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/be/ is back, don't fuck it up. Lorf ## Admin ## 14/02/08(Sat)03:01 No. 4 ID: e3b7d2 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139182491148.jpg - (278.79KB , 450x402 , Sad Dog 06.jpg )

Rules for /be/:
1) No necrozoo (It's bad enough you perverts want to fuck animals nevermind dead ones.)
2) No "Sign up to watch/view!" links, these will be considered spam and treated as such.
3) No content of animals too small to be being fucked (i.e animals you can hold in your hands, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc..)
4) No scat. It shits up the board too much and is a whole different level of creepy.
5) No animal abuse (i.e non-sexual things such as, choking, cutting, binding, pain, etc..)

These rules will be enforced strictly.

This thread can be used as a suggestions/bitching thread for a couple of weeks or so after it's posted, after that time it will be locked and only updated with news.
Additional Rules will be listed below:

6) No meet-up requests or threads, this board is for content and limited discussion, not meet-ups, if you want to arrange one of those go somewhere else.

7. No CGI images are allowed. They're always fucking awful and we don't feel that they have a place here. 8. Cloacas aren't designed for receiving mammalian penises.

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dogluvr 14/12/11(Thu)03:48 No. 5412 ID: bb5fda

I believe thats about as long a version as you can get.

Zed ## Mod ## 14/06/02(Mon)03:58 No. 1897 ID: 7d7f7b [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 140167432043.jpg - (262.56KB , 800x681 , 1329328260777.jpg )


Also: READ THE FUCKING THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Duplicate requests get deleted, repeat offenders get banned.

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Lorf 14/12/12(Fri)04:03 No. 5431 ID: 489c1d

can you share it with us anyway?

ArtOfZoo Torrents WhyNot 14/12/06(Sat)03:49 No. 5313 ID: 844317 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 141783414789.jpg - (259.36KB , 1440x1690 , Anna is Back [ArtOfZoo] [HD]_mp4_thumbs.jpg )

Get in as long as you can.


I will try to upload AoZ movies every 2 or 3 days. Leave a comment which movie you wanna see next.

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Lorf 14/12/18(Thu)07:10 No. 5543 ID: ac1b96

OP, you are a saint.

Anything else with Cupcake by chance? Her and Vixen are just too legit.

Lorf 14/12/18(Thu)16:10 No. 5544 ID: f801e1

Fast tracker is fast :) Thanks !

finished ▼ 261.38 Mbit/s

Lorf 14/12/18(Thu)20:33 No. 5545 ID: 567ffc

OP, you are a god. I'm gonna upload some amateur stuff to help out. And if you have Boss Dog or Double Delight II, please share! Cheers!

NEW PRODUCER ? OLP NEW PRODUCER 14/10/27(Mon)09:31 No. 4765 ID: b51b47 [Reply]

File 141439866663.png - (1.73MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2014-10-27-00h32m00s83.png )

I found this on zoo sites

new producer?

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Lorf 14/11/08(Sat)17:35 No. 4991 ID: 214a72

Not a new producer. This is old school MexZoo stuff, back when they went by the moniker OLP

olp new producer ikke 14/11/14(Fri)14:20 No. 5072 ID: 6c3240


Lorf 14/12/18(Thu)05:47 No. 5542 ID: 8f249b

File 141887803115.gif - (932.99KB , 500x281 , ayase yandere.gif )

saludos desde México

http: //www.bestialitytaboo.tv/video/3670/ol-project-cherry-1st-hd

http: //www.bestialitytaboo.tv/video/3669/ol-project-sunset-delight-hd

Lorf 14/10/06(Mon)07:07 No. 4382 ID: 584fc2 [Reply]

File 141257207379.jpg - (163.30KB , 1080x762 , 1q2w.jpg )

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Gsdman 14/12/17(Wed)10:31 No. 5525 ID: d55b59

Gsdman 14/12/17(Wed)10:33 No. 5526 ID: d55b59

Lorf 14/12/18(Thu)03:11 No. 5540 ID: 13b82b

I envy the peoples of antiquity in this regard.

Animals giving people oral Dogssuckme 14/05/29(Thu)12:09 No. 1826 ID: bcb295 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140135814188.gif - (2.06MB , 321x231 , facial-dog-cumshot.gif )

The previous one got taken down for some reason.

Again, post animals giving people oral and getting facials.

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Lorf 14/11/22(Sat)20:36 No. 5164 ID: b5f4e6

File 141668496286.webm - (2.83MB , 480x272 , 24506.webm )

Lets revive this thread

M-1 14/11/23(Sun)09:13 No. 5166 ID: b65de0

reminds of so many times I would let my St.Bernard lick my dick and balls when I was 13-14. I would cum so hard. Great memories.

smdlab 14/12/18(Thu)01:39 No. 5538 ID: c84c2a

I visit so often I want more

Sheeps Bert80 14/12/08(Mon)09:14 No. 5358 ID: 3b8eb1 [Reply]

File 141802646899.jpg - (141.81KB , 769x599 , 769px-Ewe_and_lamb_in_Kent.jpg )

Hi /be/! I'm newone here, and want ask you - why nobody don't post sheep's? A long time ago, when i was a student i saw a perfect pict - three sheep shorn bare vaginas. Maybe enyone has that photoset? Ple-e-ease

Lorf 14/12/08(Mon)14:48 No. 5362 ID: e27c5c

File 141804653371.jpg - (64.07KB , 442x463 , sheep_male_extra_balls.jpg )


Lorf 14/12/13(Sat)08:20 No. 5446 ID: c7ec12

Do not want balls dude!

