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Sophisticated Gentleman ## Admin ## 12/02/14(Tue)02:01 No. 1 [Reply] Stickied

File 132918126382.jpg - (30.21KB , 338x450 , cigars-523[1].jpg )

Hello gentlemen!
You have been awarded your own private club from which you may scorn the local riffraff. If you continue posting at least 25 posts per day for the next two weeks, this will be a permanent board.
If you notice any problems (file sizes, file types) post in this thread. I'm not sure if we want to make this General or SFW, so you can discuss that, too.
Keep it work safe and stay classy.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/01/22(Thu)23:59 No. 2997


Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/04(Fri)03:08 No. 3112 [Reply]

File 144919493668.jpg - (150.11KB , 594x327 , 173343224.jpg )

Have you ever sent a letter to someone who influenced you, by sending naturally, a genuine hand-written discourse speaking of your shared interests? Many a historic relationships between gentlemen began this way. I have not as I have not yet been acquainted with such a persons with whom I feel I could have satisfactory discourse for such a candid thing.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/10(Thu)10:06 No. 3114

I once wrote James Randi telling him how much I've enjoyed his work but I'm a bit old for that now.

I think it'd be nice to have a penpal who I could show my unregulated emotions to. I have others, even some that have have seen me under stress, but no one that would be comfortable being historic with.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/30(Wed)03:28 No. 3118

I have not, for my handwriting is indecipherable, and choose to spare the recipient the hassle of reading my atrocious penmanship.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/22(Fri)10:49 No. 3127

I'm still looking for a calligraphy book since I have some markers laying around.

Mind if I write you?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)20:54 No. 2509 [Reply]

File 137737046910.jpg - (7.21KB , 500x125 , 2156ijz3uyL.jpg )

Hello Gentlemen, what Is your watch and knife of choice?

I carry a W.R. Case and Sons Sod Buster Jr. to clean my nails and wear a Citizen Eco-drive BM8180 to keep the time.

Ford would ask all his prospective employees the time and ask them for a knife to clean his nails.

A man is nothing without a knife and a watch.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/06(Wed)16:22 No. 3121

Swiss Army Knife - gentlemanly, yet practical for the tinker in me

Citizen Eco-Drive with atomic timekeeping - never have to set or replace battery, and it looks stylish.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:05 No. 3125

I just bought a Spyderco Civilian and a Harpy. Got an Endura 4 for my brother for christmas. Very happy with them. Pic is the harpy

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:05 No. 3126

File 145300713955.jpg - (5.53KB , 329x153 , images.jpg )


Sophisticated Films (A List, perhaps?) Sophisticated Gentleman 12/07/12(Thu)10:31 No. 1254 [Reply]

File 134208188241.jpg - (424.26KB , 900x586 , 2006_the_good_shepherd_001.jpg )

I watched "The Good Shepherd" tonight. Fantastic piece of fiction, that was. Absolutely brilliant espionage film directed by DeNiro. I might even go as far as to claim that it is the finest espionage film ever made. I suggest you utilize your eyes to view this piece in its full glory. It's truly spectacularly good.

I believe that modern filmographic devices displaying images at rapid speeds to create the illusion of movement would be a fine topic of discussion for fine gentlemen such as ourselves, would you not agree? Let us, perhaps, begin to list some of our most favored sophisticated films.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/15(Thu)08:06 No. 3097

La grande bellezza (The great beauty)
Grand budapest hotel
Life aquatiq
The imitation game
Leviathan (2014)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:01 No. 3123

Amelie and City of God are fantastic

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:03 No. 3124

Birdman was horrible

Who is Marcel Duchamps? Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/28(Wed)07:18 No. 3101 [Reply]

File 144601309086.jpg - (487.28KB , 2048x1152 , 20151027_212049.jpg )

I mean I love foto but why is he famous?

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/28(Wed)07:18 No. 3102

Could Marcel Duchamps operate a smart phone?

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/28(Wed)07:20 No. 3103

File 14460132599.jpg - (243.87KB , 968x1024 , Duchamp_Fountaine.jpg )

Oh course he could.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/27(Sun)06:48 No. 3117

Well, I don't think he's that good. But he is famous to go against the traditional standards of art at the moment with the Dada movement, to prove that even a toilet would be considered art.

Beliefs Sophisticated Gentleman 12/05/31(Thu)19:01 No. 903 [Reply]

File 133848369136.jpg - (61.31KB , 568x645 , Cheers.jpg )

What is a gentleman's religion/belief?
Does a gentleman share such things?
What is the key element that defines a gentleman, mentally/emotionally?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/07/31(Fri)22:21 No. 3077

High Church Anglicanism.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/08/01(Sat)22:48 No. 3078

This. That is all.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/19(Sat)05:08 No. 3116

I do not believe in any supernatural deity. The universe always existed and we are the result of an untold length of random events.


Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/18(Sun)04:41 No. 3098 [Reply]

File 144513607222.jpg - (102.47KB , 768x629 , 75f8acd5-9dd2-4122-9e14-c8f6d8ce796e.jpg )

Just bought my first pipe from an antique shop. Looks nice, needs some cleaning though. Did I do good?

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/11/23(Mon)00:23 No. 3111

There are probably so many decades of cancer-causing agents on that pipe that you could kill somebody just by waving it at them

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/06/14(Sat)17:03 No. 2809 [Reply]

File 14027582093.jpg - (437.10KB , 1256x1611 , image.jpg )

Favorite paintings by any artist?
If someone posts "The Starry Night" I will shoot them in the neck with a luger
"At Eternety's Gate"
Vincent Van Gogh

33 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/22(Thu)16:13 No. 3099

The Starry Night

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/11/04(Wed)23:39 No. 3105

All images in this video are pretty gud


check them

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/03/23(Sat)17:18 No. 2165 [Reply]

File 13640555021.jpg - (9.68KB , 400x313 , i do wonder.jpg )

im taking a trip to Toronto. what does a gentleman do there?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/03/24(Sun)17:01 No. 2169

theres the tower,
and you can go shopping and meet the nice there! and

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/07/17(Thu)10:13 No. 2829


Dear god, spit it out Phillip! Phillip?

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/28(Wed)11:17 No. 3104

when youre 25 and in toronto, a fucking tower is the last thing in mind

Pooch Sophisticated Gentleman 13/01/12(Sat)22:59 No. 1955 [Reply]

File 135802794154.jpg - (56.90KB , 638x960 , petrified dog.jpg )

What breed is your canine companion and best friend?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 15/06/06(Sat)05:53 No. 3038

File 143356279690.jpg - (607.39KB , 1290x1492 , tess-14-04-05-woods.jpg )

Really agree with that sentiment.

My dog is a German Shepherd Lurcher cross. Got her from a rescue charity when she was 2, now it's been 7 happy years.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/07/25(Sat)22:16 No. 3075


I also concur whole heartedly. Absolutely DESPISE yapping dogs; Chihuahuas could replace clay-pigeons for shooting skeet as far as I am concerned.


Sophisticated Gentleman 15/10/11(Sun)19:02 No. 3096

I saw this on Reddit. Did you post it?

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