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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/27(Tue)08:15 No. 2787 [Reply]

File 140117135695.jpg - (335.11KB , 1680x1050 , Blue_Clouds.jpg )

Greetings dear gentleman.
I've recently achieved considerable interest in the very fine (and sadly underrated) art of cloud appreciation. I must admit that the very concept was alien to my imagination until I contacted by mere chance the website of the so called "cloud appreciation society" and got in touch with the wonderful ideas of it's founding members.
Sadly, given my current financial situation and the economical politics of my undeveloped country of origin (that include restricted operations with foreign currency and the like), it's quite hard for me to get a membership and finally achieve my own Cloudspotter's Guide to improve my skills and knowledge on this new area of interest.
So, in order not to stole more of your valuable time, I was wondering if any of you happen to have a copy of this book or a link to download one, for I've been unable to find one myself by my personal means of internet search.
Thank you very much for your attention, and more than thanks if you can help me out on this moment of need. In retribution, I attach an amazing picture taken from above of this awesome gift from nature that we rarely take time to contemplate in all of it's magnificence, clouds.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/26(Mon)06:16 No. 2786 [Reply]

File 14010778142.jpg - (90.68KB , 1024x1157 , D-92_1L.jpg )

Hello, /class/. I was wondering if it would be safe to actually use a vintage silver plated cocktail shaker with lead mounts?

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/03/23(Sun)17:47 No. 2731 [Reply]

File 13955932512.jpg - (69.02KB , 673x604 , 1382833368703.jpg )

We are so swag in here.
Pic related,everyone in this board.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/03/25(Tue)14:54 No. 2738

If I were to ever make it big, as a rapper (I rap), or otherwise (e.g. somehow done well in the stock markets and got really famous), I would still be browsing 7chan and 4chan (and all the other fucked up sites) every day

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/23(Wed)19:54 No. 2763

fucked up in what way?

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/28(Mon)07:18 No. 2771

The culture of imageboards characteristically rejects normative morality and what is commonly accepted as "good" taste.

Sophisticated Gentleman 12/08/02(Thu)01:01 No. 1374 [Reply]

File 134386209819.jpg - (29.07KB , 400x309 , gold_solitaire_engagement_wedding_ring_set_pair.jpg )

Ladies and Gentlemen

Could you please be kind enough to provide some proposal ideas? I'd really appreciate your concern.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/03/23(Sun)05:15 No. 2730

Tell her "we should get married. You in?"

No need to hurl expenses at her when it's really a decision based on emotion (and crude financial benefits).

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/08(Tue)19:06 No. 2745

i dont know where you live, if your on the coast you can do this, or just plan a trip to the beach one day, like a road trip or something....you get a bottle and roll up a note that says 'will you marry me' on it, and put the ring around the note, cork the bottle, and give it to a friend or someone and have them put it in the sand along the shore, so the top is sticking out. when you walk along you see the bottle and have her pick it up, and read the note, when she looks at you, you are on your knee.....

>>2102 lmfao btw

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/26(Sat)00:47 No. 2769

Tradition dictates you ask permission from her parents prior to asking her. Doing both at the same time is rather rude. Also, despite not knowing how your relationship is currently, I have to ask: if you're not already spending Christmases together and visiting your collective parents together, is the relationship at the right stage to ask for her hand?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/05/22(Wed)04:21 No. 2355 [Reply]

File 136918930387.jpg - (49.22KB , 600x450 , Blunt-Rolling.jpg )

How to roll a proper blunt?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/12(Sun)08:21 No. 2665

Ahaha what a looser

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/16(Thu)03:53 No. 2669


Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/23(Wed)19:57 No. 2764

I sincerely hope you've figured it out by now

Orchestral Gentleman 12/12/20(Thu)02:54 No. 1857 [Reply]

File 135596849578.jpg - (50.36KB , 500x471 , Berlioz-Symphonie.jpg )

Good day or evening, gentlemen! What are your preferences when it comes musical finery? I'll start:
One of my personal favorites is Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique, of that I've had the pleasure of performing and listening to whenever I am able.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/02/09(Sun)22:47 No. 2703

Ah, yes. A quite embarrassing mistake, but I thank you for correcting me without undue reprimand. That aside, I agree with your tastes. Electroswing seems to combine two relatively lively and popular (in their times) genres into an enjoyable third genre. But one cannot forget the roots, and what fine roots indeed.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/12(Sat)01:14 No. 2747

Scott Joplin particularly "Solace" and the opera "Treemonisha". also the occasional musical especially shows such as Ragtime and Spring Awakening. Ragtime has incredibly clear and rich orchestrations in the turn of the century style lots of solo instruments and percussion. Spring awakening is much more minimal and even uses rock but only sparingly and does so excellently. Particulary nice is the use of the string quartet with the other instruments in an almost impressionist style. reminds me quite a bit of the debussy string quartet 3rd movement.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/18(Fri)21:22 No. 2757

As a gentleman oft pressed with the vicissitudes of life, I lean towards sharp, coarse compositions. Names such as Schnitke and Cowell are usually in order. Prokofiev, in particular, is quite deserving in this category. Of course, amongst polite company and friendly camaraderie I will quote the works of Bach and Chopin as well, as any other proper man of letter would.

dhiwhe 14/03/26(Wed)18:27 No. 2739 [Reply]

File 13958548566.jpg - (16.21KB , 460x288 , porpoise_1535623c.jpg )

how good is porpoise meat?

