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Monstergirl Survival Hellzznah1 12/06/13(Wed)06:00 No. 38409 ID: d41310

File 133956004639.jpg - (1.47MB , 2400x4050 , 1337260941214.jpg )

Let's do some Monstergirl Survival, and while that's being done, i would appreciate if someone could provide the source.

Anonymous 12/06/14(Thu)00:09 No. 38413 ID: fb2a2a

Ideal Modo: Orc Henchwoman and Sphinx

Challenge Modo: Mimic and Sphinx

Let's do this.

Anonymous 12/06/14(Thu)11:14 No. 38415 ID: cd2396

Your 2nd picture is broken. But I'd play it safe and healthy with the holstaurus farmer, cause she's not hostile and I love me some tittysuckin. I guess Vampire Queen could be fun for a bit.

Anonymous 12/06/15(Fri)01:44 No. 38417 ID: 5c7ae4

Hm. Two out of centauress, cyclops and giantess. Probably centauress and giantess. (Mostly by elimination, since I'm preferring warmblooded, living girls who are equal partners.)

Hellzznah1 12/06/20(Wed)17:54 No. 38429 ID: d41310

>>38409 Fuck, i don't suppose anyone would have the other pictures.

Anonymous 12/07/22(Sun)21:28 No. 39025 ID: e90e91

Second Image and what seems to be variants and later additions. Have fun with these~

Monstergirl Survival story superawesomenewfag 12/11/23(Fri)02:08 No. 40219 ID: c93f28

I awoke in a dank cave, alone or so I thought. I remember being very cold and out of place, my head fuzzy from the, fall? Or was it a blow to my head. I was nude, my skin slick with cold water and algae from the pool I had found myself in. I could hear a distant rhythmic clicking reverberating upon the walls. The 'clicks' grew louder and the echoes of the sounds passed into my ears I felt that some odd stampede of beasts would consume me. I had pulled myself from the pool and had felt out a corner of the cave that was dry. My eyes began to focus in the dimness. The 'clicks' became a hard stomp, shrill like several sets on hammers pinging away on anvils. I had crouched behind a dimly lit boulder and as the ringing of the noise had become more clear it stopped. "Hello", I heard a girlish voice whisper in to the darkness. I did not answer, and from the domed cave ceiling I heard the undulation of several more 'clicks' passing closer and closer until I heard the noise just above my head. " I can see you, boy, you know?". I gazed at that moment upon a female torso, pale white and gleaming in the dim light of the cave. " You look cold, boy", I was paralyzed with fear. " Have you a name", she said with a slight chuckle. Out of the darkness her face dropped down to my eye level. What she saw was a curled up boy, wet, scared, and nude. Her face was kind, but posh, her hair was slick black. "Boo" she said under her breath. I shuddered and tried to push myself farther behind the boulder, and just as I tried the cave grew brighter. From the high ceiling a pale light, what looked like moonlight poured through. I saw her, half spider and half woman, staring into my eyes, upside down... "Hellooo" her voice rang gently, " boy I am not here to eat you ". I then became relaxed, yet I was silent, and in utter awe. "It's rude to stare", she had noticed the my eyes became transfixed on her black silk clad chests. Finally my eyes and ears had caught up with my mind. "I am sorry giant spider lady" I said shaken. She flashed her eyes at my, crying out "I am not giant!". She had by the end of her sentence dropped down from the ceiling, her eyes transfixed on mine. I could feel her limbs tapping around me. "Where the hell am I," I shouted. She laughed in my face "you're on monster island my dear boy". Her human limbs closed on my shoulders, "hold still you little fuck", her spinnerets began to spray fibers on me. "What the fuck are doing to me?!" I shouted. "I am trying to keep you safe, and keep your damn voice down!". She began to turn my body into the air, and as she did she whispered " if I were to kill you I would have done so far before now". I was hanging upside down, and could feel cold dank air rushing into my face. I was entrapped in the spider woman's warm silken webs as she carried me through the cavern. I heard the stampeding noise once again, I was in the pitch black of another cave. "Shhhh!" She whispered, "I said noth..", she held my mouth closed with her hand. She was holding my cocooned form with her middle legs. I recall seeing a lovely neck line and the ceiling, though on occasion she would stare down at me between stops. She looked concerned, I couldn't imagine why at those moments. I was at that point exhausted and uttered, "what is your name... Spider lady", she replied in a scolding manner,"Well it is certainly not fucking spider lady, my name is Sarah and you are lucky to be in my care, now rest boy."

