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Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/13(Wed)22:06 No. 24379 Stickied

File 145271919729.jpg - (116.63KB , 604x594 , 16082-1370887101-12.jpg )

This is now the, official, request thread for /co/.

I shouldn't have to say this, but: Spamming, Flaming, and the such will result in a ban.

Take it easy~

shout out to MASONIC Anonymous 18/11/09(Fri)03:34 No. 25379

thanks for the KODT upload , these are awesome!

Ghost in the shell global neural network johnnyd2 18/11/17(Sat)03:39 No. 25387

can anyone scan or upload the Ghost in The Shell: Global Neural Network Interface book? its technically american, but based on a japanese property. so im not sure which category is the right one

Anonymous 18/11/20(Tue)17:49 No. 25390

thank you for sharing these !!!!

Anonymous 19/08/10(Sat)16:11 No. 25552

I'd like to see:

Niteside & The Rock
Tales Of The Ninja Warriors
Tales Of The Kung Fu Warriors
Labor Force
Time Hop Man
Chubs, Spike, Harry into the black mountain
Chubs, Spike and Harry battle beneath the mountain
The Phantasm comic
Cement Shooz
Midnite The Rebel Skunk
Dragon Hurtor
The Marshal Law novels
Early 2000ad
Jerry Cornelius
Cyclone comics
Dark Nebula
Interstellar Overdrive/Flexia Bast
Slave Cylinder
The Dead Muse

And if anyone has the uncensored version of Neurotically Yours' "Suicide Hotline" that was on one of the discs.

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