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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/07/07(Sat)01:47 No. 781859 [Reply]

File 153092087975.jpg - (87.16KB , 931x524 , 1530897771899.jpg )

If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you?

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He-Man 18/08/02(Thu)23:37 No. 782386

I can go to the bottom (safely) and have fun with the corpses before escaping to a farm and tending to it to stay alive. I live by myself, creating the best art in the world with no competition, feeding off a diet of unprocessed farm food, with the smell of dead corpses always there, ocasionally visiting the mass grave to have my fill.

derp 18/10/01(Mon)05:51 No. 783628



He-Man 18/10/02(Tue)06:30 No. 783646




who told you about him

Marisa Kirisame 18/07/27(Fri)12:25 No. 782290 [Reply]

File 153268715335.png - (396.58KB , 1081x665 , Screenshot from 2018-05-20 11-36-20.png )

Get to WORK you worthless piece of SHIT

Homicide 18/09/12(Wed)16:17 No. 783124

File 153676183349.gif - (17.21KB , 96x96 , spinning-horse-cock-f_hz;hsx_4.gif )

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)23:04 No. 783612

That sounds like something Sean Last would say to me.

= \

Sonichu 18/09/30(Sun)23:30 No. 783614

File 153834304514.jpg - (600.99KB , 912x1600 , IMG_20180928_115825.jpg )

Hey, it's Airwolfing Sunday! I don't work on Sunday!

Homicide 18/04/30(Mon)08:33 No. 780749 [Reply]

File 152506999751.png - (177.75KB , 424x318 , 1524177824386.png )

I just tasted my own cum. Not too bad.

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tee 18/09/12(Wed)16:16 No. 783123

File 153676178539.gif - (17.21KB , 96x96 , spinning-horse-cock-f_hz;hsx_5.gif )

Brony 18/09/30(Sun)23:02 No. 783611

This is a bad thread.

Conductor Cat 18/10/01(Mon)00:32 No. 783616

File 153834674471.png - (5.69KB , 225x266 , 127870459048.png )

Yet you bump the thread.

O.P. 18/09/28(Fri)04:49 No. 783556 [Reply]

File 153810298130.png - (317.80KB , 690x615 , cc.png )


C'est Akari. Aujourd'hui, nous parlons français. Merci!

Akari Akaza

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Closet Furry 18/09/29(Sat)05:07 No. 783580

i really like Wakfu, both the series and the game.

Weeabot 18/09/30(Sun)07:21 No. 783598

True story: I actually owned most of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CDs... until I loaned them to a friend.

In fairness I moved out of town and forgot to ask for them back. He probably still has them but I'd have to go halfway across the US to get them back.

OP 18/09/30(Sun)11:23 No. 783600

Audio 22-Waste_Land.mp3 - (2.51MB , 22-Waste Land.mp3 )

I have a four-disc box set; but no handy means to pass it to you.

If only we still had 7track :/

Sazpaimon 18/09/28(Fri)15:32 No. 783561 [Reply]

File 153814155520.jpg - (78.68KB , 700x525 , 88hv4m5djed11.jpg )

Cyka blyat!

How are affairs???

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Lorf 18/09/29(Sat)19:30 No. 783585

i hate niggers and russians

Homicide 18/09/29(Sat)19:46 No. 783586

File 153824316199.jpg - (70.49KB , 718x960 , OtQ26qS.jpg )

отъебись от меня!

N3X15 18/09/30(Sun)22:43 No. 783610

Why do you hate this people?

O.P. 18/09/21(Fri)16:57 No. 783343 [Reply]

File 153754186038.jpg - (2.55MB , 4032x1960 , 20180921_095641.jpg )

Is this herpes

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Closet Furry 18/09/23(Sun)02:30 No. 783400

I'm so sorry I missed this. It's like airwolfing Dostoevsky, but airwolfed up and about dicks.

Reimu Hakurei 18/09/28(Fri)03:27 No. 783553

I was told sage goes in the all field. I don't even see an all field.

h 18/09/29(Sat)02:20 No. 783574

File 153818042236.png - (16.00KB , 608x648 , Untitled.png )

You're so clever.

Optimus Prime 18/09/27(Thu)16:41 No. 783540 [Reply]

File 153805930070.webm - (1.77MB , 640x480 , 1531375928788.webm )

>Pt 1

I am starting to develop feelings for her that I do not understand. Why do I all of a sudden actually feel something real. I generally do want the best for mankind. I want to contribute to the advancement and see fit to a higher state of well being for everyone but I did not feel. It is just something that I have never done. I do not feel remorse or love in the sense that I think the majority do. I do not feel affection for my mother or the rest of the family. I value honesty and strong friendship and I remain loyal but if they were to die I would only be upset that I lost their friendship. I would not cry or have misplaced anger. Deep down I have considered everyone an asset or target. I am starting to have desires for a family. I deeply care about her. I think I am starting to fall in love and it is definitely one sided. I wonder how she is doing. How was her day? How is the family? How are you holding up? How do you feel about this? Her mind is amazing. She has so much potential and I really want us to be together. When I am with her I am actually happy for once. A sense of bliss. I cannot remember the last time that I was truly happy. She is so amazing. I love everything about her. Her quirks, her flaws (WAIT! What flaws? She thinks she is lazy but relatively she is not), her work ethic, her intelligence, her smell, her laugh, her desires, the thing she does with her ankle when she is sitting! The way she thinks. God damnit. I am worried that she is not ready to settle down. We are so similar and it is crazy. I have never met anyone like her. I hate myself and I have a lot of flaws but I know I could treat her so well. I have so many aspirations and ideas that I want to carry out but never had the will. Hell, I work a lot harder and do a lot more than the majority but we both have so much more potential. When I am with her I think about the future a lot more and actually care. For a second I started to mention my plans. I cannot get any closer to her. I need to push her away. I do not want to hurt anymore. I am tempted to take my life although I do want to see the progression of humanity. If I am to go out I question if I should keep it simple and just put a gun to my temple or go on a rampage. I have always had a twisted mindset. Minor personality disorder, borderline physchopath. I just want the pain to stop. Why do I feel the way I do? I am still young. I still have so much of my life left to live and experience but I do not want to push through it anymore. I used to turn to drugs and sex but drugs are not an option anymore and my sex appeal is at an all time low. I keep turning down women at the bar in hopes that I can hold onto her but what is the point? If I am going out I have to do it in style. But how? I have thought about it a lot and I want it to make world news. airwolf, I just might be insane. I have a feeling if any normal person read that they sure would think so. I do not want Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

