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Intellectual pursuits Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/19(Mon)21:47 No. 2501 [Reply]

File 137694167192.jpg - (46.13KB , 579x530 , Picard_painting.jpg )

What intellectual pursuits do you partake in, /class/.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)19:27 No. 2507

I write political and business philosophy in a spiral notebook with a Montblanc Meisterstuck No. 146

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/09/01(Sun)10:05 No. 2521

I like smothering my other halves. Every relationship has its costs. However much I have been willing to pay has paid me back in spades. Today I get freebies and take what I want without paying. The finest intellectual pursuit a gentleman can take is that of relationships.

Snuff Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/02(Fri)10:42 No. 2462 [Reply]

File 137543297476.jpg - (21.47KB , 300x444 , english_snuff_taker.jpg )

So, gentlemen, can one even buy snuff at a physical location in America anymore? Seems like most people order it online.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/02(Fri)10:43 No. 2463

Oh, and of course I mean nasal snuff.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/03(Sat)04:22 No. 2466

File 137549653215.jpg - (602.51KB , 1600x1200 , snuffbox_1600_1600x1200.jpg )

You'll have to call a locally owned tobacco shop (not those awful bodegas, either) and see if they actually carry it, or if they can order it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)20:34 No. 2508

From my understanding good sir it is exactly the same as finely chopped chew. I know many a chewer that takes a snuff right before he chews.

Favorite brands of liquor? Man:Endangered. 12/12/26(Wed)04:15 No. 1878 [Reply]

File 135649175144.jpg - (38.38KB , 300x400 , Baileys.jpg )

My favorite brand of liquor would probably be the classic Baileys, and my secondary choice would be Fireball. I know many dislike Fireball (Or any "sweet" drinks for that matter) but I am a big fan of the sugary-tasting liquors. Post yours (And possibly any good stories to go along with it?)

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/17(Sat)05:33 No. 2494

I would love to but it's hard for me to come by any variety of gin in my area. I've tried to special order quite a few and no store I've been to can seem to get any of it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/17(Sat)16:05 No. 2495

My personal spirit of choice is Cruzan single barrel rum. A premium drink to be enjoyed in the evening as a complimentary addition to a completed meal.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/18(Sun)02:21 No. 2496

My D.O.C would most certainly be a very close tie between a "Cuba Libre" (Bacardi and Lime) and A good "Sainte Archie" (Goldschlager and Red Gatorade)(Official Drink of the New Orleans Saints)

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/21(Sun)17:31 No. 2450 [Reply]

File 137442067067.jpg - (25.64KB , 222x203 , 133546781363.jpg )

Greetings /class/
I wasn't sure where the best place to ask for this was, but I figured this was the best fit.

I'm looking for good ambient music similar to the one in this link http://youtu.be/zUBk_w_oZmU?t=14m8s (the episode itself is unrelated.) If anyone knows of anything similar or instances where they have heard something similar, it would be a nice thing to share.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/08(Thu)06:30 No. 2471

It sounds like what you are looking for is quite specific. Some sort of lounge jazz with ambient influences. Hopefully this is what you're looking for.




Sophisticated Gentleman 12/11/29(Thu)03:31 No. 1772 [Reply]

File 135415627794.jpg - (22.63KB , 415x235 , 1111111111111.jpg )

Hello gentlemen!

Let's listen to classy music that only gentlemen of our standards may appreciate!

Here are a few good tunes to start with.





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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/28(Sun)21:50 No. 2457

>Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/03(Sat)04:05 No. 2464

Oh yes.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/08(Thu)06:27 No. 2470


Sir I feel that it is my duty to inform you, that your taste in music is quite limited. Arcade Fire is an incredibly popular band that many of the ignorant populace is more then aware of.

Your two final choices are soundtracks for immensely popular video games. While these games and their soundtracks are by no means bad, using these as examples of classy music only makes your tastes appear plebian in nature.

Do not think that with this post I wish to offend you, I only wish to bring these matters to your attention so that in the future when you are among company of a more judgmental nature you will not appear boorish.

With that out of the way, I also have some music to share.



Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Mornington Crescent. Sophisticated Gentleman 13/03/22(Fri)15:24 No. 2149 [Reply]

File 136396228188.jpg - (77.83KB , 500x400 , image.jpg )

I believe it is now time to play the extremely gentlemanly game of Mornington Crescent. I believe the Fidgly-Westhampton Variations will do for now. For those not familiar with them, Burnt Oak and Chomsley derivatives of it can only be play while in possession of a green token.

First station: Green Park. go!

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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/05(Fri)18:09 No. 2422

Aha! you've left an opening. I'll play Brixton this turn. Mornington Crescent in one.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/21(Sun)01:26 No. 2448

A cunning move, but a dangerous one. In accordance with the Fidgly-Westhampton Variations I now challenge you to present to me your luggage for a random anti-terror inspection.

