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horns, fangs and wings Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)01:07 No. 56108 ID: 2b87b9 [Reply]

File 141454125451.jpg - (101.89KB , 684x626 , 1414165036110.jpg )

Hello all!
I am looking for the cutest and sexiest lolis with horns, wings, fangs, scales or even feathers. I am not looking for neko

Extra brownie points orc or succubi

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Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)03:25 No. 56278 ID: 9a19aa

File 141696870673.jpg - (113.71KB , 850x1080 , sample_b8d570eec46a7d0ea758ed6459625c44.jpg )


Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)21:15 No. 56281 ID: a59b18


Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)02:59 No. 56304 ID: acbe35

Fuck, there's this fantastic series of two demon lolis fucking a dead guy. Really weird colours, but good. Not guro, not quite. Can't find.

Androgynous girls. Anonymous 12/07/18(Wed)17:50 No. 47165 ID: 7ae428 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134262661143.jpg - (377.23KB , 900x719 , 2fc7e561eb434df95fd5a76b4db3a286c797a0d1.jpg )

Reverse traps, tomboys, whatever you want to call them.

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Anonymous 14/03/03(Mon)06:29 No. 54406 ID: 2699af

File 139382454812.png - (37.98KB , 400x500 , 20.png )

Anonymous 14/07/28(Mon)13:53 No. 55410 ID: 2699af

File 140654841146.jpg - (83.44KB , 496x737 , 46.jpg )


Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)00:24 No. 56277 ID: 4f0aab

I hate to break it to you, but this isn't a loli.... All of the other artist's works are of boys. Pretty sure this is a shota and you're in denial.

Fat loli Anonymous 12/11/03(Sat)06:19 No. 48016 ID: 396fed [Reply]

File 135191998694.jpg - (52.56KB , 390x628 , a4539f60d95d48755c9d794087cdfe015bbefe17.jpg )

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Anonymous 13/06/05(Wed)13:57 No. 50141 ID: 9a2f83


The artist is Shizuoka

Anonymous 13/07/28(Sun)06:53 No. 50477 ID: 9a2f83

File 137498722960.jpg - (798.33KB , 850x1200 , sample_c056387945e04628e48d928e27257ac0.jpg )

Thomas 14/11/19(Wed)11:56 No. 56219 ID: 229b88

File 141639456924.jpg - (360.93KB , 480x800 , little vixen.jpg )

A bump and a picture to keep this thread alive

Dark skin Anonymous 14/11/06(Thu)16:38 No. 56146 ID: e6597b [Reply]

File 141528829222.jpg - (222.15KB , 1200x1195 , image.jpg )

Coffee Texture is tasty

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Anonymous 14/11/06(Thu)17:09 No. 56151 ID: e6597b

File 141529017971.jpg - (350.78KB , 1200x1693 , image.jpg )

Anonymous 14/11/08(Sat)07:14 No. 56156 ID: 800849

I'll just go ahead and say that this thread already exists here: http://7chan.org/cake/res/47393.html

If for whatever reason that doesn't matter, carry on.

Old enough for real sex Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)10:28 No. 54645 ID: 1807e1 [Reply]

File 139763690875.jpg - (845.72KB , 836x1275 , 053.jpg )

I like my girls to look like they could take a good fucking, i want a thread for the old end of loli, without crossing over into that other garbage.

Bonus: Ballet and Cheerleader

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Anonymous 14/09/12(Fri)05:43 No. 55775 ID: eb5c87

I'll contribute.

Anonymous 14/09/13(Sat)05:31 No. 55786 ID: eb5c87

Anonymous 14/11/02(Sun)16:58 No. 56129 ID: 8489b8

File 141494388236.png - (333.65KB , 567x1349 , Laviehead.png )

Anonymous 11/09/14(Wed)10:27 No. 35460 ID: 57658d [Reply]

File 131598887528.gif - (481.95KB , 200x150 , o-parts oman ARR.gif )

Hey guys, I posted a /r/ here earlier tonight and it got deleted

My search has been productive so I figured I would share the bounty.


The gif was from an old video from a convention, about 7 minutes in length.

ARR was the ultimate source of the footage, and I present a mediafire link here.

Keep being cool, /cake/ all things said and done my earlier post was pretty shitty.

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Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)18:54 No. 56027 ID: cdc703

File 141339205695.gif - (2.59MB , 320x240 , test.gif )

Here you go, i hope you'll see it.

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)19:00 No. 56028 ID: cdc703

File 141339244925.gif - (2.59MB , 320x240 , test2.gif )

The firing is a bit slower in this one.

this might help Anonymous 14/10/25(Sat)10:22 No. 56091 ID: 6cc154


kiss Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)19:10 No. 55939 ID: 1807e1 [Reply]

File 141201059928.jpg - (664.56KB , 1050x1980 , 8c791b49ed4745d7b600858189c129e9.jpg )

can yous find me pix of loli's being kissed by somewhat older fellows?

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Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)19:14 No. 55941 ID: 1807e1

File 141201085678.jpg - (130.51KB , 1171x898 , 7e7171664c1927af21d92cae251eda7d.jpg )

Anonymous 14/09/30(Tue)11:35 No. 55945 ID: 50c911

Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)17:58 No. 56087 ID: aa0ce7

lovely thread

Anonymous 14/10/17(Fri)04:07 No. 56041 ID: d8dda7 [Reply]

File 141351162733.jpg - (165.42KB , 800x600 , RJ143170_img_smp3.jpg )

Does anyone have the new set from LOL?

Anonymous 14/10/17(Fri)04:07 No. 56042 ID: d8dda7

File 141351167088.jpg - (159.99KB , 600x1750 , RJ143170_img_smp2.jpg )

Anonymous 14/10/17(Fri)04:08 No. 56043 ID: d8dda7

Anonymous 14/10/20(Mon)19:48 No. 56068 ID: 380e67

Giga Pudding? Is dat you?

Anonymous 13/08/20(Tue)15:02 No. 50633 ID: 29f9bd [Reply]

File 137700376264.jpg - (152.86KB , 500x718 , c01-35b124a.jpg )

Looking for the stories from Child's Play to Don't Leave Me Alone. Unfortunately the links on that page are all dead. They all appear to be the same artist.

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Anonymous 13/08/31(Sat)01:32 No. 50674 ID: bc0b79

its part of the Ana Puri tank

Anonymous 13/09/10(Tue)11:25 No. 50754 ID: f482ac

it's on page 159, but the other chapters are great too. direct link: http://hentai2read.com/ana_puri/1/159/

Anonymous 14/10/20(Mon)10:16 No. 56065 ID: e3fdd3


Pearl Fey Anonymous 13/09/12(Thu)22:14 No. 50799 ID: bf78bb [Reply]

File 137901687449.jpg - (46.99KB , 502x717 , pearl_fey.jpg )

Let's get some Pearl Fey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

7 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/05/09(Fri)07:56 No. 54779 ID: 9b6ddc


I mean shit, I like cake as much as the next guy, but there are certain charachters that should not be done like pearly or yotsuba or hakase

Anonymous 14/06/18(Wed)23:07 No. 55078 ID: f4ab12

calm down, bro; I'm pretty sure the guy that came up with her name beat him to that punch lol

Anonymous 14/06/21(Sat)14:28 No. 55091 ID: 86e709

Why wouldn't you?

Character is a human, ergo, character has sexuality.

Good lord, are you so in love with drawings of a fictional character that you've projected your own sexual repression into your imaginary relationship with it? Wow, my head hurts just thinking about how fucked up that is.

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