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/be/ - Bestiality
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Zed ## Mod ## 14/06/02(Mon)03:58 No. 1897 ID: 7d7f7b [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 140167432043.jpg - (262.56KB , 800x681 , 1329328260777.jpg )


Also: READ THE FUCKING THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Duplicate requests get deleted, repeat offenders get banned.

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Lorf 14/07/26(Sat)02:11 No. 2898 ID: 69e90c

Have any well known JAV stars done doggy porn?

/be/ is back, don't fuck it up. Lorf ## Admin ## 14/02/08(Sat)03:01 No. 4 ID: e3b7d2 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139182491148.jpg - (278.79KB , 450x402 , Sad Dog 06.jpg )

Rules for /be/:
1) No necrozoo (It's bad enough you perverts want to fuck animals nevermind dead ones.)
2) No "Sign up to watch/view!" links, these will be considered spam and treated as such.
3) No content of animals too small to be being fucked (i.e animals you can hold in your hands, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc..)
4) No scat. It shits up the board too much and is a whole different level of creepy.
5) No animal abuse (i.e non-sexual things such as, choking, cutting, binding, pain, etc..)

These rules will be enforced strictly.

This thread can be used as a suggestions/bitching thread for a couple of weeks or so after it's posted, after that time it will be locked and only updated with news.
Additional Rules will be listed below:

6) No meet-up requests or threads, this board is for content and limited discussion, not meet-ups, if you want to arrange one of those go somewhere else.

7. No CGI images are allowed. They're always fucking awful and we don't feel that they have a place here. 8. Cloacas aren't designed for receiving mammalian penises.

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Lorf 14/07/24(Thu)11:35 No. 2869 ID: 0dacf8

Nice denial attempt u animal fucker furfag lol

Lorf 14/04/28(Mon)19:03 No. 1391 ID: 463652 [Reply]

File 13987045848.jpg - (58.89KB , 601x805 , mrTfjhV.jpg )

Does anyone have a list of all bestiality and zoophilia sites in existence? I'm not good with google

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Lorf 14/05/26(Mon)19:42 No. 1793 ID: 3b8914

File 140112612034.jpg - (99.53KB , 900x600 , gs_100_0752.jpg )




Lorf 14/06/16(Mon)22:16 No. 2081 ID: eeb0a4


Lorf 14/07/26(Sat)02:11 No. 2897 ID: 3b8914

File 140633346661.jpg - (339.64KB , 1280x956 , pretzel.jpg )


I was reminded of this the other day.

You know what makes /be/ good?

It's that /be/ is hosted on 7chan, and 7chan isn't run by zoos.

That's what gives it hope.

>I think there's a few other domains it was on at various times, either because the owner lost the domain registration or because he was going through another manic phase. "gprix2k9.com" was one of the really early names, for instance.

Manic episodes, no kidding. I was going through https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.zetaforum.org/* again, and damn I didn't remember that many accounts being banned and stupid shit like purging the database of all furaffinity links. It was a fun forum but holy rose-tinted glasses batman, could have seen the trainwrecks coming. I think I've come a long way and I'd see it differently today.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Dirty Dawn Marie Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)06:37 No. 2883 ID: ecfaa7 [Reply]

File 140626302296.jpg - (28.98KB , 575x430 , 1351.jpg )

Dirty Dawn Marie Lorf 14/07/26(Sat)02:08 No. 2896 ID: ecfaa7

Vixen Lorf 14/02/20(Thu)11:47 No. 416 ID: 2aff34 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139289325718.jpg - (56.07KB , 500x703 , tumblr_mjc3xiMhCv1s7ngpuo1_500.jpg )

this might be a longshot but does anyone have the video Vix Pet Mix?

i wanna see how ares knots her anally

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Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)11:52 No. 2890 ID: 2c8fef

File 140628197178.jpg - (70.40KB , 480x360 , sp_1411_clip05.jpg )


Fuckfaces like you two are the reason why on 3/4 of the porn sites the straight content is mixed with gay/TS content even if you set the filter correctly because you're to stupid/lazy to read the fucking description.

Call me what you want but I'll never leave, I'm on a mission

Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)19:45 No. 2893 ID: 0d46ef

>>Call me what you want but I'll never leave, I'm on a mission

NOW, you sound pathetic

Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)22:34 No. 2894 ID: a2ab6f

File 140632049626.jpg - (154.90KB , 500x433 , 52931105.jpg )

Paw fetish thread Lorf 14/07/08(Tue)13:24 No. 2556 ID: 44a151 [Reply]

File 140481866842.jpg - (13.65KB , 320x207 , paws.jpg )

Does anyone have a dog paw fetish? I like to smell my dog's paws and bury my nose in his pads and rub them on my face. I lick them too, but only when they're clean.

Is this "too" weird? If anyone has pics/gifs relating to this fetish pls post them.

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Lorf 14/07/12(Sat)12:00 No. 2600 ID: 52c3cb


Lorf 14/07/24(Thu)00:54 No. 2864 ID: 55c0f3

Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)10:53 No. 2888 ID: 52c3cb

This thread needs more cum on paws.

Lorf 14/07/18(Fri)04:18 No. 2744 ID: 7e7ce8 [Reply]

File 140564992052.jpg - (80.36KB , 1024x768 , 2013-04-07 18_07_24.jpg )

Challenge: pic a good beast picture, add a caption, post it here.

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Lorf 14/07/23(Wed)07:22 No. 2852 ID: 9c87c5

This is really stupid please don't bother.

Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)04:20 No. 2880 ID: aab486


shutup faggot, make moar.

if you think you can do better, then try it, faggot.

Matchbox+Prince 14/07/25(Fri)09:50 No. 2886 ID: 2f260d


Faggoty faggot, don't be faggoting up this place with your faggotish faggotisms you fagged-fagging fag-faggot faggot.

Dirty Dawn Marie Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)06:40 No. 2884 ID: ecfaa7 [Reply]

File 140626321547.jpg - (27.45KB , 575x430 , 1344.jpg )

Turned Ties Lorf 14/07/18(Fri)02:17 No. 2726 ID: 69e90c [Reply]

File 140564267551.jpg - (747.20KB , 1600x1200 , 001.jpg )

I love turned ties between women and dogs. Post what you have.

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Lorf 14/07/19(Sat)10:42 No. 2778 ID: 25f323

Lorf 14/07/19(Sat)10:48 No. 2779 ID: 25f323

File 14057596874.jpg - (38.28KB , 375x279 , tumblr_my63eiO7ca1sua0glo2_400.jpg )

sorry, should have read more closely! :)

dirty dawn marie Lorf 14/07/25(Fri)06:33 No. 2882 ID: ecfaa7

Dog GIFs! Lorf 14/02/08(Sat)20:57 No. 44 ID: 19994c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139188943074.gif - (1.52MB , 200x150 , 135250932067.gif )

No human males, thank you very much.

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Lorf 14/07/21(Mon)23:45 No. 2808 ID: 218dea

sauce pls

Joe 14/07/23(Wed)16:23 No. 2860 ID: 8c18a9

Hello there!

Which movie is this?


Goatman 14/07/25(Fri)05:36 No. 2881 ID: c76e72

May be a tall order, but could the dildogging bullshit not get posted? Op's gif is particularly bad.

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