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Sazpaimon 17/08/05(Sat)11:20 No. 770837

Youtube  ITT: earworms
Post the song that is stuck in your head at the moment; embed related.

Bob Ross 17/08/06(Sun)01:34 No. 770900

Youtube  I believe in magic words, I believe in love.

Weeabot 17/08/06(Sun)03:31 No. 770968

Youtube  I've been singing this in my head for weeks now.

herp 17/08/08(Tue)04:01 No. 771068

Youtube  I don't need to walk around in circles; walk around in circles; walk around in circles; walk around in...

Optimus Prime 17/08/09(Wed)04:15 No. 771153

Youtube  Could be hiding behind that scrap pile

Lorf 17/08/10(Thu)12:08 No. 771210

Youtube  >>771153
That is pure gold.

W. T. Snacks 17/08/10(Thu)14:56 No. 771211


Us and Them - Pink Floyd

r000t 17/08/10(Thu)18:05 No. 771216

Youtube  >>771211
Goes in the Embed field.
Youtube from the drop-down menu.

4chan user 17/08/12(Sat)08:54 No. 771306

Youtube  >>771210
There's also this one.

Mudkip 17/08/12(Sat)21:38 No. 771535

Youtube  I don't know why I woke up thinking of this one, I haven't listened to it since almost 2009

Anonymous 17/08/12(Sat)21:40 No. 771536

Youtube  fug

Bill 17/08/12(Sat)22:51 No. 771538

only the video code goes in the embed field; not the whole url

Lorf 17/08/17(Thu)00:53 No. 771702

Youtube  Come on, it's time to go

Lorf 17/09/07(Thu)02:40 No. 772286

Youtube  If I only could make a deal with God

Weeabot 17/09/08(Fri)18:15 No. 772344

Youtube  Do you think she's a nasty girl?

ian 17/09/20(Wed)21:20 No. 772694

Youtube  Rock used to be easy...

N3X15 17/09/22(Fri)06:04 No. 772722

Youtube  Do you ever have sex?

Maybe that's just what you're supposed to do.

Liru Fanboy 17/09/24(Sun)04:53 No. 772762

Youtube  Swimming Pools... Movie Stars... Sheep... Gerbils... Gaffer Tape...

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/09/30(Sat)14:36 No. 772992

Youtube  Do you wanna bang heads with me?

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/10/05(Thu)01:19 No. 773088

Youtube  Steeeeeeve Perry. Steve Perry.

We said no more Journey psych-outs.

W. T. Snacks 17/10/10(Tue)17:53 No. 773226

Youtube  Drink and be grateful

r000t 17/10/11(Wed)04:55 No. 773231

I know, dude, but I'm running out of ideas.

Conductor Cat 17/10/11(Wed)06:44 No. 773234

Youtube  He found a rhyme for orange.


h 17/10/11(Wed)09:35 No. 773243

Jurassic Park theme song

DunDun DunDun DuhDuhDun DuhDunDunDun

O.P. 17/10/11(Wed)14:43 No. 773245

Youtube  >>773243
That's on Youtube too.

Having freestyle rap stuck in your head must be a uniquely painful experience.

Spiderman 17/10/11(Wed)20:47 No. 773255

the rhianna thread got this stuck in my head

Brony 17/10/12(Thu)00:09 No. 773260

Youtube  >>773255
Made this pop up in my head.

Optimus Prime 17/10/12(Thu)14:28 No. 773278

Youtube  >>773260

symbion 17/10/15(Sun)07:13 No. 773546

Youtube  >>773245
You have no idea.

Good luck getting this one out.

Liru Fanboy 17/10/21(Sat)11:03 No. 773861

Youtube  When 7Chan is running down, make the best of what's still around

Weeabot 17/10/21(Sat)13:23 No. 773863

Youtube  I've been kicked around since I was /b/orn.

Liru Fanboy 17/10/25(Wed)17:55 No. 774028

Youtube  >>770900
That's so infectious I get the title stuck in my head.

Marisa Kirisame 17/10/27(Fri)00:57 No. 774110

Youtube  What do we wanna do?

h 17/10/27(Fri)02:01 No. 774111

Youtube  I dunno why, I haven't watched the show in months

O.P. 17/11/02(Thu)02:46 No. 774429

Youtube  7 is no longer the loneliest number

Novice Equestrian 17/11/02(Thu)03:17 No. 774431

Youtube  Woho!

