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Cryomancer 18/07/03(Tue)01:52 No. 781779 [Reply]

File 153057556535.jpg - (11.38KB , 350x350 , black.jpg )

r u ok?

no.. i hav 2 kill u

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Sonichu 18/07/11(Wed)01:45 No. 781952

File 153126634935.jpg - (148.10KB , 600x468 , 005.jpg )

A Map For Anon:
' Anon makes love often with the girl of his dreams. At least a girl who fits the bill. They may be rich, they know the truth. That all anons can get rich quick through making the tech of futures generations but this is un-said. Anon gets his dream job, writing about all academic disciplines. He gets to kill the said pedophiles... He gets to see and be friends with his ex- but more so he gets to date her... He gets to make love to her. (at-least the right her).
He lives the life of what he is... a true elite. He does all that he wants through readily given finance. He's given lots of money from being a victim and pursueing peodphiles. He wins. He lives. He loves. He serves. His family end up dying but by no mans hand. He lasts forever. He's a champion for the youth and old are ignorant to truth. They are false to him... They seemingly need assistance. They accept asisstance. They love him. Anon hasn't had love from people. Not untainted love... Only a murky and miss-delivered form. Anon looks pretty or ugly. Anon was a beast... Anon. <><>Forver... Anon dies with many wifes, wealthy and G'. He's known. Made infamous and is never harmed. All bad people and bullies are sociallu judges. Authorities delier sentence.
Groomers (people eho indotrinate young girls) are judged directly.
Pedophiles are judged directly.
Money flows to all men. So mote it be.

Novice Equestrian 18/07/11(Wed)01:47 No. 781953

Openly/Socially assessed.*

OP 18/07/11(Wed)01:48 No. 781954

Fighting The World With A Worthy Intellect.

Sazpaimon 18/07/07(Sat)23:24 No. 781893 [Reply]

File 153099865224.png - (551.17KB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_20180706-225955.png )

Can anyone explain gender neutrality? Dafuq is it? Can neutrals procreate? Do they have genitalia? Are they even human?

Christian Weston Chandler 18/07/09(Mon)16:26 No. 781921

>Are they even human?
No. Every human that ever lived was born with genitalia of one gender, the other, or some degree of both. They are all either male, female or hermaphrodite. No human was ever born neutral.

Humans are able decide--after birth--which gender's qualities to express socially. Recent developments in their medical technology even allow them to significantly change their bodies to match their feelings. It would be entirely possible for a human to avoid strongly expressing either gender, but it would not alter the fact that such a human was born male, female, or hermaphrodite.

Any human claiming to be gender neutral is either making a fallacious clam, as they are in fact expressing gender neutrality, or some sort of mutant, alien, and/or genetically engineered freak.

Spider Expert 18/07/10(Tue)21:00 No. 781942

There's a thing on Efukt where a dude chopped his cock & balls off in the name of a null gender identity. There are also people latching onto tumblrgender identities because it's a trendy thing to do or because a hyperprecise label is somehow supposed to stick it to the concept of labels. Your results may vary.

In different times and/or places, people who don't care for sex become monks, nuns, priests, or the local equivalent thereof.

O.P. 18/06/06(Wed)01:08 No. 781357 [Reply]

File 152824012888.jpg - (26.44KB , 111x311 , 20180529_203354.jpg )

Wwyd to her /b/?

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derp 18/07/07(Sat)15:26 No. 781876

File 153096999235.jpg - (435.85KB , 1440x1080 , 20180625_142034.jpg )

Bill 18/07/08(Sun)17:43 No. 781903

The parents died of natural causes and have been rotting away in a sealed bedroom for 10 years.

Not so wholesome after all.

Cryomancer 18/07/09(Mon)08:20 No. 781915

Sounds good to me

Steve 18/04/02(Mon)09:30 No. 780111 [Reply]

File 152265422370.jpg - (12.14KB , 400x412 , cant-fap_o_814954.jpg )

the porn on imagebaords these days is terrible, pedestrian stuff
what happened to the anonib crowd and all the people who used to post here on ol#7? did their penises fall off?

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zeneslev 18/05/31(Thu)04:25 No. 781237

fap fap fap

Christian Weston Chandler 18/06/15(Fri)14:10 No. 781505

This all has to do with the steady decline of image boards in general

Homicide 18/07/07(Sat)23:38 No. 781897

They all went to the Marianas web to get the fap material and never came back

derp 18/07/07(Sat)06:35 No. 781867 [Reply]

File 153093814224.jpg - (177.36KB , 1421x1430 , h.jpg )

I go to the thrift store down the street. First time there.

I check the CD section, mostly Christian. Most of them are wrapped in plastic.

But tell me why the airwolf there's a CD in there that looked like the image, named "2. X-FAITH"

I purchased it.

