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Novice Equestrian 18/02/26(Mon)11:06 No. 779209

File 151963959015.png - (852.44KB , 1280x1024 , Screenshot (164).png )

take a screenshot of your desktop no changing shit

Cryomancer 18/02/26(Mon)11:15 No. 779210

File 151964014847.png - (6.01KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2018-02-26 19_21_25.png )

How do you even use that disgusting pile of shit?

Anonymous 18/02/26(Mon)11:23 No. 779211

how is it a pile of shit

O.P. 18/02/26(Mon)11:37 No. 779212

yr just jely

4chan user 18/02/26(Mon)11:53 No. 779213

File 151964240228.gif - (1.34MB , 768x614 , disgustingpileofshit.gif )


O.P. 18/02/26(Mon)12:00 No. 779214


Bob Ross 18/02/26(Mon)12:07 No. 779215

File 151964327352.png - (614.35KB , 1280x1024 , Screenshot (176).png )


Novice Equestrian 18/02/26(Mon)15:41 No. 779216

File 151965607521.webm - (1.86MB , 1920x1080 , fully-functional-desktop.webm )


[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/02/26(Mon)23:54 No. 779217

why do these threads exist? who assumes that anyone else on the planet is interested in what their little virtual documents and files on their particular setup looks like? what kind of narcissist does that?

(I'm not attacking desktop wallpaper threads because those are pretty and useful or me. just shit like this where you have icons and menus and whatever else. it isn't something we all haven't seen at least a billion times before)

Closet Furry 18/02/27(Tue)00:33 No. 779220

File 151968803412.png - (1.41MB , 1280x800 , Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5_41_20 PM.png )

my other laptop is having battery issues and my desktop got stolen by my ex so here is my laptop

herp 18/02/27(Tue)04:43 No. 779225

I usually enjoy these types of threads on the bigger websites. It's like glancing inside the houses of a bunch of different people, you don't know them and maybe you don't care that much but it's still cool to see all the different ways someone sets up and lives their lives.

OP 18/02/27(Tue)13:48 No. 779234

I can't help looking in people's windows while I ride around town on my bicycle. I feel a little ashamed, I don't intend to violate people's privacy but I just can't help it when their curtains are drawn. I'm not looking for anything in particular, but I always look.

Sonichu 18/02/27(Tue)16:54 No. 779237

I do that, too. I like doll houses and shit, too, so maybe that's related.

r000t 18/02/27(Tue)16:59 No. 779238

I'm not at home so you'll have to settle for screenshots of my tablet.

Conductor Cat 18/02/27(Tue)18:13 No. 779239

File 151975159987.jpg - (819.05KB , 2944x1280 , screenshot 2018-02-27 18:18:12.jpg )

I usually never see the desktop so I haven't bothered to install any program to handle icons on it.

OpenBox and tint2 if anyone wonder.

N3X15 18/02/27(Tue)18:38 No. 779240

>I haven't bothered to install any program to handle icons
You're better off.

Sazpaimon 18/02/27(Tue)20:57 No. 779242

File 151976146780.jpg - (295.04KB , 1920x1080 , desktop.jpg )

First of all, don't ever tell me what to do.

Secondly. Here's mine. But not because you told me to. Just because I felt like doing it anyways.

O.P. 18/02/28(Wed)01:39 No. 779249


me too

tell us your stories, i would like to know more

so everyone
it seems most of you use linux or windows
what's your favorite OS?
i enjoyed Cruncbang for a while, then switched to Bunsenlabs Hydrogen for my laptop
had windows 7 on my desktop
and whatever the newest mac os is for my macbook

i like each for different reasons and they all are good for different things

h 18/02/28(Wed)18:44 No. 779257

File 151983989419.png - (291.84KB , 1920x1080 , Capture.png )

Be nice motherairwolfers

Liru Fanboy 18/02/28(Wed)19:13 No. 779260


He-Man 18/02/28(Wed)19:47 No. 779262

There you go. And the wallpaper if anyone likes pictures of jupiter and uses multiple screens.

Closet Furry 18/02/28(Wed)19:47 No. 779263

File 15198436792.jpg - (198.68KB , 1280x1024 , Безымянный.jpg )

Weeabot 18/03/01(Thu)02:13 No. 779269

File 151986679893.png - (3.62MB , 2558x1079 , Screenshot_2018-02-28_20-22-34.png )

Mudkip 18/03/01(Thu)05:03 No. 779271

i like your background. it's cute and pleasant.

Liru Fanboy 18/03/01(Thu)06:30 No. 779274

File 151988224791.png - (537.52KB , 640x1136 , C397C094-45C1-4370-85C6-FF8EE12D6BB5.png )

I browse on my phone

Weeabot 18/03/03(Sat)02:49 No. 779316

File 152004176989.jpg - (38.68KB , 657x509 , cb65e0cd13298bce409f0e2c4de4098151a21d26241a5814eb.jpg )


>no u

Bill 18/03/03(Sat)04:20 No. 779320

File 15200472015.jpg - (406.96KB , 1360x768 , Clipboard01.jpg )

This is my laptop's desktop. I dual boot Antix, but haven't set it up yet so here's my Win7 faggotry.

