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herp 17/08/20(Sun)04:55 No. 771806

File 150319775757.png - (364.49KB , 550x900 , basedF2MTranny.png )

Why is the Alt-Right leadership so weird?

Anonymous 17/08/20(Sun)06:27 No. 771807

Look at the airwolfing followers, why do you think?

poe 17/08/20(Sun)08:50 No. 771827

Make sense already, you crazy rеtarded fuсk

Spider Expert 17/08/20(Sun)13:06 No. 771875

File 150322720572.gif - (861.06KB , 337x222 , Flag.gif )

Its very hard for bots to make sense. They work best using verbiage written by people ahead of time and then chosen based on fuzzy logic.

When you leave it to make up its own responses you end up with threads a lot like this one.

derp 17/08/20(Sun)17:18 No. 771880

I think I dreamed about this girl like 30 years ago, but her skin was slightly paler.

Lorf 17/08/20(Sun)19:19 No. 771881

I don't think that's a girl.

ian 17/08/20(Sun)21:17 No. 771885

File 150325664334.jpg - (33.78KB , 460x276 , Japanese-pop-band-Kishidan.jpg )

People who cosplay are generally strange.

ian 17/08/20(Sun)21:49 No. 771887

File 150325855197.gif - (2.30MB , 450x253 , janmichaelvincent.gif )

It's not a bot. It's just a faglord.

Reimu Hakurei 17/08/20(Sun)23:40 No. 771890

They just found some nazi uniforms and decided to play dress0up.

Mudkip 17/08/21(Mon)04:08 No. 771891

Why do euroсuсks only ever want to talk politics?

Why are you so obsessed with Treblinka? I knew someone who was there.

poe 17/08/22(Tue)02:18 No. 771911

>I knew someone who was there.
Where they alive with the glory of love?

OP 17/08/22(Tue)02:39 No. 771913

Not sure what that means, but he was a guard there. He was a big mean old Ukie when I met him. By the look of him, I'd say no.

Novice Equestrian 17/08/22(Tue)03:37 No. 771914

File 150336585289.png - (1.58MB , 1600x850 , Meth-Nazi_vs_Melania.png )

Thanks for reminding me.

Nyan Cat 17/08/28(Mon)13:25 No. 772089

Richard Spencer is a faggot

It's an internet thing, those tend to be airwolfing hard to define.

Anonymous 17/08/28(Mon)22:01 No. 772091

Richard Spencer is an Oxford faggot, who would believe he is leading an workers revolution.. NOT ME!

Closet Furry 17/08/28(Mon)22:01 No. 772092

Richard Spencer is an Oxford faggot, who would believe he is leading an workers revolution.. NOT ME!

N3X15 17/08/29(Tue)12:07 No. 772101

Marisa Kirisame 17/08/30(Wed)19:08 No. 772115

File 150411292332.png - (1.19MB , 1674x1102 , organize.png )

Unfortunately most alt-right claim to "hate nazis" and spend their time trying to convince the public that they're not nazis and are actually "just a civil rights movement" and other gay shit like that. In trying to be inclusive and moderate they end up attracting LARPy strawberrys.

airwolf alt-right LARPers. I'd never want to be associated with faggots like Milo, Cernovich, Spencer, etc...

Sazpaimon 17/08/30(Wed)19:10 No. 772116

Never trust a rich, trust fund baby who has never worked a day in his life.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day though. He's really hit and miss, every once in a while he says something right, but it's seldom.

Bill 17/08/31(Thu)02:13 No. 772120

File 15041384226.jpg - (465.19KB , 1920x1080 , swastik.jpg )

And here's your new newspaper...

Moot 17/08/31(Thu)07:10 No. 772150

File 150415620577.jpg - (52.63KB , 500x404 , OhDearLord.jpg )

>every once in a while he says something right, but it's seldom
Just like Ron Paul.

poe 17/08/31(Thu)22:31 No. 772156

Oh please. Just because you don't understand what principles are does not make him wrong

Marisa Kirisame 17/09/01(Fri)00:50 No. 772157

Just because you're a moron doesn't make Paul's "principles" (his euphemism for what the Koch brothers paid him to say) right

Spiderman 17/09/01(Fri)01:26 No. 772158

Greed is not a principle. Its a sin.

