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Cryomancer 17/02/28(Tue)03:17 No. 762931

File 148824827841.png - (816.90KB , 603x752 , d.png )

Yo 7chan /b/

I've got acces to a girls Email that's linked to her Facebook account, I can change it but I'm scared that when she finds out she's been 'hacked' they can trace my IP-adress and find out who did it.
Is there a safe way for me to change her pass and browse her account?

Homicide 17/02/28(Tue)04:15 No. 762933

Do it anyway, and as always, pics or it didn't happen.

N3X15 17/02/28(Tue)07:53 No. 762936

If you didn't access the email through a thousand proxies the first time you're airwolfed if you do anything. You may still be airwolfed anyway, but the instant you do something there's server logs leading right back to you.

He-Man 17/02/28(Tue)21:21 No. 762948

Don't let this faggot scare you. You're smart enough to go somewhere different so they see someone else's IP address.

Cryomancer 17/02/28(Tue)21:31 No. 762949

Maybe you shouldn't airwolf with peoples personal stuff if you're that afraid of the consequences.

W. T. Snacks 17/02/28(Tue)21:45 No. 762951

>I've got acces to a girls Email

>they can trace my IP-adress
*IP address

>change her pass

You mean to get access to her facebook account (simultaneously locking her out)?
You're sure it's not the same password as her email?
She left her email logged in on a computer you're using now, 733+3 h4x0r?

Try failing to log in to her facebook account until it contacts her to reset her password then intercept the email. You should also change her e-mail password and register a new address for her facebook account. If you can get all three done, it will be difficult for her to convince facebook that she is herself and that you are not (unless they're still doing that "click the pictures of your friends" nonsense). There is the risk that she's already given facebook her phone number for "security" verifications, in which case either she gets an SMS instead or both an SMS and an e-mail. You have to act on it before she can respond. I find it very unlikely that this would escalate into your arrest, even in the worst case, but she might be able to sue you broke and blind.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/03/01(Wed)04:09 No. 762958

File 148833777917.png - (80.36KB , 397x400 , maxresdefault.png )


p4ch3c0 17/03/01(Wed)05:32 No. 762959

Ok so thanks for the replies, the picture is related.
Her FB password isn't the same as her e-mail's unfortunately. You guys made some good points, I already logged into her e-mail a couple of times without proxy so they can trace easely.

Guess I shoulnd't meddle with other people's business and just leave it as it is.

Bill 17/03/02(Thu)15:02 No. 762983


Conductor Cat 17/03/19(Sun)10:49 No. 763412

I once made a Facebook account for my friend's gf.

For a long time, she never bothered to change the password.

After she changed the password, she never bothered to change the email.

I kept getting her private messages sent to me via email.

And yes, I got noods.

Nyan Cat 17/03/19(Sun)14:54 No. 763414

pics or it didn't happen

He-Man 17/03/20(Mon)00:10 No. 763424

tor, vpn and proxies are good.

poe 17/03/20(Mon)13:38 No. 763431

just give us the info
also pics

we'll take care of everything dont you worry

Brony 17/03/22(Wed)02:02 No. 763457

You're all such a bunch of lowlife losers. Who would spend their time doing this shit???

Sonichu 17/03/22(Wed)02:05 No. 763459

You're welcome to go have a life yourself, any time you feel like getting started on that.

OP 17/03/22(Wed)02:15 No. 763461


It's been 4-5 years since I was last here, and I am a lot happier now.

Marisa Kirisame 17/04/15(Sat)23:30 No. 764212

That's antiquated.

h 17/04/15(Sat)23:50 No. 764217

E-mail itself is sort of antiquated, but I do not accept laziness for orthographic development. The hyphen is there for a reason.

>I am a lot happier now.
Have you considered that perhaps you come here when you are depressed, and not the other way around? I've been here ever since I stopped taking my depression medication in 2007.

W. T. Snacks 17/04/15(Sat)23:50 No. 764218

File 149229303831.gif - (2.74MB , 414x360 , upsidedown.gif )


tee 17/04/19(Wed)13:18 No. 764412

How would you know the pics aren't just random internet nudes?

Sazpaimon 17/04/19(Wed)17:28 No. 764433

only newfags fall for that

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