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derp 15/02/06(Fri)12:59 No. 738003 [Reply]

File 142322397353.gif - (2.67MB , 2800x1283 , 1423004812807.gif )

piccolo dick

He-Man 15/02/07(Sat)02:50 No. 738017

this is a good thread

symbion 15/02/06(Fri)00:23 No. 737987 [Reply]

File 142317858460.jpg - (39.87KB , 462x620 , Con.jpg )


If the internet wasn't dying before, its days are airwolfing numbered as long as it relies on three airwolfing companies privately owned and controlled, government monitored networks.

So what does the next iteration of the internet look like?
Eventually, someone's going to create some kind of decentralized ad-hoc type thing, no fixed location identifiers, where every access point is an equal node that can come online and drop off effortlessly, accessible wirelessly, etc.

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Conductor Cat 15/02/06(Fri)05:23 No. 737994


Give us time.

PrettyPony 15/02/06(Fri)07:52 No. 737996


Pick your boogeyman, partisan hacks, I don't care. Selfish monopolies or selfish governments, doesn't matter who out-lawyers the other for total control. Both have the motive and the means to ruin the open internet and won't stop til they've done it. Only way around it is creating a decentralized, dynamic, extraterrestrial network.

zeneslev 15/02/06(Fri)07:52 No. 737997

10/10 will support this.

Lorf 15/01/13(Tue)14:25 No. 737094 [Reply]

File 142115555043.jpg - (176.69KB , 989x742 , 1410509040067.jpg )

Wazzup you fossil airwolfers,

look at me bitches, I SAID LOOK AT ME, yeah damn right, you know you want to crack me up and push your little penis in my prehistoric whore-mouth, I wanna sucky sucky but you need to lick my sweet little fossil airwolfholes, you think you know the Jurassic Parc? airwolf you, you don't know shit about me and how airwolfing horny I am right now.

Let me crawl into your tasty anus, and when you die they will find me inside you like a little baby , be my mother , pleeeeeassseee aw shit I'm so horny right now, my nipples are hard as rocks

Love all of you,

Frankyboy the airwolf fossil

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p4ch3c0 15/01/22(Thu)00:35 No. 737467

All I see is the distant grandpa of a Cuttlefish.

I'll bet like Dinosaur Jack is doing with his Chickens, we could turn find the right genes to turn on and off in a cuttlefish and make one of those. Could be cool.

Nyan Cat 15/02/05(Thu)14:01 No. 737978

File 142314126061.jpg - (291.46KB , 1280x853 , trilobite_morocco.jpg )

Nyan Cat 15/01/26(Mon)01:50 No. 737635 [Reply]

File 142223344265.jpg - (268.63KB , 1280x720 , orphanblack.jpg )

TV thread. what are you guys watching besides cooking shows and UFC?

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derp 15/02/03(Tue)02:19 No. 737890

Please don't talk about your mom that way. She's a very nice lady.

Reimu Hakurei 15/02/03(Tue)03:52 No. 737913

I was talikg about you. How tall are you?

Panawave 15/02/04(Wed)00:37 No. 737931

lrn2type kthnx

Cryomancer 15/01/23(Fri)23:33 No. 737560 [Reply]

File 142205241513.jpg - (18.45KB , 379x214 , 1t.jpg )

Is there safe harbor status here for people since of 4chan?

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zeneslev 15/01/24(Sat)12:22 No. 737584

Remove faggots from the bunghole.

Miku Fanboy 15/02/03(Tue)03:35 No. 737909

Sorta like if you were a capitalist in China in the 40s first the Japanese tried to murder you and then your own people tried to murder you. Welcome home.

symbion 15/02/03(Tue)03:35 No. 737910

Pic maks me wanna go clubbing

Anonymous 15/01/14(Wed)18:00 No. 737157 [Reply]

File 142125485479.png - (857.66KB , 752x1035 , 1405883613620.png )

Really /a/... I'm god tier, why did I got rejected?
I truly love her..

She said "I don't know what to say, lets do like this never happened, okay now i'm going to sleep bye"

What do you think? do I still have a chance?