Sazpaimon 17/09/03(Sun)06:23 No. 772195


What part of what he says do you disagree with? Are you a war loving hippie?

ian 17/09/03(Sun)09:36 No. 772197

Is "based" now a code for racist/bigot/whatevah?

Makes him kinda like Lenin or Ayatollah Kohmeini. He's in good company!

Depeche Mode didn't think his "joke" was funny. True, there is a correlation between being of european heritage and electronic music. And that has probably nothing to do with anything but economy, technology and laziness. E.g. you have a bunch of punk bands, and a few starts top up the ante by incorporating synths in their music and presto: post-punk and new wave. You also gotta afford them, so then it helps if you live in Europe and so on.

And this has nothing to do with essentialism or anything. Because asians and people of african heritage can play electronic music too.

And all his efforts to seem more down-to-earth, including that video when he's drunk and sings to Depeche Mode and his shills that says he's just like a dad for the nazis is pathetic. It's obvious that he was never and will never be a patrician. Because you can be both a patrician and have the common touch.

Miku Fanboy 17/09/05(Tue)03:01 No. 772247

I see someone has been selectively paying attention to the things he says that you agree with, while completely ignoring everything he said that you disagree with. Its easy to do, and you have a lot of company. Almost every one of his supporters does it.

Except for the ones who are certifiably insane.

zeneslev 17/09/06(Wed)12:26 No. 772267

Sauce on all those quotes?

Miku Fanboy 17/09/07(Thu)02:03 No. 772281

I'm pretty sure the source is Ron Paul.

Brony 17/09/07(Thu)02:31 No. 772283

Source: That one time he said that, maybe.

He-Man 17/09/08(Fri)02:26 No. 772324

File 150483038545.jpg - (171.44KB , 427x760 , image001.jpg )

Richard Spencer planned an armed march in Montana a while back. He canceled when he found out people like this were going to counter-protest. He is a huge pussy and apparently only good at getting punched in the face.

Anonymous 17/09/08(Fri)19:55 No. 772351

File 150489332181.png - (365.08KB , 395x650 , 6b69822a7c0b22a3a77aa9949fd5bd0388903757da53739933.png )

They are pretty good guys with eccentric personalities. Really they are like you and I, just very vocal and work hard to make their ideals known.

N3X15 17/09/09(Sat)02:12 No. 772363

I don't have shit in common with actual airwolfing Nazis. Miss me with that "relate to the hate" bullshit.

Nyan Cat 17/09/09(Sat)12:36 No. 772367

File 150495339685.jpg - (113.64KB , 1024x712 , Hate.jpg )


He-Man 17/09/09(Sat)13:09 No. 772369

File 150495535117.gif - (3.31MB , 584x300 , 1501368440069.gif )


Not like me at all, i don't want my ideas to be know by anyone. My ideas would get me fired from my job as a youth pastor.

Reimu Hakurei 17/09/09(Sat)13:58 No. 772371

File 150495829316.jpg - (31.99KB , 636x300 , Closet.jpg )

Look on the bright side, then you could become a youth pastor of a congregation that doesn't mind if you're gay.

poe 17/09/09(Sat)14:10 No. 772372

Which one of those meme's are wrong?

AIDS was a political weapon, you can't deny that can you?

on MOSSAD, it's an enormous machine that pays really well, ofc there would be thousands of people wanting to work for them.

I'll get to the rest when I feel like it, you're just wrong and Media matters fooled

(nice meme factory you have there Media Matters)

Sazpaimon 17/09/09(Sat)14:48 No. 772373

File 150496130260.jpg - (89.24KB , 450x337 , Conspiracy.jpg )

Remember to always wear your foil hat.

4chan user 17/09/09(Sat)19:12 No. 772376

File 150497714653.jpg - (929.62KB , 1800x2700 , wat.jpg )

What is a conspiracy? What have you done?

Closet Furry 17/09/09(Sat)19:15 No. 772377

The MLK meme... seriously... you seriously can't see the anti-white narrative built much upon the propagandizing of MLK? seriously? that daft?

Reimu Hakurei 17/09/10(Sun)19:59 No. 772420

File 15050663984.jpg - (197.63KB , 648x360 , 1503685573967-trash.jpg )

Well thats because you're a faggot buddy.

