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r000t 14/12/01(Mon)01:23 No. 735095 [Reply]

File 141739343533.jpg - (43.40KB , 920x613 , eZjCO.jpg )

Is there a country me and my friend can move to by the end of February with 5 thousand dollars? What countries have the fastest and easiest immigration policies

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Brony 14/12/03(Wed)01:19 No. 735185

If that's your friend's ass, there's Myhouse Nation that will accept you with open arms and zero problems.

Nyan Cat 14/12/03(Wed)03:07 No. 735187

File 141757245050.jpg - (20.25KB , 250x250 , tumblr_n2o64oL3q41qf384fo1_250.jpg )

shit, 2 one-way tickets could run you 1/3 of that 5k right off the bat.

do you have any skills? how can you earn besides your proficient cock sucking skills?

Moot 14/12/05(Fri)20:31 No. 735288

you don't need to live there for a month. i have italian citizenship even though i've never been to Italy.

hell i dont even speak italian

Steve 14/12/03(Wed)09:57 No. 735198 [Reply]

File 141759703215.jpg - (172.75KB , 460x345 , IMG_1020.jpg )

I was out fishing today and just when Plato had convinced me that a Republic is the ideal form of government, even George Lucas got me to celebrate an entire galaxy overthrowing the evil Empire and restoring their Republic, I hit a snag.

It goes like this, democracy and self-rule are great ideas, but in reality, the electorate isn't smart enough, or informed enough, or respectful enough of each others rights, to make good decisions for themselves. So we elect representatives who seem noble and wise to vote for us.

So, we let people vote for their representatives, but thankfully in reality, the masses aren't running the country. It's safer as an oligarchy, an interest-oriented commercial republic, where yes, the decisions are not pre-ordained, but the average voter has no choice in them. Any meaningful decisions will be fought out by lobbyists, financial groups, special interest groups and big huge chunks of money. Those most interested in the outcome put their money where their mouth is and vote with their dollars. By monetizing passion, the most passionate wins. So we're protected from an apathetic, uneducated electorate destroying our democracy from within. If your neighbor is too dumb or too crazy to vote, we're safe from him, because, his vote doesn't matter anyway.

But that presupposes that things are going okay, and will prevent things from going shitty.

But if things are shitty now, and need fixing, we have a problem. For instance, the people want net neutrality, but a few (the only) politically vested interests want it, and since they determine the laws, we're not going to get it. The Princeton study on political influence showed the people have absolutely no influence over the decisions being made at that level. Public opinion isn't even considered. Pharmaceuticals poisoning your water & food? Too bad. Industrial toxic waste causing all your neighbors to die of cancer? There's no one in charge to give a shit.

Which brings us back to, restoring power and control to the people again, and there we are, away from republic idealism, running back to mob rule democracy.

We have no solution for fixing things like this.

Surely another thousand years from now, people will still not be stuck in this same stalemate with themselves. ...for surely, societies united behind singular visions will pass them right up.
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ian 14/12/03(Wed)19:56 No. 735215

So in the narrow spectrum of options we find appealing:

On the Left extreme, crazy Option A:
Direct Athenian Democracy - Everyone in society must stay involved and educated on every issue to vote, or you're not part of society, you are shameful "idios" (selfish person) and you can gtfo of town and go airwolf your sheep out in the hills. This society burns itself alive from the inside out and collapses.

On the right extreme, crazy Option C:
1700's French-Ameritard Republic/Oligarchy - No one has the ability to vote on anything but kings and lords who will do all the decision making for you, based on whatever criteria they decide, it's not for you to know, pleb, get back to your workstation, your place is at yer jerb. This society burns itself alive first from the top down, then bottom up, and collapses.

Nothing in between?

Sensible Option B, practical blend of both:
Everyone has the ability to vote* on every issue, but realistically people only actually vote on the issues important to them. This increases the chance they've taken some effort to educate themselves on those matters, and won't bother voting on issues they're too stupid or careless about. It's also much more transparent, and also illustrates to leaders and everyone how widely held that public opinion is.

*Constitutional protections apply, sorry christians: cannot vote to kill or imprison entire peoples based on race, religion, sexuality, etc...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

N3X15 14/12/05(Fri)14:45 No. 735274

Youtube - Toggle Video
  chomsky owns this topic 5 ways through sunday

poe 14/12/05(Fri)14:48 No. 735275

oh and he did it 44 years ago to boot

OP 14/12/02(Tue)17:19 No. 735168 [Reply]

File 141753716929.jpg - (11.89KB , 295x171 , загруженное.jpg )

Hello. I am from Russia. I just drank vodka and fed my bear. And now ready to answer your questions about Russia. I do not know much English, so I will talk with the help of Google Translate.

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derp 14/12/02(Tue)19:51 No. 735172

i want to apologise for when you called me yesterday at 3:00 in the morning to tell me my computer was "put out internet error" and you needed my email address and password to fix it.

i may have said some unfortunate things. but you're still not getting my password, durak.

