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/cd/ - Crossdressing

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starting out Anonymous 17/06/24(Sat)22:01 No. 45038 [Reply]

File 149833450333.jpg - (51.79KB , 500x667 , Boys+are+apparently+good+at+being+prettier+girls+t.jpg )

i want to start crossdressing and look girly and stuff but i don't want the people around me to think different of me. i want it to just be a hobby that i can without my life changeing completely. i kinda wan't it to be two tottaly different lives. any tips or toughts?

Anonymous 17/06/25(Sun)20:20 No. 45040

File 14984148065.png - (1.38MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170613-200239.png )

Do what you want and never what you're told when it comes to you being you.
The real ones will stay loyal and understand, the others aren't important.

bea 17/07/14(Fri)14:23 No. 45074

Thanks for this great question. That is definitely a doosey and finding a solution to it is pretty personal, but I'll share mine and hope it sheds some light. About a year or so ago I changed my day-to-day wardrobe completely to only clothes that I love, and none of these included boy's clothing (sorry male fashion industry, but your stuff sucks, lol). This was somewhat easy as I had dropped about 7 sizes (lol). Note: Being in your own personal best shape makes it all MUCH easier and more fun. I don't go out as a girl or a boy per se, just wearing things I find pretty or sexy. Not skirts or heels - I only wear jeans, pants or shorts and tops. I generally go for mild flares and hip huggers and close fitting tops. At first my friends, neighbors and folks at day care (where I bring my son) were a bit taken aback, but then something changed, and it could not feel more right. I play music partly for a living and so this fit fairly neatly into that world. It's not freaky, and it's not scaring anyone, and in fact the more comfortable I became with it, the more the world around me seemed to open up. I do go out with my GF dressed to the nines, but that's something else. The big thing was just making beauty a part of my everyday, not CDing, just being me, as the earlier anon reply person correctly said. On any given day I may ask myself "can I get away with this?" considering a certain piece of clothing. It's good to exercise taste (lol) and hippy/preppy works for me. Now that I look back, the way I dress today would have seemed pretty wild to me just 6 months ago, but no one even bats an eyelash. Generally I find that women are much more positive about it than men (go figure), and my GF has an explanation for that. Simply put and echoed, life is too short not to be ourselves. Best of luck with it all, let your prettiness out into the world and spread a little sparkle wherever you go!! xox, peace, bea

First Time, New Clothes! Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)03:20 No. 45069 [Reply]

File 149999522151.jpg - (198.42KB , 1944x2592 , ImCgJ5t.jpg )

Hi all. New to crossdressing, but I took some pretty good pics and wanted to share.

I hope you'd do lewd things to me ^^

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Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)03:21 No. 45071

File 149999527692.jpg - (1.23MB , 1560x1944 , h6D2pyx.jpg )

Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)03:21 No. 45072

File 149999530314.jpg - (1.58MB , 1949x1944 , OxYYQjW.jpg )

Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)03:22 No. 45073

File 149999533245.jpg - (2.13MB , 1944x2518 , ERV6JmE.jpg )

Hi~ Vapee 17/07/01(Sat)02:55 No. 45054 [Reply]

File 149887052749.jpg - (15.81KB , 337x600 , 15135859_166642590471845_2091301267596778028_n.jpg )

Vapee 17/07/01(Sat)02:57 No. 45055

File 149887067427.jpg - (47.90KB , 540x960 , 15087052_198166097303482_814211998_n.jpg )

ciccio23 17/07/05(Wed)02:31 No. 45065

holy fuck 😍

i think i remember those legs. did you post here before?

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