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Sophisticated Gentleman 13/08/24(Sat)20:54 No. 2509

File 137737046910.jpg - (7.21KB , 500x125 , 2156ijz3uyL.jpg )

Hello Gentlemen, what Is your watch and knife of choice?

I carry a W.R. Case and Sons Sod Buster Jr. to clean my nails and wear a Citizen Eco-drive BM8180 to keep the time.

Ford would ask all his prospective employees the time and ask them for a knife to clean his nails.

A man is nothing without a knife and a watch.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/11/24(Sun)12:05 No. 2615

I favor a Frary A1 Warranted, carried in the petticoat, on the right. On the left wrist, my Bulova N6. Gaudy perhaps, but the Compuchron Quartz Mechanism vibrates at 32,768 cycle per second, which I prefer.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/08/19(Wed)22:46 No. 3084

Pocket watch is a piece of soviet workhorse machinery in a custom built cast bronze frame with saphire glass on both the face and back side. Knife is Opinel No6 carbon steel.

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/09/28(Mon)21:45 No. 3091

>Not providing images as well

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/10(Thu)02:45 No. 3113

File 14497119514.jpg - (127.60KB , 800x533 , IMG_7614.jpg )

the least intimidating knife I can get
I got mine with a SS blade and a walnut handle

thought htye were kind of neat because if you're not carrying a hundred tools chances are you're going to use your knife for all kinds of things, so It's nice not to have to worry about breaking it

Sophisticated Gentleman 15/12/19(Sat)05:06 No. 3115

I carry a benchamde contego and no watch. I don't need to keep the time as a work in an institution. Time doesn't matter aside from what it keeps.

The knife is to kill others.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/06(Wed)16:22 No. 3121

Swiss Army Knife - gentlemanly, yet practical for the tinker in me

Citizen Eco-Drive with atomic timekeeping - never have to set or replace battery, and it looks stylish.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:05 No. 3125

I just bought a Spyderco Civilian and a Harpy. Got an Endura 4 for my brother for christmas. Very happy with them. Pic is the harpy

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/01/17(Sun)06:05 No. 3126

File 145300713955.jpg - (5.53KB , 329x153 , images.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 16/02/17(Wed)03:21 No. 3130

>>Knife of choice

Surely carrying a weapon, regardless of intent, is the total antithesis of being gentlemanly? As the name implies, a GENTLEman is, by very nature, GENTLE.
Forgetting the brazenly obvious inconsistencies and gaping holes in OP's logic, the only kind of people that carry knives and talk about time pieces don't generally have the money to buy a NICE watch. And you guys are obviously the kind of low class, uneducated cretins that think that any proposition of gun control is an unacceptable liberal idea, think that the men and women in the social circles, that don't concern you, that look down upon you are low class troglodytes when you secretly yearn for their acceptance.
You are shit at life

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/03/15(Tue)19:15 No. 3143

In 18th century france, gentlemen carried dueling swords for settling matters of honor in the street.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/03/17(Thu)11:31 No. 3144

If the first thing that comes to your mind is killing, that tells much more about yourself than the purpose of knife.
Knife is one of the most important everyday items of a gentleman. It is a tool, not a weapon.
Here's an example:
You have an apple for a snack and you are about to eat it. Witch one sounds more sophisticated, taking bites straight from the apple and possibly wipe your mouth after it, or cutting bite-size pieces from it and also be able to offer them to somebody else, if needed.

Knife is the greatest of multitools and only an idiot would try to use a pocket knife as a weapon.

Mine is: martiini MFK-1 W

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/04/01(Fri)13:41 No. 3149

File 145951090121.jpg - (113.45KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20160401_05_46_38_Pro.jpg )

The whittler's handmade (spring steel hotfitted raw-dog in mahogany), but the Mora's the go-to for work. The watch is nothing fancy, because of the nature of said work, but I quite like that closing axiom, OP.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/04/23(Sat)19:07 No. 3157

OP is a ghetto nigger

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/05/21(Sat)13:50 No. 3169

File 146383140555.jpg - (25.88KB , 630x630 , montre-mixte-swatch-suoc700-brown-rebel.jpg )

I have not picked a knife yet. My watch is simple, cheap but does the job. Cost me something like 700 SEK.

True, there are far classier watches out there. But I prefer to not wear something that looks like a radar station from the 60s. Better to look like a dainty dandy and not dissappoint anyone when you are not up to snuff. Because when you are, it will be for the merriment of everyone.

Sophisticated Gentleman 16/09/14(Wed)18:43 No. 3201

File 147387139548.jpg - (20.07KB , 291x500 , SDSBF152-2.jpg )

I prefer the Silver Dragon butterfly knife with a Joshua and Son's diamond chronograph watch.

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/01/19(Thu)11:30 No. 3238

I've got a citizen field watch with a leather band that I put on it and a Spyderco Endura 4. Sometimes I'll carry a buck pen knife as well.

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/04/04(Tue)15:16 No. 3253

File 149131177580.jpg - (151.16KB , 1024x682 , IMG_4685_Mod95s90v.jpg )

Shirogorov 95 CF is my knife of choice.

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/04/05(Wed)15:25 No. 3255

File 149139873513.jpg - (65.66KB , 880x660 , 653749.jpg )

I am OP of this 4 year old thread and now carry a CRKT Obake. I don't wear a watch anymore. I am not very manly or classy anymore.

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/05/23(Tue)12:29 No. 3262

File 149553536815.jpg - (42.98KB , 800x800 , 01ru007.jpg )

something like this i use dont wear a watch tho not when i got a phone

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/07/10(Mon)10:12 No. 3269

File 149967437632.jpg - (35.18KB , 295x295 , marttiini.jpg )

It's now been over a year and I came back to tell i still carry my knife with me, everyday, everywhere.
Last time I forgot a picture, so here it is now.

I must say that i liked the previous better. The new one seems sturdier tho*

Sophisticated Gentleman 17/07/24(Mon)17:29 No. 3272

File 150091014112.jpg - (678.02KB , 2595x3460 , hfphjuxdufzx.jpg )

Knife: Leatherman Wave; I don't see any reason not to use a multi-tool over a standard folding knife, the pliers and screw drivers have been helpful for me.

Watches: Timex Fairfield
Seiko SNK7i3

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/08/11(Sat)01:03 No. 3351

peak effay dude sweet

Sophisticated Gentleman 18/08/19(Sun)21:25 No. 3352

File 15347067185.jpg - (49.19KB , 948x656 , 3.jpg )


Sophisticated Gentleman 18/11/19(Mon)03:32 No. 3376

File 154259474510.jpg - (56.93KB , 670x295 , img-buck-110-01-1.jpg )

I've owned two Buck knives in my life, and that's because I lost the first one. I've taken it hunting, fishing, used it for utility work and it has never failed me.

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/05/04(Sat)09:57 No. 3427

Carbon blade?

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/05/27(Mon)02:44 No. 3431

Watch: $10 Analog Casio
Knife: Classic Victorinox Swiss army knife

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/05/30(Thu)13:39 No. 3432

y'all should have also posted your trilby hats

Sophisticated Gentleman 19/07/11(Thu)20:54 No. 3437

I carry the classic Opinel #8.

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