Sky 12/12/19(Wed)03:13 No. 40381 ID: 5cb2ff

Anyone still going to reply here? Or can i take a crack at this thread?

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)06:50 No. 40751 ID: 7a73e9

*Bursts into thread and tosses a post on the ground*

You didn't see anything!

*Runs away*

The first thing he became aware of was the sounds. Rhythmic, aquatic, the lapping and crashing of ocean waves. Such sounds, though as soothing and nostalgic as they were, were not the same sounds he was supposed to be hearing. Then came the pain. Sharp, stabbing, burning. Then came the light. The bright, blinding light. A sun. With a groan he tried to pick himself up, his whole body screaming out in protest as he forced himself to his hands and knees. Through clouded vision he stared at the sand beneath him, stained red and caked with blood. A small wave of salt water came to wash it away, only to spread it around, the white sands taking a pinkish hue. Willing more strength, he pushed himself up, and finally looked at his surroundings.

A long sandy beach stretched far in both directions, before him a thick green forest. Hissing in pain he looked to his side to see a gruesome wound, still bleeding and covered in sand and sea water. He looked behind him; nothing but a vast and endless ocean. Ever slowly, his mind began to clear, and though still groggy from the pain and unconsciousness, he began to remember. The ship. He was on the ship. He remembered that he was in his quarters catching up on his studies when he heard the alarm blaring over the ship’s intercom. Fear gripped him and he ran to his appointed station, ready either to brace for impact or be jettisoned in an escape pod to safty. The very last thing he remembered was the captain calling over the intercom, though he couldn’t remember what it was he was saying before everything when black and silent.

He once more looked around himself; scattered around where various metallic shards of what was most likely part of the ship, though he really couldn’t tell since nothing really struck him as familiar. But then he returned to the beach and the forest. The ship wasn’t even near any planetary object; in fact last he remembered the ship was in a ‘dead zone’; a large portion of space between planets where communication were limited and pirate attacks were common. Then again, a heavily armed military freighter wasn’t a prime target for pirates, so they couldn’t have been attacked. But, then, where was he? Is he, dead? This place was beautiful and he did thought he was in heaven, but then the pain in his side changed that thought. He can’t be in hell; where was all the fire, the screaming souls of the damned? Was he in the in-between? Limbo? He didn’t know, but nonetheless he couldn’t stay here.

Basic training kicked in, as he forced himself to his feet, ignoring the pain in his side, and stumbled for the tree line. He quickly became aware of his current wellbeing. A few cuts and bruises here and there, but aside form the large gash in his side nothing wasn’t threatening. And, quickly grabbing the hem of his pants in a fist, he learned of his uniform’s tattered state. His shirt was long gone, as well as his right shoe. His pants were nothing more but a torn and nearly useless mess, keeping a hold of it to keep it from falling and covering what little modesty he had. He grumbled; hell of a day to have all his boxers in the wash, since he didn’t have any on. First priority was to get out of the sun; even now his skin was reddening, but thankfully not burned. That told him that he hasn’t been out here for long.

He stumbled through the trees, sighing in relief once the sun was blocked by the canopy above. Now, second priority; fresh water. Not only did he need to rehydrate himself, but he really needed to get this wound cleaned as best as he could, before it decided to start festering. As he trudged through the forest, leaning on trees every now and then, he kept his eyes open and examined his surroundings. There were not a whole lot of life sustaining planets, at least natural ones and not ones there were terraformed. But this place was similar to Earth, and he was a good ways away from there. The closest planet similar to this one isn’t as temperate; it was a plant mostly covered in desert landscape and is used as a prison. This didn’t necessarily looked like a prison.

He stumbled, the pain getting to him now. It seemed like he was going to black out again, clutching the wound to stop the bleeding. He discovered that his movement actually opened the wound more, and looking down at it and behind him. He was bleeding quite a bit. His vision swam, leaning against the nearest tree to support himself. The sound of the ocean was faint but evident, just as the sound of a trickling stream nearby was. He was so close, but slowly his body began to faultier, and soon he tumbled to his knees before the darkness took him once more, falling into the soft grass.

Nearby, a figure was attracted by the labored breathing of the man, and found him prone on the ground. It quickly gathered him in its arms, and took him deeper into the forest.

