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Spider Expert 17/10/06(Fri)11:58 No. 773126 [Reply]

File 150728388889.gif - (3.39MB , 450x413 , ohbubblegum.gif )


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poe 17/10/09(Mon)22:30 No. 773213

Bill 17/10/09(Mon)23:59 No. 773214

File 150758639125.jpg - (28.46KB , 728x474 , surprise.jpg )

Party so hard it's wrong hole


Cryomancer 17/10/10(Tue)06:59 No. 773217

File 150761156264.gif - (2.87MB , 450x345 , ofmybody.gif )

p4ch3c0 17/10/09(Mon)17:42 No. 773205 [Reply]

File 150756374489.png - (4.67MB , 2836x1588 , Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8_46_14 AM.png )

Hey, /b/. We need your help raiding a twitter account. @CVCHSASSASIN

PrettyPony 17/10/09(Mon)17:51 No. 773206


W. T. Snacks 17/10/09(Mon)20:52 No. 773208

File 15075751422.jpg - (67.06KB , 500x406 , IMG_4617.jpg )

Weeabot 17/10/06(Fri)02:23 No. 773114 [Reply]

File 150724943393.jpg - (16.59KB , 230x219 , download.jpg )

I keep getting calls despite being on the no call list to lower my student debt (which I don't have) they even leave voice mail telling me to call (949) 647-4424, so lets have fun.

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herp 17/10/07(Sat)12:04 No. 773153

File 150737068458.gif - (4.76MB , 360x231 , monopoly.gif )

One of them started getting calls months ago though, before the breach.

I think the Pakis get paid by the call, it has nothing to do with whether they close the deal. They only get paid a fraction of a penny per call but that fraction can feed their goat. Which they have sex with. Regularly.

Brony 17/10/08(Sun)04:18 No. 773169

Didn't the breach happen months ago, and they only revealed it recently?

Typically a company keeps cybersecurity issues silent until they have no other choice but to confess that people's personal information is being used for malicious purposes and the paper trail will prove it came from their compromised systems.

They probably noticed the pakis auctioning off social security numbers from their database before they decided to tell the public.

Steve 17/10/08(Sun)10:42 No. 773176

The security flaw was discovered in March, it was being exploited in March, and the patch was released in March. They didn't apply the patch and in July they called in security firm to figure out why their systems weren't working properly, who then discovered that they were dumbasses. They certainly held off alerting everyone and even used unease about security vulnerabilities to sell their credit monitoring services after they knew they had been breached.

But the one I'm referring to has been blasted with calls since before March. I think it started around January. They come to me periodically and ask if there's anything I can do to track down the scumbag, etc. - I haven't had the heart to tell them that the scumbags don't live in the US. They keep threatening to contact the state attorney general, better business bureau, etc. and of course all of this means nothing to a dunderheaded Paki. And if they do, its not like the AG or BBB is going to do anything to them, they're in Pakistan.

tee 17/09/29(Fri)17:32 No. 772961 [Reply]

File 150669914715.jpg - (11.49KB , 223x226 , images.jpg )

The earth is round either way, as the flat earth from above is a circle, and the other theory being a three dimensional circle. So the earth is airwolfing round, you dumb nigger kikes.

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/10/06(Fri)07:28 No. 773119

File 150726772848.gif - (1.89MB , 450x377 , heeeeyyyyyyy.gif )

Brony 17/10/06(Fri)17:24 No. 773132

Not white people, thats the point asshole, stupidity is not racially exclusive.

Anonymous 17/10/08(Sun)02:10 No. 773168

File 150742140855.gif - (2.69MB , 450x320 , boooooooooooo.gif )

PrettyPony 17/10/06(Fri)08:03 No. 773122 [Reply]

File 150726980259.webm - (2.23MB , 720x405 , 62fc74e86fcb4ed7d185f27da5b0bbf0b3533fb92c42c3d4c6.webm )

Can we please have a porn webm thread? Is that not allowed or something? Come on.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/10/06(Fri)08:20 No. 773123


symbion 17/10/07(Sat)11:46 No. 773152

File 150736961134.webm - (4.02MB , 640x340 , Cum Queens.webm )

Whatever you do, don't say Smug Irk Confound Pit's name, or he'll come back from ebaumsworld and whine until you'd wish you were dead.

Reimu Hakurei 17/10/05(Thu)12:51 No. 773104 [Reply]

File 150720066313.jpg - (32.36KB , 878x609 , dog shit ftw.jpg )

Reimu Hakurei 17/10/05(Thu)17:30 No. 773106

I recommend the creation of a /waifu/ board, it will put this site on the map again.

