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Frank!Oq/9NMk1yg 13/11/26(Tue)01:35 No. 2618 [Reply]

File 138542612244.jpg - (67.57KB , 1500x1125 , pipe.jpg )

Gentlemen of /class/, I have discovered an online store for all your grooming, smoking and general welfare of living, right here on the interweb:
What's that? Why yes it is a british shop. Well what did you expect.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/01(Sun)07:40 No. 2622

so is smoking pipe worse for you than cigarettes? I've been thinking about getting into it.

Frank!Oq/9NMk1yg 13/12/04(Wed)17:22 No. 2627

I heard most people prefer the smell, pipe smoking is all about flavour.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/08(Sun)10:43 No. 2633

Smoking a pipe is not as deadly as smoking a cigarette. You still run a high risk of throat cancer, as well as other mouth and throat related diseases. You also run a higher risk of black hairy tongue if you smoke a pipe, because the smoke remains in your mouth for a longer time and dries it out. The unsightliness of the black hairy tongue is quite ungentlemanly, I assure you.

Your first pipe should be made from briar. Don't get yourself a corncob, they're probably the worst pipes available. Don't get meerschaum, it takes an experienced smoker to season it without cracking the bowl. Don't get clay, they break too easily. Don't get metal, they condensate and the condensation collects tar, which combines to form a big drop of crap that gets sucked straight into your mouth, despite any filter you may have. Don't get composite, it's rare that a composite pipe will be of high quality. Don't get a water filtered pipe (no, I don't mean the glass ones, I mean a legitimate water filtered smoking pipe), they tend to spill easily and stink to high heaven, not to mention that one wrong drag can give you a mouthful of nasty water. Briar. Briar, briar, briar. Cherrywood is fine too, but it's a less common pipe material.

Pipes tend to be a "you get what you pay for" type of product. If you want a rugged, durable, high quality, no hassle pipe, you're going to have to shell out more than $60 for one. Do you want an affordable pipe, say, less than $30? Well, prepare to deal with cracks, weak stem plastic, constant clogging, uneven heat distribution, inadequate air flow, and so on. Anything in between that price range, I have found to be hit or miss.

You want a good air flow, something you can breathe through without discomfort, but the hole shouldn't be so large that tobacco could get sucked in. Some people use filters, some don't. I prefer my pipes unfiltered because the increased air flow makes it so that the tobacco stays lit longer, and I don't have to keep dragging or lighting it as often.

Don't worry about how to pack it, every pipe smoker messes it up when they start out. When I smoke with my friends I have to pack it for them every time, and then I have to light it for them because they don't know how to do it themselves. You'll get it eventually if you smoke often enough. The basic idea is to pinch a wad of tobacco on top of the bowl with your thumb, then massage it in. Make sure you have a good air flow by taking an unlit drag, but also make sure the tobacco isn't loose. Light it with a match or a zippo until the ember is even. Yeah, you can use a zippo, only anal purists will freak if you use anything but a match. It won't taste as good for like, the first couple of drags. After that the taste is pretty much Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Classical Piano Ben Heindermey 13/12/04(Wed)08:58 No. 2625 [Reply]

File 138614391444.jpg - (9.80KB , 480x360 , 0 (1).jpg )

Hello fellow gentlemen, I would like to know what your opinion of Paul Schlozer's two etudes is.

The fine and lost art of gift-giving NewGuy 13/09/08(Sun)21:07 No. 2527 [Reply]

File 137866722744.jpg - (276.47KB , 640x960 , 1376770141615.jpg )

Dear gentlemen of /class/, I believe I might benefit from your advice: I am looking to resume correspondence with a man whom I respect. I intend to meet him with a classy gift, but am having difficulty choosing. [details to follow]

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/17(Thu)15:58 No. 2577

i second this motion

there is nothing more valuable than a good fountain pen; the calligraphy that emanates from such an item is nothing short of exquisite.

perhaps a first or rare edition of a novel he admires may do the trick also?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)11:44 No. 2613

File 138528986594.jpg - (22.80KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )


Furnish for his study a musket, borne in fine mahogany as pictured. Otherwise, endeavor to allow your respect and genuine interest esteem your friend until an ideal gift becomes clear.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/25(Mon)10:59 No. 2616

I would second the notion of a nice pen.
A nice aluminum Kaweco Sport AL can be had for 70~ USD- a novel pen, compact when stowed, pleasing to look at and a very nice writer. I'd go with the EF nib myself. The plastic version can be had for 30~ USD.
Avoid the Lamy Safari. While a fine pen, it's *the* entry pen that everyone has and is seen everywhere. Do not buy a fancy-looking fountain pen without due research, and whatever you do, avoid any pen that's nib is stamped "Iridium Point Germany" or "IPG"- They're made in China and only usable with a good tweaking.

