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Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)11:46 No. 215 ID: 088518

File 148966117838.jpg - (28.29KB , 668x385 , geert-wilders.jpg )

Dutch Trump lost today.

I think he lost because his hair wasn't up to the challenge.

In his views and ideals he fit right in with Trump but his hair certainly wasn't comparable.

This is why he lost.

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)19:14 No. 216 ID: 22f8c3

File 148968809722.jpg - (4.13KB , 160x113 , imagesCALV2UR1.jpg )

I concur

Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)11:11 No. 217 ID: eef9d1

File 148974551196.jpg - (43.67KB , 558x558 , trump-high-energy-hair.jpg )

Such low-energy hair! Bad!

Anonymous 17/05/08(Mon)02:59 No. 287 ID: 412291

File 14942051967.jpg - (65.67KB , 468x281 , FrenchTrump.jpg )

French Trump lost today.

Why do Europeans keep putting people on the ticket with such incomparable hair?

Anonymous 17/05/08(Mon)21:04 No. 289 ID: e83956

File 149427026043.jpg - (94.91KB , 842x1024 , Angela_Merkel_Juli_2010_-_3zu4.jpg )

It's just as easy to say that the woman lost. Being a woman and a politician at the same time is difficult right now: France and Murrka refused to vote in a woman, and Brazil and South Korea kicked their women out.

Will this trend continue? Stay tuned and find out what happens to the Bundestag in September.

Anonymous 17/05/08(Mon)21:20 No. 290 ID: 412291

But its far easier to say that French Trump was rejected by France, since they share much of the same values.

America basically bought into 25 years of slander and lies projected by muckrakers, which is why I thought they never should have put her on the ticket in the first place. You never should give your enemy the fight he's prepared for.

South Korea is legitimate corruption on a scale rarely seen in western politics. You have to go to China or Russia to encounter that level of corruption. As she's a member of the conservative party, like French Trump, one could see her impeachment as a rejection of conservative corruption.

Anonymous 17/05/09(Tue)17:45 No. 293 ID: 1f7851

Because her party represents white supremacy and isolationism
Because she's inundated with scandals that suggest profound incompetence and/or corruption
For corruption
>South Korea
For corruption

If we can get women in politics who don't cheat, maybe we can have women be presidents.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)09:27 No. 295 ID: 412291

>Because she's inundated with scandals that suggest profound incompetence and/or corruption
Because when you see what Trump has done for the past 100 days, the last thing you think of is scandals, incompetence, and corruption.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)18:03 No. 297 ID: 2a563c

I'm not saying I don't.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)21:26 No. 299 ID: 1d7577

You can't defend a corrupt incompetent by pointing out another corrupt incompetent.

I bet you're the sort of guy who gets pulled over for speeding and tries to defend yourself by saying that guy was going faster than you.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)23:24 No. 300 ID: 412291

You say this knowing full well Trump supporters do exactly that all the time.

but but but hillary

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)18:52 No. 310 ID: c6e683

File 149564477777.png - (570.20KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-05-25 00-00-08.png )


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