Weeabot 18/07/07(Sat)06:42 No. 781870

File 153093852832.jpg - (617.03KB , 1500x1499 , WeBuiltThisCity.jpg )

I bet the bonus track is data and its full of CP

Spiderman 18/07/07(Sat)06:48 No. 781871

File 153093891024.jpg - (6.55KB , 225x225 , heyzoos.jpg )

It's literally "Extraordinary Faith: Celebrating 10 Extraordinary Years! [Disc 2]

I'm very underwhelmed.

Nyan Cat 18/07/07(Sat)17:34 No. 781880

Must not have been owned by a priest.

poe 18/07/07(Sat)07:12 No. 781872 [Reply]

File 153094034888.png - (28.17KB , 512x512 , Music_13-512.png )

Idk the right place to ask but...

Is there any best alternatives to PhonicMind? It's a webiste where it automatically creates a better sound quality of acapellas and instrumentals but the damn website only gives you 30-second preview. Any suggestions?

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/07/07(Sat)22:14 No. 781890


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/07/07(Sat)01:47 No. 781859 [Reply]

File 153092087975.jpg - (87.16KB , 931x524 , 1530897771899.jpg )

If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you?

Marisa Kirisame 18/07/07(Sat)02:45 No. 781861


Christian Weston Chandler 18/07/07(Sat)04:06 No. 781862

Contrarian faget

PrettyPony 18/07/07(Sat)04:39 No. 781863

File 153093118236.jpg - (66.76KB , 500x667 , 1527090708735.jpg )

Ill spread my wings and fly, while you spread your cheeks and sigh.

Liru Fanboy 18/04/16(Mon)10:25 No. 780412 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 15238671144.jpg - (685.58KB , 1250x1450 , __izumi_reina_musaigen_no_phantom_world_drawn_by_b.jpg )

These days I mostly just go to work and on my days off just smoke weed and do other drugs. I have no hobbies or friends. I rarely leave the house.

This is not what I pictured being an adult was going to be like, I turn 26 next week. At least I'm making okay money.

How did you turn out?

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OP 18/07/05(Thu)22:26 No. 781835

That's the peril of letting women access 4-cent_garbage DOT com...

Conductor Cat 18/07/06(Fri)22:33 No. 781858

I used to vape weed mid week and drop pills on weekends . It dude, easy life. Now i drink gin and airwolf needy chicks, married tho. The earth is flat , the ice wall real. You make your own reality. Enjoy it. Weed is awesome, watch out for gm, hete is oc

He-Man 18/07/07(Sat)01:50 No. 781860

Whatever it is you do, stop doing it.

symbion 18/07/02(Mon)20:02 No. 781771 [Reply]

File 153055452343.jpg - (22.34KB , 215x300 , s-l300.jpg )

>D.Va has been seen as a positive female model for younger gamers.

Pic related: second Google Images result

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Panawave 18/07/03(Tue)09:44 No. 781790


He-Man 18/07/03(Tue)11:24 No. 781795

File 153060984782.jpg - (90.25KB , 1058x586 , fourth-wave-femminist.jpg )

Fourth Wave Feminism.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/07/05(Thu)19:54 No. 781832

Who's going to listen to any ideology that'll give them fewer role models and less wank material?

Sazpaimon 18/06/28(Thu)03:23 No. 781674 [Reply]

File 153014901952.jpg - (317.85KB , 1267x948 , 59393825_p0.jpg )

Hiya 7chan!

At 12:53AM ET Thursday morning the Full Strawberry Moon will be visable (weather permitting) for all of us to see! Just for us 7channers, I am talking about the type of fruit OK!? ( ̄ω ̄;)

The Algonquin tribes of North America many years ago coined the moon name as a indication that it is the time to start harvesting Strawberries. Local strawberries should be plentiful and cheap now, so freeze and save them for smoothies in the dog days of summer! (*´ڡ`●)

As you are looking up to see the moon tonight or the next few days, look close to see Saturn right beside it. It is currently at opposition from the sun so it is the brightest it will be this year.

Best Wishes! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far!

:*:・。,☆゜'・:*:・。 o(*゚∇゚)ノ 。・:*:・🌕゜'☆,。・:*:

Nyan Cat 18/06/28(Thu)17:11 No. 781683

I don't know about any strawberries but I'm going back home tomorrow for a few days and, if I'm not mistaken, this is the best time to pick wild black raspberries, which are absolutely delicious. So I'll be hopefully gorging myself stupid on those babies until my face and hands are stained purple!

O.P. 18/06/28(Thu)19:25 No. 781686

>Just for us 7channers, I am talking about the type of fruit OK!? ( ̄ω ̄;)
I was about to say...

Yeah, there's a lot of regional variation in which fruits are ripe at which points of the year. Up north where the Algonquin peoples live, sure, it's closer to strawberry season, same as it is with England and their serving all the strawberries at Wimbledon right now. I'm far enough south that the strawberries around me have already come and gone this year, so I'm looking forward more to blackberries right now, not unlike our friend >>781683 here with those wild black raspberries.

O.P. 18/07/01(Sun)01:29 No. 781752

File 153040135523.gif - (4.54MB , 320x184 , Strawberry.gif )


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