Classy Classical Comedy Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/02(Wed)03:49 No. 2567 [Reply]

File 138067855126.jpg - (153.82KB , 762x1136 , Lysistrata.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)11:48 No. 2614

Alas, that 'Women in Tents' or 'Frying-Pan Men' did not survive the ages.

Sophisticated Gentleman 12/10/22(Mon)06:15 No. 1665 [Reply]

File 135087934747.jpg - (29.59KB , 400x300 , Fencing.jpg )

Good day fine gents!
I was taking a stroll the other day when I came across a new fencing academy near a local park. I was immediately hypnotized by the beauty of a particularly graceful match, and it got me wondering, what other gentlemanly sports there might be out there?

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/12(Sat)05:50 No. 2574

I am, I must admit, quite surprised that Canne du Combat has not been mentioned! The quintessential gentleman's sport, truly, as it takes advantage of a gentleman's cane for use as a weapon.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/10/24(Thu)09:34 No. 2580

No Archery?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)01:34 No. 2611

Good God, ruffians have attempted to hijack this fencing thread and take it to Thugsville, which is a step worse than LoutBurg. Time to correct that. ahem...

I have fenced sabre for nearly ten years. I have been the US National Champion once, and have had the privilege of serving overseas on the US National Team.

Fencing is like playing a first person shooter, but against a physical opponent in hair trigger time. It is exhilarating.

Beginners are welcomed with open arms, as we all remember our first days with a blade. Fencing clubs are also a great way of meeting other very bright individuals. It is very safe, injuries are rare. It's also amazingly good, low impact very high caloric burn exercise. Also, stick with it and you'll develop insanely fast reflexes; not a bad thing when driving a car.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

In parting, I leave you with my absolute favorite fencing goods supplier, Leon Paul. I would no more step into combat without Leon Paul equipment than fight naked with only a stick as a weapon.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/12(Thu)04:21 No. 2533 [Reply]

File 137895249727.jpg - (13.63KB , 180x184 , Moxie_logo.jpg )

Which tonics does /class/ find appropriate for consumption?

My pick is Moxie. It has an acquired taste, but unfortunately, it isn't available in most places outside of New England.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/21(Sat)08:13 No. 2547

That it does, that it does. I once had the same and it made my night a good one.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/23(Mon)09:56 No. 2554

I live in Pennsylvania and first had Moxie at summer camp (counselor had a stash of it with him and shared.) I love it and have had it a few times since then, but can't find anyplace around here that sells it. Oh well. Great taste, though, OP.

Re: carborized tonics Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/11(Mon)23:22 No. 2605

Although soft drinks and similar beverages are horrifically expensive to ship by post, there are now specialty stores that carry such things; it's how I acquire Moxie in the centre of the continent. Now if they could deign to stock Spezi and Julmust.

What makes a Man? Sophisticated Gentleman 13/01/11(Fri)02:24 No. 1950 [Reply]

File 135786749828.gif - (37.83KB , 300x352 , gentleman_and_scientist.gif )

Gentlemen, for quite some time now I have been pondering the question "What makes a Man a Man?" and I have come up with no clear, single answer. Perhaps one of you fine gents can provide your opinion on the question?

The picture is only as related as you wish it to be.

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/04(Mon)15:40 No. 2591

So you could say that a real man delivers..(heh)

I myself haven't found a solution for what makes a Man a Man, but I have changed my technique to find it out.
Now I will ask myself what is the opposite action from man/manly, for example: If you aren't a man of your words, i don't think you're a man.

-I apologize for my possible grammar mistakes, for my mother tongue isn't english. Cheers from Finland!

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/08(Fri)01:50 No. 2594

File 138387181844.jpg - (7.62KB , 267x189 , images.jpg )

That's what little johnny asked

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/08(Fri)03:45 No. 2595


If you have to ask...

