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Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)09:47 No. 154 ID: dabd0b

File 148490204811.png - (25.72KB , 600x754 , 0120-web-LIBYA2map-Artboard_2.png )

This is a friendly reminder that when they tell you they bombed an ISIS training camp, they don't tell you how many child soldiers were killed.

Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)21:53 No. 159 ID: df6334

When a bullet is shot through your body it'll hurt you or kill you just as much every time regardless of the age of the person that shot the bullet at you.

That's the fact they'll use to justify their actions, because no one wants to be seen straight up saying that they don't want to go to the expense, manpower, and casualties of rescuing kids from that environment and retraining them to do something constructive with their lives.

Anonymous 17/01/25(Wed)13:02 No. 166 ID: 5a17f7

True, but you know that thirty years from now--when no one really remembers what things were like--they'll start making romatic movies about this shit, and there's going to be some tragic scene of the noble jihadi boys being blasted to bits by traumatically compromised american bombers, who go home with PTSD. At this point the Muslims will be accusing the western world of genocide and the west will look back on defeating the "terrorists" as a time when politicians manipulated the media to coerce public opinion behind a war that only multiplied the injustice it purported to stop. Muslims, now existing almost entirely in disapora, will become the new Jews--hated by conservative extremists and held on high pedastals by apologists, faced with living in unwelcoming communities and being subjected to sad, self-serving attempts to make ammends for what will come to be percieved as a great wrong done upon them.

The future makes me sick.

Anonymous 17/01/26(Thu)22:11 No. 167 ID: 67e5a6

I get it. I do. But who are the monsters, they twisted sons a bitches who forceably "recruit" child soldiers (who they plan on using for all kinds of awful shit) or the government who bombs the training base that vaporizes the kids and their "trainers"

short answer: both.

I agree, the future is a big helping of shit we are all going to have to take a bite of.

Anonymous 17/01/27(Fri)07:40 No. 168 ID: 29e1e8

File 148549920814.jpg - (353.71KB , 1536x1017 , youeyeingmeup.jpg )

> they don't tell you how many child soldiers were killed

Hopefully all of them. There's no need for children to grow up in an ISIS training camp.

Anonymous 17/02/21(Tue)18:23 No. 186 ID: 8e1588

I'm assuming all of them were. Defeats the whole purpose of a bombing run otherwise.

Anonymous 17/02/22(Wed)13:47 No. 188 ID: 5f02d5

Its better to put them out of their misery.

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)05:46 No. 191 ID: d5c3e1

One day those kids grow up. You think they won't contribute to terrorism?

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)20:28 No. 192 ID: fdb5f2

What I think matters less than how people will recant these stories after we move on to our next conflict. Will they let it pass since there was almost no possiblity of un-indoctrinating those children and near certainty that they pose a threat as much to foriegn military as the national interests of the countries they train in, or will they futilly attempt to accuse the US of war crimes?

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)08:33 No. 194 ID: 6ae42d

I remember another country's leader who thought it was futile for others to accuse him of war crimes.

He ended up covered in diesel and burned in a ditch.

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)12:18 No. 195 ID: eeb901

Yeah, but that was another country.

Anonymous 17/03/02(Thu)10:16 No. 198 ID: 6ae42d

Don't forget that time GWB was declared a war criminal.

He had to call off international trips until he gave enough blowjobs to foreign diplomats, otherwise he would have put the secret service into a very uncomfortable place.

It wasn't exactly futile if he had to avoid travelling overseas due to the very real chance of a valid legal warrant for his arrest being served.

Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)15:14 No. 199 ID: d70750

>GWB was declared a war criminal
>The Tribunal recommends to the War Crimes Commission to give the widest international publicity to this conviction
I never heard about this; not even a rumour. I wasn't really following the news in 2012, and I haven't been living in the US for a decade, but it's not really much of a surprise to me that this was a complete non-event.

The History books should record him as the first, and so far only, US president convicted of war crimes--but they won't. Not even in Malasia, and once that administration is out of office no one will be around to confirm this ever happened. Once the online news articles get archived, there will be no publically-accessible proof anywhere but the records of the court in Kuala Lumpur, where no one will ever look because no one cares about Dubya anymore.

Anonymous 17/03/06(Mon)03:32 No. 201 ID: 448961

>I never heard about this; not even a rumour.
You should watch something besides Fox News. They were the only news channel to not report that it happened.

Online, of course, it went down the usual partisan lines of right wing sites refusing to acknowledge it and everyone else reporting it, with the left wing sites laughing hysterically while doing it.

Anonymous 17/03/11(Sat)12:35 No. 206 ID: a91bdd

File 148923211367.gif - (32.85KB , 328x200 , 200_s.gif )

good. i dont care.

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