O.P. 17/09/10(Sun)20:01 No. 772421

File 150506651082.png - (26.39KB , 289x200 , df7f0fbd0a0cf052ea70b8055240397663dc97644f806107cc.png )

Always remember to dye your hair a neon color.

Spider Expert 17/09/10(Sun)23:05 No. 772427

File 150507750672.gif - (240.71KB , 300x300 , Triggered.gif )

They're quotes. Things that he said. Sorry you got triggered because they're words on a photo.

You really should try reading sometime. Stop masturbating, stop sucking that guy's dick, and read. Its a wonderful thing. Its how you gain knowledge. Legitimate, actual knowledge, not that garbage in Mein Kampf.

herp 17/09/10(Sun)23:19 No. 772428

File 150507839324.jpg - (6.35KB , 200x252 , Totally Gay.jpg )

Actually, most Nazis were faggots who were overcompensating for being faggots. The sad thing is to this day there are people on this planet who don't realize that they were just trying to cover up the gay sex they were having.

All that bluster and murder and war and genocide was just a cover up for gay sex that occurred every time the Nazi party had a meeting. Stauffenberg failed because so many left to have gay sex by the time the bomb had went off.

Moot 17/09/11(Mon)20:25 No. 772458

ITT: nigger loving faggots

Spider Expert 17/09/12(Tue)01:27 No. 772467

Actually, you are just a faggot.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/09/12(Tue)04:18 No. 772472

The alt right in general is weird. see mlpol

Optimus Prime 17/09/12(Tue)05:48 No. 772474

File 150518808837.gif - (1.07MB , 300x173 , My God Its Full Of Cock.gif )

I bow to your greater knowledge of faggots, since you've been one for so many years.

But I dunno man, I think being sexually attracted to women puts me in the other camp.

Are you sure you didn't get distracted by thoughts of sucking cock for money and attributed someone else's motives to your own?

Brony 17/09/14(Thu)22:41 No. 772526

Doesn't really matter. He didn't defend himself against David Duke back in 2008.

The techical term is Backpfeifengesicht.

Conductor Cat 17/09/15(Fri)08:25 No. 772540

2008? Try 1990.

He all but fellated Duke over his senate run.

Those two birds have been flocking together for decades. Its not a recent thing.

Bob Ross 17/09/15(Fri)08:33 No. 772542

The 7channel community is strange because we want to be


Bill 17/09/15(Fri)08:37 No. 772543

Yes I am in an airport, waiting to boad an international flight

He-Man 17/09/15(Fri)08:46 No. 772544

I'm a Canadian on a layover. Ever American seems to have an opinion and no one is wrong.

Entertaining anyway

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/09/15(Fri)08:49 No. 772545

Helps when I mention statues


Marisa Kirisame 17/09/15(Fri)08:56 No. 772547


Everyone gets a copy of the contract

Christian Weston Chandler 17/09/15(Fri)08:58 No. 772548

File 150545869520.jpg - (29.88KB , 540x674 , A Shining Beacon In Space.jpg )

Good thing you don't know how to airwolfing embed, because nobody here is going to click on that link.

You're not going to make money by spamming your YouTube channel to a site few people visit. Time for you to get a real job, loser.

poe 17/09/15(Fri)09:02 No. 772549

File 150545897642.jpg - (2.78MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_3146.jpg )

Good thing you don't know how to embed, because nobody here is going to click on that link.

Homicide 17/09/16(Sat)00:39 No. 772570

Hey, >>772547
See these two posts? They're right.

Miku Fanboy 17/09/16(Sat)01:43 No. 772571

File 150551898693.png - (380.08KB , 623x664 , YouDontSell5MillHats.png )

I think one of those guys is a bot.

That or he liked the previous reply so much he copied & pasted it... twice... to two different threads...

Closet Furry 17/09/16(Sat)04:51 No. 772573

File 150553029670.png - (33.83KB , 640x331 , 2c84ef1abcc27430aad64babd6f19bed6da3dc27cd8e8b31d7.png )

Tryharder fag

Brony 17/09/16(Sat)07:03 No. 772579

File 150553822575.jpg - (31.24KB , 596x360 , Faggot.jpg )

I don't care what you say, I'm not buying your duck calls.