Sophisticated Gentleman (OP) 13/08/03(Sat)04:13 No. 2465

Why, Rotherhithe of course. Played by Brooke-Taylor in the third leg of the second semi-final of the seventh round of the Armitage Shanks U.K. Domestic League division four, if memory serves. Excellent play going on so far by the way.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/09(Tue)22:48 No. 2430 [Reply]

File 137340292370.jpg - (807.63KB , 1280x1888 , image.jpg )

Girls like this either never like me or they're queer or they identify as queer and hookup with some arsehole
What do? How do I class up for them?

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/16(Tue)19:03 No. 2441

She's creepy dude.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/21(Sun)18:02 No. 2452

It all depends on what the woman is looking for, how you present yourself, and what her first impression is. If she keeps hooking up with lesser men, then look at them and see what they do that you don't. Try diffrent approaches as well. As Albert Eistien once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get diffrent results"

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/21(Sun)19:52 No. 2454

I'm confused, sir. You post a picture of a woman without class, and say that women such as this prefer men without class, and then ask how one would "class up" to interest said type of women when the premise dictates that more class would put you farther outside the interests of such a woman.

The answer to your problem, then, is either to "class down" as it were, or to find a classier specimen of woman.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/01(Sat)06:31 No. 2375 [Reply]

File 137006108848.jpg - (43.77KB , 350x602 , image.jpg )

Sup /class/

What pipe tobacco do you like. Recently I've been smoking Original Choice, which is pretty nice.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/01(Sat)18:51 No. 2376

Ah, I seem to have already made a relevant post in another thread.

>[...] the only brand of tobacco I smoke is Captain Black, as it is the only palatable consumer tobacco I can stand to pack. My usual blend of choice is Maple Walnut, which tastes delightfully of pancakes. My second blend of choice would be Cherry Rum. Both go very well with a glass of Habushu or Macallan's 18 Sherry Oak.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/21(Sun)17:55 No. 2451

I find both Dunhill Nightcap and MacBarren's Latakia Blend to be good tobaccos. The local tobacconist also carries a navy flake that is fairly decent, but I don't know the specifics such as brand of that specific tobacco.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/06(Sat)09:08 No. 2424 [Reply]

File 13730945225.jpg - (25.86KB , 406x289 , image.jpg )

Hello gentlemen of /class/
I cannt believe some ruffians actually drink water out of plastic bottles. Glass bottles are truely superior and worth the extra money.

I prefer San Pellegrino over Perrier, but I have also heard of Gerolsteiner Brunnen from Germany. However, I am having trouble finding it in the U.S. I saw it on Amazon, but I would prefer to buy it in the store.

4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/13(Sat)08:23 No. 2436

I strongly disagree. Perrier is the better water. He who cannot handle its strength is not to be called a man.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/14(Sun)04:57 No. 2437

With all the radioactive garbage stalin left lying around its little wonder

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/17(Wed)17:42 No. 2442


trader joes

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/06(Thu)12:17 No. 2383 [Reply]

File 137051383860.jpg - (126.22KB , 500x800 , the-glenlivet-12-year-bottle-box.jpg )

Hello Gentlemen!
I am naturally a Bourbon guy but someone suggested me Glenlivet 12 years old Single-Malt Whiskey. My friends and I are gonna have poker at my house and I was thinking of serving us this Scotch.
So, how is the Glenlivet and what can I expect from a SIngle-Malt?
Feel free to suggest your own brand.

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/06(Sat)06:08 No. 2423

I must say that I am a bit appalled by 'Old No 7' being included in a discussion on this board. JD is bad whiskey.

As a fan of Glenlivet, might I suggest those stones you put in your freezer and then your drink, they don't melt and water down said drink, they just keep it cold. I am a fan of drinking it cold. I'm not in the splash of water camp. To each there own.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/06(Sat)10:38 No. 2425

To each his own, not everyone has the same tastes.

I don't like Jack Daniel's but I can't agree that it is bad whiskey, for it's price range, it's a good whiskey. It won't compare to something like Four Roses or Woodford and it shouldn't be expected to, they're priced differently for good reason. Jack Daniel's also produces better stuff, and as one might expect, it is priced higher than No. 7.

A true gentleman can appreciate something for what it is, even if they don't approve of it. It is not gentlemanly to slur the name of something simply because it isn't to your personal taste.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/10(Wed)09:28 No. 2432

Glenfiddich is my go-to.
Glenlivet is popular too.
Johnnie Walker Black Label is a good blend (don't get red label unless you're mixing (don't mix)).
Laphroaigh if you want something mad peaty (I love it, not for everyone).

A note on appreciating scotch. It is not for downing. Sip, lightly enough at first that it almost evaporates on your tongue.

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