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zeneslev 17/11/13(Mon)22:35 No. 774712

File 151060892236.png - (123.94KB , 301x301 , memeeeeeeeee.png )

Tell me about your last love?
How is your life?

Lets learn about each other a little bit. :)

N3X15 17/11/14(Tue)00:53 No. 774713


Liru Fanboy 17/11/14(Tue)01:08 No. 774714

I'm a 25 year old virgin. My life could be described as kinda bad but also okay.

Spiderman 17/11/14(Tue)02:15 No. 774715

I kicked a baby carriage over today. That was fun.

Cryomancer 17/11/14(Tue)04:29 No. 774719

Is that in response to OP's first or second question? both?

Closet Furry 17/11/14(Tue)22:25 No. 774740


p4ch3c0 17/11/27(Mon)07:50 No. 775138

Let's airwolf a pig

Miku Fanboy 17/11/30(Thu)01:49 No. 775230

to love is to lose

h 17/11/30(Thu)01:53 No. 775231

But when the time came to destroy what he had created... How could he?

Nyan Cat 17/11/30(Thu)02:20 No. 775232

Dude, no way. That was my last love too!

4chan user 17/12/17(Sun)19:38 No. 777179

this. damned whores.

Nyan Cat 17/12/19(Tue)20:57 No. 777258


Miku Fanboy 17/12/19(Tue)23:09 No. 777260

Long time ago, like 2 1/2 maybe more years now.

So backstory first. I need to explain my terrible behavior a little... I was really in love with the girl at work, she is still to this day the most beautiful girl in the world I think. At least to me, especially to old drunken me. I had a bad problem with booze, drank until I almost died from withdrawal several times and at this point I had cut down a lot but still drank a six pack every few days.

At work I run into this really cute chick a few years older than me, she was a perfect hourglass and looked young despite beating me by almost a decade in age. I hit on her as I did with most chicks but to be honest I was mostly messing with girls at work to impress the one I was talking about earlier. It would be nice to find someone else but I knew I wouldn't take anyone but that very girl seriously.

She said she had a boyfriend and I backed off. I flirted every now and then, oggled her every possible chance and after a while she told me she broke up with her boyfriend. I responded with "I know what that means," because I'm lovably autistic. We hung out for a few nights and ended up having really good sex. We also drank.

Next day I invite get to go to the bar with me and my gay friend (first critical error, looking back) the night was really weird. I'm terrible at and also hate dancing, so dancing was not cool. Dancing next to gay guy hitting on me was weird, and eventually the two got in an argument about who could suck dicks better. At this point I'm too drunk to be around people (second critical error) and start making remarks so dumb I don't want to repeat them.

I go to the bathroom and come out and she's dancing like five feet away from the gay guy. I lose my drunken shit, how could you do this et cetera in front of like a hundred people. I leave she takes me home. I never apologize. The end.

h 17/12/19(Tue)23:10 No. 777261

Oh I also
>Told everyone at work we had sex so the other girl would find out

Yeah I'm glad I quit that job

Sazpaimon 17/12/20(Wed)03:51 No. 777274


Weeabot 18/02/04(Sun)16:06 No. 778808


I recently started year 6 with the gf.

I might marry her.im in my 30s, and im waching a few of my frends getting divorces from marriages in their 20s, when i was feeling like a loser for not being a grown-up.

Reimu Hakurei 18/02/04(Sun)21:48 No. 778816

No reply from her
Life is okay

Bill 18/02/05(Mon)13:39 No. 778835

i have never had a girlfriend. i lost my virginity to a hooker though

r000t 18/02/05(Mon)13:40 No. 778836

lolwut how come the email field had something in it

W. T. Snacks 18/02/05(Mon)16:31 No. 778838

Its Bill. He has two weiners.

PrettyPony 18/02/05(Mon)17:04 No. 778839

You Airwolfing tourist.

Sazpaimon 18/02/05(Mon)20:18 No. 778842

i've been here all summer

N3X15 18/02/05(Mon)22:36 No. 778846

I had this friend who probably have airwolfed a thousand guys. I had known her for years before I realised I loved her, and that was about the time she realised she was a lesbian. I don't blame her in any way, I blame Murphy.

Bob Ross 18/02/05(Mon)23:35 No. 778849

And yet you know nothing about the email field.

