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Loli request? PK 15/03/20(Fri)19:58 No. 56953 ID: f0003c [Reply]

File 142687788768.gif - (3.15MB , 720x480 , 0c4272f90b1c2c2907742577c3314efc.gif )

Hey, I've been searching forever for a picture I saw a while back, it has a blond loli in a police outfit having fun with a black gear with a bear head on, I think the girl calls him choco bear?
Please help me find it!

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PK 15/03/25(Wed)19:20 No. 56980 ID: f0003c

Sorry guys I honestly don't remember the sauce on the gif, but ill look into it

PK 15/03/25(Wed)19:57 No. 56981 ID: f0003c

Found sauce on the gif.
Machi Gurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai
Episode 2 + 3

Anonymous 15/03/25(Wed)20:28 No. 56982 ID: ab2c0e

Thank you my good sir may your internet be fast and free of government interference

Anonymous 15/03/17(Tue)15:16 No. 56930 ID: 945d47 [Reply]

File 142660181226.jpg - (173.68KB , 949x730 , 14118116996.jpg )

any know what these lovely ones are from? or the artists name? or just anyway i can find them? ill post all iv got!

Anonymous 15/03/17(Tue)15:19 No. 56931 ID: 945d47

File 142660196167.jpg - (214.61KB , 706x873 , 14119701058.jpg )

Anonymous 15/03/17(Tue)15:20 No. 56932 ID: 945d47

Anonymous 12/10/29(Mon)22:12 No. 47945 ID: 741b7d [Reply]

File 135154517834.png - (577.64KB , 790x597 , 1348386921082.png )

First, let me cut you a slice of cake.

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Anonymous 13/07/05(Fri)21:58 No. 50319 ID: 88f7ae

I go to gelbooru for most of my loli. A lot of pixiv stuff ends up there anyway.

PS. Duplicate detector is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)13:23 No. 50341 ID: b82b16

lolibooru is a good one, it's all in the name.

Anonymous 15/03/02(Mon)09:45 No. 56805 ID: be5997


Anonymous 14/04/27(Sun)09:28 No. 54721 ID: ce7b74 [Reply]

File 139858370055.jpg - (337.47KB , 1000x1000 , image.jpg )

Can we have a thread specifically for lolis dominating older girls/women? That is my fetish.

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Anonymous 15/01/07(Wed)21:05 No. 56466 ID: 3d6924

I've got a few of these. Where are they from?

Anonymous 15/02/25(Wed)01:53 No. 56771 ID: b6ba30

File 142482563553.jpg - (419.33KB , 1280x960 , image.jpg )

Anonymous 15/03/01(Sun)07:13 No. 56793 ID: b6ba30

File 142519038949.jpg - (182.53KB , 901x800 , image.jpg )

De-censored cake anon 15/02/12(Thu)03:51 No. 56683 ID: 6735fe [Reply]

File 142370950499.jpg - (104.12KB , 1024x768 , L ee164a3497a3af373.jpg )

I personally decensored some cake. posting here. You may have some of these with censor on though. Sorry for low quality in some cases.

Post your own decensored cake : )

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anon 15/02/12(Thu)03:56 No. 56689 ID: 6735fe

Anonymous 15/02/15(Sun)07:39 No. 56701 ID: 17d202

Anonymous 15/02/19(Thu)02:08 No. 56734 ID: b38a9e

These are pretty :)

Flat chests Anonymous 12/12/09(Sun)00:20 No. 48560 ID: da5141 [Reply]

File 13550088563.jpg - (281.15KB , 860x1300 , ffb9d2354c669feb1d5ca2fa80eaefe0d5140e6c.jpg )

No boobs.

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Anonymous 14/11/09(Sun)20:55 No. 56162 ID: ab4c09


So, what did the ending mean then? That they were both dead the whole time?

Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)00:12 No. 56276 ID: 4f0aab

No... The dude murdered his daughter so that she'd stop trying to get them saved, then made it look like she'd died in the accident, in case someone came anyways. That way he could keep having sex with the other girl...

Anonymous 15/02/13(Fri)05:51 No. 56693 ID: c81bcc

Damned.... talk about a story that was a total boner kill.
That made me sad, that he killed his own daughter to stay with the loli.

General loli thread. Peppercat 14/07/10(Thu)02:46 No. 55209 ID: 154454 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140495321315.jpg - (156.19KB , 799x597 , 1359932235726.jpg )


77 posts and 343 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Peppercat 15/01/08(Thu)11:53 No. 56475 ID: 154454

Anonymous 15/01/08(Thu)17:13 No. 56477 ID: 0a7616

Peppercat, you shit.
This is the only place I can get a hold of you. Message me back on FB - I have a proposition.

Anonymous 15/01/18(Sun)18:46 No. 56561 ID: 4f0f12


Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)18:46 No. 56432 ID: 9c5e47 [Reply]

File 142030720547.png - (1.75MB , 1447x2047 , Ghettoyoung 01.png )

The massive cake thread has killed this board.

16 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/01/04(Sun)17:48 No. 56452 ID: 106043

yeah this femeloli is fucking gold, thanks

Anonymous 15/01/15(Thu)11:23 No. 56529 ID: 8d1a97

Who is the artist? I remember seeing his art years ago but I've forgotten, plus google image search isn't helping.

Anonymous 15/01/17(Sat)16:29 No. 56543 ID: 8d1a97

I found out. Scribblekid aka Dave Cheung.

Pix I can look at for an hour Anonymous 14/07/17(Thu)21:21 No. 55294 ID: 1807e1 [Reply]

File 140562488539.jpg - (274.75KB , 744x1500 , 5646467.jpg )

for some reason. what files do you keep coming back to?

1 post and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/07/18(Fri)17:37 No. 55301 ID: 88f7ae

These ones are nice.

Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)08:54 No. 55306 ID: 1807e1

File 14057528424.png - (23.13KB , 400x400 , 408.png )

Anonymous 15/01/15(Thu)20:11 No. 56531 ID: eab01a

File 142134909790.jpg - (79.19KB , 600x520 , 1393655338045.jpg )

errry time

loli/shota content bones 12/06/13(Wed)04:41 No. 46872 ID: f43699 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 133955529298.jpg - (786.54KB , 1222x1753 , BoysAndGirlsSummer_p09e.jpg )

we need some loli/shota content
random pics welcomed, comics preferred
(not quite sure if this belongs in /ss/ or here so i'm postin it in both)

116 posts and 258 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/18(Tue)13:57 No. 54465 ID: b61fec

File 139514744418.jpg - (273.04KB , 900x1200 , 42215556.jpg )

Anonymous 15/01/09(Fri)02:45 No. 56481 ID: bf9fb4

anyone got 3d stuff of this?

Anonymous 15/01/10(Sat)20:55 No. 56490 ID: 465a65

Read the sticky. It's not allowed here. Go to rurikon.eu, there's shittons of it.

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