No sports, only whisky and cigars Sophisticated Gentleman 13/05/22(Wed)17:22 No. 2359 [Reply]

File 136923613229.jpg - (117.62KB , 500x659 , 1356295736201.jpg )

Hi /class/,

I'm sitting outside in my garden enjoying my pipe and my glass of whisky.
Tell me though,
what brand of tobacco (cigars, cigarettes or pipe) and what whisky do you prefer?

I enjoy clan tobacco as it is what my grandfather once gave me.
I really like a good glenmorrangie though chivas regal 18 is very enjoyable too.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you gentlemen prefer!

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/14(Wed)10:39 No. 2491

Hello chums.

Recently, I retrieved some (somewhat)aged Remy Martin V.S.O.P. from my liquor cabinet, and had a few sips before I realized that the damn thing tasted like hand sanitizer.

My inquiry is this: are there any other cognacs which give less of a bite within the realm of, oh, $50 or so?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/15(Thu)06:51 No. 2492

File 137654227555.jpg - (117.60KB , 917x897 , ju7u7eha.jpg )

Advanced personal vapes you unsophisticated primitive heathens.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/21(Sat)06:07 No. 2546

I say, good sir, you seem to have forgotten a verb at the very least here. Attempting to use sentence fragments to communicate does not demonstrate sophistication.

A Query Sophisticated Gentleman 13/04/05(Fri)06:32 No. 2215 [Reply]

File 136513633389.jpg - (139.15KB , 1600x1071 , BowlerHat.jpg )

To all whom it may concern:

I consider myself a patron of the arts, and engage my mind in higher pursuits for the joy of knowledge.
I maintain my body in concert with my mind, staying well-muscled without growing boorish.
I do lounge in low company, but endeavor to be of a stately bearing in mixed company, and am gentle in speech in all places.
I argue in the traditional meaning of the word only, for I am fond of polite debate and spurn the sourly-manged dogfights of heated words.
I ask of others first, only mentioning my pastimes if their mention is sought after.
When asked, I do not ramble, brag, or spin falsehoods.
When I escort my date to various amusements or fine dining, I foot the bill discretely,
without drawing attention to the sizeable paycheque that comes from my respectable employment.

I understand that repetitive "I" statements are off-putting, but feel as though they are applicable in these words.
I am grateful for your fortitude for reading thus far.

My life is charmed, but for this one spot that mars: I am unsure if one may be a gentleman, and also a woman.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated+Gentleman 13/06/20(Thu)04:02 No. 2404

Indeed. A gentle woman is not a gentleman at all but a lady, which is for all intents and purposes the same and equal thing, only by a different name, as it were.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/28(Wed)16:38 No. 2517

Whichever name you choose for it is of low importance.
The idea of dividing people by gender and seeing differences will not parish, but seeing one as lower or not capable of anything only because of group affiliation is a grave mistake our society has made.
Therefore every struggle to correct this mistake by disproving these assumptions, without overstepping the personal boundaries of other people, is just and in no case foolish.
Welcome among us, Ms. Bowler, I salute you and hope our answer, even though it will probably not be a final one, is to your liking.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/07(Sat)08:54 No. 2524

As it happens, I am a purveyor of the age of enlightenment and era of some of the greatest gentlemen to have ever bore the title. You simply require a role model, an embodiment of the spirit you seek, creator of this post. That gentlewoman is Émilie du Châtelet, said by the sly, and intellectual gentleman Voltaire to be "a great man whose only fault was being a woman"

Sophisticated Gentleman 12/06/13(Wed)19:41 No. 1037 [Reply]

File 133960931818.jpg - (44.96KB , 450x328 , cigars.jpg )

Dear Sophisticated Friends,
Do you have any opinions of what the best cigar for $10 or under is?
I'm fairly new to cigar smoking, but so far I prefer meduros. Have no favorite brands yet, so any opinions will be considered.

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love 13/08/11(Sun)07:44 No. 2472

File 137619986485.jpg - (221.71KB , 596x799 , IMG_20130810_122133.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/26(Mon)05:37 No. 2512

Obviously you are not familiar with Nubs, good sir. You'd be surprised to find their ring gauges to be from the high 50s to low 70s, far from slim.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/05(Thu)04:19 No. 2523

Oliva milds are a fantastic smoke and only cost about $8. They taste like a buttery campfire. Super delicious.

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