Closet Furry 18/02/06(Tue)01:22 No. 778851

I loved another man incredibly deeply who lied to me about having HIV. Naturally I told him to screw off and I got tested and so far the result is still negative. But it pains me deeply since I still feel his hold on my heart and I had the best sex of my life (so far) with him.

r000t 18/02/06(Tue)02:53 No. 778852

Wait. Did you specifically ask if he had HIV and he said no or did he just not tell you?

Novice Equestrian 18/02/06(Tue)03:58 No. 778853

File 151788591373.png - (142.22KB , 500x526 , fite-me-cunt.png )

>all summer
Austrailian summerfag?

OP 18/02/06(Tue)22:19 No. 778867

whats teh point of entering an address if its going to be invalid, you nerd

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/02/07(Wed)04:52 No. 778874

Lurk for ten thousand years.

O.P. 18/02/07(Wed)17:05 No. 778880


Cryomancer 18/02/07(Wed)23:55 No. 778888

Everything you say makes me hate you more.

N3X15 18/02/08(Thu)21:40 No. 778904


He didn't tell me until we met a fourth time. He said he's undetectable and I am inclined to believe it. But we also met at a bathhouse and he screwed at least three more guys before me and lied about that, too, and he didn't give me his real name when we first met.

It was kind of weird. He said his name was Greg and then afterwords gave me his real name when he dropped me off. I was confused at first and some red lights went off in my head, but I chalked it up to the fact that I'm really bad with names and I was up till 5 AM every night that week and felt a bit delirious after airwolfing all night. How did I find out the gave me a fake name? "Greg" admitted the whole name switching thing to me later when he told me he was positive. He wanted to have truly anonymous sex at first until we connected on a different level. Then we had some weird conversation about names and identity; I said names don't really mean much because what's inside shows itself anyways. (this image board is a case in point) It was strange.

Looking back I really dodged a bullet with this guy because it was obvious he's truly airwolfed up and tortured inside. He also puts others at risk and makes a conscious effort to hide who he is out of some crazy fears. But it's still hard to bear because he appeared to be beautiful and was not and now I don't trust people nearly as much as I did before, which is ultimately a greater good. One night of passionate lovemaking is not worth a lifetime of misery.

poe 18/02/09(Fri)11:26 No. 778918

my pleasure

Homicide 18/02/09(Fri)20:08 No. 778926

File 151820329354.gif - (250.06KB , 266x243 , 199cd1b2d18bfaba7be91192cbf73af13b030ddb521bc51de9.gif )

>25 post-college normalfag
>have shit $17k/y where I hardly do any work
>have 8/10 ebony goddess gf
>split my free time between anime, manga, books, internet, and social life.

You mad betafags?

Christian Weston Chandler 18/02/10(Sat)00:14 No. 778931

Nah anyone can airwolf a nigger, bro

Weeabot 18/02/10(Sat)00:42 No. 778932

Makes hardly any money.

Does hardly any work so no real satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.

Actually pursues a nigger and proudly tries to show it off.

No travel or side projects.

Damn, Is this supposed to be a joke? Jesus Christ your life would be my living hell.

Conductor Cat 18/02/11(Sun)07:08 No. 778960


p4ch3c0 18/02/11(Sun)07:20 No. 778961

>blowing $10000 to take selfies in a different time zone for a week
Spoken like someone who's truly never left his mother's basement.

ian 18/02/11(Sun)09:50 No. 778963

Man, that is the deepest and the most reasonable thinking I have seen in a while on the internets. My respect, sir.

Christian Weston Chandler 18/02/11(Sun)09:51 No. 778964

this >>778963 is the answer for >>778951

Sorry, it's the first time I'm posting on this board.

Moot 18/02/11(Sun)10:55 No. 778965

Yeah, the broken grammar really accentuates its intellectual value.

Bob Ross 18/02/11(Sun)14:20 No. 778970


There are several mistakes, I admit that, but there is still a seed of reason. Sometimes I also think if there is much sense in traveling and stuff like that. I spent several years of my life living abroad and I can't really say that it made me better. I was mostly getting high, airwolfing some whores and just doing some crazy shit.

Btw I'm sorry if I did some mistakes while writing this message. English isn't my language.

4chan user 18/02/11(Sun)15:02 No. 778971

When you start third-world, it's best not to set your expectations too high.