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 15/01/23(Fri)04:20 No. 737532

File 142198322364.gif - (487.69KB , 550x400 , 1409630282486.gif )

I'm still awaiting OP's return to this thread so he can give in put on this advise we gave so far.

It's starting to look like we are the only ones that want to see this happen, c'mon OP.

OP 15/01/23(Fri)19:04 No. 737557


>>737532 is right, get the airwolf back in here OP

Bob Ross 15/02/03(Tue)03:27 No. 737907

Roofies and Ropes, brother. Works every time.

Spiderman 15/01/25(Sun)03:47 No. 737604 [Reply]

File 142215404736.jpg - (47.55KB , 499x557 , Kriss Kyle.jpg )

If there was no Kyle, /b/ would have to invent him.

Sazpaimon 15/01/25(Sun)04:13 No. 737607

Scenario #1, there universe has a creator that 1, is still around, 2, is even able to pay attention to the things you did on this little planet out in the utter boonies of the universe, 3, gives a shit, 4, you can even communicate with using your pathetically primitive level of sentience whatsoever, and 5, is going to waste its time going over the tedious minutiae of your life.

Possible results: 1, Instantly irritated, god smotes you. 2, god tells you what a disappointment you are and takes the opportunity to use you as a divine punching bag for a while. 3, god says "don't worry, you're cool", and drags you off to some miserable dinner party to show off to the other gods, and you think it's a date, but he's really presenting you like a gag gift, and after they all have a chuckle, obliterates your soul into antimatter as a punchline, to some joke that doesn't even get any laughs cause god couldn't remember how it starts and kinda messed it up...

I think OP's friend Kyle is assuming a lot of things in this scenario.

Spider Expert 15/02/03(Tue)03:22 No. 737905

A friend killed him .That says a lot for his personality.

Sonichu 15/01/25(Sun)04:02 No. 737606 [Reply]

File 142215495498.png - (11.89KB , 128x128 , Icarus.png )

We have existed in isolation. Pure. Disconnected. Alone. Stagnant.

We are Daedalus. We are Icarus. The barriers between us have fallen and we have become our own shadows. We can be more if we join...with you

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
herp 15/01/25(Sun)04:55 No. 737616

File 142215813972.gif - (486.28KB , 500x238 , tumblr_m9o6v6flss1r94e9jo2_500.gif )

Anonymous 15/01/25(Sun)12:11 No. 737623

File 142218428699.png - (83.54KB , 243x255 , 1399276278424.png )

Closet Furry 15/02/03(Tue)03:12 No. 737901

Don't want someonein your state of mind bonding with me. Talk to someone and then see if someone will bond with you.Or you can act like Ucarus and fly towards the sun.

Panawave 15/01/24(Sat)09:43 No. 737576 [Reply]

File 142208901069.png - (568.35KB , 485x915 , 1247235.png )

So heres what 1000€ worth of cancer medicine costs in Finland.

9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Brony 15/01/27(Tue)04:37 No. 737670


Nyan Cat 15/02/03(Tue)02:49 No. 737897

Well at least they got that going for them. If I was forced to live in a frozen hell I would want a lot more. And besides the genetic mutations from Soviet nuclear testing won't be massive in Finland until 2023. The it should be interesting. Do you think hey will become X-men or mole people? Got a hundred on molepeople. They dot a good start already.

zeneslev 14/12/19(Fri)23:07 No. 735952 [Reply]

File 141902687451.jpg - (42.55KB , 454x480 , 1418925679474.jpg )

what's the most fastest and painless way to die? i don't have access to a gun nor heroin or any kind of heavy drug so ya help

31 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 15/01/27(Tue)08:41 No. 737676



This stuff contains 990mgs/ml so 1ml is way more than enough to kill you 20 times over. It won't hurt a bit and you'll most likely be dead before you even press the plunger half way down.

Moot 15/01/27(Tue)09:25 No. 737680

I meant to say 10ml is more than enough. For the average person, it takes about 500 to 1,000mgs of nicotine to kill you. And that is when you ingest it. So doing it intravenously Should only require 1ml. But just to be "safe" and not airwolf it up, use at least half the bottle.

herp 15/02/03(Tue)02:45 No. 737896

You would just mess it up any way. Just like everythink else in your life.

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