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Snuff Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/02(Fri)10:42 No. 2462

File 137543297476.jpg - (21.47KB , 300x444 , english_snuff_taker.jpg )

So, gentlemen, can one even buy snuff at a physical location in America anymore? Seems like most people order it online.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/02(Fri)10:43 No. 2463

Oh, and of course I mean nasal snuff.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/03(Sat)04:22 No. 2466

File 137549653215.jpg - (602.51KB , 1600x1200 , snuffbox_1600_1600x1200.jpg )

You'll have to call a locally owned tobacco shop (not those awful bodegas, either) and see if they actually carry it, or if they can order it.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)20:34 No. 2508

From my understanding good sir it is exactly the same as finely chopped chew. I know many a chewer that takes a snuff right before he chews.

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