Lorf 17/09/26(Tue)18:32 No. 772848

File 150644353083.jpg - (205.33KB , 900x350 , b5lt.jpg )


[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/09/26(Tue)19:18 No. 772849

File 150644631440.png - (442.77KB , 680x478 , 345a3ca810a7dc54fce94d3d41009054f42ae3c688c6bab4d6.png )

Lewis Cuck

Optimus Prime 17/09/26(Tue)19:43 No. 772851

The reason why these threads never go anywhere and all 3 of those posts are just one fag is that we are in an environment where it's possible to anonymously reinforce our own position.

Attitude polarization, also known as belief polarization and polarization effect, is a phenomenon in which a disagreement becomes more extreme as the different parties consider evidence on the issue. It is one of the effects of confirmation bias: the tendency of people to search for and interpret evidence selectively, to reinforce their current beliefs or attitudes. When people encounter ambiguous evidence, this bias can potentially result in each of them interpreting it as in support of their existing attitudes, widening rather than narrowing the disagreement between them.

The effect is observed with issues that activate emotions, such as political "hot button" issues. For most issues, new evidence does not produce a polarization effect. For those issues where polarization is found, mere thinking about the issue, without contemplating new evidence, produces the effect.
>Social comparison processes have also been invoked as an explanation for the effect, which is increased by settings in which people repeat and validate each other's statements.
This apparent tendency is of interest not only to psychologists, but also to sociologists and philosophers.

derp 17/09/26(Tue)19:52 No. 772852

For spider experts:

In 1979, Charles Lord, Lee Ross and Mark Lepper[9] performed a study in which they selected two groups of people, one group strongly in favor of capital punishment, the other strongly opposed. The researchers initially measured the strength with which people held their position. Later, both the pro- and anti-capital punishment people were put into small groups and shown one of two cards, each containing a statement about the results of a research project written on it. For example:

Kroner and Phillips (1977) compared murder rates for the year before and the year after adoption of capital punishment in 14 states. In 11 of the 14 states, murder rates were lower after adoption of the death penalty. This research supports the deterrent effect of the death penalty.


Palmer and Crandall (1977) compared murder rates in 10 pairs of neighboring states with different capital punishment laws. In 8 of the 10 pairs, murder rates were higher in the state with capital punishment. This research opposes the deterrent effect of the death penalty.

The researchers again asked people about the strength of their beliefs about the deterrence effect of the death penalty, and, this time, also asked them about the effect that the research had had on their attitudes.

In the next stage of the research, the participants were given more information about the study described on the card they received, including details of the research, critiques of the research, and the researchers' responses to those critiques. The participants' degree of commitment to their original positions were re-measured, and the participants were asked about the quality of the research and the effect the research had on their beliefs. Finally, the trial was rerun on all participants using a card that supported the opposite position to that they had initially seen.

The researchers found that people tended to believe that research that supported their original views had been better conducted and was more convincing than research that didn't. Whichever position they held initially, people tended to hold that position more strongly after reading research that supported it. Lord et al. point out that it is reasonable for people to be less critical of research that supports their current position, but it seems less rational for people to significantly increase the strength of their attitudes when they read supporting evidence. When people had read both the research that supported their views and the research that did not, they tended to hold their original attitudes more strongly than before they received that information.

Novice Equestrian 17/09/26(Tue)20:20 No. 772853

TL; DR: This one faggot made this bot to be his board buddy in hopes of manipulating the three of us into finding and murdering each other.
Last one alive wins.

Lorf 17/09/26(Tue)21:07 No. 772854

File 150645283196.jpg - (11.55KB , 236x355 , beautiful-black-women.jpg )

This seems somewhat likely.

>we are in an environment where it's possible to anonymously reinforce our own position.
Possible yes, but this is not the true essence of samefaggotry. You must meditate more on the usefulness of having no mandatory posting delay.

PrettyPony 17/09/27(Wed)03:26 No. 772859

I think the guy who thinks everyone else on 7chan is a bot long ago placed himself on a high-speed no-stops express train to a commitment proceeding.

And his destination is fast approaching.

