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poe 17/05/14(Sun)14:13 No. 766037 [Reply]

File 149476398074.jpg - (75.93KB , 640x480 , images_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

interesting deepweb links??

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Bill 17/05/20(Sat)17:19 No. 766435


Brony 17/05/21(Sun)02:01 No. 766456

File 149532490954.gif - (1.86MB , 247x183 , notrials.gif )


Steve 17/05/21(Sun)13:43 No. 766491


zeneslev 17/01/12(Thu)19:17 No. 761762 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 148424504746.jpg - (24.19KB , 483x350 , Push_Up.jpg )

Okay, time to get in shape.

I did 13 pushups today.

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/05/13(Sat)02:54 No. 765858

I did 22 pushups today, Friday.

Weeabot 17/05/20(Sat)23:31 No. 766449

I did 22 pushups today, Saturday.

Anyone else doing pushups?

Conductor Cat 17/05/21(Sun)01:00 No. 766451

I wasn't but after seeing your posts, I think I'm gonna start. Wait, I'll go do some right now.

Well, that was embarrassing. I did four. And I couldn't even do them right. Jesus, I'm a fat sack of shit.

Bob Ross 17/05/19(Fri)10:02 No. 766333 [Reply]

File 149518093322.jpg - (43.87KB , 600x476 , 1491450240717.jpg )

It's my birthday /b/!
I love you all

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N3X15 17/05/19(Fri)19:00 No. 766345

no point on killing myself, I can't be bothered to do anything.

O.P. 17/05/19(Fri)20:20 No. 766348

Youtube  Happy birthday, OP!

Miku Fanboy 17/05/20(Sat)15:46 No. 766432

thanks anon

Novice Equestrian 16/09/09(Fri)08:23 No. 757212 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 147340218772.jpg - (28.02KB , 556x264 , unnamed.jpg )


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N3X15 17/05/21(Sun)04:52 No. 766469

>Fence sitters
There's a difference between fence sitting, betting on two sides, and recognizing that you are an amalgamation of various ideologies.

The former is a stupid thing people do when they fall for the false dichotomy the major parties and the media sell them but still can't commit to one stupid party or the other; while the latter is part of becoming an adult.

Liru Fanboy 17/05/21(Sun)16:06 No. 766495

Ah, yes, the old "parties are exactly the same" concept. That certainly hasn't been parroted endlessly on social media for the past couple years.

Please, tell us again about how copping out of actually participating in a political party and thereby popping that carefully crafted bubble you created is being an "adult."

I would say admitting that you live in the real world, and not some elaborate ideal world fantasy you've created inside your head, is becoming an adult. Because the real world involves making choices and compromises. Only by staying in that bubble can you stay true to your utopic idealism, but at the cost of never actually doing anything worth a damn in the real world.

Weeabot 17/05/22(Mon)02:36 No. 766548

You need to understand how deep in the propaganda you are. All your life you've been sold that you have to come to relate to one side or the other and that it's preposterous, even impossible, to stand outside of the two factions. Maybe you've even gotten into the "doctrine" of one party or another, but some part of you must be aware that two major parties that have no practical differences. Sure, they disagree all the time, but mostly because their entire power structure is based on keeping power split between them and keeping the populace split on every issue they can think of.

>making choices and compromises
I vote for politicians I don't like who are members of parties I don't trust, just like everyone else--except I don't bother joining any of those untrustworthy parties and I vote for politicians I like somewhat more than the major-party candidates. It would do you a world of good to come to terms with the futility of your own existence as well. You may like to pretend that trolling imageboards and calling every poster you don't like a libertard is achieving something, but it never was.

Sazpaimon 17/05/20(Sat)07:51 No. 766406 [Reply]

File 149525950050.png - (634.02KB , 637x475 , i-love-this-dqti4u_jpg.png )


Novice Equestrian 17/05/20(Sat)17:24 No. 766436

So what you're spamming is, down with monotheism divinity and love esrar?