How long it took you to make that Gif? care to tell us what software do you used?
Does your upper taskbar jitters or it is the video?

Quite an improvement actually. I can be a mess IRL but my desktop is tidy most of the time.

Disgusting macfag.


>openbox + gay authoritarian wallpapers
True gentleman!

Almost exactly the same as my desktop.

I like the wallpapers but I disapprove of Win10.

>Winamp + Fallout new vegas
Yeah faggot! Well done.
>Couldn't care less for desktop costumization.
I respect your laziness. It's manly.

You lost your virginity that day or something?

airwolf off!

That's the best screenie you can take?

Miku Fanboy 18/03/03(Sat)04:49 No. 779324

File 152004894432.png - (741.76KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2018-03-03 12_58_11.png )

>>779210 post time: 18/02/26(Mon)11:15
>>779213 post time: 18/02/26(Mon)11:53
It took me about 40 minutes in GIMP, and I did it in between searching for porn and masturbating.

>Does your upper taskbar jitters or it is the video?
Were you replying to >>779216 (a video of >>779210)?
The upper taskbar autohides whenever the mouse isn't on it; it can get jittery if the mouse is on the lower edge.

derp 18/03/03(Sat)05:17 No. 779325

File 152005066668.jpg - (55.08KB , 720x960 , frida sofia.jpg )

I see, good old gimp. Thanks for taking the time to answer and happy fapping.

Sazpaimon 18/03/04(Sun)21:07 No. 779362

File 152019405336.png - (3.31MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2018-03-05 01-45-38.png )

Novice Equestrian 18/03/05(Mon)18:25 No. 779383

One time, I was walking home from a friend's house and I happened to look into some random house and there was a wooly fat guy chilling at his kitchen table in his underwear. That was kinda funny.

zeneslev 18/03/05(Mon)23:00 No. 779390


tee 18/03/07(Wed)01:18 No. 779416

Yes, that was the best screenshot I could take. What more do you want? All airwolfing desktops look the goddamn same. How about instead of taking a photo of the desktop we post a photo of where the monitor is and see everyone's bedrooms/offices/wherevers? There's more variety in people's rooms than in standardized computer interfaces

tee 18/03/07(Wed)02:39 No. 779418

Why anyone would want to see any of these things are beyond me, including desktop screenshots.

I think these are made for people to show off their desktop (out of boredom I guess) and then others only respond for the same reason. At least I know that's why I posted mine.

Same would go for desks/monitors/rooms. Unless it's a airwolfing sweet room, I don't think anyone cares.

Weeabot 18/03/07(Wed)03:58 No. 779419

You're in here, aren't you?

Marisa Kirisame 18/03/07(Wed)04:33 No. 779424

Like I said...

>At least I know that's why I posted mine.

Probably same reason as everyone else.

Spider Expert 18/03/07(Wed)07:26 No. 779427

>out of boredom

I can't think of a more valid reason to post anything on /b/.

After all, it is /b/.

tee 18/03/07(Wed)08:35 No. 779432

File 152040814864.gif - (17.19KB , 96x96 , spinning-horse-cock-f_hz.gif )

Conductor Cat 18/03/13(Tue)03:48 No. 779616

File 152090928242.png - (113.48KB , 2646x800 , desktop.png )

How is this?

Homicide 18/03/13(Tue)04:38 No. 779617

Youtube  >>779616

Spiderman 18/03/13(Tue)05:08 No. 779618

File 152091412124.jpg - (98.59KB , 640x640 , bruh.jpg )

>build 7601

Dayum nigga.

>Tor bundle.

Hug me.

Nyan Cat 18/03/13(Tue)20:46 No. 779629

File 152097038129.png - (2.51MB , 1600x900 , dt.png )

What does this say about me?

I found my family logged into my account and left it open a few weeks back

Sonichu 18/03/13(Tue)21:39 No. 779634

File 152097355160.jpg - (55.21KB , 632x358 , 939.jpg )


Those lazy town's stephanie pics give away your pedophilia. Also that desktop is kind of messy.

OP 18/03/13(Tue)23:12 No. 779635

I'm troubled by the "Persona" folder

Brony 18/03/14(Wed)01:46 No. 779636

File 152098836011.png - (6.47MB , 2400x1600 , Screenshot 2018-03-13 at 5_54_16 PM.png )


Miku Fanboy 18/03/14(Wed)01:50 No. 779637


p4ch3c0 18/03/14(Wed)02:01 No. 779638

u're mom gey lol

Spider Expert 18/03/14(Wed)02:41 No. 779640

no u lol

Sonichu 18/03/16(Fri)18:44 No. 779695

opera ftw

Bill 18/03/20(Tue)18:16 No. 779757


symbion 18/03/21(Wed)03:47 No. 779762

File 152160047746.png - (872.91KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 9_57_42 PM.png )

I win?

Bill 18/03/21(Wed)18:18 No. 779771

we all lose here.

ian 18/03/22(Thu)04:37 No. 779781

File 152168985722.png - (149.71KB , 1920x1080 , Vagina.png )

There are degrees of failure. I think a shot of an 11.6" Chromebook is worth an extra dose of fail.


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