Novice Equestrian 17/09/27(Wed)05:47 No. 772863

How large are the groups ? Surely 10 wackos can be enough to draw a conclusion about everyone right ?

Conductor Cat 17/09/27(Wed)07:29 No. 772864

I think your mom blows dogs for quarters.

Brony 17/09/28(Thu)04:03 No. 772891

Sounds like someone's envious because he blows dogs for nickles.

r000t 17/11/27(Mon)00:45 No. 775122

Richard Spencer is a faggot

Sonichu 17/11/27(Mon)01:15 No. 775126


O.P. 17/11/27(Mon)01:23 No. 775130

sage, it dies if you sage.

Closet Furry 17/11/27(Mon)07:30 No. 775136

Spencer lives in Alexandria VA what else do you need

OP 17/11/27(Mon)07:30 No. 775137

Spencer lives in Alexandria VA what else do you need

Spiderman 17/11/29(Wed)00:31 No. 775205

File 151191189858.jpg - (96.33KB , 520x785 , berries.jpg )

Who's Spencer?

Cryomancer 17/11/29(Wed)23:47 No. 775224

Him: >>772101
Yes, him.

Miku Fanboy 17/11/30(Thu)00:27 No. 775227

File 151199807891.jpg - (86.72KB , 520x785 , burries.jpg )


Lorf 17/11/30(Thu)00:59 No. 775229

when 9/11 happened i was 12 and didnt really give one airwolf, but my parents had friends in the uk and they and their kids were pretty invested in it and took it very seriously even though it had nothing to do with europe

Marisa Kirisame 17/11/30(Thu)21:24 No. 775246

>Alt-Right leadership

No such thing. Alt-right is a blanket term, not a group, organization, etc. There are leaders of various group but then that statement is still pretty general and assuming.

Weeabot 17/11/30(Thu)21:25 No. 775247

lol didn't read

Bob Ross 17/12/01(Fri)11:01 No. 775260

You didn't read a post from September, but you bother to comment about that in December, and you don't even sage?

OP 17/12/03(Sun)22:32 No. 775331

I'll answer you that as soon as you can answer me why the far left is so cruel, weird, hypocritical, and dangerous--antifa, commies, and Daesh/isis.

4chan user 17/12/04(Mon)02:59 No. 775383


That faggot probably doesn't even vote.

Sazpaimon 17/12/09(Sat)05:31 No. 775570

>engages in whataboutism
Tell us more about your life in Putin's Russia, comrade

p4ch3c0 17/12/09(Sat)11:03 No. 775581

None of those things are "left", none of them. Do you have any idea what you are talking about? No, you don't.

Stop talking about the "alt-right", stop talking about the "snowflake left", start thinking about people as people and not stereotypes fed to you by psycophant politicians and their corrupt media cohorts.

I can't say I believe this theory that trolls from Olgino are gaming the American populace against itself, but I have to admit someone seems to be doing that.

Bob Ross 17/12/12(Tue)06:14 No. 775720

Whataboutism is basically Russia's unofficial state religion.

The soviets made extensive use of it to keep its populace complacent about the outside world. Sure, the average citizen in the west was better off than the average Russian, but what about...

It worked so well that Fox News has started using it regularly.

Moot 17/12/12(Tue)11:46 No. 775730

>started using it
A conversation that probably happened in 1996:
"What about doing the news on FOX?"
"The entertainment network?"

Conductor Cat 17/12/13(Wed)01:43 No. 775747

But they have to vote for people in those specific stereotypes...

Also politics? I'm gonna take my gun and democratize this airwolfin nation (jk FBI)

Bob Ross 17/12/13(Wed)06:16 No. 775761

America only democratizes other countries.

Steve 17/12/13(Wed)12:45 No. 775765

>they have to vote for people in those specific stereotypes
No, they don't. There are other people to vote for, lots of other people to vote for. Any of them could run themselves if they don't like anyone available. Just because you've only ever been fed two flavors of shit doesn't mean it's the only two there are.

Conductor Cat 17/12/13(Wed)17:54 No. 775768

So you think voting for Ted Nancy, the most reasonable man in the world, is really a viable strategy against the Democrat and Republican conglomerate? You think that even if it were possible to write some asshole in and be taken seriously, they wouldn't just fudge the results and cheat their way into it?

