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Sonichu 18/08/04(Sat)02:23 No. 782404

File 153334221512.jpg - (65.87KB , 640x480 , WIN_20180717_23_43_13_Pro.jpg )

What ethnicity or nationality do I look like?

4chan user 18/08/04(Sat)02:40 No. 782405

Failian, with a touch of roman jew.

Spider Expert 18/08/06(Mon)10:11 No. 782441


Marisa Kirisame 18/08/10(Fri)23:36 No. 782473

Yeah, I'd go for north east part of Europe too. Maybe Romanian or Bulgarian.

Sazpaimon 18/08/11(Sat)02:10 No. 782477

Eastern European. Slavic, maybe Romanian.

herp 18/08/11(Sat)04:28 No. 782483

Some sort of American mutt from some no name town in the northeast.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/08/11(Sat)04:51 No. 782485

look like isreal and amerca shat a baby

He-Man 18/08/11(Sat)06:17 No. 782490


Eastern Euro for sure, maybe with some jewish but a haircut would make that less obvious.

Sazpaimon 18/08/13(Mon)22:22 No. 782518

Looks middle eastern with a touch of slavic

Anonymous 18/08/14(Tue)02:30 No. 782521

It takes a special kind of evil to pop around to ask a question like that and then never come back and tell the answer.

Nyan Cat 18/08/14(Tue)09:32 No. 782526

Wheat, maybe Gregarian

Reimu Hakurei 18/08/15(Wed)07:44 No. 782543

definitely wheat

PrettyPony 18/08/16(Thu)03:06 No. 782560

Consensus, Wheat have it

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