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)06:52 No. 40752 ID: 7a73e9


The first thing he became aware of was the sounds. Ambient, soothing, the melody of a gentle wind blowing and the happy singing of birds. He was expecting the sound of metallic groaning and the constant low rumble of a starship engine, thinking it was all a dream. Then came the pain. Dull, tepid, but sore and evident. Then came the sensation of a cradling comfort and softness. Was he, in a bed? He opened his eyes, starring into the wooden planks and raftering of a ceiling. He then looked down at himself. He was covered in a rather rustic quilt, and pulling it back he found his torso covered in bandages. And, his pants were gone. He must have dropped them when he stumbled and fell.

He then looked around him. It appeared that he was in a small cottage, all of it having a similar cozy and rustic feel. There was simple wooden chairs around a table, a second bed similar then the one he was in right next to him, a cast iron woodstove with a large ceramic basin of some sorts next to it. He would look around more, but a bedside table next to him caught his attention, for on it was a clay pitcher and a matching cup, clear water in both of them. He wasted no time in drinking down the cup, only to refill it another three times.

Once his parched throat was wet, he began to wonder how he got here. Obviously, someone found him, but who? It didn’t appear to be anyone there with him, but he noticed the open door and the glassless windows. When he peered out, he saw that there was a small but modest garden in the front yard of the home. Still, no one was around. Seeing a sheet at the end of the bed, he grabbed it to cover himself with, and got out of the bed. His legs felt a little stiff, but he walked it off quickly. He examined the home, looking at everything. Nothing here was manufactured; in fact it all seemed rather archaic and primitive, everything hand crafted.

Growing more curious, he cautiously stepped out of the home. Right next to the small house was a much larger garden, but looking more closely at it he noticed it was plots of wheat and carrots and some tomatoes. Looking more, he noticed the whole area was fenced in, and he could see a small but evident barn. He was in a homestead. And, in the slight darkness of the barn, he could see the shape of someone. He didn’t want to call to them, rather he made his way to them. As he got closer, he noticed something was, off, about this person.

He couldn’t quite make it out, but there was something very strange about the way they looked. They left his sight as he got closer, disappearing in the barn. He now stood before the opened doors, and could see the top of the head of the same person behind a barrel.

He tired to clear his throat, but the sound was scratchy, and it made the person jump in surprise. What he saw, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a woman, about a head or two taller then he was, and was rather well built. Her breasts were large, barely contained in the overalls she wore. Her hair was snowy white, her face youthful, her eyes a hazel color. She was beautiful, but that wasn’t what caught him. What caught him off guard and shocked him, was this woman also had a set of ivory and slightly curved horns on either side of her head, her ears were large and floppy and covered in white fuzz.

Her hips were wide, possessing a set of thick strong legs, but ending in large hoofs rather then feet, the legs themselves covered in a white coat of fur. Behind the woman swung a heavy and hairy tail. This woman, almost looked like she was part cow. Taken by surprise by this, he tumbled back in fear, falling onto his backside. The woman gasped, quickly running up to the man, her abundant breast swinging as she did.

“Oh! Are you alright?” The bovine woman asked him, kneeling down beside him.

Still caught in his panic he backpedaled away from this strange woman, only to bump into what felt like a pair of legs. He looked up, and saw another woman. But this one was different. She was about the same height as the cow like woman, but she was more plump in frame, and she didn’t wear a similar overall. Her large chest was precariously sealed in a shaped piece of metal that was tied to her through a series of fraying rope, just as her well rounded hips were wrapped in a layer of leather, acting like a skirt of sorts. This woman looked more human, but had a pair of large fleshy ears and a long curly tail behind her. Bumping into the woman surprised her, and she dropped whatever she was carrying. Turns out, it was a large bushel of potatoes and other tubers, and landing on his head. He only had enough time to get a good look at this other woman, before the heavy weight of wood and vegetables struck him hard, once more falling into the darkness.

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)06:53 No. 40753 ID: 7a73e9


“He’s coming around.” A soft, motherly voice said in the darkness. He could feel the cool wetness of a damp cloth being dabbed on his face and forehead.

“I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t see him, and he surprised me, and…” A second voice, more lively and sounding concerned, was there as well.

“It’s okay Tipi. You only knocked him out, you didn’t hurt him that bad.” The motherly voice was close, next to him. “Are you okay?” This first voice reminded him of the kindly nurse in the ship’s sickbay. Maybe, it was all just a dream. He slowly opened his eyes, hopping to see the redhead nurse, but instead was looking at the bovine like woman. She pulled the cloth away, smiling at him. “There, you feeling better?”

Instantly he was up, finding himself back in the house and in the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed was the other woman, who suddenly jumped back when he shot up. The bovine woman next to him raised her hands up to calm him down.

