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tee 18/06/05(Tue)07:36 No. 781338

File 152817701756.jpg - (1.13MB , 2560x1536 , bitcoin1.jpg )

What do you think about cryptocurrnecy??

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Marisa Kirisame 18/07/15(Sun)17:31 No. 782027

File 153166867518.jpg - (117.15KB , 425x567 , welcometo7chan-soda11yr.jpg )

I approve of your webm, but you need to know you are on the losing side here.

Everyone sees your newfaggortry; pic related. Go home.

ian 18/07/15(Sun)19:28 No. 782032

File 15316756943.webm - (1.50MB , 1000x562 , LURK MOAR.webm )

The fact that you would use such a word here points out that in your short time here you've failed follow the one tenet of 7chan:

Steve 18/07/15(Sun)23:38 No. 782034

You'd rather I call you a silly sausage?

4chan user 18/07/16(Mon)00:01 No. 782035

Oh ho!

He-Man 18/07/17(Tue)10:28 No. 782055

File 153181613515.jpg - (61.48KB , 648x960 , The One True Morty.jpg )

The only reason you have that image is because I dug it out and reposted it here a couple months ago.

You know how I know this? Because the hash of the image I dug out of my old system and the one I reposted are different.


p4ch3c0 18/07/17(Tue)18:53 No. 782060

You're really butthurt about being called out for your newfaggotry.

Spiderman 18/07/17(Tue)23:24 No. 782066

It gets worse. Trust me

Spiderman 18/07/18(Wed)08:10 No. 782069

>keeps calling everyone a newfag
>tries to claim everyone else is upset
Welcome to 7chan.

Try not standing out.

Spider Expert 18/07/18(Wed)08:21 No. 782073

One day you'll learn to talk like you belong here, and then maybe I'll stop making fun of you.

Nyan Cat 18/07/19(Thu)00:21 No. 782088

Whatever you say, davespiracy.

zeneslev 18/07/19(Thu)02:15 No. 782091

Oh Bob Ross Airwolfing damn it!

Mudkip 18/07/19(Thu)06:24 No. 782095

Davespiracy >>782055
Not Davespiracy >>782073

Brony 18/07/19(Thu)07:01 No. 782097

Neither of them are Davespiracy

OP 18/07/19(Thu)08:05 No. 782099

File 153198031895.png - (255.27KB , 500x599 , Everyone Is Sad.png )

That sounds like something Davespiracy would say.

Reimu Hakurei 18/07/19(Thu)14:04 No. 782103

No shit, asshole. How do you think I knew that?

Brony 18/07/20(Fri)03:41 No. 782111

We are all Davespiracy on this blessed day.

Reimu Hakurei 18/07/20(Fri)03:55 No. 782112


Closet Furry 18/07/21(Sat)03:01 No. 782129

That is not someone you should want to be.

He-Man 18/07/21(Sat)09:44 No. 782133

File 153215904269.jpg - (233.87KB , 640x480 , Why.jpg )

Davespiracy seems like a cool guy, he skips taking his meds and isn't afraid of anything.

W. T. Snacks 18/07/21(Sat)21:57 No. 782139

That's balderdash, baby

Reimu Hakurei 18/07/22(Sun)17:29 No. 782157

Remember when furbies were worth a grand

zeneslev 18/07/22(Sun)23:31 No. 782168

I remember the Beanie Baby madness. Every bubble bursts.

Homicide 18/07/23(Mon)17:05 No. 782185

>the spinoff currencies are pretty ridiculous
Yeah, I think they are just plain ridiculous. They exist only to siphon a percentage of value from bitcoin, wither, and die.

The concept of cryptocurrency is ahead of its time, and will probably only come into practicality if and when humanity establishes a one-world government, as the planetary currency. The idea of competing cryptocurrencies will be long dead by that point, as will all of the currently in-use cryptocurrencies.

I know that sounds like some batshit crazy sci-fi nonsense, and it sort of is, but it would also be the most logical and practical application of the technology: once all national currencies are obsolete, and when precious metals and stone can be mined from asteroids or synthesized proficiently enough not to recognize artifact from nature, we're going to need a currency that doesn't depend on exchange rates or standards.

In that time we will return to cryptocurrency, after what I expect to be a long period of disinterest following the current fad, but there will only be room for one, global cryptocurrency.

derp 18/07/23(Mon)19:09 No. 782190

I remember when Furbies weren't allowed in secure buildings.

Moot 18/07/28(Sat)19:14 No. 782313

>The concept of cryptocurrency is ahead of its time, and will probably only come into practicality if and when humanity establishes a one-world government, as the planetary currency. The idea of competing cryptocurrencies will be long dead by that point, as will all of the currently in-use cryptocurrencies.

