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Need me a boyfriend Anonymous 18/04/05(Thu)16:45 No. 45636 [Reply]

File 152293951589.jpg - (230.14KB , 719x1280 , 961E582A-9807-4A01-A12C-5920977D860C.jpg )

Any one looking for a toy? 6'1 150lbs 2 months in hrt and Loving it, anyone wanna go get some food or something 420 friendly Vancouver area(604) kik: dontcallmebrodude also if you just want something for your spank bank lemme know

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Jesse 18/04/05(Thu)17:04 No. 45640

File 152294066353.jpg - (281.73KB , 750x1334 , 17CFB385-8F18-4D49-91FF-718A4595D5AB.jpg )

4chan got mad at me for this pic

cdn00b 18/04/05(Thu)19:20 No. 45641

Well I much say, you looking gorgeous. WoW! Keep it up sweetie.

Anonymous 18/04/07(Sat)08:57 No. 45642

Thank you so much <3

Here again this time feeling more horny. Slavelucy 18/04/05(Thu)04:23 No. 45635 [Reply]

File 152289501865.jpg - (115.56KB , 728x960 , IMG_20180327_150955.jpg )

I'm a single cd 24 yr Kik > killbillwuzz

Newly divorced sissy Sissy W 17/08/12(Sat)02:15 No. 45158 [Reply]

File 150249694536.jpg - (1.45MB , 2560x1440 , WIN_20170809_21_11_07_Pro.jpg )

My wife left me because I couldn't stop wearing her lingerie and talking to dirty old men - what do you guys think?

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Anonymous 18/03/25(Sun)00:38 No. 45618

where'd you go? would really enjoy talking to you how can i contact you?

Anonymous 18/03/28(Wed)01:40 No. 45622

you can contact me on kik - divorcedsissy

Anonymous 18/03/31(Sat)20:36 No. 45632

I want to fuck you in front of your ex and show her I can satisfy you more than she ever could.

blackmail sissy Anonymous 18/02/14(Wed)09:58 No. 45540 [Reply]

File 151859868418.jpg - (14.86KB , 250x333 , 1518551826653.jpg )

So I meet this sissy some weeks ago. (pic related its her)

We talked a lot and it turned out that she had a blackmail fetish.

But she is tired of all the boring game, so she we made an agreement for a real blackmail.

She handed over some sensitive information about herself to me. Stuff like real name, addresses, social media links, images of passport and so on.

So Im in full control now.

Since she wanted the real experience I want to give her the real experience. haha.

So I will fuck her up a little. I try to stay fair and I dont will out her as long as she behaves good, but If needed I will tell her mommy and daddy.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/03/17(Sat)15:57 No. 45608

A little late to this party but are there any updates on your new pet? More pictures of her training please.

Obviously a lot of your "blackmail" should include more material for blackmail. Humiliating face pics etc. What are your kinks? Public, pushing her boundaries etc? A lot of tasks will be based on her limits.

Depending on how often she's in boy-mode you could be working toward blurring her boundaries between the two:
1. Every paycheck (assuming she works) she buys one pair of panties (with your specifications) and throws away one of her boy pairs. Remind her that she's slowly shedding her masculinity.

2. No one looks at your feet, so there's another semi-public way to push her. Androgynous feminine socks. Keep her toes painted at all times etc.

3. She looks fit. Does she run/gym? Lots of androgynous gym clothes, panties under shorts, girls shoes, sports bras when its cold outside etc.

4. Shopping tasks, but these are obvious

5. What are her limits? Plenty of men get ear/tongue piercings. If no one sees her often without her shirt on, then even a belly button ring would be possible (and look great on her with how slim she is)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

beatrix 18/03/28(Wed)14:59 No. 45623

Maybe she really just wanted a Black Male. Just sayin'

I'm a beginner but a champ Slavelucy 18/03/26(Mon)07:12 No. 45621 [Reply]

File 152204114271.jpg - (157.25KB , 960x720 , IMG_20180325_200447.jpg )

Not need to get famous just meeting the right people

Anonymous 18/03/25(Sun)04:21 No. 45619 [Reply]

File 152194448313.jpg - (1.75MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

15 wanna fuck a tranny will suck snap @mclarckson6 in fl broward county

Anonymous 18/03/23(Fri)21:06 No. 45616 [Reply]

File 152183559562.jpg - (492.20KB , 571x1032 , 20170411_030609-3-1-1-1-1.jpg )

Well you seem like horny little slut who is begging for Cock! Am I right?
What country are you in? Where are you darling?

#2 nyarrrr 15/09/05(Sat)00:37 No. 40484 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 144140622154.jpg - (305.78KB , 473x1000 , menacing.jpg )

Well, I had been away for a long time and my previous thread reached a bump limit and faded out forever. Time to restart after a break!

Will dump new content soon.

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anonem 17/03/26(Sun)23:04 No. 44720

You have an amazing body, plz post mo

Anonymous 17/12/16(Sat)15:21 No. 45466

please come back!

Anonymous 18/03/18(Sun)21:04 No. 45611

fab legs love to put ya across my knee young lady..

New here Nordictrap 15/06/11(Thu)22:32 No. 39603 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143405473994.jpg - (3.96MB , 2592x3872 , DSC_0486.jpg )

Hey !

Horny, ask me what to do, also hava kik

64 posts and 46 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/08/21(Mon)15:45 No. 45206

Give us more!

Anonymous 18/03/02(Fri)01:10 No. 45586

Wow...sethforyou2002 - kik hmu!

Anonymous 18/03/18(Sun)19:06 No. 45610

Nice pictures. i love your beautiful clitty !!

Got dressed up! Danni 18/03/16(Fri)17:19 No. 45606 [Reply]

File 152121714233.jpg - (354.88KB , 1332x1000 , 111.jpg )

Danni 18/03/16(Fri)17:19 No. 45607

File 152121717231.jpg - (303.22KB , 1280x960 , gdIMG_8048.jpg )

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