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Bill 17/09/11(Mon)11:59 No. 772448

File 150512397950.jpg - (51.53KB , 400x414 , 911-planes.jpg )

Hey niggas its yo boi faggotterrorist01 and im going to fly a plane into a building, any tips

p4ch3c0 17/09/11(Mon)20:43 No. 772459

lol m8

zeneslev 17/09/11(Mon)21:24 No. 772461

Make sure to make it look like an inside job by the local government.

Novice Equestrian 17/09/12(Tue)01:38 No. 772469

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

Sonichu 17/09/12(Tue)05:49 No. 772475

Be sure to spread bullshit like >>772469 first.

It'll piss off actual engineers to no end.

h 17/09/12(Tue)10:57 No. 772478

no actual engineer really looked at 911, except Dr. Judy Wood

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/09/13(Wed)06:39 No. 772490

That's because all actual engineers were terminated and replaced by androids in the months leading up to the festivities.

He-Man 17/09/13(Wed)06:55 No. 772494

And the 1999 bombings were a false flag.

Optimus Prime 17/09/14(Thu)13:50 No. 772521

Nah, it's because humanity is a coward

Cryomancer 17/09/16(Sat)04:56 No. 772574

> Be sure to spread bullshit like >>772469 first.

>It'll piss off actual engineers to no end.
Have some fun for once in your life, ya big baby.

Moot 17/09/17(Sun)09:00 No. 772606

>actual engineer
>Dr. Judy Wood
Well, her Ph. D. is legit, but I can't find any evidence of her doing actual work in her field. Research, yes; teaching, yes, but no actual work. Is she an engineering theorist or an engineer? I see no structures, products, or principles developed by her in use by anyone other than herself. I'm not saying this itself is reason to dismiss her or her theories out-of-hand; she's by no means the only scientist to approach their field with no practical application experience and attempt to become famous anyway, but it does give me doubts when I see such armchair quarterbacking.

Sazpaimon 17/09/17(Sun)12:01 No. 772614

File 15056424785.gif - (1.42MB , 300x300 , Playing Chicken.gif )

There's also the problem that she's a single person saying the opposite of hundreds of thousands to millions of engineers who have looked at the relevant data.

Some people REALLY like picking up on the one thing that agrees with the point of view that they already decided is true, and simply discard any and all other evidence to the contrary, no matter how compelling, well researched, documented, and numerous.

The same thing occurs with anti-vaxxers, holocaust and climate change denial.

Rather than avail themselves to the near-infinite amount of information available to them, they cling like rabid dogs onto a single scrap, no matter how long its been discredited or disowned by the author.

Lorf 17/11/21(Tue)08:54 No. 774928

Don't miss the building

symbion 17/11/21(Tue)16:13 No. 774932

will you scream halal snack bar?

poe 17/11/24(Fri)01:32 No. 774979

My favourite is the fag who airwolfed around with cardboard boxes.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 17/11/24(Fri)05:34 No. 774987

OP, how high are you

Spiderman 17/11/24(Fri)19:42 No. 775013

Cute chicken

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