Conductor Cat 17/11/02(Thu)03:19 No. 774432

Youtube  Stephan Remmler im Haus

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/11/05(Sun)04:16 No. 774513

Youtube  God is dead and no one cares.

Miku Fanboy 17/11/05(Sun)20:01 No. 774526

Audio elreyyyo.mp3 - (3.00MB )

N3X15 17/11/09(Thu)19:18 No. 774628

Youtube  Never forget!

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/11/10(Fri)14:53 No. 774643

Youtube  I heard this song for the first time yesterday.

zeneslev 17/11/11(Sat)00:01 No. 774650

Youtube  A wonderful song about writing songs in a bathroom stall at work.

Push Ow Hot

Mudkip 17/11/11(Sat)00:55 No. 774651

I became aware of it recently myself. My edgy teenage self would have LOVED this song. Adult me just likes it. :P

symbion 17/11/15(Wed)03:19 No. 774748

Youtube  >>774704
I haven't had that one rolling around in my head for years, thanks.

>My edgy teenage self
was probably a lot like your edgy teenage self.

Cryomancer 17/11/17(Fri)04:48 No. 774814

Youtube  If you share a room with grandpa
You should wear adibass

Homicide 17/11/19(Sun)09:38 No. 774869

Audio Zladko_Vladcik_-_Elektronik_Supersonik.mp3 - (1.34MB , Zladko Vladcik - Elektronik Supersonik.mp3 )

Inside tank of fuel is not fuel, but love.

Bob Ross 17/11/22(Wed)01:41 No. 774948

Audio thedrummer.mp3 - (5.38MB )

Nyan Cat 17/11/23(Thu)05:29 No. 774966

Brain Power and Louder Machine both by Noma. They're such good fast songs.
>>both didn't get stuck in my head after lol

Brain power: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mj-v6zCnEaw
Louder Machine: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FPtlxoIkf54
>>can't embed due to an error

Miku Fanboy 17/11/23(Thu)06:24 No. 774968

Youtube  >>774966
>an error
You just don't know how it works.

Welcome to 7chan.

Closet Furry 17/11/25(Sat)13:30 No. 775054

Youtube  Holy crap there are a lot of shit renditions of this song out there; embed related (could not find anything less awful).

PrettyPony 17/11/25(Sat)17:49 No. 775062

Youtube  A 21 year old Chaka Khan suddenly appears.

Optimus Prime 17/11/26(Sun)13:35 No. 775109

Youtube  >>775066
Somehow set this off in my brain.

Spider Expert 17/11/26(Sun)21:06 No. 775114

I love DJ Assault.

Miku Fanboy 17/11/28(Tue)08:08 No. 775182

Youtube  On the way to work today, I could feel it.

Brony 17/12/01(Fri)07:45 No. 775258

Youtube  >>775182
Phil Collins? Oh my god. We had no idea.

derp 17/12/01(Fri)19:58 No. 775264

How 2 imbed?

Optimus Prime 17/12/01(Fri)21:34 No. 775267

Youtube  >>775264
see >>771216
Yeah, it's a mess; aren't we all.

Spiderman 17/12/09(Sat)06:14 No. 775576

Youtube  My puppy is gone

tee 17/12/09(Sat)15:43 No. 775585


bokuno koinu ga
shi​roii ashi shi​roii shippo
zuuto issho datanoni huu~

boku no koinu ga
shi​roii mimi shi​roii senaka
itsumo issho datanoni huu~

bokuwa kawaitana namida de
mainichi kufnashiteru*
hayaku kaetekite

ame no hi mo, kaze no hi mo
mainichi sanpo shite ageru
dakara hayaku, hayaku kaetekite

(mix french, spanish, and japanese)

ma puppy
is gone
white paws, white tail
all the time we'd been together hoo..

ma puppy
is gone
white ears, white back
always we'd been together hoo...

'm done cryin'
every day (getting by)*
hurry, come on home

even a rain day, or a windy day
every day i'll give you a walk
so hurry, hurry, come on home

(mostly nonsense from this point)

*this is what i hear, but there's no word in japanese like this. there is no sound like "kufna"; some places have it down as "kurashiteru" <living (with someone)>.

Weeabot 17/12/09(Sat)17:51 No. 775588

Youtube  i like hottodoggu, because it's not a doggu.

Steve 17/12/12(Tue)07:15 No. 775722

Youtube  Weird Al's released a complete collection of his music. It comes in a package shaped like an accordion.

