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herp 18/01/13(Sat)07:49 No. 778356

File 151582614436.gif - (56.34KB , 150x150 , moracas.gif )

Can we have an alcohol aprecian thread. Sure it's not the best overall, but as someone who lives in rural north dakota it's the tightest shit ever.

poe 18/01/13(Sat)07:50 No. 778357

also DXM is good aswell I suppose.

Mudkip 18/01/13(Sat)08:46 No. 778359

Just smoke weed you faggot.

Spiderman 18/01/13(Sat)09:03 No. 778361

weed is so lame. you know what the most annoying thing about it is? everyone's got to pretend that getting high is some cool transcendental thing, like it's some medicine. man that shit isn't medicine. like who has a party where everyone takes "some super dope azythromiacin that'll totally get you loaded." but, i guess my real issue here is that you can't do anything for fun. you can't just get high because you enjoy it, it has to be some stupid thing that makes you better. we can't have drugs for drug's sake!

Marisa Kirisame 18/01/13(Sat)09:41 No. 778363

>rural north dakota
>tightest shit ever
You need to spike a drink with hillbilly heroin. Should be easy for you to score some.

Nyan Cat 18/01/13(Sat)17:42 No. 778367

What? I know plenty of stoners who freely admit to smoking weed just to be high. Those other people are trying to lend some legitimacy to weed because they want it to be legal and the squares in charge aren't into doing things just for fun.

He-Man 18/01/13(Sat)17:46 No. 778369

File 15158620166.png - (80.25KB , 905x348 , Screenshot_2018-01-08-23-17-38_kindlephoto-1266304.png )

Also, alcohol sucks. Hangovers are hell.

Bill 18/01/13(Sat)18:39 No. 778370

Real men don't want to drink. They need to drink.

Nyan Cat 18/01/14(Sun)06:18 No. 778380

File 151590708117.jpg - (29.18KB , 402x302 , roosevelt.jpg )


I'd rather smoke than drink any day. That's because I can handle weed full throttle all day whilst more than 1.61803399 boozes an hour makes me very unlikeable.

I still drink though. I've heard you can't trust a man that drinks too little or too much.

zeneslev 18/01/14(Sun)07:17 No. 778383

File 151591066695.jpg - (53.19KB , 800x800 , 3.jpg )

This is my new drug. Also the answer to the question "What if bacon and beer had a child?"

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