“It’s okay! We won’t hurt you! We’re not like the others!”

Others? What others? The bovine woman had a clay cup in her hand, handing to him. She had the same kindly smile, just as the other woman cautiously approached him.

“I’m sorry about scaring you, but when Tipi brought you here you were almost dead.” The bovine woman told him, gesturing to the other woman.

He looked to this other woman. Her hair was longer then the cow woman’s, having a peach color to it, her eyes a bright green, though slightly red, possibly from crying. Looking at her floppy ears and twirling tail, she almost looked like she was part pig or something similar.

He then realized something; he almost died? He looked to the bandaged wound, gently feeling it. He looked back at the bovine like woman, who was looking at him with curiosity. He gulped his drying throat, looking at these two strange, and buxom, women.

“W-,” He voice was still scratchy, but drinking more water helped it. “Where, am I?”

“You’re safe, here in my home.” The bovine woman said.

“What planet?” He then asked.

The woman looked confused. “Planet? I don‘t…”

He groaned slightly, still feeling a bump on his head from the bushel. “M-my ship, we were going to Percheron, when we crashed, I think. We weren’t near any planet I was aware of, but somehow I ended up here.”

The two women looked to one another in confusion, before the bovine woman spoke. “Y-your, boat?”

“What? No, not a sailing ship, a space ship. The military battle freighter Archon.” He looked at the women, trying to find an answer to this nonsense. None of them seemed to understand what he was saying.

Then, the piggish woman scratched her head, her brow furrowed in deep thought. “Space?”

It was then the cow like woman stood up from the chair she was sitting in and gently took his head in her hands, examining the top of his head. “You must have hit your head harder then I thought.”

When she did this, however, her large chest was close to his face, and he was able to get a very good eyeful of her cleavage. He made the discovery that she didn’t wear anything else under her overalls, and only the broad front was keeping her covered. He felt his face heat up quickly, trying not to stare at the milky pale pillows so close to his face. The woman pulled back, placing her hand on his forehead.

“You’re not running a fever. Did you have a dream?” She asked him.

All this was very confusing to him. He was trapped somewhere unknown, with a pair of strange animal like women, who doesn’t understand anything he was saying. This has to be a dream. Either way, he shook it off and looked to the cow like woman.

“I… don’t know. I don’t know how I got here. I remember being on my ship, and something was going on, and then I woke up on the beach, all busted up.” He told them, groaning again. “This… this has got to be a dream.” He then looked back at the cow woman. “Who… who are you?”

The woman smiled kindly to him, filling up his cup with more water. “I’m Abigail, and this is Tipi.”

“Sorry, about hurting you.” The piggish woman suddenly spoke up, shifting around nervously.

“Tipi? You found me, right?” He asked.

Tipi nodded her head. “Y-yeah. I found you in the woods. I brought you here.”

He nodded his head as well. “Well, thank you, Tipi.” He then looked down at himself, looking under the blanket to see he was still very naked. “Did, you find my pants?”

The piggish woman shook her head briskly, a red blush appearing in her cheeks. “N-no.”

“Here,” Abigail produced a folded cloth to him, and he found it to be a pair of cotton pants. “I hope they can fit.” He nodded his head. “What’s your name?” She then asked.

“Felix.” He gently touched the wound on his side, feeling a smile on his face. “Thank you, Abigail, for saving me.”

The bovine woman smiled, her cheeks pink. She stood up, heading for the door. “We will let you rest, if you need. If you need us, we’ll be in the garden.”

He nodded his head, just as the two women left. As the two of them walked away from the home, Tipi began to look back and forth from the house and her friend, her cheeks burning. Finally, when they were a good distance away and in the barn once more, the piggish woman made a small squeal, beaming a great smile.

“A human man! It’s been so long since we last saw one!”

Abigail turned to the joyous woman, gently putting her hand over Tipi’s mouth. “Shh! Easy now. I know it’s been a long time, but we have to let him heal first.” The bovine woman made a big sigh, sitting down on a barrel. “It’s a good thing you found him, too. The poor dear, he must have been through a lot.”

Tipi nodded her head, but then when Abigail looked at her, the piggish woman’s cheeks were puffed in annoyance. “I saw what you did in there! You did that on purpose!”

Abigail feigned ignorance, but knew full well what her friend was talking abut. “I don’t know what you mean.”

The piggish woman’s cheeks puffed more, suddenly grabbing the bovine woman’s large breasts. “You practically shoved these in his face! That’s not fair!”

