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Sazpaimon 17/03/20(Mon)20:16 No. 763436

File 149003736944.jpg - (36.28KB , 650x324 , missing-people.jpg )

I feel sorry for him. He's going to be hunted down, arrested, dragged through a show trial, spend a decade in prison and be branded a sex offender for the rest of his life. He'll never teach again. He'll never have a normal life again.

Sure, it's an inappropriate relationship. He probably takes advantage of her naivety with his position of authority, and that's wrong, but does it really hurt anybody if they are having sex? She's fifteen, old enough to fall in love, young enough to move on. The biggest risk for her would be getting pregnant; easily avoided by using protection or pills. If they didn't have to go on the run to be together, she'd probably have broken it off with him within the year or at the very latest when she graduated.

But our society says they have to be stopped; he has to be punished. Now she gets live in constant paranoia until the authorities find them, when she will be traumatized by watching him get arrested--possibly even shot--in addition to being physically restrained and assaulted herself if she tries to protect him.

It's going to be hard on her, probably give her a mental scar or two, but I think she's young enough to recover. He's 50; this is it for him--the last huzzah. I hope that tight tween pussy is worth it.

Mudkip 17/03/21(Tue)02:49 No. 763444

NEWS FLASH: He's over 40 and knew the consequences.

I mean, it's messed up and we all know it. You can make all the excuses you want, but it's gross af.

I think about it and I'm half his age. Wtf would a fifteen year old girl and I have to talk about? Let alone enough to "fall in love" with each other and screw.

He was lonely and took advantage of his position and ability to drive/buy booze to bang an underage, most likely half stupid girl.

p4ch3c0 17/03/21(Tue)06:17 No. 763449

>He's over 40 and knew the consequences.
I'd assume so. It doesn't sound like he's known to be delusional at least. I make no excuses for either of them.

>it's gross af.
Sure, but does it hurt anyone? I think this relationship would almost certainly have resolved itself had they been left alone. A fifteen year old girl isn't going to spend the rest of her life with a married geezer.

>an underage, most likely half stupid girl.
I'd say going on the lamb qualifies both of them for more than half stupid. Obviously keeping their relationship secret had become a problem, but they could have tried anything else. The police consider him armed and dangerous; they've already got hundreds of tips--they're going to find them.

OP 17/03/21(Tue)08:42 No. 763450

Another possibility occurred to me, that he might shoot himself when they come for him. Given the things he's given up to be with her (his family, his career, his entire life) this seems a likely scenario. That would be tragic for her; if it happened in front of her she might never get over it. It will also be tragic for his family and his community, not that there's any avoiding tragedy for them at this point.

In an Islamic society she could have been his second wife. Even the US has a history of arranged marriage and child brides. Under Tennessee law, with parental approval, they could have married next year and in three years she could decide for herself. It was stupid of them to run, but I think the real crime is the current social norms that made them choose between breaking it off or running away.

>Wtf would a fifteen year old girl and I have to talk about? Let alone enough to "fall in love"
I think you're overestimating the complexity of their relationship. He's probably not "in love" with her so much as she is "in love" with him. How do we ever know if love is real anyway? He's probably in full mid-life crisis, not making logical decisions, and came to the conclusion that wetting his dick in a fifteen-year-old at age fifty is the highlight of his life. He's probably right about that, but it doesn't make his choice any less stupid. For her part, she's obviously going through puberty and her raging hormones equally prevent her from making logical decisions. I'll bet the first time he made her cum she thought it was Disney-movie "true love" and she would have the same reaction to anyone. The boys in her school are probably scrawny, immature, and strawberryed so her teacher seems like an intelligent, reliable, strong male, not that this makes her choice any less stupid.

Couldn't we have just let them have their fling? It never would have lasted. She'd find a boy her age that wasn't strawberryed; he'd come to terms with the life he already has; they'd break it off an no one would have been worse for wear. Now there's going to be at least five kinds of heartbreak over this: hers, his, their families', his colleagues' and their community's.

Sonichu 17/03/22(Wed)00:48 No. 763455

When a woman falls in love with a younger man it's empowering.

