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Anonymous 17/12/16(Sat)15:09 No. 503 ID: 517b6e

File 151343335648.png - (64.46KB , 969x286 , theend_avatar.png )

So, the Trump administration is simply out to rape the United States and it's people in every which way it can and it's going to get away with it because they are too hopelessly divided on every issue to do anything for themselves.

Anonymous 17/12/28(Thu)08:20 No. 520 ID: ae8f36

The only saving grace is that they're so completely incompetent that they've spent the better part of a year trying to pull off what a competent administration could do in a week and still have months to go before they'll finish.

sage 18/01/01(Mon)08:33 No. 522 ID: 5ab590

File 151479201848.png - (4.83KB , 600x812 , ledechart-Artboard_2_copy_2.png )

Don't tell them that, unless you want a pack of blithering idiots calling you a liar, spitting made up accomplishments at you, and taking credit for everything the people seem to approve of no matter how or by whose order it actually happened.

OLDB n3wb !!NmMGp4ZQV5 18/01/04(Thu)01:48 No. 525 ID: 24aac8


Anonymous 18/01/04(Thu)03:10 No. 526 ID: b73ce3

File 151503182876.jpg - (67.27KB , 800x450 , You Get Debt.jpg )

Anonymous 18/01/05(Fri)21:30 No. 529 ID: 7fd13b


I like that meme...but is he dabbing like an idiot or is he about to karate chop the neck of a senior citizen?

Anonymous 18/01/08(Mon)06:39 No. 530 ID: da03e9

He's dabbing like an idiot.

The closest he gets to senior citizens is when he shows up to soup kitchens and scrubs clean dishes.

I'm pretty sure his idea of self defense is to throw money at a security guard.

Anonymous 18/01/08(Mon)22:34 No. 531 ID: bcc440

Politics and "democracy" is only designed the fail. America was doomed after 1776 there was plots to ruin the country ever since. Just took them 200+ years to finally get the right momentum to fully take over.

Anonymous 18/01/13(Sat)09:35 No. 541 ID: 1422fe

To be fair, democracy works better for longer than the average autocracy.

It will not end well for Putin. The poison will work its way slowly into his system until complete organ failure makes him go to sleep for the last time.

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)12:13 No. 544 ID: bcc440

What do you have against Putin?

Anonymous 18/01/17(Wed)19:35 No. 545 ID: 87b5e9

File 15162141164.jpg - (7.50KB , 207x207 , maximum-power-broly.jpg )

I think the point he was making is that autocratic leaders tend to go down badly, which is a valid point. However, I actually expect Putin to live until retirement; his control is maximum. Unfortunately the power vaccum he'll leave behind is likely to tear his country apart--that's what happens when people come to depend on your decades of authoritarian rule.

Anonymous 18/01/19(Fri)05:40 No. 546 ID: 1422fe

Stalin thought he had absolute power too.

Still didn't stop people close to him from inserting small amounts of rat poison into everything he ate and drank until it killed him.

Putin doesn't have anywhere near the control Stalin had.

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