“Fair?” Abigail smiled and stood up, playfully sizing up her friend, suddenly mocking her friend’s voice. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t find your pants.” She quickly grabbed the said article of clothing that was hidden in Tipi’s cleavage, waving the cloth in front of her face. “Now who isn’t being fair?”

Tipi’s face fumed red, her cheeks still puffing. “W-well…I….”

Abigail chuckled, setting the cloth aside. “Look at us, going at each other’s throats. We don’t have it that bad, do we?”

The piggish woman blushed more, scratching the back of her head nervously. “I-I dunno… B-but, an actual human male, here. I-it, kinda set us off, huh?”

The cow woman nodded with another sigh. “Yes. We shouldn’t let our wild selves get the better of us. Felix needs some rest; I don’t think he wants some lusty women clawing at him.”

Tipi nodded her head as well. “Right,” She turned around and started to head back into the woods to get the second bushel of tubers she scavenged, just as Abigail went to get her tools. Though they knew that the human needed to heal, which given Abigail’s knowledge about medicine, he would be back on his feet in no time.

However, as the two women went on their day, they mentally told themselves that they were going to be the one to get the human first.

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)06:54 No. 40754 ID: 7a73e9


With a groan, Felix got out of the bed. A couple of hours had passed, and with that time he assessed his situation. Though all so very strange to him, and after pinching himself quite a few times, he determined that this was not a dream, and he wasn’t dead. He didn’t know how he got here, but from what the two women told him that there were other humans here too. Maybe even crew from the ship got stranded here as well.

Abigail, the woman who was part cow, said that she wasn’t like the ‘others’. Did she mean that they were others like her in this strange world too? Other women or men with beastly qualities to them, like monsters? Maybe they were some, if not most, that were much more vicious? He grabbed the pair of cotton pants and tried them on, finding them to fit loosely on him and once more had to keep a hand on the hem.

He made his way to the door and looked out. The sun was starting to go down, and looking over to the farm he saw the cow woman collecting some vegetables. As he got closer, he could see her bovine ears twitching and hearing him, looking over at him.

“Felix,” The woman’s kindly and motherly smile seemed to be a hallmark of hers, he noted. “Are you feeling better?” The human nodded his head, just as Abigail approached him. She noticed him holding up the pants. “I’m sorry about the clothes; it’s not everyday I get human guests. It was actually the smallest thing I have.”

“N-no, they’re fine, I can use a belt.” Felix stared at this woman, once more taking in her buxom frame. Even if she was part cow; she was pleasant to look at. He pushed that thought aside. “Abigail, can I, talk to you?”

She nodded her head. “Yes, of course you can.”

“Well,” Felix tried to think of what to really say. “I, don’t know how I got here.”

Abigail looked concerned. “Well, from what you told us, it sounded like you were in a shipwreck. Tipi is actually looking to see if she can’t find anymore humans that washed ashore, but she hasn’t returned yet.”

Felix nodded but then quickly shook his head. “No, I mean here, on this… well, world.”

The woman was now confused. “What, do you mean?”

“Let’s just say, that… I have no idea where I am, and in all honesty, what YOU are.” The human told her.

She looked at him surprised, and when she tried to see if he had a fever again, he leaned away, his expression searching.

“Y-you… you really don’t know, do you?” She asked. His eyes told her everything. “Oh, dear. No wonder you were so shocked when you saw me. H-how did you get here?”

“Like I said; no clue. I was in my ship, something bad happened, and I woke up on the beach. In all honesty, Abigail; I should be dead. How I got here, I don’t know. I thought maybe I really am dead, and this is like, purgatory or something.” He looked into the eyes of the women. “And, in all my life, I have never seen anything like you.”

Abigail was silent for a few moments, rolling all this around in her head. The last time she encountered a human, they knew exactly what she was. This was a first for her, maybe for any other monster-girl.

Finally, she took a deep breath, and gently took the man’s free hand. “Felix, you are on an continent inhabited by others like me. We are known simply as monster-girls, and I am called a holstaurus. As you can see,” Abigail, against her better judgment, puffed our her chest, her large breasts once more close to the human’s face. “I am part cow. There are others like me all over this island.” Felix, trying his best to stare at the woman’s bountiful bust, nodded his head. Abigail continued. “Humans are actually rare on this island, since they all left a long time ago.”

“Left? Why?” Felix asked.

Abigail blushed. “Well, there are others, monster-girls I mean, who aren’t as nice as me. And they, treat humans differently. They all left to find a better home, sometimes some of them would return to try to mine here or resettle, but often get chased away.”

