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Anonymous 18/11/12(Mon)21:17 No. 25381 [Reply]

File 154205383756.jpg - (657.66KB , 1800x2452 , gettyimages-610708138-1.jpg )

The last of the greats, and someone who helped shape my childhood, is gone. Go in peace, Stan. Excelsior!

Anonymous 18/11/14(Wed)18:12 No. 25382

Goodnight, Dear King.

Captain Marvel who's secret identity is Billy Batson Anonymous 13/06/29(Sat)00:03 No. 23609 [Reply]

File 137245699315.jpg - (105.31KB , 418x600 , CMA.jpg )

“It’s just such a great idea – you say a magic word, and suddenly you can fly, and bullets will bounce off you. Just a really, simple, great concept.

“I think the key is that magic word, ‘Shazam.’ Magic words are something that go back in fiction, back to myths and legends and The Arabian Nights. It’s just something that resonates for us, I think. And it’s such a good magic word – it sounds like ‘Alakazam.’

“Even Gomer Pyle was saying it. Dave Chappelle was saying it on his show. I’ve heard it in rap videos. Everyone knows what it means, it’s ‘Shazam!’ It’s the transformation into something else, like ‘Let’s go!’ It’s a call to action.

“And the costume – the red outfit with the lightning bolt. How many times in our lifetime have we seen generic parody superheroes, whether in an advertisement or anywhere, with a lightning bolt on their costume? The lightning bolt has almost become the generic symbol for a superhero, and it has its roots in Captain Marvel.”

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February 29, Happy Birthday Cap! Warren Ellis 16/02/29(Mon)23:55 No. 24441

File 145678655077.jpg - (77.77KB , 600x272 , Captain Marvel birthday.jpg )


Anonymous 16/05/17(Tue)00:32 No. 24638

File 146343792296.png - (171.92KB , 582x276 , do want.png )

>I share birthdays with captain marvel

Anonymous 18/11/06(Tue)21:02 No. 25375

File 154153455977.jpg - (31.11KB , 200x284 , 200px-Whiz2-1.jpg )

People forget how popular Captain Marvel was at one time. He had his own radio show, a movie serial and outsold Superman for a time. Imagine OUTSELLING the most prominent superhero of all time at the height of popularity for the medium. That’s bananas. But Captain Marvel would have been pretty well-known to a generation of Americans. So it’s not strange that some parts of the Captain Marvel mythos would become part of the zeitgeist, even when the people saying “Shazam!” may not understand the origin of the term, the same way that most people don’t know that terms like “Brainiac” and “Bizarro” originated with Superman.

Anonymous 17/05/22(Mon)10:57 No. 25108 [Reply]

File 149544342989.jpg - (98.93KB , 300x392 , Superman-Batman.jpg )

Batman is a much better than character than Superman. I understand that Superman's main appeal is that he is a perfect man and his goody persona is heartwarming. But this can only go so far until it gets boring. Batman on the other hand is a self made hero that has many flaws to make him an intriguing complex character. This is because Bruce knows if he gives up being Batman he will find happiness but his vengeance is what drives him. Also I dont know why anyone would root for Superman to beat Batman in a fight. Superman beating Batman is something very realistic and predictable. Watching a god pummel a man dressed as a bat isnt something that would be interesting in a comic book setting. Rather the underdog and the one that relies on brains instead of brawn should be the victor. I am not a batfag, I just know that Batman is a superior character to Superman.

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Anonymous 18/10/21(Sun)05:18 No. 25345

I don't find Superman's goody heartwarming persona boring at all. In fact, with the way everyone and everything has to be so dark and brooding all the time these days, it's actually kinda refreshing.

Anonymous 18/10/25(Thu)21:57 No. 25351

I look at Superman more like a god walking among man and trying to fit in. Because of that, he's burdened with being the good guy, like the anchor that keeps the world together. If he isn't then he loses the only home he ever knew.

Anonymous 18/10/26(Fri)02:52 No. 25354

File 154051517735.jpg - (71.92KB , 437x600 , a1_d7459bb0-7772-4189-937a-f35cf8e07963_grande.jpg )

You're kind of right. DC's heroes have been likened to gods. The classic Justice League line-up gets called the Pantheon and the three largest characters of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman get called the Trinity. Superman is meant to be bigger than life. A paragon of everything just and right in the world.

But people tend to forget that he was Clark Kent before he was Superman. He grew up on a farm in Kansas and in modern times he didn't develop his powers until puberty. So his formative years were normal. In the modern movies he feels detached from humanity, like he's above us, and that's why the movies angered fans because Superman would never view himself as above anyone.

Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)15:11 No. 25312 [Reply]

File 153934990428.jpg - (24.48KB , 236x287 , 98dd0728fb9b63f2b607cb2faa0999fe--secret-wars-spid.jpg )

(The board ate some guy’s post so I’m reupping it) Which is better, organic webbing or webshooters?

Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)15:30 No. 25314

File 153935101671.jpg - (124.70KB , 500x722 , spider-man-by-jack-kirby-geek-old-school-pinterest.jpg )

Web shooters all the way. It's traditionally been canon and why fuck with the character in that way? It's not a change that would have any bearing on the character.

Thanks Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)18:11 No. 25315

Thanks for reuploading my thread also I prefer Organic because in my eyes it makes since he can everything that a spider can also i´m a Raimi fanboy.

Anonymous 18/10/16(Tue)07:01 No. 25335

Only plebs prefer organic webbing, although I'm fine with him using the symbiote's, even if it's not quite the same thing.

Anti-heros? Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)05:49 No. 25331 [Reply]

File 153957536159.jpg - (69.70KB , 800x600 , 70e72a4a13fbf4af1737b28b157ba43e3ab04824_hq.jpg )

>Favorite anti-hero
Pic related

Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)17:18 No. 25334

File 153961668233.jpg - (239.33KB , 650x976 , Rorschach2-1.jpg )

I’m a child of the 90’s, height of the grim anti-hero in comics trend. I’m just over the Wolverine and Batman fanboyism. Wolverine has been overdone for nearly 30 years and Batman has been given crazy plot armor for the same amount of time. My vote for favorite anti-hero is Walter Korvacs or Rorschach as he is known by the world at large. His premise is simple enough, “if you put on a mark and beat up street thugs every night are you sane?” The answer is no. Rorschach is a broken man, a sociopath, and obviously Alan Moore’s meta commentary on the idea of anti-heroes. But he’s such a well thought out character that is so well developed that you give a shit when you see him at the end, so he’s easily my favorite.

But why? Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)19:46 No. 25316 [Reply]

File 153936640835.jpg - (182.09KB , 763x1048 , spider_man_vs_venom_by_timetravel6000v2-dcgofol.jpg )

So why did they take away Spider-Mans black suit if the fans actually liked it?

5 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spider-Man thread? Anonymous 18/10/14(Sun)21:42 No. 25326

File 153954613787.png - (426.64KB , 1280x1045 , tumblr_ossp7u4Kko1s4ckzwo1_1280.png )

What do you anons think of the MCU suit and Peter Parker?
I think he´s a good modern representation of the younger character

Anonymous 18/10/14(Sun)23:49 No. 25329

File 153955378623.jpg - (43.75KB , 500x389 , 27140d1a172e025745cb08f8706f87e9.jpg )

It's great. It's basically a modern take on the classic character which makes it familiar enough to please old fans while good enough to bring in new fans. Comics movies used to have the reputation of ripping their characters apart to try to give them mainstream appeal, luckily Spider-man in the MCU has avoided that.

Spidey Thread Anonymous 18/10/15(Mon)01:11 No. 25330

File 153955869043.jpg - (23.38KB , 551x412 , hbc3f.jpg )

I think he´s really dopey but I like that it´s cute (Like in a childish sense) but he might go away after Spider-Man:Far from home and it´s gonna suck if he does but if does go away a Spider-Man is going to be in the Venom Sequel in the Maximum Carnage story.

Cartoon series that need to be made/brought back Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)18:14 No. 25308 [Reply]

File 153901528644.jpg - (39.01KB , 720x340 , splash_780-1849-720x340-1.jpg )

A Star Trek animated series set in the Lost Era or post-Nemesis would be amazing.

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)21:57 No. 25276 [Reply]

File 153591825013.png - (125.17KB , 377x327 , Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow America.png )

Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?

Anonymous 18/10/05(Fri)01:39 No. 25304

File 153869639363.jpg - (335.85KB , 962x720 , bb.jpg )

Hit the rooooad

Raven in Assassins Creed Uniform. Badass. Anonymous 14/08/17(Sun)22:00 No. 23970 [Reply]

File 140830564314.jpg - (180.92KB , 900x990 , assassin_raven__by_kankitsuru-d7vj0xa.jpg )

http://kankitsuru.deviantart.com/art/Assassin-Raven-476218990 Credit here.

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)03:44 No. 25302


Currently watching thread Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)08:56 No. 25286 [Reply]

File 15370810142.jpg - (908.79KB , 2560x1706 , img865350.jpg )

What are you currently watching?

Anonymous 18/09/16(Sun)09:17 No. 25287

game of the thrones

Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)07:01 No. 25288

I watched beautiful video about different big airports in the world. And was impressed that Lanzarote airport also popular among tourists. Nice view of this place you can find here https://worldcams.tv/transport/lanzarote-airport Canary islands also are famous destinations for visiting by tourists.

Anonymous 18/09/19(Wed)19:38 No. 25297

Been catching up on the CW Flash series.

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