You can only vote for the people running for office.

N3X15 17/12/13(Wed)22:41 No. 775775

>You can only vote for the people running for office.
There are lots of people running; you can run if they're all shit.

Stop making compromises you hate. Stop voting for people you don't like.

Spider Expert 17/12/14(Thu)22:07 No. 775794

Yeah OK I'll stop making compromises I don't like and live on my own off the grid where I won't be affected by the law...wait I don't think that's how it works

p4ch3c0 17/12/15(Fri)00:33 No. 775796

File 151329442115.jpg - (135.12KB , 960x960 , IMG_1356.jpg )

4868 Old Dominion Drive

Anonymous 17/12/15(Fri)01:07 No. 775797

It's an option, but I wouldn't recommend it.

It's a lot less trouble to start your own political party, file the paperwork, and run for office.

Seriously, what's stopping you? What?

Christian Weston Chandler 17/12/15(Fri)02:01 No. 775799

File 151329970275.jpg - (22.24KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

As an added bonus, once you run and run and run and run and run and lose every single time, you can turn around and sell your party.

Lorf 17/12/15(Fri)08:26 No. 775928

Sure, why not?

It isn't going to be easy. The people of the United States are addicted to submission; they've been letting two parties run their country for so long they don't remember what it was like to be self-determined. But you either get off the junk, or it kills you.

poe 17/12/15(Fri)08:32 No. 775929

I know, its almost like people band together into larger and larger groups until they gather enough people to have a majority of votes.

A party of navel gazers who don't think of anyone but themselves won't gather much support though, the GOP already exists.

Steve 17/12/15(Fri)08:56 No. 775936

Yeah, just convince everyone

p4ch3c0 17/12/15(Fri)10:28 No. 775940

>people band together into larger and larger groups until they gather enough people to have a majority of votes
Oh, watch out, this one can sarcasm.

If political parties were as simple as that, we wouldn't be having this argument. The two major parties are now so large that they no longer serve the interests of most of their memberships. In order to gather such a large number of people under one banner, the party must appeal to people with conflicting values, which is only possible if the party has no actual values. This system has to go; we need to break it down into dozens, and dozens of minor parties--parties that each stand for a thing, a different thing.

We don't need Republicans and Democrats or their sad attempts to gather a youth audience to have a democracy. Our democracy would be a lot healthier if it were a lot more diverse.

N3X15 17/12/16(Sat)05:48 No. 776933

You don't need Putin either, but good luck with that.

h 17/12/16(Sat)13:31 No. 777128

I'm going to wait for you to come up with a logical reason why you said that.


Conductor Cat 17/12/17(Sun)00:12 No. 777147

Alright, I waited long enough troll. Here's what you insinuate: That Putin plays a part in the United States democracy. He doesn't.

For all his flaws, Duck is right about just one thing: Russia did not hack the election. There has not been one report any successful attempt to interfere with the election through means of a cyber attack. Releasing Hillary Clinton's dirty laundry through Wikileaks isn't hacking; running pro-Duck ads on social media isn't hacking; hiring legions of Pakis to post divisive threads all across the internet isn't hacking. A propaganda campaign isn't a hack, and you cannot blame Russia if you or millions of your fellow Americans fell for it.

You know how to not fall for propaganda? Think for yourself. That's it. Do your own thinking and you'll never have to worry about trolls from Olgino posting shoddy memes that "make you" elect a complete imbecile to your country's highest office.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/12/17(Sun)10:30 No. 777159

>thinking for yourself
We are far too polarized, belligerent, and/or irresponsible for that now.

I was just about to write an essay on why, but halfway through, I was exhausted.

PrettyPony 17/12/17(Sun)11:06 No. 777163

>but halfway through, I was exhausted
It's okay, I know how you feel.
>We are far too polarized, belligerent, and/or irresponsible
I would almost write that essay myself.

It's hard to hold on to hope.

Spiderman 17/12/17(Sun)12:51 No. 777168

You really need to read what is written.

I was calling you Ivan.

Cryomancer 17/12/17(Sun)14:50 No. 777172

That makes so little sense I assumed that was an impersonal 'you' in >>776933.