4chan user 17/04/11(Tue)03:00 No. 764041 [Reply]

File 149187242536.png - (125.39KB , 1282x1007 , 🆓⚠️☮️ℹ️ , ; Screen Shot 2017-04-10 .png )


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Closet Furry 17/05/22(Mon)02:23 No. 766547

File 149541259325.gif - (4.06MB , 315x190 , yourminds.gif )

you're all talking about the same person

PrettyPony 17/05/22(Mon)02:43 No. 766550

>How do you know?
Gee I wonder.

>that thread 404 trick
You're such a newfag.

Please, do not forget to sage shit threads.

symbion 17/05/23(Tue)00:11 No. 766620

every thread is a shit thread these days

it's the same guy
so, do you want to get his cousin fired from dunkin doughnuts or get his gf's parents labeled capitalist spies?

i could go either way

Anonymous 17/05/14(Sun)04:24 No. 765959 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 149472867437.png - (99.60KB , 503x787 , ba9c49aca1988704fea82709a65612a86d4df90e4ade8fbb61.png )

Faggot mods delete threads they dont like, wonder why?

82 posts and 40 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
He-Man 17/05/21(Sun)19:43 No. 766505

File 149538858529.png - (495.46KB , 953x1282 , baa0787796db4ae0869d5c8c6b6a4536b221b71bc17452c49f.png )

Oh yes, yes you are.

Bob Ross 17/05/21(Sun)20:15 No. 766511

File 149539050178.gif - (5.02MB , 444x250 , Reason.gif )

Still can't figure out when someone else is talking to you. SAD!

So how many times did your parents drop you on your head as a baby?

Conductor Cat 17/05/24(Wed)00:14 No. 766692

File 149557766022.png - (103.00KB , 398x275 , 194bc6fda542900bbf8cc84884bfddcc199dd13086af960f8b.png )

Probably as many times as your dad airwolfed your ass.

Bill 17/02/03(Fri)06:13 No. 762394 [Reply]

File 148609878469.png - (8.66KB , 348x145 , url.png )

seriously, airwolf the false dichotomy between Science and The Arts. as if capital-S Science isn’t an art that requires creativity, perseverance, patience, and skilled observation. as if The Arts don’t require rigor, discipline, practice, and attention to detail. as if both aren’t cultural structures that stand on foundations of sexist, racist, capitalist hierarchy. as if they both can’t be used for purposes of enrichment and revolution. i am so airwolfing over this idea of presenting science and art as opposites, when they have so much more in common than people think.

30 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
OP 17/05/21(Sun)06:29 No. 766476

File 149534097737.jpg - (29.07KB , 460x276 , Bumblebee-pollination.jpg )

all this bumbling...

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/05/21(Sun)19:44 No. 766506

How does it feel to be a bumbling bee?

He-Man 17/05/22(Mon)03:04 No. 766551

Youtube  >>766506
All I can do is just pour some tea for two,
and speak my point of view, but it's not sane.

It's not sa~a~aaane.

Sazpaimon 17/05/19(Fri)20:01 No. 766347 [Reply]

File 149521690372.jpg - (466.44KB , 1952x2592 , 1 (116).jpg )

Any info on her?

W. T. Snacks 17/02/13(Mon)20:58 No. 762605 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 148701590446.jpg - (52.71KB , 600x453 , 632e3b1680245f482a079f9256d0d303.jpg )

What does 7chan mean when you say airwolf.

63 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Miku Fanboy 17/05/01(Mon)19:22 No. 765034

yeah, so? who the hell wants to see it?

Novice Equestrian 17/05/03(Wed)04:20 No. 765059

You do, yet you haven't quite realized it yet.

Novice Equestrian 17/05/19(Fri)12:04 No. 766339

File 14951882929.gif - (1.74MB , 225x168 , showder.gif )




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