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Spiderman 16/08/17(Wed)03:55 No. 756576 [Reply]

File 147139892099.jpg - (696.27KB , 2160x1620 , rainbows.jpg )

I would demand a footjob, threatening severe tickle torture until demands are met. Thoughts /b/?

Homicide 16/08/17(Wed)04:50 No. 756579

those are cute socks, i like the colours. she looks like a happy positive person.

im sure she leads an active lifestyle.

N3X15 16/08/16(Tue)23:11 No. 756570 [Reply]

File 147138191873.png - (776.03KB , 1334x750 , image.png )

Do mods even come here anymore?

Homicide 16/08/17(Wed)00:59 No. 756574


Optimus Prime 16/08/14(Sun)21:48 No. 756504 [Reply]

File 147120413644.jpg - (1.27MB , 1000x667 , crowd.jpg )

7.4 billion
In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. As of March 2016 , it was estimated at 7.4 billion, an all-time record high. The United Nations estimates it will further increase to 11.2 billion in the year 2100.

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Weeabot 16/08/15(Mon)22:48 No. 756526

>That many humans yet we can't produce one that can cure cancer.
Humans are the cancer.

Bill 16/08/16(Tue)06:29 No. 756538

Exactly. We need less humans.

tee 16/08/16(Tue)18:18 No. 756563

You know what worries me? How these people, and a few others who've had extreme numbers of offspring, will affect the genepool for generations to come. This could significantly reduce our genetic diversity.

Homicide 16/08/11(Thu)09:17 No. 756355 [Reply]

File 147089982670.jpg - (5.21KB , 200x132 , Themoreyouknow.jpg )

Hi. I went to a "naturopathic" clinic today following the advice of a colleague who noted my constant fatigue and tiredness.

I'm surprised he didn't offer me some homeopathic vials of water after drawing my blood so terribly.

Biggest waste of $400, and now I think my colleague is insane.

God help me.

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ian 16/08/16(Tue)06:50 No. 756544

I see your point that medical doctors can be dishonest quacks, and raise you that other kinds of doctors are, at their best, honest quacks.

Optimus Prime 16/08/16(Tue)10:14 No. 756550

They aren't "trained" in Chronic Fatigue because it's just one syndrome that has many causes. With some correlating symptoms, you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which isn't a pathology, it's a set of symptoms. CFS is the diagnosis they give you after they've exhausted everything else but you still have symptoms X, Y, and Z.

That's why I linked that book. There are tons of possible causes of Chronic Fatigue. The thing you want from a doctor is one who is willing to try as many as you can. Teach a man to fish. Do the research yourself, even on alternatives.

Also, I'll offer a counterargument:
I hit a wall after seeing a shit ton of specialists. After 1-2 visits they'd say they can't help. I did try a ton of meds, yes, but after that wall I'm med-free.
People go to alternative medicine practitioners for *years*. They're no better than treating the pathology than docs. I've never had an alternative tell me "well I've done all I can do". They'll just keep seeing you and taking your money, whether it's helping or not, even the good ones.

I've had shit of both. Neither is any more pure than the other. The only thing I CAN say is that doctors who are "eastern/western" or "homeopathic" tend to be better in terms of caring.

Weeabot 16/08/16(Tue)16:20 No. 756560

The problem is really the lack of research on CFS itself. My father claims to have this illness; he's spent a great deal of time looking into treatments and reading reports on studies, etc. Some years ago a doctor published a report in which he concluded that CFS does not exist, that the symptoms are psychosomatic, and that no medical treatment was necessary. Unfortunately this report bred a cargo-cult of insurance company lobbists, lawmakers, and other medical doctors who sought to end formal diagnosis of CFS. A more recent study, published without peer-review, attributed CFS to a disease carried by mice; which was disproven when some european doctors said "wtf?" and schooled the americans who performed the study on how badly they had contaminated their results with lab rat DNA. As of now, the most trusted and conclusive research on the subjecthas found differences in the hardness of white and gray matter of CFS sufferers brains compaired to others, but the significance of this remains undetermined.

tl;dr: CFS needs competent, international research--not further quackery.

h 16/08/16(Tue)06:43 No. 756541 [Reply]

File 147132258483.jpg - (43.13KB , 500x333 , During-1995-government-shutdown-Monica-Lewinsky-wa.jpg )

NeuYerk Daily Neuz:
A boy commits suicide because of bullying, not that you care, but Monica Lewinsky cares... do you remember her? Well here's hoping her name got you to read our article.

Lorf 16/08/16(Tue)06:47 No. 756543

Neuyerk daily neuz
Seems legit
Not really man ..