The man nodded in understanding. “So, there aren’t any human settlements here then?”

Abigail shook her head. “Not that I know of. I’m sorry.”

Felix sighed, looking up into the cloudy sky and the setting sun. “I guess I’m going to be stuck here for a while.”

Abigail felt her heart swell at this, but tried not to show it. “You are very welcomed to stay here with me and Tipi. It would be nice to have a man around.”

Felix smiled. “I’m surprised there isn’t one already. Aren’t there males of your kind?”

Abigail frowned, her cheeks flushing. “W-well… no. We are called ‘monster-girls’, not ‘monster-people’.”

This struck Felix as odd. “No males? Then how-”

“There’s Tipi!” Abigail suddenly smiled, defusing the situation as she waved at her incoming friend. “Maybe she found more from your boat.”

Felix turned to the approaching woman, his voice low. “Hey, Abigail? What’s Tipi?”

“She’s an orc.”


“Did you find anything?” Abigail asked the piggish woman.

The saddened expression on the stout woman’s face said enough, as she solemnly shook her head. She looked to the human, her eyes tearful. “I’m sorry, Felix. I really tried.”

Growing nervous that the woman may cry, he gently patted her on the shoulder. “N-no, it’s okay, you did the best you could.”

The woman sniffled slightly, before nodding her head and smiling.

“Since you’ll be staying here with us, Felix, you’ll need to do some work around here. Do you know how to tend a garden, or farm?” Abigial asked the human.

Felix thought on this. He never really needed to know of the basics of agriculture, and what little he did know was from books. “Not really, but I am a fast learner.”

The bovine woman smiled at this. “Then once you are better I can teach you. But right now, I say it’s a good time for some supper.” She then turned to Tipi. “Tipi, could you make your stew tonight?”

Tipi, lost in her own thoughts and staring at the human, briskly nodded her head. “S-sure!” She then started to run to the barn to collect the ingredients. As she did, Felix couldn’t help but watch the round woman’s shapely bottom sway, barely contained in the skirt of leather. Abigail caught this, taking delight in the fact the young man was noticing her friend’s ‘assets’.

“Come, Felix,” She made the man jump when she took his hand. “Let go inside.”

“Y-yeah, sure.” He allowed the bovine monster-girl to lead him back to the house.

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)06:56 No. 40755 ID: 7a73e9


GAH fucking Text limit!, Fuck it, I'm posting this in /elit/.

The Clockwork Corpse!!L5LwZ1LmIz 13/01/02(Wed)16:08 No. 40761 ID: 7a73e9

Here it is, plus a little more.

Tip Anonymous 13/01/15(Tue)03:55 No. 40843 ID: 208b5a



Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:11 No. 40950 ID: 208b5a

File 135877746649.jpg - (355.15KB , 732x950 , 125876181367.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:11 No. 40951 ID: 208b5a

File 13587774795.jpg - (192.08KB , 1000x775 , 1192508565096.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:11 No. 40952 ID: 208b5a

File 13587774914.jpg - (238.50KB , 1000x776 , 1192508598536.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:11 No. 40953 ID: 208b5a

File 135877750380.jpg - (191.55KB , 1000x776 , 1192508629808.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:11 No. 40954 ID: 208b5a

File 135877751568.jpg - (201.21KB , 1000x776 , 1192508727865.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:12 No. 40955 ID: 208b5a

File 13587775271.jpg - (221.29KB , 1000x774 , 1192508750836.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:12 No. 40956 ID: 208b5a

File 135877753927.jpg - (222.95KB , 1000x776 , 1192508771083.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:12 No. 40957 ID: 208b5a

File 135877755195.jpg - (193.19KB , 1000x772 , 1192508788305.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:12 No. 40958 ID: 208b5a

File 135877756364.jpg - (163.36KB , 1000x776 , 1192508808398.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:12 No. 40959 ID: 208b5a

File 135877757642.jpg - (185.57KB , 1000x774 , 1192508827429.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:13 No. 40960 ID: 208b5a

File 135877758867.jpg - (197.75KB , 1000x774 , 1192508842463.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:13 No. 40961 ID: 208b5a

File 135877760060.jpg - (169.53KB , 1000x774 , 1192508874829.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:13 No. 40962 ID: 208b5a

File 135877761222.jpg - (212.29KB , 1000x774 , 1192508914104.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:13 No. 40963 ID: 208b5a

