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December 31 again, time for the annual blogpost no one cares about 2019年01月01日(火) 01時27分21秒 35788 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154630244128.png - (385.11KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-11-16-22h45m43s808.png )

Greetings /a/holes! Yeppers, for the 5th year in a row, I get to do my yearly /a/ in review blogpost. Considering the traffic, I doubt there will be much animosity for this, but then again, not like anyone will be able to do much about it.
I'm gonna take it slow tonight, I have a good 4 1/2 hours until midnight, and I have to get some ebay crap online too, so i'll keep my yap shut whilst doing that. Hey, a guy's gotta be able to make a few bucks occasionally.
Anyways, time to let'er rip, and see how few people care. Kewlness.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 01時36分58秒 35789 ID: b2d62b

Well dang, after I thought 2017 wasn't all that bad, I really didn't have too much in the way of high hopes for this year, but sonuvagun, it sure started out well, as I think last winter's season was as strong as it's been in awhile. There was comfy as hell Yuru Camp, the very caprivating Sora Yorima Tooi Basho, the lolitastic Ryuuou no Oshigato, and one of the better fightin' girls anime over the past few years, Toji no Miko.
Why that last one seems to be forgotten is beyond me, as it was a two-season show, with lots of action and likeable characters. Short memories I guess. But I have a feeling thst if there are any lulls in my '19 watching habits, it'll be one of the first I'll re-watch.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 01時45分09秒 35790 ID: b2d62b

But those weren't the only shows I found worthy of my attention although I will freely admit my taste in anime is pretty crappy.
Yeah, I like a lot of suckky stuff, what about it?
But there were a bunch of other shows I could not keep myself from watching as well. Death March was yet another isekai/harem show that filled my seinen needs, Dagashi Kashi 2 was short-but sweet, and added another babe to the series that I really hope gets another season, the shortened shows seemed to help re-gain it's audience.
Mira no Kaikata gave me the warm fuzzballs for a stupid miniature mummy, while Pop Team Epic proved that you don't need more than deranged minds who know memetics to bring out a show that will bend your mind.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 01時53分02秒 35792 ID: b2d62b

And if that weren't enough for you, Classicaloid (my AOTY last year) finished up, though if there are any OVAs or movie, or heck, even another season, I'd still watch it intently.
But there were other things too, like if you enjoyed watching stupid girls get hammered, there's Takunomi, or if you like watching miniature girls get their drink on, there was Hakumei no Mikochi, which was a top-10 show for me this year as well.
(I know, I forgot to put new Dagashi Kashi babe in the previous post-sue me)

Anonymous-San 2019年01月01日(火) 01時53分29秒 35793 ID: 1e5fb7

>and see how few people care
I grew up on Western comics and cartoons, and have dipped my toe into anime mainly due to the input from people on 7chan, so I always look forward a new perspective.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時11分32秒 35794 ID: b2d62b

Sorry for th edelay, I caught a banhammer for something I didn't know I done wrong. gomen nasai.
Glad you enjoyed what you've seen so far, maybe i'll have something listed tonight you might enjoy from the last year.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時19分22秒 35795 ID: b2d62b

Anyways, since I was rather abruptly sidetracked, I guess I had better catch up a bit, as there were more Winter shows I did get a kick out of.
Ramen Daisuke Koisumi-san didn't have many likeable characters, but all that food. Plus, a ramen shop opened up not far away recently, someone I know has been there and said it's pretty decent.
Slow Start was a show I'd considered dropping a couple of times, but dammit, Tama-chan kept drawing me back in.
Mitsuboshi Colors was a show I didn't plan on, but damned happy I picked up. Who knew little gi, er, youthful ladies could be such awesome trolls.
A few more special cases comonin' up. Currently listing on ebay, so my direction is a bit....compromised.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時24分46秒 35796 ID: b2d62b

Okay, although none of these will make my aoty, one is already my aotdecade. So damn happy to have Saiki-kun back in my life, as he introduced me to someone I woure wouldn't mind seeing constantly in my life.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時28分49秒 35797 ID: b2d62b

And no, I don't care how much the general population hated it, I loved the everloving shit out of Killing Bites. Plus, it got another song by FripSide stuck in my head for months.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時36分01秒 35798 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631016151.png - (323.58KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-12-30-23h20m04s109.png )

