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Anonymous-San 2018年09月12日(水) 02時26分11秒 35644 ID: 1e5fb7

画像ファイル名 153671197189.jpg - (119.05KB , 1280x720 , Marika-Kato.jpg )

Sup /a/,

I'm a relative anime virgin. I've seen the original Ghost in the Shell (and read the manga), Cowboy Bebop, and have seen some Bleach and Death Note, all of which I thought were good. I've seen a few other series but they're not really relevant. But I'm trying to get into anime and find more stuff similar in tone to what I've mentioned. I've tried researching on my own, but the shear amount of stuff is off-putting and I don't know where to begin. So I need recommendations.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月12日(水) 03時18分44秒 35645 ID: 506779

I recommend watching Terror in Resonance. It's a really good short show, directed by the same dude who made Bebop. I won't spoil too much, but it's about two terrorists in modern day japan..

joaco 2018年09月12日(水) 03時54分46秒 35647 ID: eb5538

Baccano, Vash la stampide, Samurai champloo, Kara no kyoukai,
Bakuman, Bersek, Jojo, Paprika , perfect blue, The tatami galaxy , what kind of gender do u think u like ?

Anonymous-San 2018年09月12日(水) 05時28分32秒 35649 ID: 1e5fb7

画像ファイル名 153672291221.jpg - (162.55KB , 700x392 , bakuman.jpg )

My man.
>what kind of gender do u think u like ?
I don't know really, I guess I dig the more mature and well put together storylines. Bebop and GiTS are genuinely interesting with really well put together plots and thought out characters. I want that more than anything. I do dig some moe shit though. Watching Lucky Star was good for that. But I wouldn't want to watch something like that everyday.

If you're literally asking me what gender I'm into I definitely like girls. I don't care about the sex of the protagonist in a story though. All in all I'm open to anything that isn't stuff for children. Throw some stuff at me.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月13日(木) 23時20分24秒 35652 ID: 9e68e4

Honestly, this thread: >>29003 is full of good suggestions. Read the descriptions and if anything appeals to you, give it a go. The best part is the descriptions have stripped of all the "OMG this is so awesome cuz" shit. So you know what you're actually getting going in.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月13日(木) 23時24分55秒 35653 ID: 9e68e4

>I guess I dig the more mature and well put together storylines.
I would highly suggest Psycho Pass, just stay away from everything after the first season. It's like the Highlander series, the first was amazing, everything that came after, well...

Anonymous-San 2018年09月14日(金) 00時12分03秒 35654 ID: f8e165

That sounds pretty awesome actually.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月14日(金) 06時04分13秒 35655 ID: 1e5fb7

That's everyone. Going to check some of this shit this weekend. Appreciate the feedback. If anymore wishes to add something feel free.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月14日(金) 08時55分04秒 35656 ID: 21387b

Watch some Kids on the Slope. Good anime.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月15日(土) 17時24分24秒 35657 ID: 1e5fb7

Watch Psycho Pass last night. Shit was dope. Going to check out some other stuff today.

Anonymous-San 2018年09月19日(水) 17時43分17秒 35661 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 153737179780.png - (227.61KB , 751x1070 , vzs938.png )


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