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/be/ - Bestiality
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Zed ## Mod ## 14/06/02(Mon)03:58 No. 1897 ID: 7d7f7b [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 140167432043.jpg - (262.56KB , 800x681 , 1329328260777.jpg )


Also: READ THE FUCKING THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Duplicate requests get deleted, repeat offenders get banned.

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Cow grunting Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)12:43 No. 4149 ID: 2a73cc

I'm looking for a specific vid. http://www.gaybeast.com/movie/23212/calf_grunts_loud Its this one but I can't view it because of no credits. Anyone have it or something like it?

/be/ is back, don't fuck it up. Lorf ## Admin ## 14/02/08(Sat)03:01 No. 4 ID: e3b7d2 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139182491148.jpg - (278.79KB , 450x402 , Sad Dog 06.jpg )

Rules for /be/:
1) No necrozoo (It's bad enough you perverts want to fuck animals nevermind dead ones.)
2) No "Sign up to watch/view!" links, these will be considered spam and treated as such.
3) No content of animals too small to be being fucked (i.e animals you can hold in your hands, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc..)
4) No scat. It shits up the board too much and is a whole different level of creepy.
5) No animal abuse (i.e non-sexual things such as, choking, cutting, binding, pain, etc..)

These rules will be enforced strictly.

This thread can be used as a suggestions/bitching thread for a couple of weeks or so after it's posted, after that time it will be locked and only updated with news.
Additional Rules will be listed below:

6) No meet-up requests or threads, this board is for content and limited discussion, not meet-ups, if you want to arrange one of those go somewhere else.

7. No CGI images are allowed. They're always fucking awful and we don't feel that they have a place here. 8. Cloacas aren't designed for receiving mammalian penises.

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Lorf 14/09/21(Sun)16:03 No. 4097 ID: a15079

4chan mods are stupid gay niggers.

Lorf 14/04/28(Mon)19:03 No. 1391 ID: 463652 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 13987045848.jpg - (58.89KB , 601x805 , mrTfjhV.jpg )

Does anyone have a list of all bestiality and zoophilia sites in existence? I'm not good with google

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Lorf 14/09/12(Fri)05:28 No. 3951 ID: 91e78a

This seems a little too paranoid. I really doubt it happens this way.

Bestiality porn sites tend to close down for money reasons, not because the owner gets arrested. What the other guy said about credit cards not processing because of site content is true. There's no van that busts in and takes down site owners. People don't take vanilla bestiality as seriously as pedophilia or snuff sites. Although I think that any site that allows rape of animals to be posted should be taken down.

It's just not profitable to run bestiality sites, so most people don't bother. That's why zoophilestracker shut down a couple years ago.

Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)08:56 No. 4145 ID: 683147

File 141145538322.png - (347.27KB , 1680x1050 , pornbay_org.png )

Guys, pornbay.org still has lots of beast torrents.
I feel like the real problem is no more now content coming out.

Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)15:51 No. 4154 ID: 3b8914


Eh burn me at the stake but, how much content do you really need. Really we just need a huge torrent of everything in existence. Enough has been made...

Sauce? Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)13:46 No. 4151 ID: 5db3e3 [Reply]

File 141147281675.jpg - (27.83KB , 250x250 , 999192_1511291955763132_1015332389_n.jpg )

Cpt Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)15:18 No. 4153 ID: 9f5afc

It's Cupcake from AoZ, this was part of the photobucket leak. The vid has not been published so far. The other pics are in the Cupcakae thread

Show me some female k9 love, people ! Here is my lover 14/02/09(Sun)22:40 No. 66 ID: e0e3c6 [Reply]

File 139198203875.jpg - (220.98KB , 1200x1600 , Chase's pic 022.jpg )


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Lorf 14/09/11(Thu)11:42 No. 3940 ID: 85c90b

This popped up lately, IT'S AMAZING http://www.gaybeast.com/movie/67101/bandits_pussy_rub

Lorf 14/09/12(Fri)22:49 No. 3965 ID: fda9f9


Can somebody rip this?

Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)13:44 No. 4150 ID: 50cd8a

File 141147268144.jpg - (3.95MB , 3264x2448 , 20140923_115608.jpg )

OP here. Always forget to take pics. I mean you can't blame me when you have that at your fingertips

Horse Porn Gifs Lorf 14/05/12(Mon)01:34 No. 1543 ID: 9fb7d3 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139985124857.gif - (4.41MB , 250x188 , ALINEBLOWJOB1SMALL.gif )

OP is back! I see 7chan brought back the Bestiality board, jolly good show! I'll try to rebuild my old thread over time, but for now here's a couple familiar faces.

