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New Comics That Could Make You Rich in the Future Anonymous 19/02/17(Sun)13:48 No. 25466

File 155040770260.jpg - (379.53KB , 1600x1066 , My Post (4).jpg )

Comic books are cool to read, but collectors sometimes pay millions of dollars (literally) to buy a very rare issue. For example, the first issue of Action Comics was sold for $3.2 million. In general, first appearances are usually the most valuable. While you cannot turn back time to obtain the comics that are really expensive now, you can still buy some comic books today that have the potential to make you rich in the future. See them here:

Anonymous 19/02/18(Mon)16:32 No. 25467

I actually do read the Justice League Dark and it's great. We'll see about being rich after 20 years xD

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