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Anonymous 16/11/21(Mon)04:12 No. 45 ID: 1e535c

File 147969797145.jpg - (77.61KB , 960x549 , BRICS_leaders_meet_on_the_sidelines_of_2016_G20_Su.jpg )

What does /civ/ think of BRICS?

Anonymous 16/11/21(Mon)08:22 No. 46 ID: de8bd1

The longer they don't get their shit together the better.

Anonymous 16/11/22(Tue)04:51 No. 48 ID: df6334

You say that like the global economy is a zero-sum game.

In general, economic alliances and their mutual benefits tend to outlast individual politicians in much the same way as the #1 seed in a sports tournament will tend to beat the #16 seed. It's not that the 16th place competitor can't pull off an upset or Putin can't get Russia suspended from the G8, but those are exceptions to the general trends.

Anonymous 16/11/28(Mon)07:14 No. 51 ID: d3290b

Foreign Minister, Commrade Lavrov, has stated that the G8 is an informal organization and membership is optional for Mother Russia. The Russian Federation has been suspended; not expelled.

>like the global economy is a zero-sum game
It isn't? Tell that to the Roman Empire. Press the provinces, expand the frontier--bring the spoils of taxation and conquest to the Capital.

Anonymous 16/11/28(Mon)09:01 No. 52 ID: df6334

Give me a shovel so I can dig up the Roman empire and tell that to its corpse's face and point its decayed eyesockets at the global economy.

Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)08:45 No. 53 ID: 075bdd

*hands you a shovel*
Make sure they see how their naevity ruined us for generations to come.

Sprölle 17/03/09(Thu)00:33 No. 203 ID: 4270ae

File 148901600416.gif - (13.46KB , 505x607 , 1437922837628.gif )

BRICS is vital for humanity. If there aren't two economic alliances competing with each other then there will be no economic competition.

Globalists want to start ww3 and remove economic competition indefinitively.

Anonymous 17/03/10(Fri)23:08 No. 204 ID: 64d72c

File 148918369442.jpg - (71.76KB , 385x339 , 1257088078629.jpg )

I think it's alright, I just wish it wasn't Zuma in that picture. Look up fire pool and Jacob Zuma.

Anonymous 17/04/14(Fri)00:07 No. 240 ID: e4210a

File 149212126451.jpg - (472.38KB , 650x1192 , Three lecturers.jpg )

They should call themselves The Aristocrats.

Globalists against global trade? Seems legit...

...if your sloppy terminology has turned your mind into porridge.

And have you never heard about private enterprise? Aren't centrally planned. Aren't part of some conspiracy.

Anonymous 17/04/14(Fri)08:53 No. 241 ID: 7337c5

File 149215279851.gif - (964.03KB , 500x256 , Race.gif )

Logic and independent thought aren't his strong suits.

Anonymous 17/04/14(Fri)10:42 No. 243 ID: e4210a

True. It's not even absurd but sound logic. Populism grows in the gap between logic and reality.

Logic is true if the conclusion follows the premises:

P1: I want easy money
P2: There's a wad of doug on the street
C1: I just leave it

That may be good for me to do, but it doesn't follow the logic. But this does:

P1: I want easy money
P2: There's a wad of doug on the street
P3: I don't want to get into trouble, the owner may be nearby
C1: I just leave it

So if you just substitute the word "globalism" to the phrrase "something bad according to me" it will make much more sense.

Anonymous 17/04/16(Sun)14:04 No. 252 ID: 7337c5

You can also substitute "globalists" with "joos."

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)19:09 No. 270 ID: 4dadc4

One of the ways you can spot a nonsense conspiracy theory is how easily the boogeymen can be replaced, and how inevitably they are.

Baseless conspiracy theories evolve with the era in which they are being discussed, usually inserting antagonists that presented an immediate or perceived threat in a previous era but have since gone dormant. Free Masons, the Russians, the Jews, neo-conservatives, globalists; in a couple of decades people will be saying that radical Islam had a hand in the assassination of JFK.

Anonymous 17/04/24(Mon)20:42 No. 272 ID: 1da0d2

Pretty sure they're already claiming it.

The internet is where mental illness goes to spread.

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