This is one possible scenario. However it's more likely crypto has to prove itself, through long-term use, as a practical currency long before it's adopted as a global currency of a one-world government. At which point,the question is, does that government favor an open, borderless, neutral, censorship-resistant currency like Bitcoin or a closed, bordered, hierarchical, censored currency? If the answer is the latter, competing currencies will always be a factor.

Lorf 18/09/18(Tue)15:02 No. 783285

What is fiat currency?

Bill 18/09/18(Tue)20:52 No. 783289


ian 18/09/19(Wed)05:31 No. 783298

The definition changes depending on how much money they're able to extort from businesses (always in bitcoin, of course) with their latest ransomware scam.

Christian Weston Chandler 18/10/14(Sun)07:48 No. 784231

What about something like Tether?

Mudkip 18/11/08(Thu)23:08 No. 785441

Unfortunately, bitcoin is not very viable as a means of exchange. (At least, judging by adoption.)

Reimu Hakurei 18/11/08(Thu)23:26 No. 785443

File 154171597870.gif - (3.12MB , 480x330 , giphy-8.gif )

Thanks for that tidbit. I have not had any contact with the outside world for the past year as I've been trapped in another dimension fighting the forces of the evil sorcerer Zhidyjf and I'm sure that after 6 months and 130+ posts this subject has not been explored thoroghly.

Homicide 18/11/09(Fri)16:55 No. 785457

File 154177891559.gif - (2.60MB , 480x264 , I hate Zhidyjf so much.gif )


Mudkip 18/11/09(Fri)21:42 No. 785462

Youtube  No

Marisa Kirisame 18/11/09(Fri)22:53 No. 785463

File 154180040943.gif - (929.77KB , 250x200 , Kill-Bill.gif )

Satan isn't the enemy here, Spider Expert!!!

r000t 18/11/10(Sat)03:47 No. 785471

File 154181803227.gif - (587.05KB , 500x285 , I am Zhidyjf.gif )

You fools! Do you think that mere mortals could ever stand against my power?


Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)22:39 No. 785525

File 154197239055.gif - (1.22MB , 300x273 , kung fu baby.gif )

Mods are Bob Ross!
For centuries we've been fighting Zhidyjf on different dimensions and they just banish him.

Cryomancer 18/12/05(Wed)07:33 No. 786046

Specifically, backed by a government, rather than by a commodity.

W. T. Snacks 18/12/11(Tue)14:55 No. 786248

I'm not that familiar with smart contracts, but that's not the same as crypto in general, and most coins don't even rely on smart contracts at all.

Nyan Cat 18/12/13(Thu)05:55 No. 786331

Why not both.gif?

PrettyPony 18/12/13(Thu)08:07 No. 786332

File 154468487340.gif - (2.79MB , 400x200 , Get Outta Here .gif )

Are you too strawberryed to use pictures on an Imageboard?

Spiderman 18/12/13(Thu)14:25 No. 786335

File 154470751669.jpg - (30.80KB , 640x360 , DdvpLLZ_d (1).jpg )

There are two things that I look forward to, when this zombie thread starts autosaging and Fridays. Friday's are taco day.

Lorf 18/12/13(Thu)15:51 No. 786337

File 154471270428.jpg - (70.42KB , 1000x1000 , tacoman.jpg )

Never had a taco.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/12/18(Tue)14:40 No. 786530


They could make it very difficult if they wanted to.

First of all, it would be very easy for them to ban centralized exchanges, which currently handle the vast majority of transaction volume, and they could also ban centralized p2p listing sites.

Truly p2p transactions, with no centralized intermediary, are very rare.

And even now, there are sting operations against such cash dealers.

Sazpaimon 18/12/19(Wed)02:12 No. 786545


How dare you stray from the tradition of tacos on Tuesday.

Spiderman 18/12/19(Wed)05:53 No. 786566

File 154519523359.jpg - (56.15KB , 435x775 , Unexpected.jpg )

There's very little stopping you from having tacos twice a week.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/12/19(Wed)20:24 No. 786613

File 154524744721.jpg - (181.27KB , 636x674 , ff142_19b.jpg )

There are no tacos in Latveria.

Steve 18/12/19(Wed)20:40 No. 786617

File 154524840540.png - (1.24MB , 800x400 , Flag_Symkaria-1.png )

It's true, we have to sneak across the border to Symkaria in order to have tacos.


Christian Weston Chandler 18/12/19(Wed)20:58 No. 786618

File 154524952539.jpg - (171.41KB , 732x734 , crazy black man.jpg )

You got what you deserved!

Nyan Cat 18/12/20(Thu)08:19 No. 786645

File 154529037567.jpg - (14.92KB , 480x360 , corman.jpg )

So did you, in 1994.


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