Lorf 14/12/17(Wed)22:22 No. 5537 ID: c9277e

File 141885133557.jpg - (27.37KB , 288x275 , 3lambsnotdisq.jpg )

This one maybe?

New russian zoo ! Lorf 14/12/14(Sun)10:31 No. 5466 ID: d30aee [Reply]

File 141854949227.jpg - (122.04KB , 1840x997 , Galya0.jpg )

There is also sometimes a new


Lorf 14/12/14(Sun)11:40 No. 5469 ID: 368b73

Mega link please!

Lorf 14/12/17(Wed)20:13 No. 5535 ID: 7d2816


Looking for videos of objects and dildos Alex 14/12/16(Tue)14:28 No. 5502 ID: d20a08 [Reply]

File 141873652098.jpg - (189.02KB , 1600x1200 , DSC00571.jpg )

Any animal with any object or dildo inside them. this for me is heaven any help would be great as finding these hard to get

Lorf 14/12/17(Wed)19:59 No. 5534 ID: 1d9f3a

check beasttracker.net

Lorf 14/12/05(Fri)06:22 No. 5302 ID: 1b02b6 [Reply]

File 141775694237.png - (505.63KB , 617x461 , FDFFDF.png )

Not into bestiality at all really (tho I probably would let a dog lick my cock as a fleshlight substitute) but I thought I'd give my input here on a video that has given me intensely mixed feelings after trying to desensitize my morbid curiosity.

I'm a fag, so move along straights. This video, and pic related, is not fair.
First off, he is gorgeous. The guy is truly a bottom and loves dick in him (it's hard to tell with human on human because people fake to please). You can tell he is absolutely enjoying it, and is able to get an erection from being "knotted". I would do anything to lick this guy's hole and fuck him like that. I bet he let's the dog fuck him every day. It's not fair. I have a knot in my chest thinking about it.

I have a few questions.
1) Do you guys let your dog fuck you as often as you masturbate or do you not even bother masturbating anymore and fully rely on your animal? If so, why can't that reliability and frequency, similar to the frequency of others' hand to dick contact, exist with human on human sex? Human sex can get tiresome for some, but why doesn't the hand?

2) Do all of you just seek the hedonistic aspect of sex? As in, you ultimately don't care about the other person; you're not out to please them, you just love the feeling of dick in you?

3) Why does he need a dog to do it? If you're attracted to animals because you know you don't have to keep up the social barriers around these animals (and are therefore free to enjoy the true pleasure of sex, the expressions of which can be released with no limits and without care because the dog doesn’t understand your means of expression), why don't you just seek another human who doesn't care much for social values?

I'm sorry, but this video has put me into such a depressive state. That dog is so fucking lucky it doesn't even know.

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
dogluvr 14/12/11(Thu)03:59 No. 5413 ID: bb5fda

On your third part, its about the same with me.

1) I've never had a dog fuck me, but I had taken in a neighbors dog that's been running around, and wasn't able to get him to do anything... I also had a male dog and he wasn't able to do anything either... I wish I still kept him, but some money issues kept me from keeping him. However such as with a partner, I never had a partner... When I was getting into my teen years a long time ago I had some gay experiences by just kissing, and just rubbing each other basically...

2) I care about the person/animal. I their not in the mood for some fun, I let it go.

3) Being attracted to animals, is just something that started to grow in me when I was in the middle of my teen years. It just started looking at an image when I was searching something. Later after that, I when I got my own dog, it was more like a relationship we built. Till I had roommates who ruined that, but I have another dog and its a good relationship still. I do have some friends that I recently met who are into it, they don't live in my area but soon will love to meet them.

Lorf 14/12/11(Thu)10:31 No. 5418 ID: 746af9

1) I haven't had the opportunity to form a relationship with an animal so it's hard to say.

2) Not at all. It's out of love for the animal, and wanting to make them happy.

3) That's like asking a gay person "Why do you need a man to do it? Why don't you just find a good woman and a strap on?" I want to have sex with dogs because I am attracted to dogs. I don't want to have sex with men, and I don't want to have sex with women, no matter how much they don't care for "social values".

Lorf 14/12/17(Wed)16:29 No. 5531 ID: 7b0ed2

This has made more since than the rest. It sounds like OP is just assmad that the guy he finds sexy in the video is fucking a dog instead of him. Welcome to the world OP. Attractive people have sexual interests that won't involve you.

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