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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/06(Thu)12:17 No. 2383

File 137051383860.jpg - (126.22KB , 500x800 , the-glenlivet-12-year-bottle-box.jpg )

Hello Gentlemen!
I am naturally a Bourbon guy but someone suggested me Glenlivet 12 years old Single-Malt Whiskey. My friends and I are gonna have poker at my house and I was thinking of serving us this Scotch.
So, how is the Glenlivet and what can I expect from a SIngle-Malt?
Feel free to suggest your own brand.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/06(Thu)12:43 No. 2384

Glenlivet 12 year was the first whiskey I ever tried and it was quite good considering I hadn't a taste for alcohols at that time. It only got better for me as I did acquire the taste for it.

I can't say much on how it compares to most bourbons since I haven't had many bourbons aside from Jack Daniels, in which I can say the taste and texture of Glenlivet is much better.

Overall it's a great scotch and I have no doubt you and your friends will enjoy it. Just make sure to drink it neat, when I served it to my friends, they watered it down or mixed it with coke, such a waste of a wonderful scotch.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/06(Thu)13:07 No. 2385

Yes I was told to drink it neat or with some drops of Water. JD No. 7 is my favorite too.
I initially thought of having Macallan 12 Years old but I am little light on the wallet. Glenlivet will do just fine for now.
Thank you for your opinion, Good Sir.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/17(Mon)03:16 No. 2396

You can drink it with ice, however you need a single large cube, otherwise the ice melts too fast and it waters the whiskey down.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/22(Sat)03:30 No. 2407


Ice masks subtle flavors.
If you need ice to be able to drink scotch, save your money and drink something made from corn.
When you're ready to be a man, drop a few bucks on a good highland/Islay and drink it neat.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/22(Sat)12:57 No. 2408

I feel as though that depends on the scotch really. I like scotch but I'm a gin lover first and foremost, and from trying all the kinds of gin that I have, I found they all work best at different temperatures. There are some that taste best with a few ice, some with a lot of ice, some at room temperature.

I can't say with certainty that is the case with scotch because I simply haven't tried enough to know, but I believe it to be that way.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/22(Sat)23:09 No. 2409

Some of the best highland and islay whiskies require a splash of water(good water) to open them up as the alcohol of cask strength can mask subtle flavours too. I would never have ice with scotch but a splash of water with some, yes.

Ginlover person, have you tried Blackwood's?

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/06/23(Sun)08:40 No. 2410

I haven't tried it, I have heard of it before though. I've heard several mixed feelings and reviews about it. It's not distributed anywhere near me however or else I'm sure I would get around to trying some down the road as it does interest me.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/06(Sat)06:08 No. 2423

I must say that I am a bit appalled by 'Old No 7' being included in a discussion on this board. JD is bad whiskey.

As a fan of Glenlivet, might I suggest those stones you put in your freezer and then your drink, they don't melt and water down said drink, they just keep it cold. I am a fan of drinking it cold. I'm not in the splash of water camp. To each there own.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/06(Sat)10:38 No. 2425

To each his own, not everyone has the same tastes.

I don't like Jack Daniel's but I can't agree that it is bad whiskey, for it's price range, it's a good whiskey. It won't compare to something like Four Roses or Woodford and it shouldn't be expected to, they're priced differently for good reason. Jack Daniel's also produces better stuff, and as one might expect, it is priced higher than No. 7.

A true gentleman can appreciate something for what it is, even if they don't approve of it. It is not gentlemanly to slur the name of something simply because it isn't to your personal taste.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/07/10(Wed)09:28 No. 2432

Glenfiddich is my go-to.
Glenlivet is popular too.
Johnnie Walker Black Label is a good blend (don't get red label unless you're mixing (don't mix)).
Laphroaigh if you want something mad peaty (I love it, not for everyone).

A note on appreciating scotch. It is not for downing. Sip, lightly enough at first that it almost evaporates on your tongue.

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