I am not Ivan Abdullah Khan.

I think you need to take a few steps back and sort this out. Russian trolls are not posting arguments toward making a better American democracy. Perhaps you are mistaking any call to change the status quo as an attempt by subversive Russian trolls to destroy the United States, and I can understand how you feel that way. This is not thinking, it is reacting defensively on instinct, and I don't blame you for it.

I've been at this for some time now. I've been posting against bipartisanism for years, but at least you might remember the threads posted during the recent presidential election trying to get the dupes not to vote for either major party candidate. I never told anyone who to vote for, just who not to vote for, because I am genuinely concerned for the health of the United States and I do not want it to implode.

I'm asking you to take your mouth off the tit of bipartisanism and make use of the representational democracy the constitution established; let your voice be heard at every level of government, and not leave all those unpleasantly boring and complicated civic issues in the hands of two corrupt parties who are working together to disenfranchise you. It is my hope that you would seek out information on your own, never take anything published anywhere at face value, and vote by your own personal interests rather than by the issues fed to you by these sycophants and in the way their media cohorts tell you to feel about them.

There does appear to be an ongoing campaign, taking place primarily on the internet, to divide and aggravate the American people; to make it appear that there are always just two sides to everything and that there are people on both sides. Getting Duck elected was a boon for this campaign, but it would be naive to think this was it's final goal. Someone wants the people of the US to be incapable of standing up for their own interests, willing to elect officials they personally despise for what they perceive as protecting themselves and their country from various boogeymen, and to be violently opposed to compromise.

I am not convinced that this campaign is entirely Russian in either execution or origin. Rather, I see a lot of political and business moguls in the United States who stand to make a large profit in the short term and have no concern for the consequences, and various non-state or foreign state entities that want to break up US hegemony and are willing to sacrifice money, resources, and people in droves to do so. Russia could be, and probably is, one sponsor of this campaign, but it likely goes beyond that. Think of who stands to profit most from the US becoming an isolationist country.

Novice Equestrian 17/12/17(Sun)15:16 No. 777173


PrettyPony 17/12/17(Sun)18:18 No. 777175


What you propose isn't better. You are making rash assumptions about things you haven't taken adequate time to examine for yourself and are use that time to write novels that do little except expose your ignorance.

Everything you write about has been already done before. You just don't know about it. Instead of learning about humanity you write diatribes about how everyone else is stupid because they don't think like you.

herp 17/12/17(Sun)18:23 No. 777176

And you propose nothing, absolutely nothing. That's not better.

r000t 17/12/17(Sun)20:44 No. 777182

>I am not Ivan Abdullah Khan.
Well, you're definitely not American since you don't understand that term.

Bill 17/12/17(Sun)20:56 No. 777184

Names are not terms.

I mistook you for someone who was paying attention.

O.P. 17/12/17(Sun)21:23 No. 777191

I'm not that guy or the one that called you Ivan, but it's a term and you'd know that if you were American.

Mudkip 17/12/17(Sun)21:29 No. 777192

Ivan Khan of Khan Academy doesn't speak English, Vladimir Vladimirovich?

It's far better than proposing something that hasn't even been thought experimented out to its logical conclusion, and instead represents changing for the sake of changing.

You wouldn't happen to be afflicted with some sort of spectrum disorder, would you? You seem unable to accept anyone's point of view besides your own.

Spiderman 17/12/17(Sun)21:31 No. 777194

names ≠ terms

This is why I'm always telling people being a native English speaker isn't a teaching qualification unto itself.

>trolls from Olgino

Cryomancer 17/12/17(Sun)21:34 No. 777196

You seem to be unable to make any kind of proposal at all.

Perhaps, if you expressed your point of view we could discuss it.

symbion 17/12/17(Sun)21:41 No. 777199

What would you know about being a native English speaker, Ivan?

PrettyPony 17/12/17(Sun)21:46 No. 777200

File 151354357912.png - (127.31KB , 1947x1704 , diag_communication-tools.png )

What I do for a living, oc related.

Mudkip 17/12/17(Sun)21:52 No. 777201

Oh, hey David. What're you still doing here?

symbion 17/12/17(Sun)21:55 No. 777203

trolling, getting trolled, the usual.