Someone at work bought it. I've been overhearing songs when I walk past his office.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/12/13(Wed)01:56 No. 775752

Boop boop, beep beep

Donna Summers

Steve 17/12/13(Wed)05:51 No. 775759

Youtube  >>775752
Did someone say Blondie?

Novice Equestrian 17/12/16(Sat)08:01 No. 776949

Youtube  You wouldn't know what crazy was if Charles Manson was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch

Anonymous 17/12/17(Sun)13:13 No. 777170

Youtube  The queens we use would not excite you

OP 17/12/18(Mon)00:45 No. 777214

Youtube  >>777211
You know what I like about you?
It's your developmental disability.

Spiderman 17/12/22(Fri)15:05 No. 777345

Youtube  Religion is a smile on a dog.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/12/27(Wed)13:30 No. 777830

Youtube  I've been playing too much GTA V lately.

poe 17/12/28(Thu)03:27 No. 777867

Audio westerngirls.mp3 - (5.40MB )

Nice. Here keep it

Lorf 17/12/28(Thu)05:59 No. 777870

Audio bonehead.mp3 - (1.24MB )

This one has been stuck in my head forever.

Lorf 17/12/29(Fri)02:58 No. 777905

Youtube  >>777870
If that's not trolling, I think you need an MRI.

Thanks for the metal!

Christian Weston Chandler 17/12/29(Fri)19:10 No. 777922

Youtube  I'm a bilingual illiterate, I can't read in two languages.

zeneslev 17/12/31(Sun)05:51 No. 777943

Youtube  I like it.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/12/31(Sun)21:32 No. 777950

You're such a tool, Jerry.

r000t 18/01/04(Thu)01:37 No. 778061

Youtube  I should be finished with the GTA V single player soon.

zeneslev 18/01/04(Thu)15:21 No. 778083

Youtube  When we touch, when we kiss.

Miku Fanboy 18/01/05(Fri)00:14 No. 778095

Youtube  >>778083

Lorf 18/01/08(Mon)07:56 No. 778190

Youtube  I've got this feeling, so appealing

symbion 18/01/11(Thu)23:37 No. 778319

Youtube  Banana Power

Closet Furry 18/01/14(Sun)06:20 No. 778382

Youtube  I don't care what you do, I wouldn't want to be like you

O.P. 18/01/14(Sun)07:34 No. 778385

Youtube  It sounds so much more sinister this way.

Nyan Cat 18/01/16(Tue)20:28 No. 778464

Youtube  30 years later its still true

tee 18/01/18(Thu)13:28 No. 778500

The sweet sound of my balls vlsp against your mums rosebud (prolapsed anus)

Spiderman 18/01/20(Sat)11:54 No. 778536

Youtube  >>778531
Enjoy this mashup and learn to embed.

Moot 18/01/27(Sat)12:50 No. 778669

Youtube  >>775752
What is this I don't even--

Nyan Cat 18/02/02(Fri)06:27 No. 778767

Youtube  She breaks like China.

herp 18/02/02(Fri)08:08 No. 778769

Youtube  A song about the relationship between people and their eggs

Weeabot 18/02/04(Sun)02:54 No. 778800

Youtube  Carve out a pumpkin and rely on your destiny.

symbion 18/02/04(Sun)05:51 No. 778803

Youtube  Every time Duck hears this he breaks out in a cold sweat

Mudkip 18/02/04(Sun)19:26 No. 778812

Youtube  Wednesday's panties on a Friday night

Liru Fanboy 18/02/08(Thu)03:43 No. 778893


[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/02/08(Thu)03:44 No. 778894

Youtube  >>778893

Nyan Cat 18/02/19(Mon)06:29 No. 779113

Youtube  Live Fast, Die Young

Bob Ross 18/02/22(Thu)02:56 No. 779165

this song has been stuck in my airwolfing head all day airwolf


Spiderman 18/02/28(Wed)19:22 No. 779261

Youtube  I get busy

Sonichu 18/03/08(Thu)03:34 No. 779472

Youtube  When it's time to party,

poe 18/03/08(Thu)03:36 No. 779474

File 152047659767.gif - (17.21KB , 96x96 , spinning-horse-cock-f_hz;hsx_1.gif )

We will party hard.

PrettyPony 18/03/08(Thu)06:07 No. 779484

Youtube  Existence is pain

Spiderman 18/04/01(Sun)03:59 No. 780011

Youtube  This is where the tax payer money goes.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/04/01(Sun)06:26 No. 780013

Youtube  >>780011
Everyone knows where most taxpayer money goes

Spiderman 18/04/05(Thu)05:36 No. 780155

How does this garbage thread survive?

herp 18/04/06(Fri)11:24 No. 780185

Youtube  >>780184
j8woSCzkzUQ in the Embed field, select Youtube from the drop-down menu.

