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The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette and Manual of Politeness Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/15(Sun)04:36 No. 2637

File 138707858674.jpg - (17.63KB , 231x346 , GentsBook.jpg )

I submit to you fine fellows a resource of unparalleled virtue. One may acquire the text of this volume with ease, as it is in the public domain and archived below.


Let us discuss the wisdom contained herein.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/17(Tue)10:22 No. 2641

Having read the introduction, I agree wholeheartedly with its ultimate assertion. The specifics of etiquette may vary from situation, but in any setting one may know a gentleman by his demeanor, whether in a formal or casual environment.

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/18(Wed)17:05 No. 2645

If you need to read a book on being a gentleman you are not a gentleman.
I would compare you to a certain character described in the first chapter of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Sophisticated Gentleman 13/12/21(Sat)09:33 No. 2648


I do not hold such a pessimistic view, good sir. I believe there is always hope for one to better oneself, even if one has started out a tad unrefined. Of course, if one simply uses such a book as a laundry list from which to select behavioral trappings to drape oneself with in imitation of a gentleman, that does not make one a gentleman. But that does not mean that every one who edifies himself with such a resource is this sort of person.

In addition, the book provides a window into the finer points of the gentlemanly demeanor of yesteryear which is of historical value to those so inclined.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/01/15(Wed)17:40 No. 2667

Good sir, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. A gentleman is defined by his behavior - true manners and grace cannot be faked, but an already mannered and graceful personality can be enhanced by education in the aforementioned.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/10(Sat)20:51 No. 2778


with all do respect, but no man was born perfect and it was the times when a boy ha to learn manners, education and etegrity to develope into a fine gentlemen. wich is a shame for today society that does seem to neglect the basic human manners posible

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/24(Sat)22:41 No. 2785


Indeed. A mastery of decorum does not happen by accident, it must be taught.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/05/30(Fri)07:02 No. 2789

Seconded, and apt reference appreciated.

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/07/04(Fri)01:50 No. 2824

One ought to learn manners, yes, but as a child

Sophisticated Gentleman 14/07/07(Mon)04:50 No. 2826

Yet there will be always those poor few with not the upbringing for it, who would help them if not for this book?

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