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Sazpaimon 14/04/24(Thu)06:37 No. 722346 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139831424277.gif - (405.54KB , 380x298 , 1391812062551.gif )

This party needs more dancing gifs.

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Bob Ross 15/01/04(Sun)08:51 No. 736557

Are they doing the airwolfin' Electric Slide?

Reimu Hakurei 15/01/05(Mon)12:25 No. 736621

ayy lamo

Nyan Cat 15/01/08(Thu)19:49 No. 736820


zeneslev 15/01/06(Tue)23:50 No. 736697 [Reply]

File 142058461048.png - (5.93KB , 300x300 , Spy1.png )

So uh...what does the post spy do again?

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/01/08(Thu)09:38 No. 736780


N3X15 15/01/08(Thu)11:13 No. 736795

File 142071197439.gif - (1.42MB , 640x360 , 1420515833927.gif )

By asking what post spy does.

r000t 15/01/08(Thu)19:48 No. 736819

I have been trying to find this gif for over a year without the help of google. Thanks, faggot.

Nyan Cat 15/01/03(Sat)11:20 No. 736518 [Reply]

File 14202804419.jpg - (11.17KB , 256x197 , New zealand 1.jpg )

well 4chans back so airwolf you 7chan

ok bye

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Novice Equestrian 15/01/06(Tue)06:22 No. 736665

File 142052177899.jpg - (13.76KB , 364x337 , monocle.jpg )

Strange...after spending so long on 4chan (niggertits/4ailchan/4skin/etc), 7chan feels so much more........refined

Am I wrong?

Bill 15/01/06(Tue)06:38 No. 736668


Optimus Prime 15/01/06(Tue)12:19 No. 736675

Prepare thine anus, to receive the divine memo informing thou to just how mistaken you were in that post.

Optimus Prime 15/01/06(Tue)00:16 No. 736643 [Reply]

File 142049981526.png - (213.79KB , 400x399 , frodo.png )

why does poop smell so good?

He-Man 15/01/06(Tue)01:30 No. 736654

File 142050420767.jpg - (177.32KB , 660x660 , 141031812936.jpg )

sind Sie Deutsch?

w├╝rden Sie Meiner weiner saugen?

ian 15/01/06(Tue)05:01 No. 736659

if u think it smells good try tasting it

Reimu Hakurei 15/01/06(Tue)05:21 No. 736660

File 142051807247.gif - (548.66KB , 500x325 , racist.gif )

Sie mein Herr sind ein Schweinehund!

[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/01/04(Sun)15:21 No. 736565 [Reply]

File 142038130394.jpg - (167.49KB , 720x960 , image.jpg )


He-Man 15/01/05(Mon)11:01 No. 736617

File 142045210538.jpg - (432.38KB , 1024x768 , Leopard100_0427.jpg )

Mudkip 15/01/05(Mon)10:30 No. 736611 [Reply]

File 142045024726.jpg - (20.58KB , 415x302 , 1408322885622.jpg )

Come home and feel


[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/01/05(Mon)09:19 No. 736600 [Reply]

File 142044597489.jpg - (6.46KB , 130x250 , 420437903510s.jpg )

"Jet fuel can't melt steel beams"

Novice Equestrian 15/01/05(Mon)10:12 No. 736606

Well it can't.

Stop being a nigger.
We all know the standard excuse that the failure point for steel can be met by extreme heat, but the liquid metal pouring out of the buildings during live reports, and the rescue teams reporting molten metal in the basements leads to other conclusions. The other excuse that it's aluminum from the planes is also suspicious based on the luminance profile of molten aluminum.

Weeabot 15/01/05(Mon)10:27 No. 736608

What is lex parsimoniae? Try harder, Alex.

p4ch3c0 15/01/04(Sun)23:25 No. 736568 [Reply]

File 142041032311.jpg - (164.32KB , 829x768 , batrobin_1024.jpg )

Legalize Truth. Is Hillary a lesbian? Is Dick Cheney a psychopath? Is Moma's home cooking really the shit? America needs politicians like a hooker needs a used rubber. Here comes the $hot! Masturbate for fun and profit. Phuck is a 5-letter word

Liru Fanboy 15/01/05(Mon)02:27 No. 736574

File 142042124395.jpg - (99.69KB , 365x365 , make_it_stop.jpg )

Mr Waldby, who told you that you could leave talk.bizarre? get your monkey ass back there, and when you get there - stop talking about wanting to bring Chevyn back. nobody wants this. not even you.

Marisa Kirisame 15/01/04(Sun)08:14 No. 736556 [Reply]

File 142035568884.jpg - (99.10KB , 600x800 , buceta-da-cris-4.jpg )


h 15/01/04(Sun)01:41 No. 736542 [Reply]

File 142033206337.jpg - (350.65KB , 1366x768 , chrome.jpg )

airwolfing Chrome using up all of my resources. Before I get shit for not using Chromium or FF, other people use this computer and use Chrome, this is just what it looks like with a couple tabs open. Without Chrome running it usually uses less than 500 MB of RAM and 2% CPU even with a video running or some shit.

Miku Fanboy 15/01/04(Sun)02:33 No. 736546

Nothing prevents you from installing Chromium/Firefox/Opera along with Botnet.

Spider Expert 15/01/04(Sun)07:09 No. 736551

what are those couple of tabs open to? youtube vids?

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