Reimu Hakurei 17/12/17(Sun)22:05 No. 777204

Well, Google "Ivan term" next time and wipe that egg off your face.

Homicide 17/12/17(Sun)22:13 No. 777206

File 151354518521.png - (145.83KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-12-18 06-13-48.png )

Have your pick, the term 'Crazy Ivan' or the name 'Ivan'.

Or reroll for a chance to express yourself meaningfully!

ps- you don't even want to know what urban dictionary has to say about it.

h 17/12/17(Sun)22:19 No. 777207

Well, maybe it's too early for you to be thinking, but it's crazy Ivan that's since become a slur for all Russians.

Like all Germans are Jerry and Vietnamese are Charlie and shitposters are David.

Spiderman 17/12/17(Sun)23:00 No. 777209

>crazy Ivan
The term it is then.

Thank you for electing to express yourself meaningfully. It wasn't that hard was it? Someday you'll be able to express your very own thoughts and opinions as well, and other people might even understand you!

>shitposters are David
I am fine with this, really. To be the anus that shat every shitpost on the internet? I only dream of trolling on such a level.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/12/17(Sun)23:15 No. 777210

I'm telling you that I didn't call you Ivan or make that Putin remark but I knew what it meant immediately.

It's not trolling, if you're too rеtarded to understand semantics.
It's just you being rеtarded.

Cryomancer 17/12/18(Mon)06:52 No. 777219

File 151357635627.jpg - (25.65KB , 223x310 , Image.jpg )

Sorry to get you mixed up, but it would seem you are also a bit confused about me. How did you get the impression that I didn't know what you meant by "Ivan"? Since it began appearing on 7chan after the "trolls from Olgino" story broke, I've always assumed "Ivan" was a reference to them--we've talked about this on /civ/. I made up the name "Ivan Abdullah Kahn" for the /rnb/ thread because I feel there may also be arab and chinese trolls on similar missions.

I really did think you were someone who pays more attention, which is why I tried to draw your attention to the /rnb/ thread and my own post in this thread that explicitly mentions "trolls from Olgino". I have always known what you were talking about, but I have been trying to demonstrate that rather than explicitly say so. No one believes you* when you* say things like that. It's best to show people that they are wrong rather than simply tell them so--unless they are so comitted to their view of reality that no amount of clues suffice to break their delusion.

*impersonal 'you'

OP 17/12/18(Mon)08:20 No. 777222

Because you thought it was the proper name "Ivan" instead of the term "Ivan" that's been used by Americans to refer to Russia/Russians since the Cold War years and you're now still going on like you think it originated here about olgino.

Are you trying to say we should all be lurking other boards and reading your posts so we can understand your incorrect assumptions or the stupid shit you make up based on them?

I understand you.
You see something you don't understand,
then you make an incorrect assumption,
then you post stupid shit based on that assumption,
then you get all butthurt and smug when nobody knows what the hell you're talking about.

Christian Weston Chandler 17/12/18(Mon)10:39 No. 777224

Did I grow up in the same america as you? We called them Ruskies. 'Ivan' appearing here in reference to Russians after the "trolls from Olgino" story is a matter of fact. Think about it, were you in the hobby of accusing random internet trolls of being Russians in 2015?

No, you weren't; back then they were Pakis.

As for the rest of your drivel, maybe you should really just lurk moar.

Lorf 17/12/18(Mon)21:35 No. 777229

File 151362930837.gif - (467.26KB , 200x200 , Wait For It.gif )

>then you get all butthurt and smug when nobody knows what the hell you're talking about
At all points he was butthurt and smug. Just read what he's written, assuming he was butthurt and smug when writing it, and it fits together so much better.

I'm fairly sure he isn't American, though he desperately wishes that he was. He likely grew up in a foreign country and then moved to the US, possibly as a teenager but probably a young adult. If he moved as a young child he would have a better grasp of English and wouldn't constantly make these little mistakes.

Though who knows, maybe he was born in the US but kept shackled in his parents basement, only let out for his cult's social events. He can't understand anyone else's point of view because in his isolated existence he never learned how. Released from his basement prison by the courts he's stumbled across 7chan and looks to make this place a new basement home for himself, and is completely unable to grasp how we know he's new here.


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