When a man falls in love with a younger woman it's disgusting.

p4ch3c0 17/03/22(Wed)03:30 No. 763466

>I mean, it's messed up and we all know it.
No we don't. That's one of those things that varies wildly by both culture and time period.

h 17/03/22(Wed)08:57 No. 763469

Sazpaimon: you can come up with excuses forever, the ultimate truth is he is in a position of power

Abusing that position is the biggest issue here

PrettyPony 17/03/22(Wed)13:40 No. 763470

h: you are a newfag, go home.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/03/22(Wed)14:42 No. 763471

In what culture is it okay for an old teacher to take advantage of a young student?

He-Man 17/03/22(Wed)23:29 No. 763475


Homicide 17/03/23(Thu)03:14 No. 763479

FLDS, The Family International, Islam, and most of Asia provided they keep it quiet until she graduates.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/03/23(Thu)05:02 No. 763482

Well... weirder things have happened than love between people of different age. But even if that's not the thing, they might love how the other one make them feel, and not in the horizontal mambo kind of way, please pull your heads up from the gutter. Let's say he make her feel pretty and he listen to what she says as if she was a grown up, not as a pair of walking boobs or as a child. And she might make him feel wise and important.

And on top of that they might have smashing hot sex.

But yeah, he should be smarter. Teens may think it's a good idea to run away together but after a certain age you should understand that's airwolfing stupid. And why the hell did he bring guns? That's just going to end in shit. He might shoot himself because he realise he screwed up and then she'll off herself because she's a teen in love.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get to Mexico or wherever they are going and live there for the rest of their lives.

That is of course, if he's the guy she's been swooning over on her instagram https://www.instagram.com/_.babygirl2001._/ If not he should be put in jail.

Miku Fanboy 17/03/23(Thu)06:36 No. 763483

File 149024737078.png - (328.47KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-03-23 12-38-39.png )

Ten days before the "abduction" she posts this.
>Plan B

This was the day they decided to run.

Optimus Prime 17/03/23(Thu)06:59 No. 763485

File 149024879242.png - (598.58KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-03-23 13-08-25.png )

lol, and his is pretty much full of the same #love nonsense, plus some monotheism divinity motivational quotes.

People are commenting on her instagram saying he's posting but I doubt it. They disappeared on March 13th, the last day either of them posted. Kind of crazy to think they bothered with their usual social media routine on the day they rode off into the sunset to live in sin, and what does he post that morning?
>Good morning all! This is going to be an amazing day! Let's do this! #strong #unbreakable #love

r000t 17/03/23(Thu)17:00 No. 763496

At least from their instagrams it looks like they're too teen kids in love. Sure, he should know better but yeah. I don't think he had to abduct her to get her on the roadtrip.

On another note the comments on his instagram makes me wonder why some people are so obsessed with prison rape, almost seems like that's part of the prison sentence to them.

OP 17/03/24(Fri)03:08 No. 763503

Its because:
1) Some American males are closet homosexuals who use these events as a way of expressing fantasies they won't admit to anyone except their gay lover
2) Third and fourth wave feminists hate men and use events like these to expose their misandry in a safe protected snowflake environment

Christian Weston Chandler 17/03/24(Fri)03:30 No. 763504

Good for them. I haven't read the full story yet, but I hope they go off and live a peaceful life full of love and adventure on the American frontier.

herp 17/03/24(Fri)05:23 No. 763506

File 149032942036.jpg - (1.25MB , 2126x1519 , Turbogenerator01.jpg )

Love isn't worth that mess, but always-wet sweet teen puss just might be.

Homicide 17/03/24(Fri)09:19 No. 763511

>people are so obsessed with prison rape, almost seems like that's part of the prison sentence to them
Ever since Blood in, Blood out, prison rape has become something people are comfortable joking about. Most people expect to never experience any such horror in their own lives, so it's only an abstraction to them. As these same people expect to never go to prison, that is another abstraction--a place where dangerous and unwanted people are shuttered away from society to suffer for their sins--not a facility for the detainment and rehabilitation of convicts who have been given sentences in accordance with the severity of their crimes. In this abstraction, any suffering endured in prison is part of the "justice" being done upon the "guilty". These people ascribe to a view that conflates karmic justice with legal justice, and consider prison rape to be karmic justice for child molesters.

Complete and utter nonsense.