This was stuck in my head too, all day on Wednesday!

poe 18/04/06(Fri)12:39 No. 780186

Youtube  Skylar Spence / Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne

Makes me feel alive and replaces the gf i dont have

Steve 18/04/06(Fri)14:01 No. 780187

That's one of my favorite Nirvana songs!

Closet Furry 18/04/06(Fri)23:16 No. 780197

Youtube  It's shrill as airwolf but I like it for some reason

O.P. 18/04/06(Fri)23:39 No. 780198

I meant the flood, ya butthurt baby

Nyan Cat 18/04/07(Sat)03:55 No. 780201

Youtube  >>780186
>Skylar Spence / Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne
If you embed correctly, you don't have to type this.

See >>780185

Lead by example, not faggotry.
This is why you, and your threads, always fail.

derp 18/04/07(Sat)16:44 No. 780204

Do you read?

Lorf 18/04/07(Sat)16:58 No. 780206

Youtube  >>780204
He probably thinks he's talking to a single person.

Liru Fanboy 18/04/08(Sun)07:05 No. 780214

You've got the wrong shitposter.

Posted this before pages 2+ were purged: >>780155 (hates youtube)
Tried to cover for his faggotry after: >>780198 (faggot)

He-Man 18/04/08(Sun)07:59 No. 780215

Hahaha wat?

Why would I ask how this shitty thread survived if we hadn't just lost 90% of the threads on this board?

Is this another Davespiracy?

Liru Fanboy 18/04/08(Sun)08:08 No. 780217

Pretty sure you're the only one.

Closet Furry 18/04/08(Sun)08:17 No. 780218

Take your meds.

Closet Furry 18/04/08(Sun)08:35 No. 780220

File 152316930517.jpg - (37.89KB , 580x309 , Blood On The Walls.jpg )

>another Davespiracy
There's only one, and he's still posting.

Just about any time you see someone in /b/ do something like >>780159 or >>780214 it's Davespiracy. If it was an admin they'd post as one.

Davespiracy is the kind of crazy that thinks he can see patterns in background noise.

Miku Fanboy 18/04/08(Sun)08:56 No. 780222

Youtube  >>780218 >>780220
You've got the wrong asshole here.
About this post: >>780159; I know who wasn't OP, because I am. Though, to be honest I can't distinguish some posts that are too similar to something I would post (thread's already half a year old). I was trying to point out to >>780155 that the thread survives by contributions from multiple posters. Do I have to spell it out like this?

You have a point though. I think I'll go outside, hang out with some friends, and enjoy an afternoon in the park. After all, it's a fine Sunday, and 7chan will (probably) be here when I get back.

Miku Fanboy 18/04/08(Sun)08:59 No. 780224

Youtube  Couldn't remember the name of this for the longest time.

symbion 18/04/08(Sun)09:40 No. 780225

>I'll go outside, hang out with some friends
You don't have to lie to us. Just stop being a crazy asshole.

Moot 18/04/08(Sun)16:44 No. 780229

File 152319869196.jpg - (141.87KB , 1924x999 , Are You Happy Now.jpg )

Hey now he may be crazy, and he may be an asshole, but... what was the third thing?

symbion 18/04/08(Sun)23:04 No. 780232

An asshole

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/04/10(Tue)05:38 No. 780264

Youtube  I think 2 pages is enough for /b/

h 18/04/11(Wed)05:27 No. 780291

Youtube  Weird: I get this melody stuck in my head, but I don't know the lyrics, so I just hear her whining and moaning in my mind.

r000t 18/04/15(Sun)02:29 No. 780388

Audio giveitup.mp3 - (5.61MB )

I'm the only davespiracy and your thread's not that shit.

O.P. 18/04/15(Sun)06:52 No. 780390

Youtube  >>780388
>your thread's not that shit
That's high praise for a /b/ thread. Thank you.
It's good to know we don't always have to be cold keyboard warriors.

Optimus Prime 18/04/15(Sun)12:16 No. 780396

Youtube  >>780388

symbion 18/04/17(Tue)02:05 No. 780427

Youtube  They don't give a damn about you or me. They just buys guns and watches t.v.

Novice Equestrian 18/04/19(Thu)17:29 No. 780471

Youtube  I found out about Kontrust last night and I think I quite enjoy them.

