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theory Anonymous 13/11/14(Thu)10:08 No. 23758

File 138442011574.png - (404.87KB , 5120x3200 , princess-bubblegum-de-la-hora-de-la-aventura.png )

PB is actually Glob. Discuss.

Suinkachon 13/11/16(Sat)11:45 No. 23759

And the basis for this theory is...???

Anonymous 13/11/16(Sat)19:31 No. 23760

File 138462667951.png - (249.70KB , 848x480 , Adventure Time - 408a - Sons of Mars.png )

Just look at this image! There's so many similarities, it's pretty fucking hard to deny.

Anonymous 13/12/16(Mon)12:57 No. 23779

lol that's like saying a canary is a lion because it's yellow

Anonymous 13/12/20(Fri)22:08 No. 23781

Well we know that PB is really old like Marceline, or even older

Dr. Jappo 14/01/12(Sun)01:45 No. 23800

a lot of the characters look alike due to the limitation of the art

Anonymous 14/01/26(Sun)01:23 No. 23812

Glob is the Christian God. Yahweh MK II. Why the fuck would PB even be a relevant figure (Mary) knowing that? She's kind of a total bitch

Anonymous 14/03/02(Sun)05:39 No. 23835

This is my theory as well. we've seen mysterious pink shit around in the ancient history segments (with Simon & Marcy), that was PB aka Glob. All the Candy Kingdom, the structures as well as people, is literally part of it, with fictive distinction created just for its own amusement/self-exploration. And the 'Candy Kingdom' actually comprises much or most of the life on earth, has spawned numerous child empires and 'species' like the most recent Lemon people. But they're all still really 'candy', still actually part of 'Glob'.

dhiwhe 14/03/26(Wed)18:22 No. 23847

PB has nice pink breasts

Anonymous 14/10/14(Tue)19:16 No. 24085

thinking about that it makes my boner rock hard

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