Spider Expert 17/03/24(Fri)17:02 No. 763520

File 149037137086.jpg - (31.03KB , 555x644 , 1489792607529.jpg )


PrettyPony 17/03/24(Fri)17:21 No. 763521

>Complete and utter nonsense
Sounds like someone hasn't been keeping up with the continuous stream of anti-gay conservatives who've been exposed as homosexuals.

Spiderman 17/03/24(Fri)17:54 No. 763523

How many threads about this do we have to have homo?

The majority male population are not closet homos.

No matter how much you want it to be true, it isn't true.

Weeabot 17/03/24(Fri)18:58 No. 763524

>The majority male population are not closet homos.
The majority male population aren't salivating at the idea of someone getting cornholed in jail either.

Nyan Cat 17/03/24(Fri)19:23 No. 763526

Youtube  DON'T STAND

tee 17/03/24(Fri)19:30 No. 763527

File 14903802047.jpg - (41.25KB , 596x628 , kek.jpg )


Miku Fanboy 17/03/24(Fri)21:28 No. 763530


Why do I sense an argumentative tone to that statement?

Christian Weston Chandler 17/03/24(Fri)23:47 No. 763535

File 149039564940.jpg - (972.39KB , 1488x2105 , OtherWorlds.jpg )

Argumentative tones begets argumentative tones you say?

Spiderman 17/03/25(Sat)06:00 No. 763551

Nope, didn't say that.

Nyan Cat 17/04/01(Sat)06:19 No. 763791

File 149102039796.jpg - (75.30KB , 797x583 , 170331-walmart-surveillance-mn-1500_83b4adf244a3c2.jpg )

Dude, shave your stupid beard. No one's going to recognize her right away, but god damn that shit on your face is obvious. Lose some weight while you're at it fatty.

Actually I don't think it will help at this point; the authorities are closing in and they aren't going to get far.

Spider Expert 17/04/01(Sat)06:21 No. 763792

Considering he's been spotted halfway across the country, I'd say they've gotten pretty far.

Brony 17/04/01(Sat)06:35 No. 763794

Is this what love has become? At one time I'd go to the length of Mars for a young woman. In not sure what the details are but maybe you might share the whole story. It can't be just a older man finally finding love and mutual happiness with a woman much younger than his age.

p4ch3c0 17/04/01(Sat)16:47 No. 763808


Wow, so Wal-Mart is now aiding and abetting known child molesters now?

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/04/02(Sun)09:21 No. 763832

They did, but I don't see them getting much further. The news wouldn't clearly say if the authorities have identified the car they're using, but they obviously have--the parking lot cameras would show which they got into and it doesn't look like they're taking serious precautions like parking a block or two away, in an alley. Kind of makes me wonder if they're not taking precautions with the sex either. Maybe they ran because she's pregnant?

tl;dr news? >>763526

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/04/02(Sun)22:17 No. 763853

File 149116423414.jpg - (27.24KB , 348x413 , 285a878386d099ea73276a7804f5a06f65eb1522e201d27262.jpg )

Well, you know what they say; it takes a lifetime to make a good reputation and about a minute to destroy it.
How hard would it be for an old man like that to go out and find a nice young lady to just give resources to, hell he could have found a willing 18 year old girl to sleep with and have as his pet pussy but he choose the illegal option. It sucks but if you do the crime than you do the time. I'm okay with the laws as they are, people just need to control their penis/vagina.

N3X15 17/04/02(Sun)22:49 No. 763859

I don't entirely disagree, but I think the punishment should fit the crime. The news is quoting investigators saying things like "He's an adult, she's a 15 year old girl; this is a kidnapping--not a romance" and giving no consideration at all to the truth: she went with him willingly. It's still a kidnapping, but the judge should be able to distinguish physical force from coercion, etc.
We all know

He-Man 17/04/03(Mon)21:04 No. 763865

"does it really hurt any body"
He airwolfing kidnapped her. She never complied.
You act as if it is perfectly fine to airwolf a student that you SHOULD be trying to have a good future, it's not. You are supposed to teach the kids, not take them from their families, create a media frenzy, and airwolf a 15 year old.

Nothing is morrally incorrect there?
You can feel bad for him all you want but if he didn't want this to happen then he shouldn't have done it.

ian 17/04/04(Tue)04:21 No. 763873

Seriously, context motherairwolfer, do you consider it?