Reimu Hakurei 14/12/02(Tue)23:49 No. 735181

So I know that ПРЕВЕД is basically Russian for Y HALO THAR, but what other memes translate similarly well?

symbion 14/12/05(Fri)12:19 No. 735268

bearable with ease

Weeabot 14/12/05(Fri)09:40 No. 735260 [Reply]

File 141776885751.gif - (505.47KB , 350x233 , i0bTqcq.gif )


Closet Furry 14/12/05(Fri)09:49 No. 735261

W. T. Snacks 14/12/05(Fri)09:51 No. 735263

File 141776946361.gif - (0.99MB , 500x375 , gif.gif )

Weeabot 14/12/05(Fri)09:54 No. 735264

Anonymous 14/11/04(Tue)03:36 No. 734131 [Reply]

File 141506857647.jpg - (572.23KB , 1920x1080 , 20141031_171854.jpg )

My Halloween costume

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He-Man 14/12/04(Thu)12:46 No. 735237

Nice costume, dude. Also, smooth face. Better than all us acne-ridden folks.

Mudkip 14/12/05(Fri)07:34 No. 735256

Kids always run screaming from me whenever I chase them, so I dressed up as myself.


Nyan Cat 14/12/05(Fri)07:50 No. 735257

you kinda look like baths

r000t 14/11/26(Wed)09:03 No. 734916 [Reply]

File 141698900583.webm - (2.79MB , 800x600 , Puff.webm )


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Optimus Prime 14/11/29(Sat)22:34 No. 735045

I am ashamed

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/12/04(Thu)11:57 No. 735234

It's okay. Everyone is weird here. We can still be friends.

zeneslev 14/12/05(Fri)03:26 No. 735246


Homicide 14/11/27(Thu)01:11 No. 734929 [Reply]

File 141704708898.jpg - (25.87KB , 231x296 , image.jpg )

What would you want a little Japanese girl to say to you to turn you on?

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Sazpaimon 14/12/02(Tue)07:28 No. 735159

File 14175016965.gif - (2.70MB , 432x223 , 140954349584.gif )


Homicide 14/12/02(Tue)11:40 No. 735162

This needs to happen in Avengers 2.

Liru Fanboy 14/12/03(Wed)00:59 No. 735182

And i need to know the source.

Miku Fanboy 14/11/02(Sun)21:57 No. 734079 [Reply]

File 141496185756.jpg - (62.72KB , 400x542 , 888chan org estructive.jpg )

Who remembers this site?

It used to be great and a top tier site just like here.
Rest in peace a great and beautiful place of free speech that shut down a year ago. I hope we make a comeback or we will dissapear.

23 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Furry 14/11/30(Sun)20:38 No. 735089

Let's say I long for days of glory past.

Optimus Prime 14/11/30(Sun)23:18 No. 735091

Those days are gone now. :(

Mudkip 14/12/01(Mon)02:02 No. 735105

File 141739571469.gif - (2.00MB , 400x187 , Nutella Shit.gif )

No they're not!


Miku Fanboy 14/11/10(Mon)04:23 No. 734368 [Reply]

File 141558979042.jpg - (1.13MB , 2592x1728 , clarissa.jpg )

man i cant believe how hot this girl is!!!!! any chance of a god soul photoshoping a dick instead of the icecream? :P

11 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Moot 14/11/30(Sun)03:06 No. 735058

File 141731321771.jpg - (422.38KB , 2592x1728 , 1416004191463.jpg )

and then things started to airwolf up

Weeabot 14/11/30(Sun)18:33 No. 735083

Her true form has been revealed.

OP 14/11/30(Sun)18:53 No. 735086

It would be pretty awesome if a girl had a tongue in the shape of a penis. Lesbian porn would never be the same. You could get into some seriously freaky shit with her.

That's it, I'm calling some plastic surgeons...

Nyan Cat 14/11/28(Fri)19:58 No. 734996 [Reply]

File 141720109983.jpg - (16.84KB , 300x233 , Vizzini-Princess-Bride1.jpg )

When I was 14, my mom was going to walmart, and I asked her to get me a copy of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She came back with "The Princess Bride" having gotten the titles confused. I was mad at her at the time, but looking back I can now point to that moment as the one where my life really began.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/11/28(Fri)21:53 No. 734998

File 141720800369.jpg - (66.25KB , 640x480 , [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan 12 [DVDxH2.jpg )

My Bob Ross. I was about to say how young you must be, but looking it up, that movie came out 10 years ago. I thought it was like 3 or 4.

Anyways, I think its conceivable that event took place.

PrettyPony 14/11/28(Fri)22:06 No. 734999

File 141720880744.jpg - (13.43KB , 269x187 , 1119383.jpg )

Hah, this ended up as a screencap on Zuckerberg's CIA site

Bob Ross 14/11/29(Sat)21:05 No. 735043

> and I asked her to get me a copy of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

I'm not entirely sure how to tell you this, I mean, it's been some time. But you might be a little girl.

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