poe 18/09/27(Thu)20:27 No. 783546

File 153807283873.jpg - (117.84KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault-2.jpg )

Nah we good.

Conductor Cat 18/09/29(Sat)02:36 No. 783577

>I might remove some of the potential identifying information and post part two if anyone wants me to continue.
I'd rather have my eyes cut out.

p4ch3c0 18/10/03(Wed)18:32 No. 783710

File 153858434763.jpg - (38.82KB , 240x318 , _fullTard.jpg )


O.P. 18/09/24(Mon)00:12 No. 783424 [Reply]

File 153774077587.jpg - (299.83KB , 960x960 , 1537619176283.jpg )


3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
derp 18/09/24(Mon)04:10 No. 783432

I ate a protein bar this morning. Now I'm playing Baldur's Gate and farting.

Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)13:35 No. 783440

>Now I'm playing Baldur's Gate and farting
I have the hugest boner right now.

tee 18/09/27(Thu)08:20 No. 783534


Divergent author is actually hotter then the
twinklight author

Novice Equestrian 18/09/19(Wed)23:27 No. 783305 [Reply]

File 153739244440.jpg - (63.43KB , 500x333 , 20100130-anchovy-1.jpg )

I've tried some pretty esoteric foods. Horse meat, various forms of offal that people stick their noses up at, you get what I mean. Now I want to try anchovies on pizza. Seems simple enough but I can't find anywhere that makes it and I don't want to make it myself. I'd rather leave that to the experts. What are some foods you want to try?

15 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 18/09/24(Mon)03:28 No. 783431

Cuttlefish snack heck yeah

Is Whale meat any good? or sea cucumber? hmm, i would feel weird eating a starfish. i just dont want to eat organs and mouths and eyes i guess

N3X15 18/09/24(Mon)05:06 No. 783433

File 153775837978.jpg - (1.15MB , 1620x1080 , ramen.jpg )

OP, what is the challenge here that is best left to experts? You buy a can of anchovies from the grocery store. You place the fish on a cheese pizza. You bake. I have confidence in you, OP.

I once trying grilling and eating a cactus just to try it. I was sick for two days.

Recently, I started experimenting with different flavors of ramen. I normally only see the standard three flavors, but I was in an Asian grocer's store recently. I bought up over twenty dollars of ramen in all different flavors to try them out. I am still working through my bucket of ramen, but so far, I am impressed with Garlic & Beef flavor and also Duck flavor.

tee 18/09/26(Wed)02:51 No. 783489

File 153792307781.jpg - (35.29KB , 338x450 , pizza-chef.jpg )

If it's my first time trying a new food I generally defer to a professional. If I dig it I usually learn to make it at home or find some place close by.

That's one tight bowl of Ramen by the way. There's an Asian market that just opened by my place. I might need to stop by and pick up some. Any brands that you think are better?

Miku Fanboy 18/09/26(Wed)15:12 No. 783492 [Reply]

File 153796757038.png - (85.52KB , 610x590 , 610px-tux-g2-svg-svg.png )

FromLinus Torvalds <>
DateWed, 26 Sep 2018 11:05:24 -0700
Subject New Kernel Patch Submission Process

I am back from my break feeling _refreshed and ready_ to focus on kernel development again. 4.19 looks like an exciting release and includes more Spectre migration work for IBM power processors and a bunch of good stuff for 64-bit ARM.

Now that the CoC is in place our community finally knows how to act and communicate appropriately. However - I realized I have not done much to address how our development process *needs* to change.

Starting with 4.20 all changesets will be evaluated to ensure diversity in the kernel development process. I've extended git to support new author metadata, including ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity / expression and sexual orientation. I will be sharing my work on this soon.

Proposed kernel changesets will now be rated in IP (Inclusivity Points). Patches sent without author metadata will be rejected.

Subsystem maintainers will be required to calculate IP for changesets before submitting them upstream. They are tallied like this:

- ethnicity:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

ian 18/09/26(Wed)20:34 No. 783494

File 153798685237.jpg - (31.62KB , 496x419 , ec2 (1).jpg )

herp 18/09/26(Wed)23:35 No. 783496

File 153799772528.jpg - (184.23KB , 3000x3000 , bait.jpg )


Anonymous 18/09/27(Thu)08:22 No. 783535

File 15380293398.png - (794.13KB , 899x880 , test scarlett NEW Zoom in.png )

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