The absolute winner for the what the hell happened here winter 2018 though, there's only one choice. It's a show I liked, and wanted to keep liking, even as much as the studio doing it tried to sabotage it. I mean the plot wasn't the strongest, the characters not overly likeable, and there's an episode that looks like the art was done by the janitors at the studio because the real artists walked out or something. But it came back to tease me again, only to disappear after about 9-10 eps, and has been said that it will finish-last summer.....fall......now winter.
You want to be frustrated by a series, I give you Marchen Madchen.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時38分11秒 35799 ID: b2d62b

Did I say I got infatuated by Mikoto Aiura? Maybe so, but seeing her again makes me happies.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時43分52秒 35800 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631063044.jpg - (3.46MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN6195.jpg )

Whew, finally got my last listing up. I just wish Yahoo would get an auction site like Yahoo.jp does. Life would be so much easier.

By the way, in case anyone's looking to get anime merch and don't want to spend a shit ton of cash on overpriced, english-only text sites, learn to check out Yahoo.jp, it's not hard, it takes going to the dreaded wikipedia and copy and paste the japanese characters for any series you're interested in. If you can then translate the page, it makes things easier. Even easier if you can find a buyer in japan, or just use Payee.
Cut out the middleman.
It does work, pic related.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時53分05秒 35801 ID: b2d62b

Okay, Winter's done, I may have missed/forgotten a few shows, but the ones mentioned might keep some folks busy-and then curse me to infinity for dumping my lousy choices in viewing habits.
Comic Girls was a show that I somehow made it through, but really don't find it all that great, but somehow haven't deleted it from my external hd yet. Something I ought to do to Full Metal Panic Fisaco, or Season 3, take your pick.
I haven't deleted Tachiban-akan to Lie Angle either. Maybe I will need a yuri fix in the future/ Nope, no pics for these, didn't feel like it.
I do however, have a few pics of Alice or Alice though. Stupid, but cute show that had no plot to get in the way.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 03時57分25秒 35802 ID: b2d62b

Fumikiri Jikan was an oddly amusing show. For a short show, some eps weren't so hot, but a few were mesmerising. Considering each ep was about 3 minutes long, you can finish the season inside of an hour.
Amanchu Advance was something I looked forward to, but the shota pretty much killed my enthusiasm.
But at least this season produced the only mecha series I can really say i've ever enjoyed, much to the chagrin of many "true" mecha fans. But Uchuu Senkan Tiramasu was worth every second. Ever laughed your way through a mecha series?

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時06分36秒 35803 ID: b2d62b

A couple of other short shows were welcome this season too. A return of Nobunaga no Shinobi was excellent, and since the war isn't over, I'm hoping for a return to the series in '19.
Omae wa Mada Gunma wo Shiranai was awkward, but if you stuck through it, wasn't bad, and it was enjoyable to see the live action at the end of each ep.
Though not short by any means, having more Hozuki no Reitetsu is always welcome. Strange, being christian, but enjoying the coolest devil around.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時18分18秒 35804 ID: b2d62b

If you're a fan of the WIXOSS$$ franchise, I hope you enjoyed this year's finale. Unless they give it a re-boot (please, no..and I enjoyed the series), I believe this is how it finally ends. I'm not totally sure who lived in real life, who's still a card, and who's dead.
We were blessed by yet another super-cute but still very watchable short romcom series, as Akkun to Kanojo was so cute, I almost went into diabetic coma each show.
But the best romantic comedy of the year got overlooked by way too many people. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii was just one of the best shows of the year. How office people who work together, go out with each other, and are still their own kind of otaku took some serious work. Sonuvagun, they pulled it off, and well, it was a natural to do so, since Miyuki Sawashiro did one of the voices. Definitely high on my re-watch list.
Why Miyuki seems to get the green-hair roles, I don't know.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時22分03秒 35805 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631292394.png - (446.56KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-12-30-23h07m56s093.png )

....then again, Miyuki doesnt' always get the green haired roles. Seems lik she gets male roles a bunch too, and one in particular, she really nailed it this year, as she's the title character of the latest (and my favorite version so far) of Gegege no Kitaro.
You'll pardon my use of a different character for the pic though. Nekomusume in heels is wonderful.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時26分35秒 35806 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 15463131954.png - (538.73KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-05-28-22h47m50s671.png )

So, does anyone know of an anorexic anime fan? If so, get them into Shokugeki no Soma. With all the eps (and another season in '18), they'll be chowing down in no time. Might not be so much fun with a bulelmic, especially if there's no mop nearby.
And if they say theyre eating like a horse, show them Ume Musume Pretty Derby. There's something about autistic horse/women.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時34分55秒 35807 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631369568.png - (334.23KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-05-25-23h50m31s890.png )

