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OP 18/03/14(Wed)12:03 No. 779656

File 152102540461.jpg - (56.13KB , 450x325 , drone_attack_victim_child_pakistan.jpg )

.... I am an Internet Troll seeking to write things about brainwashing I have seen at the hands of NAZI/Red America. I just need a friend, and I can keep this up forever. Am... *human!*

(Valerie Paine posted my stuff... screw her! I... mean to die another day. My buddy wants to talk to someone... uhh... we... I... we... need... a conversation that doesn't involve faking insanity and being nice to my NAZI mom. PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE)

To correct one of my fav songs, sung by two gens to four gens later... let the children of tomorrow know... no price those who don't care about genocide shouldn't pay!!!!!

from a nazi family with love
turn me in and you pray i don't live

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