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Marisa Kirisame 17/03/15(Wed)16:18 No. 763308

File 148959112570.png - (369.70KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-03-15 22-17-42.png )

"I've got a 35-year old air force kernel; crushed his spine in some kind of experimental armor."

Holy shit. Is that the 'test pilot', from the HAMMER Industries R&D video--the one Tony Stark played at his Armed Services Comission hearing; the one who survived?

Bob Ross 17/03/20(Mon)17:54 No. 763435

IIRC it was warmachine they were talking about, after he fell out of the sky and broke his back.

zeneslev 17/03/20(Mon)20:54 No. 763438

File 149003966872.png - (945.02KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-03-21 02-42-57.png )

I thought about that, but this scene must be happening before the events of Civil War. In Winter Soldier, Jasper Sitwell names Steven Strange as one of the threats Hydra intends to remove. The MCU wikia also has Act 1 of the Dr. Strange movie ahead of Civil War in the timeline. You could theorize that Project Insight's ability to determine future threats somehow detected that a brilliant surgeon would be transformed into a powerful sorcerer, but even in comic book logic that's a big leap.

Liru Fanboy 17/03/20(Mon)22:10 No. 763441

File 149004424233.jpg - (7.43KB , 237x262 , images_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

Yeah, it's the hammer dude. You can use Stark Towers as a reference for when it is set in the Marvel timeline.

Rhodey is 48 by the time of civil war.

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