Sazpaimon 16/08/16(Tue)07:51 No. 756546

I do this to emphasize my distaste for media corporations and their subsidiaries. Is it too hard to interpret which news outlet I am referring to?

Cryomancer 16/08/12(Fri)08:36 No. 756373 [Reply]

File 147098380226.png - (500.77KB , 600x771 , e568401bbadec514ccd8772a81e8677f.png )

Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder that the annual Perseids meteor shower is going on right now and will peak Friday morning with around 200 meteors an hour. Nearly TWICE as much as normal. So if you have a chance to get outside and find a nice dark spot with a beautiful view of the sky, you may be in for a spectacular treat!

If you can't get out and see it tonight, don't fret! Tomorrow night will be just as nice but the meteors will be a little less frequent, then it will start to taper off.

I wish you a fun viewing!

(  'ω')っ ゜・*:.。..。.:*・゜゜・*:.。.:*・゜

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Optimus Prime 16/08/14(Sun)23:51 No. 756508

File 147121150686.jpg - (93.20KB , 700x800 , 1465782872545.jpg )

Neat! Yeah, sometimes it happens so quickly. I always found it best to let your eyes adapt to the darkness for 25 minutes or so and lay back flat looking strait up. Dont continuously look around or you will become overwhelmed by the perceived movement of all the stars and you'll miss the shooting star. The color of the meteorite streaming across the sky can tell you what it's composition is.


Kewl, we're you at least able to get out on top of a building or a little in the dark somewhere? Full moon is coming up so I'm sure that didn't help much either.

Sonichu 16/08/15(Mon)01:32 No. 756510

It ended up being rainy here every night of the meteor shower. It always seems to happen that way for me.

Novice Equestrian 16/08/16(Tue)07:48 No. 756545

We walked to a block without a streetlamp too closeby. Luckily I was visiting my rural midwestern hometown for summer vacation; we probably wouldn't have seen anything back home in urban Japan.

Novice Equestrian 16/08/16(Tue)06:41 No. 756540 [Reply]

File 147132248958.png - (614.93KB , 934x635 , sdfsdfsdfsdfsdf.png )

I just want to remind all of you of the 1976 Gymnastics Olympics in which a 14-year-old named Nadia Comaneci from Romania not only achieved the first ever 10/10 in Olympic history, but also went on to achieve another 6 more in the same period.

Here is the compilation of the grace, elegance, and perfection of all 7 10/10's that even you as someone who has probably never really watched the sport can appreciate and agree that all her performances were 10/10. A f***** enigma she was.


He-Man 16/08/16(Tue)06:45 No. 756542

I, for one, have always known that romanian 14-year-olds are 10/10, naked at least.

p4ch3c0 16/08/15(Mon)18:08 No. 756521 [Reply]

File 147127728815.jpg - (595.84KB , 1920x1080 , rainy-village-street-fantasy-hd-wallpaper-1920x108.jpg )

Hi guys we are Romanians and we want to find what our airwolfing guvernament hiden from us and what they treat us like they slave . we have the most corupt political people from all world . A lot of people are manipulate ,becouse they have the press with them .so for that i come here to ask you in name of my country to help us . Thanks you guys.

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
poe 16/08/16(Tue)02:04 No. 756530

What kind of help are you expecting from an anonymous imageboard? I don't think many EU officials lurk here.

derp 16/08/16(Tue)04:11 No. 756532

Token Russian detected.

N3X15 16/08/16(Tue)06:23 No. 756537

>we are Romanians
>they treat us like they slave
Maybe it's your English.
Maybe it's because you're slavs.

Conductor Cat 16/08/13(Sat)10:19 No. 756420 [Reply]

File 147107638097.jpg - (5.15KB , 266x189 , url.jpg )

West of House
This is an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.
A rubber mat saying 'Welcome!' lies by the door.

16 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/08/14(Sun)16:51 No. 756499

Should we play Return to Zork somewhere, 7chan? Video related.

p4ch3c0 16/08/14(Sun)16:51 No. 756500

Youtube - Toggle Video

Oops. Video related.

N3X15 16/08/16(Tue)05:54 No. 756535

Exact quotation is exact, and valid use of greentext.

r000t 16/08/15(Mon)01:15 No. 756509 [Reply]

File 147121650557.jpg - (13.25KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

All I have at home is Vodka, Milk and coffee.
Is it possible to make a white russian out of this or will it taste like shit?

If the second is the case; What drinks can I make out of these things?

7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Liru Fanboy 16/08/16(Tue)02:07 No. 756531

Just mix the vodka with vodka and save the milk and coffee for whenever.

Mudkip 16/08/16(Tue)04:13 No. 756533

He can't, he's underage.

h 16/08/16(Tue)05:57 No. 756536

>dilute it with a splash of water

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