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Marisa Kirisame 17/11/04(Sat)05:46 No. 774491

File 150977080753.png - (135.83KB , 2232x1487 , Screenshot (37).png )

hey guys. does this mean im airwolfed? i didnt actually post cp but i did post SOME pretty young girls with braces. it was a braces fetish blog.

Weeabot 17/11/04(Sat)05:48 No. 774492

i meant to say f*cked

Nyan Cat 17/11/04(Sat)08:59 No. 774494


Christian Weston Chandler 17/11/04(Sat)14:01 No. 774497

yeah, sell all your shit and run to mexico, you sick pedo faggot

Novice Equestrian 17/11/05(Sun)04:00 No. 774511

Just means some airwolfing sjw reported you.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 17/11/05(Sun)04:19 No. 774514

Shouldn't have posted creepy pedo comments with his creepy pedo photos.

OP 17/11/06(Mon)04:11 No. 774535

that's just one narrative

zeneslev 17/11/06(Mon)07:11 No. 774546

If you avoid commentary all they're left with is a photo. So long as you avoid blindingly obvious CP a photo by itself isn't get you in trouble.

In fact the SJWs may find themselves getting in trouble if they keep reporting you, since reporting non-reportable things is frowned upon by site moderators everywhere.

PrettyPony 17/11/14(Tue)22:32 No. 774741

They are just sliming you. If you actually posted CP, they would have reported you. The third paragraph doesn't follow from the two first.

Reimu Hakurei 17/11/18(Sat)03:50 No. 774830

I have a braces fetish too

Nyan Cat 17/11/19(Sun)07:22 No. 774865

go back to niggertits

symbion 17/11/19(Sun)23:01 No. 774876

say hi to the fbi

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