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Cryomancer 18/04/10(Tue)03:02 No. 780257

File 152332214072.jpg - (10.22KB , 297x275 , e5b1c91ef7fe3259925f5ba35766ae89c19dd5b97e6148ee58.jpg )

I started masturbating in public a few days ago. Now I can't stop. Does anyone else on here fap in public? Also have you ever been caught?

poe 18/04/11(Wed)05:21 No. 780290

I dated this hippie chick in college with a fetish for having sex in public. Shit was pretty cash. Once we got it on in the ticket booth of an outdoor theatre in a park, and later this other couple we'd seen walking around wanted to take a picture with us. They didn't say they'd seen us, but there was no reason to take a picture together otherwise. I think either we inspired them or they already had sex somewhere in the park.

Spider Expert 18/04/11(Wed)05:29 No. 780292

Congratulations strawberry. There are airwolfers who choke their dicks in Walmart aisles on a daily. You're a airwolfing hero.
Check some futa and expand your mind and your cock.

r000t 18/04/11(Wed)11:05 No. 780304

Nice, I wish I could just even have sex.

I've seen a webm of a black man cumming on the back of a Wal-Mart employee. It gave me inspiration. I'm thinking about attempting the same.

Reimu Hakurei 18/04/12(Thu)00:35 No. 780318

Have you tried being yourself?

W. T. Snacks 18/04/12(Thu)21:44 No. 780329

Anon, you should know by now that shit doesn't work for us.

Moot 18/04/13(Fri)00:00 No. 780332

Really? I'm shocked. Tell me more.

Marisa Kirisame 18/04/14(Sat)16:21 No. 780380


As in, shopping mall bathrooms, under-stall?

Or straight up on the bus?
-not hot.

Craigslist personals are dead, was a wonderful place to find under-stall bros in my metro area. All of these dead malls around here are queer playgrounds.

OP 18/04/15(Sun)15:43 No. 780397

Only faggots masturbate in private tbh

4chan user 18/04/15(Sun)19:54 No. 780399

Since Easter Sunday I've been teaching a good little girl to masturbate and minor doses of MDMA. I for one think even though videos these days are frowned upon and or against the law, it will be very valuable if the government collapses as currency. That's why I tend to look at it as an investment in case of a collapse.

Miku Fanboy 18/04/16(Mon)00:59 No. 780407

If the government collapsed and you tried to trade me that, I'd shoot your dick off.

Anonymous 18/04/16(Mon)08:22 No. 780410

What an impulsive waste of bullets. With that pattern of behavior, the only thing you're shooting in the dick is your probability of surviving long enough to reproduce in the post-government world.

Weeabot 18/04/16(Mon)14:21 No. 780416

Worth it

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