Marisa Kirisame 17/10/05(Thu)18:40 No. 773107


Bob Ross 17/10/05(Thu)22:58 No. 773111

File 150723710686.jpg - (68.11KB , 600x801 , you can do it!.jpg )

lets just stay off the map mmmmkay

Lorf 17/08/06(Sun)12:18 No. 770973 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 15020146978.gif - (5.52MB , 450x253 , superfuckingrunaway.gif )

Let's try this again.

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derp 17/10/05(Thu)09:40 No. 773103

File 150718921244.gif - (4.44MB , 448x450 , scury.gif )

He-Man 17/10/05(Thu)19:26 No. 773109

File 150722440857.gif - (2.07MB , 450x253 , openfire.gif )

derp 17/10/06(Fri)17:04 No. 773130

File 150730224728.gif - (4.34MB , 450x253 , knighthorsecamel.gif )

One question remains...
How did 21 learn clothing alteration from his high school home economics teacher Mrs. Authen if he never graduated 8th grade?

4chan user 17/10/05(Thu)05:03 No. 773097 [Reply]

File 15071726041.jpg - (40.95KB , 732x549 , 732x549_THUMBNAIL_Ear_Infection_in_Adults.jpg )

I can't think of a better place to ask than 7chan because we're all autistic and hate noise, and have probably devised a way like I have to drown out some of the detail of noise back when we were toddlers.

Does anybody breathe in forcefully through their nose after curling the upper lip into the mouth in conjunction with a down-/back-shift of the jaw which stretches the ears out a certain way? Doing so seems to expand or close something in the ear, blocking a lot of audial perception and causing significant pressure (the reversal of ear "popping"). What is it that we are expanding or closing? I cannot be the only one that does this. Throughout childhood I sacrificed my sanity from this pressure for less-detailed hearing. Recently, I realized popping it back out and allowing the detail of noise to return actually gets rid of almost all the ringing in my ears. I've been doing this all my life. It has been so natural to me that I never rationalized what I was actually doing until now.

To those who have no clue what I'm talking about: try it!

Try to get your ears to move from moving your mouth a certain way and breathe. You've opened something which expands (pops; but smoothly/transitionally, not painfully) and closes (opposite of ear pop) as you breathe through your nose.

Fact: I've been living on the extreme end of what you experience from breathing in for my entire life. I don't think I've ever released myself from that pressure for longer than 10 seconds because the sound is too much.

Brony 17/10/05(Thu)05:53 No. 773098

File 150717562596.jpg - (220.84KB , 1050x1042 , Electriclarryland.jpg )

You're just opening the passage between your nose and your ears, which normal people use to equalize pressure. If you yawn widely you'll likely cause it to pop open as well. That's why people yawn during flights, they're equalizing pressure.

Your eardrum sits between the two passages (your ear and your nose) and if the interior pressure is too high it bulges out or if its too low it'll bow in. By opening the passage you equalize pressure between the two sides. Normally the passage remains closed to allow you to actually hear something besides your own breathing.

Fun fact, I was once taking a flight on business (CES Vegas I think) and had a nasty head cold. The congestion ended up blocking one of my passages. On the way up it wasn't too bad, the air managed to bubble out through the mucous, but on the way down I ended up going deaf in one ear because the drum had been sucked in so far. Then in one moment - pop - a metric shitload of snot got sucked into that passage and suddenly I could hear again.

For the next couple days I could feel the snot rolling around in there. And my eardrum on that side has never been the same, it's... loose...

Homicide 17/09/08(Fri)23:25 No. 772353 [Reply]

File 150490594016.jpg - (89.70KB , 720x960 , dipshit.jpg )

I eat ass ask me some questions

7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/09/29(Fri)06:17 No. 772949

Isn't he Marilyn Manson now?

W. T. Snacks 17/10/01(Sun)09:14 No. 773028

File 150684204432.jpg - (4.14MB , 4048x3036 , IMG_20170830_130307.jpg )

Do you think that the US (or perhaps the world) would be better off if everyone just dropped religion? Like, admittedly it has ushered us into the modern world, albeit slower than we may otherwise have gotten here. And insofar as Caucasians go, it opened up the world to us in ways that we otherwise wouldn't have had. But has it outlived its use at this point?

Reimu Hakurei 17/10/03(Tue)00:11 No. 773059


ian 17/08/10(Thu)01:11 No. 771188 [Reply]

File 15023202747.jpg - (51.27KB , 670x409 , Screenshot_2017-04-12-21-53-36_kindlephoto-1069359.jpg )

Post the shit you have that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Lorf 17/10/01(Sun)08:34 No. 773018

Do you have the rest of this story?

Weeabot 17/10/05(Thu)02:18 No. 773089

File 150716270077.jpg - (57.24KB , 556x852 , 18010808_231798393968079_3007225531544212789_n.jpg )

It was on the fat people stories sub. Can't remember what it's called, though.

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