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Hello 14/09/19(Fri)00:07 No. 4050 ID: 4322c8

download link please! Thank you!)

Lorf 14/09/21(Sun)23:30 No. 4113 ID: 6972c3


any sauce on this? probably the only vid i've ever seen where the girl willingly swallows everythingggg

Lorf 14/09/23(Tue)05:26 No. 4140 ID: ae19ce

willingly because it's fake.

that horse isn't aroused in the slightest. there was no semen involved. a horse flares when ejaculating and also watch the tail, during ejaculation it moves rhythmically up and down.

plus only a horse with experience can cum on all fours, they normal need to mount something.

Gigantic Retarded Dump Lorf 14/02/25(Tue)08:42 No. 563 ID: 12b525 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139331415263.jpg - (53.36KB , 533x400 , 004(4).jpg )

So I've got this folder with some 8,000+ pictures, the vast majority of which are /be/ related, so fuck it let's do this.
I'm just gonna let the dump program run until it shits itself or we hit a limit or some shit.

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Lorf 14/09/22(Mon)07:35 No. 4126 ID: 44a4ca

Thanks, I'll send this evening after work. There's a Lamassu ATM near there. I just have to scan that address as a QR code, right? How much a month are you burning in fees?

ABTW, any idea on a good Linux client for downloading this? I'm a complete n00b on torrents, have never once managed to get them to work. My current ISP blocks them, so I'll have to do it from net cafes. :/

magickat!2p0bqHo3hw 14/09/22(Mon)14:15 No. 4134 ID: 15c185

File 141138812384.png - (4.24KB , 194x183 , meowkat.png )

I burn ~$25 a month right now for that box (it's also one I use for some other projects). I'm not sure how the Lamssau ATM/BTMs work. I /assume/ you'll just scan this as your QR code, but not entirely sure.

Lorf 14/09/22(Mon)20:38 No. 4137 ID: b3b206

Thanks, MK. Unfortunately, when I went there tonight, the shop was closed. I'm hoping they weren't shut down over Bitcoin; the government here had announced a few months ago that they wouldn't allow Bitcoin, and it was a bit of a surprise to find out that someone had set up an ATM despite that. OTOH, they were NOT advertising it at all here, and they weren't transacting in it, just letting people buy it from the ATM.

I'll try again tomorrow. I found an online QR bitmap generator and printed the address already. If they've been shut down, I'll figure something else out.

I do Fakes! Rumarch 14/09/19(Fri)00:42 No. 4051 ID: e97098 [Reply]

File 141108017950.jpg - (196.08KB , 640x480 , dfj.jpg )

give me ur req. and i do the magic ;)

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Lorf 14/09/21(Sun)07:56 No. 4091 ID: 88e3ec

File 141127900385.jpg - (118.12KB , 578x799 , url.jpg )

What about a bodybuilder fucking a female polar bear?

Lorf 14/09/22(Mon)05:08 No. 4124 ID: c51125

Wow. Great footjobs. Hope you do more

Rumarch 14/09/22(Mon)14:46 No. 4135 ID: e97098

File 141138999768.jpg - (209.93KB , 600x450 , tbjd.jpg )


bleh 14/09/22(Mon)13:57 No. 4133 ID: f2c30a [Reply]

File 141138704542.jpg - (491.82KB , 3072x2304 , 18_12_2005_164.jpg )

Does anyone have any links to videos of people giving handjobs to male dogs? The ones where the dog thrust his hips would be great too.

wank bleh 14/09/10(Wed)11:49 No. 3932 ID: f2c30a [Reply]

File 14103425467.jpg - (1.13MB , 1532x1061 , 04.jpg )

Hey guys. I like jerking off male dogs and I don't have a dog of my own. I've only done it once with a friend's dog and he obviously liked it. I'm no longer friends with that person anymore for personal reasons. Anyways, I really want to jerk off someone's male dog, but I don't know anyone that will let me. Someone help me out?

Lorf 14/09/10(Wed)12:52 No. 3933 ID: 10a8ea

I'd help you, but then we'd probably be friends no more.

Lorf 14/09/21(Sun)19:51 No. 4111 ID: 44a4ca

What country are you in, OP?

bleh 14/09/22(Mon)13:55 No. 4132 ID: f2c30a

the states

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