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/10(Thu)02:20 No. 2746

File 139708921921.jpg - (632.19KB , 1464x1986 , Nietzsche187a.jpg )

how evil is porpoise meat?

is porpoise meat beyond good and evil?

let's ask this guy.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/16(Wed)22:40 No. 2753

I was advised to try chancho marino when I was in Peru as part of the "pick something of the menu at random and see if it's any good" experience thinking it was some kind of Peruvian surf 'n' turf.

I received an oversized tuna steak (I love tuna steak) but the flavour was a bit more mellow and it had a smoother texture. Half-way through my friend translated it for me and I immediately regretted not taking a photo before hand to show off my achievement.

So, to answer your question, it's quite good, but I prefer tuna.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/18(Fri)21:08 No. 2756

Think of squirrel meat mixed with stewed alligator liver sauteed in shark oil and spruce. That's the approximate taste.

Like for Swag Ragnarox 13/07/07(Sun)21:35 No. 2428 [Reply]

File 137322572615.png - (96.42KB , 522x466 , PhilosophicalAutism.png )

Share for class.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/15(Tue)21:13 No. 2751


Was p sure OPs post was for parody, but now less sure.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/18(Fri)01:30 No. 2754

Gentlemen, please. Your collective conduct is rather unbecoming. As users of this board, it is your duty to act and speak in a civilised manner. I can see that there are certain disagreements in this thread, however I see no need for foul language and name calling.

In regards to the OP; I'm afraid I shall not be sharing this image with my acquaintances, for comedic purposes or otherwise. I apologize for disappointing you.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/04/18(Fri)21:05 No. 2755

The questioned posited by the OP's gentleman in the picture is indeed of utmost importance. The search of a random generator, based solely on deterministic rules, seem to be a contradiction in itself and yet, one that is continually advanced. While no current scheme is perfect they are often within the error mark of many systems and they certainly took more than two days to formulate.

As for the gentleman's attire, I must say quite dandy.

help Sophisticated Gentleman 14/03/05(Wed)04:25 No. 2714 [Reply]

File 139398992963.jpg - (106.79KB , 1396x310 , Pay It Forward Logo.jpg )


FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 12/12/20(Thu)15:14 No. 1860 [Reply]

File 135601287854.jpg - (32.22KB , 300x300 , JAGERMEISTER.jpg )

Good afternoon gents. I am starting into drinking alcohol other than beer and should like to inquire as to what cocktails are acceptable for any self-respecting male to drink?

I believe Manhattans, Martinis, and Sidecars are acceptable, but have no knowledge as to anything else as I am an utter novice in these matters.

Also, I recently purchased 1 and 3/4ths liter of Jagermeister; aside from the so-called Jagerbombs and Jagerade, are there any classier cocktails that could be made, or should I just drink Jager by the shots?

My novice impressions of Jagermeister are that it is rather strong and bitter tasting, but it creates a pleasant burning sensation in the throat and stomach after consumption. It also aids in digestion as an herbal liquor. I find tequila and vodka to be extremely nasty, though the lemon helps the tequila go down better. I cannot compare with other liquors such as whiskey and Gin for I have not tried those before. Would you gentlemen be so kind as to introduce me to new liquors, with reference to aspects such as strength and taste?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/22(Wed)14:42 No. 2690

Not sure how you feel about Scotch whisky, but the Rob Roy is a fantastically gentlemanly drink.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/02/06(Thu)18:49 No. 2701

Straight Cognac, alongside a cup of black coffee, is the perfect end to any fine meal.

Savouring the bouquet of a fine Cognac while you gently heat it to drinking temperature (cold Cognac, as whisk(e)y, is not nice), by holding the glass in the palm of your hand, is a pleasure in itself. Then, the gentle impact of the first sip, followed by the richness of the full taste. Finally the lingering warmth of the aftertastes as you finish imbibing the first mouthfull.

I'm a big fan of Bache-Gabriel's, especially the XO. For first timers I might suggest Deluze XO, as it's extremely smooth - though some might say it's too smooth. Some may even consider it a bit of a ladies Cognac, since it's so easy to drink, but don't let that detract you from trying it.

As for mixed drinks I'd say Irish Coffee is a safe bet, and indeed any gentleman should know how to prepare it, as it requires a certain amount of skill to do well. (and,please , use plain double cream, not whipped cream or, heaven forbid, anything from a pressurized can.)

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/02/12(Wed)11:13 No. 2707

Jagermeister is cool as a digestif after a meal and not much else, on the rare occasion I drink it - I'd shot it.

Tequila is not all bad, go for a respectable brand and if you don't like the bite from the blue agave in a blanco tequila, go for an anejo (aged) - aging in wood softens the bite of the alcohol and makes it more complex. I drink fine anejo tequilas like I do a scotch: in a rocks glass - neat.

Onto a list of gentlemanly cocktails:

Daquiri (real one, not frozen)
Tom Collins
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