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Sauce please! Anonymous 2017年02月09日(木) 06時46分44秒 61762 ID: 021be3

画像ファイル名 148661920443.jpg - (116.20KB , 666x1000 , 1698131_Hatebit_Star_Butterfly_Star_vs_the_Forces_.jpg )

Hello, /cake/
I was wondering if you could help me locating an image. Is a black and white, lines only drawing about a girl who is collared and naked in the middle of the street (except for her shoes and socks) and tied to a post. She is greedily looking at another girl in front of her who is enjoying herself completely naked on all fours, gagged and tied to a pleasuring machine on the floor, next to other similar but empty stations. The first girl is thinking something like "I wish mom would just pay the ten damned cents when she goes shoppig". In the background, we can see a third girl being walked on a leash naked except for her shoes.
I cannot remember the name of the artist but it's non-asian. I found the image in a collective website that had works from many other artists and many other styles. But I can't find that site either.
Pics somewhat related in terms of style and content.

Anonymous 2017年02月09日(木) 06時48分32秒 61763 ID: 021be3

Here are the rest.

Anonymous 2017年02月09日(木) 09時06分57秒 61764 ID: fcfbc4

Don't know what you're talking about but would like to see it myself.
With that said the other artwork you've got is Bosshi/askray and another whose name escapes me.
The dick carousel is machete01

Anonymous 2017年02月26日(日) 17時48分26秒 61843 ID: 485052

画像ファイル名 148812770688.gif - (65.97KB , 800x756 , 3488780_1235234631947.gif )

OP here. I've found it!

Anonymous 2017年03月02日(木) 19時53分13秒 61847 ID: 0cdeb9

who is the artist?!

Anonymous 2017年03月04日(土) 00時18分35秒 61861 ID: d18b98

I'm afraid I don't know. I found this one picture in a gallery of fucking machines.

Anonymous 2017年04月10日(月) 03時06分31秒 62004 ID: 75e72c


Anonymous 2017年04月20日(木) 07時08分43秒 62024 ID: d5b8a6

do you have a link to that?

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