Read the post. airwolfING READ IT.

Steve 17/04/05(Wed)02:13 No. 763889

>She never complied.
So she didn't go willingly? He took her away at gunpoint? In what interview did she say this? Is there video of this event?

The guy's airwolfed but thinking she had to be forced into going along with this hairbrained scheme is naive and simplistic. The very fact that its hairbrained makes it more plausible that she's an active participant. Teenagers aren't known for thinking shit out ahead of time.

Sonichu 17/04/05(Wed)11:26 No. 763896

> be me
> new remote workplace
> 19 yo cutie
> seen her cuddling with 40some guy
> instant ewwww
> later cute sits near me in the cafeteria
> i completely ignore her
> my fellows completely ignore her

Normally we would have queued up for such a girl, but instinctively we thought that a girl who accepts the attention of senior guy is going to be successfully taken by the next one too. We did not even to formulate the thought, we simply looked at her with the "what a waste" expression.

Of course for current propaganda, we are wrong and the girl is empowered to stay with whoever she pleases. Sure, but we are not buying into it and I guess we are the majority.

So basically this guy destroyed the girl socially. CRIME.
Had it been real love he would have waited for her to be 18 or even better 21 and then marry. This is not about love, and you are defending one's freedom to make others' lives miserable.

Liru Fanboy 17/04/05(Wed)12:45 No. 763897

ew airwolfing greentext 4fags story get outta here faggot

nice story too
congrats on being an airwolfing strawberry and overall douchebag

not even gunna bother with shutting your dumbshit story down with logic, just leave, faggot

4chan user 17/04/05(Wed)17:42 No. 763903

This >>763889
I won't deny the teacher is a fool, a criminal, or a creep, or that he seems to be thinking on a high-schooler level, but let's not delude ourselves--they clearly planned this together.

>a girl who accepts the attention of senior guy is going to be successfully taken by the next one too
Although it's pretty misogynist of you to think women are in your workplace for the purpose of coupling, I sort of agree with this statement.

>So basically this guy destroyed the girl socially. CRIME.
The way Donald Drumpf tweets is affecting the way American people speak and that scares me a heck of a lot more than the loss of a child's innocence.

Also, this >>763897
Take your second-person narrative and go back to niggertits.

Nyan Cat 17/04/05(Wed)19:40 No. 763904

>The way Donald Drumpf tweets is affecting the way American people speak and that scares me a heck of a lot more than the loss of a child's innocence.

troll harder nigger

PrettyPony 17/04/06(Thu)00:46 No. 763910

>Had it been real love he would have waited for her to be 18 or even better 21
What does it matter, based on your weird social norms (seriously, that makes Japanese customs seem sensible) he'd still be a 50-something and you'd still treat her like an outcast.

The problem isn't the 19 year old. The problem is you. You're the problem. You need to get help.

Novice Equestrian 17/04/06(Thu)07:53 No. 763920

I'm serious. This isn't how intelligent people talk:
Summary of thing I don't like. ADJECTIVE!

That is how autistic spergballs talk; and it's how our president tweets.

herp 17/04/06(Thu)08:11 No. 763923

not that guy, but i also think that.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/04/06(Thu)19:13 No. 763926

File 149149882120.jpg - (35.21KB , 440x698 , IMG_20170119_220826_kindlephoto-428219707.jpg )

My airwolfing great aunt makes Facebook post like that. Airwolfing Christ.

Also, I just learned that airwolfing comes up on my predictive text, so that's cool.

W. T. Snacks 17/04/06(Thu)22:18 No. 763929

File 149150988129.jpg - (2.06MB , 2500x1667 , QuickestWayToEscapeTrump.jpg )

It has something to do with being 70 years old and spending most of their day in senility with only brief moments of clarity.

Nyan Cat 17/04/14(Fri)00:28 No. 764148

Like it or not, agree or disagree, the fact is that every orifice of this girl has been getting pounded!

Conductor Cat 17/04/18(Tue)11:37 No. 764387

File 149250823877.jpg - (6.81KB , 180x224 , cornhole.jpg )

They're still on the lamb.

Guess the Wal-Mart was just a good airwolf-you to everyone who's morally outraged.