File 13587776245.jpg - (210.88KB , 1000x772 , 1192508930340.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:13 No. 40964 ID: 208b5a

File 135877763636.jpg - (142.15KB , 1000x774 , 1192508949254.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:14 No. 40965 ID: 208b5a

File 135877764826.jpg - (234.98KB , 1000x772 , 1192512007558.jpg )

Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:14 No. 40966 ID: 208b5a

File 135877766058.jpg - (204.39KB , 1000x776 , 1192512025728.jpg )

On Broken Shores Loki 13/01/24(Thu)21:32 No. 40976 ID: dda309

=Chapter One=

He came to, just barely, at the sensation of falling. Reluctant to open his eyes, he confirmed that this was not simply a dream, as around him rushed clouds of fluffy white and an endless expanse of blue sky. Panic set in. He tried to scream, but the rush of air whipping around him was far too loud, and simply succeeded in having his breath stolen. "Maybe..." he thought to himself, "Maybe I died, and this is heaven?" He couldn't remember the last place he had been, nor could he recall how he had wound up falling through the sky.

Flipping himself over so that he was now facing towards the ground, he scanned the horizon. Nothing in sight looked remotely familiar to him, and he could see a vast expanse of jungle lined with pristine white beach beneath him. "I suppose the fall won't kill me, since apparently I'm already dead..." he thought once more, and straightened his arms to his sides, increasing his velocity.

As the vegetation on the ground closed in rapidly, he began to doubt his plan. And his doubt was founded. Crashing through the jungle canopy, a branch snagged his arm and ripped it from the socket with a wrenching pain. As he smacked his back on another branch, the air was knocked from him. Thinking the worst was over, he was relieved when he felt the soft ground slam against his chest, only to feel lied to as it began to slope sharply.

Shouting obscenities, he rolled over the edge of a tall cliff, and bounced one on the stone face, before landing in the soft but scorching white sand of the beach. "Well... Fuck." he mumbled as he finally blacked out, the pain far too much for him to handle.


He woke to the sound of brush shuffling around him, and the grasp of cold hands around his wrists. Opening his eyes, he glanced around furtively, attempting to ascertain his current situation. It did no good, however, as the world he was on was entirely alien to him. Even the trees were different from what he was used to back on... Earth? Home? Was he simply stuck on some remote island? Was this some cosmic joke, and the universe had simply glitched? He shook his head, and finally rolled it back to look at who or whatever was helping him.

And "what" was indeed the right term. Obviously female, she had long white hair, and was wearing a robe of sparkling silver. Her skin was a soft hue of blue, very much like the cerulean oceans he had crashed down next to. "Miss..." he went to say, but discovered that his throat and mouth were so dry that all he could do was croak. That was enough, apparently.

The hands that were dragging him retreated, but before he could hit the ground, the woman was kneeling beneath his torso, letting him fall softly in her lap. She smiled a bright smile, bright like sun glistening through ice on a cold winter morning, and leaned down to place a kiss gently against his cheek. "Welcome back to the land of the living, sir." she said complacently. "Here, here... Shh.." she whispered, as she cupped her hand beneath his chin, and poured a bit of water from her flask in to his mouth.

The water was literally freezing, but oh god it felt so good. He coughed a bit, and managed to sit. Swallowing the rest of the water, he smiled a bit at the girl, and nodded to her. "Thank you, miss...?"

She blushed a darker shade of blue as she realized he wanted her name, and bowed her head, "You can call me whatever you like, Sir."

He tilted his head, and then laughed a bit. "Well, how about Yuki? That's my little sisters name, and... well you look nothing like her, but it fits!" As he finished speaking, the woman seemed overjoyed to simply have a name.

"Thank you, Sir." she said once more, before standing slowly and gesturing a ways up the small path they were following.

"What's up there?" he asked reluctantly, not sure if she was playing an act or not.

"I run a hot spring, Sir. There's four bedrooms, a restroom facility, and a co-ed spring for any who wish to visit. There is no charge, as the land provides all we could need." Her eyes lit up, obviously taking pride in what she had here. "There's also a garden in the back, that I tend to... Food shouldn't be a problem sir."

"Well thank you, Yuki. I think I can walk the rest of the way, if that's alright?" He asked, as he stood. His arm still hurt incredibly, and his back was bruised, but he wouldn't mention that to her. She didn't need to worry over him too much.

"Of course, Sir." she chirped happily, before moving to stand behind him, two steps behind as he began to walk. As they approached the small house, he smiled a bit.