Sounds like you went to the wrong places for the wrong reasons. Tiajuana, Thailand, Amsterdam, etc. are stupid places to go, especially if you are going there for whores and dope--surely there are plenty of whores and dope in your home country. The most ideal purpose of travel is to experience things unknown to you, preferably things you could not experience at home even if you had the time.

Living abroad is not quite the same thing, unless you mean that you continuously traveled through that time. If you settle anywhere, even a place that is foriegn to you, the experience of being there will become commonplace over time.

>>778951 is an idiot, absolutely and irredeemably. He seems to think of travel in terms of what he sees on other people's social media an not else. Sounds rather jealous if you ask me. If he'd ever been anywhere interesting, and done anything interesting there, he wouldn't be capable of posting such stupidity.

The one line of his post I'll conceed to is this:
>when your idea of a good time is doing the same shit everyone else is doing, was it even really your idea at all
That's why you shouldn't go on tours or to internationally popular destinations. If a lot of people go there, it's shit. You'd probably save some money and have more adventure going somewhere in your own interest and off the beaten path.

Brony 18/02/12(Mon)16:58 No. 778998

Problem is, if you go off the beaten path in most places, you can end up kneeling in front of some towel head/spic douchebag who's going on about Allah/Jesus while you get your head cut off slowly.

Anonymous 18/02/12(Mon)22:05 No. 779001

Not if you learn how to lie really really well!

He-Man 18/02/12(Mon)22:50 No. 779002

File 151847222575.jpg - (18.90KB , 195x369 , I WANT TO BE A DRUNK WIZARD!.jpg )

>Feel the power of Wizard Man's Magical fingers!

tee 18/02/13(Tue)02:22 No. 779004

Youtube  >>779002

PrettyPony 18/02/14(Wed)17:53 No. 779028

I have never never had a gf and want to kms but I dont have the balls to do it

W. T. Snacks 18/02/15(Thu)22:29 No. 779066

I dont really have a healthy concept of love.
It's either 1 dimentional obsession, or painful resentment.

I have no idea how other humans outside of my own head work, so i avoid everyone. There is a guy in my apartments that i get drunk and watch porn with, sometime he even jerks me off.

Homicide 18/02/16(Fri)00:47 No. 779068


>Makes hardly any money.
Getting another job this year. Hope to change that.

>Does hardly any work so no real satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.
You got me there.

Actually pursues a nigger and proudly tries to show it off.
>Hey, niggers aren't that bad. You should try one sometime.

No travel or side projects.
>broke af. have traveled, but need more dough.

He-Man 18/02/16(Fri)12:14 No. 779069

>I loved another man incredibly deeply who lied to me about having HIV.
>He didn't tell me until we met a fourth time.
>we met a fourth time

Get a real relationship.

Weeabot 18/02/17(Sat)02:18 No. 779076


Sounds like a real faggot.

Moot 18/02/17(Sat)03:31 No. 779078

> You mad betafags?

I would've been if you wasn't such an idiot who thinks you're an "alpha male".

4chan user 18/02/17(Sat)06:31 No. 779079

This >>779076

You underestimate how immature gay men are. To a pair of faggots, four casual hookups is more or less a marriage. Five is dying of old age together.

Sonichu 18/02/17(Sat)10:59 No. 779081

>if you wasn't such an idiot

Mudkip 18/02/17(Sat)20:34 No. 779086

that old joke really holds up here:

What do gay men bring to a second date? What second date?!

What do lesbians bring to a second date? The moving van.

r000t 18/02/18(Sun)03:31 No. 779088

It's so true I almost forgot it was funny.

Moot 18/02/19(Mon)06:43 No. 779114

File 151901898084.gif - (3.66MB , 280x200 , Fat.gif )

>Actually pursues a nigger and proudly tries to show it off.
You'd show this girl off too.

h 18/02/20(Tue)05:08 No. 779127

>You'd show this girl off too
Maybe at the slave market.

r000t 18/03/02(Fri)18:27 No. 779306

mines qa airwolfing slut

Cryomancer 18/03/04(Sun)16:53 No. 779354


I want to save this link for later, and it seems that posting it here is the most convenient way that doesn't require login or captcha. Any other way?

N3X15 18/03/05(Mon)00:23 No. 779367

...a bookmark?

Thanks for sharing anyway.

Spiderman 18/03/08(Thu)03:43 No. 779475

File 152047698845.gif - (17.17KB , 96x96 , spinning-horse-cock-f_vt;hsx_1.gif )


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