabusa arc. I did like the One Peice manga, though.

Eventually discovered the internet and recieved tons of manga recs. Ended up really liking Monster, Hellsing, Berserk, JJBA and Hokuto no Ken.

noko 2013年05月04日(土) 16時30分35秒 33339 ID: a2d36e

Dragonball was the first anime I ever saw, after that I watched one piece on toonami, and heard on the internet that the dub was totally unrelated to the true plot and the manga was better, so I went to barnes and noble, and bought 3 volumes of it, and after learning how to read manga I really enjoyed them, after that, every month I would pickup some new manga, because one piece back then would only get translations in shonen jump which was 2 years- 6 months behind japanese release and a damn long time to be released in volumes so it would take forever for a new volume to come out so nowadays I mainly read scans and only have a subscription to shonen jump alpha to merely support official English releases.

Glitches 2013年05月04日(土) 23時07分26秒 33341 ID: 568753

画像ファイル名 136770164616.jpg - (93.67KB , 552x800 , PA1_Chapter_Fourteen12.jpg )

>the 2 genres
Do you mean mediums?

I actually didn't like DBZ or the rest of the Toonami block that much when I was a kid; I more grew up on stuff like Dexter's Lab and the like. Never got the chance to watch Pokemon, but I did read a lot of Astro Boy and the Viz translation of Pokemon Special (which I still think is pretty great).

One day when I was older a bunch of people were harping on about Death Note, so I watched it and realized the subject matter in anime was pretty crazy-awesome, then proceeded to drop Zetsubou Sensei and only got back in with Love Love? (awful harem show) because I suck. Then I was kind of uninterested until a few years later when I got really into it with a mix of Katawa Shoujo and Gurren Lagann. I read more VNs than I do watch anime nowadays.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月20日(月) 08時24分41秒 33408 ID: 45d8e9

When I was about 4/5 years old, my mother used to buy the Manga Video releases and let me watch them.

Mostly Giant Robo, Tank Police, Cyber City Oedo 808. There were others that she had like Crying Freeman but she thought they were a little bit too much for someone as young as myself to watch at the time.

I vaguely remember begging her to let me watch Guyver: bio-boosted armour because "the monster on the box looks really cool".

As for Manga itself it took me a long time to get into because there was one shop within a 100 mile radius of my house that actually sold any, the selection was extremely limited and the prices were outrageous, then one day years ago someone posted a download link for "Parasyte" and I loved it.

That's when I realized I could read fan translated Manga on the internet.

Since then I have started buying Manga because it's quite cheap these days, and I own all the Del-Rey issues of Parasyte now. I felt I should buy it, with it being the one that started it for me.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月23日(木) 04時38分28秒 33413 ID: 535bce

Watched Voltron and Ronin Warriors as a kid but wasn't aware of it's origin. Later on, Scifi Channel started doing anime weekends. Probably the major interest breakthrough for me was Project A-ko airing there. Which is one of those things that is both excellent and horrible for a starting point. After that, local comic store started to rent out ranma VHS and the mall had a video store that would get tenchi and whatnot. Sailor Moon fever was going on too. Add into this that I was pretty much going through puberty at the time and hey guess what they don't card you when you want to buy Cutey Honey or Devil Hunter Yohko tapes. And then Toonami starts re-airing Ronin Warriors and I get to see Robotech for the first time.

Eventually the comic store stocks Gunsmith Cats and Tenchi manga and welp now I'm readin that too. Also, Mixx Zine for Sailor Moon and Parasyte fuck yea.

Couldn't fuckin tell you any years on this shit or if that's the correct order but A-ko was definitely the point at which I realize 1) this is from Japan, and 2) I enjoy this.

Bjoli!SOQvOfJdmU 2013年05月24日(金) 03時12分11秒 33414 ID: 22f4bf

A combination of watching some anime as a kid (Strange Dawn and Pokemon chief amongst them), and then getting into Azumanga through my ex, who gave me GitS 2 on DVD cause she didn't want it. After that, I was hooked. Still a big fan of GitS, but it's been a while since I watch or read the rest. I imagine Azumanga will still appeal, though the rest not so much.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月27日(月) 10時18分33秒 33419 ID: 9ca104

dragonball z, cowboy bebop, etc.; you know, the early toonami stuff. really got into it and actually took up japanese language and literature study when i watched naruto about three years ago.

igazaku 2013年05月27日(月) 10時22分35秒 33420 ID: 9ca104

definitely forgot about rounin warriors and voltron, thanks anon-san. damn, i tore that UP lyrically.

igazaku 2013年05月28日(火) 09時53分28秒 33421 ID: 9ca104

i just remembered a summer in 5th grade: bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040 on one of the movie channels cinemax or something.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月30日(木) 20時51分46秒 33435 ID: ad681f

Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami is what hooked me. I never really got obsessed with anime or manga to the level of some people, but I do still try to seek out new and interesting ones. One thing I could never get invested in was comedy manga, moreso than comedy anime. It's not that I hate comedy, it's just that I simply don't find the stuff funny. Like the Japanese can't make animated humor which pertains to my interests. Even from a young age I don't think I was ever interested in it.

Anonymous-San 2013年05月30日(木) 22時11分02秒 33438 ID: e95305

I never really had any exposure to anime as a kid. I ended up torrenting Gurren Lagann for one reason or another and was hooked from there forward.

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