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Am I Safe? I&!R0JYH/nTaw 16/03/29(Tue)02:39 No. 58691 ID: 4a7f55

File 145921199673.png - (556.82KB , 950x1350 , L7wUmZ7.png )

Is it a good idea to store my delicious cake files to Onedrive or can the NSA still find anything like that there?

Anonymous 16/03/29(Tue)03:06 No. 58692 ID: 256515

File 145921358134.jpg - (13.24KB , 200x199 , 3.jpg )

lol I can't fit any cake through the cd hole

do I have to put it in the hole before I bake it?

do I bake the tower after the batter is inside?

how will this affect my running systems?

Anonymous 16/04/02(Sat)21:55 No. 58718 ID: 45f4ad

Just don't keep anything illegal? Are you asking advice on storing actual underage photos?!

Anonymous 16/04/07(Thu)23:06 No. 58746 ID: 79fe2a


Not reality-wise of course, but would it not be a good idea for something like this to store?

Anonymous 16/04/12(Tue)10:31 No. 58782 ID: bab2fe

If you have to ask, I wouldn't do it. What's keeping you from putting it on a flashdrive like everyone else does? It's not illegal, but anyone who goes through the hassle of tracking you down and prosecuting you will likely win once the jury makes sense of what you're looking at.

Anonymous 16/04/12(Tue)19:51 No. 58787 ID: 319e01

>you will likely win once the jury makes sense of what you're looking at
The trick is to feed everyone more cake. If everyone, men and women alike, appreciate it, then no one will want to outlaw something everyone enjoys.

Yes, men and women. If a man can enjoy straight shota a woman can enjoy loli.

Anonymous 16/04/12(Tue)20:42 No. 58789 ID: f04b2b

It's more likely for people you know to find the flash drive lying around.

Anonymous 18/05/26(Sat)00:55 No. 62740 ID: bbd5e1

That's why you should always use encryption for anything you don't want anyone else to see.

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