Lorf 18/04/19(Thu)17:34 No. 780472

Youtube  Russkaja is a bit like a Russian ska klezmer version of System of a down.

Marisa Kirisame 18/04/21(Sat)00:08 No. 780506

Youtube  I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/04/21(Sat)01:12 No. 780511

Youtube  This game blows.

Novice Equestrian 18/04/21(Sat)12:20 No. 780524

File 152430605768.jpg - (0.99MB , 1536x1024 , 5304051.jpg )

4chan user 18/04/21(Sat)23:17 No. 780533

Youtube  This is pretty cool.

Lorf 18/04/21(Sat)23:21 No. 780534

Youtube  I feel ashamed for liking this.

zeneslev 18/04/21(Sat)23:29 No. 780535

Youtube  >>780264
> [Youtube] LITTLE BIG - Everyday I'm drinking (embed) I think 2 pages is enough for /b/

I'm not entirely sure it wasn't I who wrote that because I haven't met someone else who listen to Little Big. But I would have posted this song instead.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/04/22(Sun)06:00 No. 780538

Youtube  >>780533
That is pretty cool; those artists are pretty cool. God damn.

Don't worry, you're not having a psychotic break. I discovered Little Big from a post here a few months ago, which was probably yours.

herp 18/04/22(Sun)07:14 No. 780544

Youtube  I should probably stop playing GTA V

Christian Weston Chandler 18/04/23(Mon)04:22 No. 780557

Never stop playing GTA.

Sazpaimon 18/04/23(Mon)07:51 No. 780559

I just wish the air force base wasn't full of tanks.

Sazpaimon 18/04/23(Mon)14:52 No. 780562

I got pretty good at stealing jets from the army base. Practice makes perfect!

Marisa Kirisame 18/04/23(Mon)17:29 No. 780567

Youtube  It's one of those days.

Bill 18/04/24(Tue)04:08 No. 780590

File 152453568034.jpg - (13.93KB , 300x159 , ceti-alpha-V-parasite.jpg )


Bill 18/04/24(Tue)05:11 No. 780596

Youtube  Frightened nipple

symbion 18/04/29(Sun)19:04 No. 780742

Youtube  Jai Guru Deva Om.

Marisa Kirisame 18/05/02(Wed)01:55 No. 780775

Youtube  This might be a bit too weird but I really enjoy it.

poe 18/05/03(Thu)00:48 No. 780797

Youtube  Tunak tunak tun

Optimus Prime 18/05/04(Fri)08:23 No. 780817

Youtube  It all comes back to you.

O.P. 18/05/04(Fri)16:31 No. 780834

Youtube  >>780775
>too weird
No such earworm.

h 18/05/05(Sat)14:49 No. 780857

Youtube  I heard it on my radio

symbion 18/05/06(Sun)01:47 No. 780863

Youtube  >>780817
Fellow oldfag?

Steve 18/05/06(Sun)03:10 No. 780865

Youtube  >>780860
5wev8W9PDAg in the 'Embed' field.
Nice selection.

Closet Furry 18/05/06(Sun)05:36 No. 780871

Youtube  >>780863
I've been waiting for so long

tee 18/05/07(Mon)22:56 No. 780904

Youtube  >>780871
I lost my mind

W. T. Snacks 18/05/08(Tue)05:07 No. 780919

Youtube  >>780904
I heard my mamma cry

Liru Fanboy 18/05/08(Tue)09:27 No. 780921

Youtube  >>780904
'dat tunic

Nyan Cat 18/05/08(Tue)19:47 No. 780924

Youtube  >>780921
Why is Luke Skywalker playing the guitar?

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/05/09(Wed)18:19 No. 780931

Youtube  Swallow the pride and joy of the ivory tower

Novice Equestrian 18/05/11(Fri)01:25 No. 780949

Youtube  And I have no privacy!

Christian Weston Chandler 18/05/12(Sat)22:13 No. 780973

Youtube  Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nineteen.

Sonichu 18/05/17(Thu)07:31 No. 781004

Youtube  Touch me!

Mudkip 18/05/17(Thu)07:33 No. 781005

Youtube  All I'm saying

Sazpaimon 18/05/17(Thu)19:44 No. 781010

Youtube  Nothing else matters

derp 18/05/18(Fri)17:30 No. 781018

Youtube  You're out of touch, I'm out of time

h 18/05/19(Sat)09:19 No. 781034

Youtube  Tonight we get even

W. T. Snacks 18/05/21(Mon)06:48 No. 781065

Youtube  This jam is def

W. T. Snacks 18/05/23(Wed)03:06 No. 781097

Youtube  Let's do everything we just did 2 more times

Bill 18/05/24(Thu)02:29 No. 781112

Youtube  Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi, Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi!

Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi, Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi!


Bob Ross 18/05/25(Fri)02:19 No. 781125

Youtube  I know that I must do what's right

OP 18/05/29(Tue)22:00 No. 781202

Youtube  With that same flaming hot human feces!

Miku Fanboy 18/05/31(Thu)20:30 No. 781255

Youtube  You got to put one foot in front of the other

symbion 18/05/31(Thu)22:48 No. 781258

Youtube  That dance wasn't as safe as they said it was

Brony 18/06/01(Fri)04:38 No. 781262

Youtube  >>781125
This is my new favourite version.

zeneslev 18/06/01(Fri)04:42 No. 781263

Youtube  Two, one, zero - Der Alarm ist rot
Wien in Not - Cha, Cha, Cha

Anonymous 18/06/02(Sat)02:09 No. 781272

Youtube  Hope springs eternal but there's no conviction, action mistaken for ransom is paid.
All this concern is the true contradiction, the world is insane.

Novice Equestrian 18/06/02(Sat)02:35 No. 781273

Youtube  Research chemicals got me bleeding from my ears.

O.P. 18/06/02(Sat)02:50 No. 781274

Youtube  Animation by M dot Strange.

O.P. 18/06/03(Sun)23:09 No. 781312

Youtube  Jennifer Jason Leigh's tits

Homicide 18/06/04(Mon)04:00 No. 781326

He knew she wasn't nineteen. Airwolfing perv. :p

tee 18/06/04(Mon)04:16 No. 781327

Youtube  Don't you know you're driving me insane.

Steve 18/06/06(Wed)21:23 No. 781384

Youtube  Ironically her greatest love of all was crack

Optimus Prime 18/06/06(Wed)23:14 No. 781386

Youtube  You've run out of lies

Steve 18/06/06(Wed)23:17 No. 781387

Youtube  Break it all down.

Sonichu 18/06/08(Fri)00:18 No. 781402

Youtube  Greencard?

Bob Ross 18/06/16(Sat)14:24 No. 781520

Youtube  I send this smile over to you

Brony 18/06/17(Sun)19:17 No. 781535

Never trust a junkie.

He-Man 18/06/19(Tue)03:43 No. 781556

Youtube  So on we go

Mudkip 18/06/19(Tue)22:48 No. 781569

Fun fact: JJL was 19 when that scene was filmed

Bill 18/06/24(Sun)20:37 No. 781649

Youtube  Dude, this song is Sikh!

Conductor Cat 18/06/27(Wed)08:56 No. 781669

Wow, they look like they had a really good, wholesome time making that video. Good, old fashioned, having fun doing things that are almost completely unobjectionable.

Can't remember the last time I had fun like that.

Sonichu 18/07/01(Sun)16:43 No. 781757

Fun, chapati, and raita, I can think of a lot worse time.

Marisa Kirisame 18/07/03(Tue)15:58 No. 781798

We know. That's why you're here.

ian 18/07/03(Tue)22:37 No. 781804

Youtube  Out of all the superheros, he's the hottest

Lorf 18/07/04(Wed)16:46 No. 781818

I don't trust a motherAirwolfer who don't like the Ramones.

Reimu Hakurei 18/07/05(Thu)18:18 No. 781828

Youtube  >>781818
Hey I think they liked us

Homicide 18/07/07(Sat)18:24 No. 781887

Youtube  I could be a mastondon,
running around with nothing on.

Nyan Cat 18/07/12(Thu)02:44 No. 781970

Youtube  Do you want to be faithful for eternity until death parts you?

Conductor Cat 18/07/13(Fri)05:05 No. 781987

Youtube  Don't you tell me how I feel, you don't know just how I feel

Nyan Cat 18/07/13(Fri)22:45 No. 781996

Youtube  Time for DEVO.

Closet Furry 18/07/16(Mon)06:38 No. 782038

Youtube  I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black, 7chan.

p4ch3c0 18/07/16(Mon)20:34 No. 782042

Love ya, man!

Marisa Kirisame 18/07/17(Tue)08:19 No. 782051

Youtube  I put a 100,000 pictures of my ass on the internet

Spider Expert 18/07/19(Thu)00:22 No. 782089

Youtube  >>782051
Don't drop the soap


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