Optimus Prime 17/04/18(Tue)16:18 No. 764389

I am genuinely surprised. I really thought it was just about over for them. Do you think they made it to the border?

I've been thinking about this. Everyone expects them to cross into Mexico and their general trajectory has been that way, but they were reported in Texas before they were documented in Oklahoma. Could they have turned north? The Canadian border is less secure, and they'd stand out a lot less on the other side of it.

I don't expect the mejicanos would be particularly interested, but a gringo and his lolita gringa novia would be a little obvious--especially since neither have been reported as spanish-speaking. Canada is probably a safer bet to lay low until she's old enough it doesn't matter anymore (if they last that long and he doesn't bury her somewhere).

Sazpaimon 17/04/19(Wed)01:30 No. 764393

File 149255822514.jpg - (50.07KB , 750x420 , oink.jpg )

The current theory is that he's going to have to expose himself to get his medication. Like he couldn't have been stockpiling pills for the past few months. And ignores that healthcare is treated as a right, not a luxury, in Canada, Mexico, and most of the industrialized world.

So long as they stay away from resort towns and he's fluent in conversational Spanish, he wouldn't have much trouble... there's lots of light skinned Mexicans. They don't get shit except in resort towns.

The age of consent is between 12 to 16 in most of Mexico, if he passes as a light skinned Mexican and they think he's nailing a 16yo American it's not like there would be a whole lot of moral outrage given the current administration's unwarranted antagonism.

Weeabot 17/04/19(Wed)02:45 No. 764394

> The current theory is that he's going to have to expose himself to get his medication.

Not an American, but I think (and hope) it's easier to get meds than gun over there, even without a prescription. Feels more like media is just trying to get people's hype up for it.

In a couple of weeks no one will remember it, and in three years she'll step off the bus in her home town with a kid and earn a living from selling her story and how she finally grew tired of him. He'll live the rest of his life on a farm in Mexico.

...with a smile from ear to ear from all the underage punani.

Bob Ross 17/04/19(Wed)08:10 No. 764397

It is actually easier to get a gun than certain kinds of medication in the United States; and sometimes also cheaper.

>she'll step off the bus in her home town with a kid and earn a living from selling her story and how she finally grew tired of him
I think her whole family is living it up getting their fifteen minutes of fame. It seems like they're going out of their way to demonize him not just because they are in denial of the fact that their daughter went willingly and to enhance their prosecution, but each little comment they squeeze out of someone and blow out of proportion also gets them another headline. They actually filed a court order to force members of their community to undergo rigorous interrogations to get more information; as if anyone knows anything that could help them at this point.

Seems like she's a shitty teenager from a shitty family who all want to be part of something big and important for once in their lives and this is just perfect for them.

O.P. 17/04/19(Wed)18:38 No. 764436

>It is actually easier to get a gun than certain kinds of medication in the United States; and sometimes also cheaper.


Moot 17/04/19(Wed)18:44 No. 764437

>a shitty family
More than likely it was either this or run away from home w/o him, which would have ended sooner and possibly a lot worse.

I'm going to bet there's some dark secret about her being sexually assaulted by a family or extended family member. You need only visit your nearest strip club to find a few examples of that, and they usually have daddy issues that means they only date older guys.

Reimu Hakurei 17/04/19(Wed)19:23 No. 764439

I couldn't agree with you more. It'd be a stretch to say the teacher counts as "adult" supervision, but at least she's not out in the wilderness alone getting addicted to heroin and learning how to hang upside down from a pole (well, other than his pole). This could be another reason the family is so desperate to villainize him--so he'll look worse than whomever she blames for running away if they find her and drag her back.

Lorf 17/04/19(Wed)21:02 No. 764441


It's true. In kansas I could walk into a pawn store and buy a used pistol without showing an ID.

Miku Fanboy 17/04/20(Thu)22:33 No. 764489

It's over.

ian 17/04/20(Thu)22:52 No. 764491

File 149272152885.jpg - (57.62KB , 630x456 , Fake-News.jpg )


Moot 17/04/20(Thu)22:54 No. 764492

>James Thomas, Elizabeth's brother, said that on the day his sister disappeared she told another sibling that if she was not home by 6 p.m. to call the police.

Woah, what?