To finish the Spring season, one show was left that I thorougly enjoyed, even with the at first rotating but finally dual best girls. Hinamatsuri was on my watch list, though I didn't know anything about it with the exception of the synopsis. Damn, that was a nice ride, seeing people in ways they never thought they'd wind up, and its a show you will laugh, you will cry, and you will feel. Damn that show was good.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 04時59分28秒 35808 ID: b2d62b

By now, its' become summertime, and things did indeed heat up. Sometimes blazing, and yeah, there were a few duds as well. Youragi-sou no Yuuna-san was just some delicious ecchi that was brainless but not really harmful. Still on the hard drive-something I can NOT say about Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria. I didn't just give this the 3 ep rule, I watched it all the way. Seemed harmless and kinda enjoyable. But the ending sucked ass with a slurpee straw and as soon as it ended, it was deleted in a fit of ragequit. Bad stuff man.
Fortunately, to cleanse the palette, there was Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu. I know, it's more Isekai, but at least this time the main character wasn't a puss.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 05時08分01秒 35809 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631568165.png - (222.00KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-12-30-23h10m24s140.png )

A couple of sports shows caught my attention, Harukana Recetve made me watch beach vollyball for the first time ever, and Hanebado showed me the twisted underbelly of.....badminton??????

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 05時32分39秒 35810 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631715989.png - (567.50KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-08-10-21h38m25s546.png )

There were a few shows I didn't intend to watch, one because I don't into video games, the other because I didn't understand the preview.
But still, High Score Girl and Planet With proved wort my time watch. I didn't screencap anythiung though, go figger,
Jasshin-chan dropkick was freakin bloody awesome. mooooo!!!!!

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 05時54分15秒 35811 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154631845596.png - (350.36KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2017-03-13-23h03m42s171.png )

Sorry, on phone. will be back soon.
back in afew.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 05時59分10秒 35812 ID: b2d62b

Happy New Year folks!
still onna phone.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 06時40分00秒 35813 ID: b2d62b

Whew, 2 hours later.....but it was an old friend whos on the opposite coast, so whatayagonna do?
Not like this is costing me my life, but if it did, thanks to watching Hataraku Saibou, now I might have an idea of what's happening. Just caught the ep 14/ova, not a bad way to finish. And to think, I shared my platelets with others the past 19 years, one of the advantages of being a blood donor.
I got through the first 3 eps of Happy Sugar Life, but still haven't caught up. Pretty twisted, but hey, I've watched (and enjoyed the ending of) School Days, so this wasn't too bad.
And wholley crap, out of nowhere, Tsukumogami Kashimasu showed up and filled my world with some wonderful colors, great character development, and one of the year's best soundtracks.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 06時50分06秒 35814 ID: b2d62b

Finishing up the Summer season there was the deadly duo of damed retarded but funny shows that were on immediately download and watch NAO!
Chio-chan's School Road. This show started a bit flaky, but got better fast, and it stayed good. Premise might not sound like much, but the episodes will make one want more. Plus, it has the best supporting character of the year. Like anyone's gonna beat Manana.
Asobi Asobase didn't need many side characters. This was insane at times, a reaction image goldmine, a soundtrack that's deceptively good, and maybe my favorite ED song of the year.
I've been re-watching both of these during the between season lull.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時03分48秒 35815 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632262834.png - (352.58KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-11-22-20h48m18s968.png )

I'm not sure if i've surpassed the amount of posts from previous rants, but probably the least sober of them, and gosh knows, i've worked on that too each year-which a few are still in the back pages. Traffic? It's still home to me, no matter how many banhammers.
Anyways, we're up to Autumn, and though Winter does kick in in late December, where we just finished, well, in the world of /a/nime, it's Fall. And that season is wrapping up, if not already done.
The one show that I didn't have on my watch list until I saw the whiny aholes ((())) kvetch about, Goblin Slayer, I decided to watch, and still have ep 12 queued up-but haven't watched yet. Shhhhh.....
Index III is somewhere. In an episode, are the characters in Academy City, England, France, 6 floors under Academy City, Italy, Russia, Under the couch? Answer is....yes. Response-???? Still watching though.
Sister and Brother are writers or some shit is crap that I dropped 1 1/2 eps in. Art sucked badly. But that's most of 1 1/2 eps more than I watched Conception. I dropped that during the OP song. On first ep too. Even I have limits.
I like Pupa, if that says anything.
Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san was comfy, but I don't seem to have any screencaps. Dang, what was with me this year?
Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama, I watched all the way through, because I'm a masochist for this stupid fluffy shit.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時17分46秒 35816 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632346677.png - (426.61KB , 848x482 , vlcsnap-2018-11-25-21h42m31s468.png )

Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san was fun on many levels. Mainly, being about selling manga, and working in a business that sells collectiable (maybe) media. I work with records, empathy and shit. But this had the jokes, as well as it made me actually like op/ed songs by Technoboys, something I've never liked before.
Merc Storia was relaxing to a fault. I did nod off during this show a few times, but always caught up. Nice tales, decent stories, with a few potholes on the way.
Akanesasu Shoujo, high school club supposedly about radios, which then turn to walkmans, and other dimensions. I know, what?
Sora to Umi no Aida. No one seems to like this show. I did get through it all. Doubt i'll ever re-watch though. Handful of rather blah characters go fishing in outer space. Yup. People thought it was an skeleton justice wizard show because it showed that "females can be fihers too!" Like I didn't know that. My Mom could outfish my entire family.
Ace Attorney and Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu reappeared. Nice to have them back even with the lack of animation Nadohodo.

Wow, all these shows, and no screencaps. Enjoy this one kind of at random.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時23分59秒 35817 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632383916.png - (263.25KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2016-06-26-00h46m10s90.png )

Then again, there were shows that I wasn't sure to screencap or not. Jingai-san no Yome for instance. Keep a few screencaps of this around and in a few years, some youtube hack is going to do a video about a haunted anime. Dee eee arr pe.
But there's a show that I actually enjoyed as lame as it was. Gakuen Basara was basically the Warring States vis Cromartie High. No Screencaps from that because I was usually half in the bag when I watched it. What it's like sober, I couldn't tell ya.

Dang, another random pic needed

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時30分17秒 35818 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632421712.png - (698.79KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-11-09-23h39m53s284.png )

Only two more shows to talk about and one of them is only halfway through, so I don't feel like adding it yet.
One that did finish about a week ago is one that showed what can happen when Doga Kobo get their asses in gear. Uzamaid is proof. Whine about the art and inconsistencey at times. But the story isn't bad, between the tsukommis of Misha, and the mental states of pretty much anyone wearing a maid outfit, and this was great. One that you kinda had to pay attention to really get a lot of it though, but worth it if you could stick it out.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時35分25秒 35819 ID: b2d62b

There is one more show that I haven't mentioned yet, and it's in the running for best of the year as well. Artwork, characters, even the dissasociative disorders. And there is the potential for babe of the year included too.
If there's no Bunny Girl Senpai movie or at least an ova, tiem to riot.
Which one did you thnk I meant?

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時39分43秒 35820 ID: b2d62b

So, that's the year in review. Someone will stumble across this thread someday....maybe....and think "what a dumbass". okeydokies. Are there any year-end awards?
Well, I already gave away the best supporting character of the year, as Manana from Chio's School Road wiped the floor with any competition.
My babe of the year though, I thought I made that clear earlier in the thread.

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時43分37秒 35821 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632501743.png - (516.30KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2016-05-26-23h24m51s4.png )

yeahhhh....that wonderful "huuYYAAAAA???". Love it.
So, what shows are up for Anime of the year for yours truly.
I suppose the finalists are:
Bunny Girl Senpai
A Place Further Than The Universe
Asobi Asobase
Hakumei no Mikochi.

And the winner is.....drumroll.........

December+31+again,+time+for+the+annual+blogpost+no+one+cares+about 2019年01月01日(火) 07時47分38秒 35822 ID: b2d62b

画像ファイル名 154632525845.png - (444.28KB , 853x482 , vlcsnap-2018-12-30-23h50m57s437.png )

Yuru Camp.
Teh conmfy levels were off the charts. I've watched and re-watched it a couple of times. It's the first show in years that I rewatched as it was airing. Hasn't worn off, hasn't got tired. I'll re-watch the others, but I've already done so with Yuru Camp-in multiple.

That's it. done. not at all sober. had 2 hours of delay, but done. What's your shows you liked? Anyways, done, shutting up now.

Anonymous-San 2019年01月01日(火) 08時36分41秒 35823 ID: 97ad35


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