"I can smell the springs from here..." he mentioned off handed.

"Welcome home, then, Master." Yuki said softly, reaching up to take his hand from behind, laying her head on his shoulder.

He didn't know quite how to respond to her incredibly submissive nature, but was happy regardless. Despite the rough landing, he had at least found somewhere to stay for the night, regardless of the seemingly needy, tiny blue girl who had brought him here. As he walked in the front gate, he decided he would question her late on about where he actually was, and perhaps... Why she was blue?

Sekio Kari 13/01/24(Thu)22:50 No. 40977 ID: 974aa6

Here's my first attempt at playing this game, if this thread is alive tonight, I'll write some more


At first there was only light. A blinding luminescent diamond around a veil of darkness. My other senses lagged behind as I lie consumed in the image, however, they weren't far behind. Goosebumps riddled my skin, cascaded by warm, small, salty waves. I couldn't tell how deep the water was, perhaps it had no bottom at all, but it did not matter, for I was being gently pulled along. The sensation was nothing short of blissful, a gentle current enveloping my body as two feminine hands softly set themselves upon my skin and firmly set themselves there.

Wait… hands???

I opened my eyes, in some combination of shock and curiosity to see a beautiful woman smiling down at me. Then again, to simply call her a woman would be a bit of an untrue simplification. Her figure was tinted with traces of light blue, her eyes seemed glossy, and her ears pointed upwards, emerging from her messy green hair. Down her arms a pattern was traced, and as my vision came into focus it became clear that she was subtlety covered in scales. Nevertheless, I felt a sense of calm as she looked down at me, almost as though I was experiencing something ancient, maternal, and sacred.

Still, everything was a mystery to me. Where was I? How did I get here? Hell, I barely remembered my own name. Sure, there were memories at my disposal but they seemed elusive and etherial. Every time I reached for one it would turn to mist in my hands and evaporate before I could even examine it's contents. Regardless, my newfound amnesia was the least of my worries, and I made a note of such as I pushed the thoughts aside. Right now I needed to figure out what was going on, and the first thing to do was to ask this mysterious…. girl? what was going on.

I opened my mouth to speak, "Umm, Excus-", but the second I let out more than a syllable my serenity was quickly broken, replaced by panic. I wasn't accustomed to having water in my lungs, but this seemed a bigger shock to my unnamed savior who gasped and razed her arms in surprise. Her arms which until this point had been keeping me afloat.

The seawater was surprisingly torrential below the surface as the undertow gripped by body and pulled me tightly, begging the question of how the hell anyone could have been pulling me along, let alone someone as feminine as her. I attempted to open my eyes but it was no good, reflexes forced my eyes shut the second they met the rushing seawater. My lungs burned as I coughed and flailed my arms but each time my body forced a cough, my chest instinctively pulled for air, sucking in water as I slowly felt myself go numb.

The torrents seemed to be growing stronger now, pulling me deeper and deeper, and with enough force that fighting back was all but useless. I remember thinking to myself with a slight smirk that I should have learned to properly swim, and what a lame last thought that was to have as the darkness enveloped me.

Suddenly I felt those same two hands from before envelop me, quickly and firmly pulling me against a warm feminine torso as her arms wrapped around me. I grabbed her and held tightly, the comfort of this girl pervading my senses. Disillusionment struck me almost instantly. "Wait a second, she could die!" I thought as I tried to free my arms to push her away, but she only gripped more tightly. Was this girl suicidal? I had to get her up to the surface, It might be too late for me, but I'm wasn't going to let the last ounces of my strength go to waste letting this poor girl drown! However, my attempts to pull her off of me were going nowhere. This girl, at least underwater, was incredibly strong, and I felt my vigor fading fast. I opened my mouth to plead with her, to make any sound I could to convince her to let go of me, but as I began, I felt two lips softly press against mine under the water. Time seemed to stop for us as the rest of the strength left my body, partly due to shock, and partly due to passion as she continued to tenderly hold me there, gently tracing her hands along my skin. That was the last thing I remember before unconsciousness claimed me once more.

Floater 13/09/26(Thu)00:06 No. 42349 ID: 1ac301

*Gives CPR* Live goddam You Live!!!!!!

Anonymous 14/03/19(Wed)07:55 No. 42949 ID: 36a1b7

If ya want a largely complete MG Profiles List, here ya go.

Anonymous 14/04/26(Sat)12:03 No. 43104 ID: bf15a3


Anonymous 14/05/01(Thu)03:19 No. 43108 ID: 4b30b4

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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