Optimus Prime 17/04/21(Fri)01:59 No. 764516

Bah... The great prophet Nosetradamus says she'll be hooked on crack in less than a year, mostly because shitty friends and family.

Novice Equestrian 17/04/21(Fri)05:22 No. 764521

This statement will have to be confirmed in court. I am inclined to doubt it, and I can imagine two versions of this story: in one, Elizabeth suffers a sudden pang of buyer's remorse and gives her sister this warning--knowing that she will be running away that afternoon and in the other this never happened at all but was the first of many lies her family have told to keep the headlines churning and make her teacher look like a monster.

>Thomas was found "healthy and unharmed"
and full of semen.

>state law allows children older than 12 to decide whether to leave their families, unless their removal or confinement "is accomplished by force, threat or fraud."
I wonder if they'll let her present her case in court at all, and if she'll testify for the defense or the prosecution. They're probably going to spend the next few weeks brainwashing her into thinking this has been the worst nightmare of her life either way.

Unfortunately for Tad, even if he gets out of the kidnapping charge he's still going to prison for:
>one federal charge of transportation of a minor across state lines for the purpose of having criminal sexual intercourse

Which begs me to ask, is that law constitutional? Is there a federal basis to determine what kind of sexual intercourse is or is not criminal?

Mudkip 17/04/21(Fri)06:44 No. 764527

File 149274985333.jpg - (2.93KB , 350x431 , New Bitmap Image.jpg )


>>Thomas was found "healthy and unharmed"
>and full of semen.
If she gets pregnant, I am jacking off to this.

Also, your absolute disregard for the use of greentext is abhorrent.

Conductor Cat 17/04/21(Fri)08:31 No. 764530

>absolute disregard for the use of greentext
>How do I quote another post?
>Simply click the post number of who you wish to quote, and put a ">" before the text you wish to quote.

Weeabot 17/04/21(Fri)08:47 No. 764531

File 149275722945.jpg - (43.17KB , 780x889 , tad.jpg )

He never did shave that goddamn beard.

Reimu Hakurei 17/04/22(Sat)04:31 No. 764564

File 149282826432.jpg - (35.97KB , 390x445 , 3.jpg )

Jesus airwolf?! Haven't he seen a cop movie during the last fifty years? Shave your beard, dye your hair, and get another pair of glasses. Just don't photoshop it as bad as I did.

Conductor Cat 17/04/22(Sat)04:45 No. 764565

It would seem common sense is not his strong suit.

Bill 17/04/22(Sat)04:50 No. 764566

File 149282940291.jpg - (81.80KB , 600x448 , 1372832910021.jpg )

You know he's going to hang himself in jail.

I'm surprised he didn't an hero when his spergged out fantasy came crumbling down.

He can't help but let his childish emotions get the best of him. He has to have the world bend around him to an asymptotic degree.

Brony 17/04/22(Sat)06:08 No. 764567

Common sense seems to go out the window when teenage poontang gets involved.

O.P. 17/04/22(Sat)07:59 No. 764577

I'm looking forward to the sex tape. Her dad probably does too.

Lorf 17/04/22(Sat)09:39 No. 764578

File 149284677749.png - (550.27KB , 1280x688 , tumblr_nzoa1c7Vhh1tbldy4o4_1280.png )

Sorry, this thread is locked and can not be replied to.

Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.

Sorry You tried to post on 7chan.


Spider Expert 17/04/22(Sat)09:40 No. 764579

File 149284682514.jpg - (111.22KB , 1024x340 , wendy_by_kiddo_w-d6i8lid.jpg )

Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.

Miku Fanboy 17/04/22(Sat)09:42 No. 764580

File 149284695520.jpg - (65.32KB , 800x558 , 175623.jpg )

Sorry, that filetype is not allowed on this board.

Sazpaimon 17/04/26(Wed)23:53 No. 764853

This can not be Wendy Testaburger. I know it is, but no.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/04/26(Wed)23:58 No. 764856

Muh soggy knees.
airwolf off to tumblr cuck.

4chan user 17/04/26(Wed)23:59 No. 764857

Ironically you are an autistic sperg. Funny how that works.

Miku Fanboy 17/04/27(Thu)08:22 No. 764863

With loyal supporters like you, Donald Duck will surely be able to deliver on his campaign promises.


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